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  1. We are finally doing what was needed. Finally free of Weber, Bart, Higgins. Adding Ericsson over Lucic was the right move and he has already played well with the Sedins in previous big international competition. Much better team than last year and hopefully a lot less injuries next year We can compete. My only request is a very short leash for Willie this year. He has not impressed me at all to this point.
  2. I truly hope we stay away from Lucic. Way too much to spend on an over hyped player. If we want a goon, sign a goon for cheap. His speed and scoring is in decline. The WAY smarter choice is Ericsson
  3. No surprise but thank goodness nonetheless. Weber - total pylon , Bart - turnover waiting to happen. Vrbata - one good year and done Still more housecleaning to make official but this is a great start.
  4. Why are we arguing !!!!
  5. Dorsett in yet another non-fight fight
  6. Phew was getting worried
  7. Under any non tank circumstance I would have been furious with that terrible call
  8. Better than Vey
  9. Clean house behind the bench. Terrible staff. Should have grabbed Ruff when we could have.
  10. Last game we helped the Sharks and this time the refs helped the Sharks. As long as it improves our pick I will endure it.
  11. I wish Vey would stop it with the flyby plays. Stick around you may get a bounce Linden!!
  12. Classic reffing
  13. I hate to say it but ..... lose da turd
  14. Miss managed
  15. Best stat of the night Russell -1 in a Stars 5-3 loss. Great pickup Dallas!!