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  1. Finally the season starts, Go Canucks!

  2. NFL thread

    Representing The Who Dat? Nation ! Welcome back coach Payton. The Defense this year is going to surprise many( cant get any worse then last year). Always thought that I would see the Canucks win a Championship before the Saints. Thank you for proving me wrong Drew Brees.
  3. Is it October yet? Wanna see this team play

  4. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Ditto! next up Hitman Absolution
  5. HinRK#17

    Hendrix models his new Ryan Kesler Jersey Thumbs up 4 Canucks
  6. Year of the Torts is upon us! Should be interesting...

  7. My wife gave me her Pavel Bure signed puck & pennant. Also signed by Valeri before he was drafted. She doesn't remember when it was exactly. Anyone have an Idea when the Bure bros were signing together in Van. way back when(early 90s)

    1. Drouin


      not sure,I think 92-93

  8. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    Chicago is trending this way now too. 2 First round exits now this year possibly out to Detroit.