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  1. Watching the LA/NYR series reminds me of how my head used to explode watching the Canucks try to protect a one goal lead under AV, usually unsuccessfully. As soon as the Rangers get the lead they fall back into a "one man forechecking, 4 men back" system and just let the Kings come at them wave after wave. The Rangers have been outshot 25 - 3 in the third period in the last couple of games. The Canucks under AV did the same thing. Good teams keep the pressure on once they have a lead. I still think the Canucks did the right thing letting AV go but did the wrong thing hiring Torts - and allowing Gillis to tie up their cap space with long term contracts.
  2. How much value does Burrows have? Do other teams see him as a "he's only good because he plays with the Sedins and he bites people" type player or do they actually think he has some value? Try trading him for Parenteau or Moulsen or Evander Kane and see how far you get. Sorry, I love Burrows, but does not have the value that most of the Canuck CDC'ers think he has.