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  1. Become a leaf fan AV or become a Flames fan?
  2. I agree, except I would give it a 6 because I thought Tom Cruise was really good in it. The story around him though was lackluster and unoriginal. But enjoyable at the time.
  3. Ooooh, it's perfect, I love it. Thanks!!!!
  4. I love that movie!!! The main actor in it is amazing. I really like that it's basically all told from his perspective.
  5. Thomas AV or naked Chara?
  6. Sleep AV or insomnia?
  7. pure gold AV or a grain of salt?
  8. Silver ring AV or fool's gold
  9. Soup AV or cheese?
  10. Bananas AV or broccoli?
  11. A pillow. AV or only one sock.
  12. Could I pretty please get a new sig with this picture? It will be super greatly appreciated.
  13. Jacket AV or green eggs and ham?
  14. Love AV or Kassian's missing tooth?
  15. A lemon. AV or AV's chewed up, stale wad of gum.