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  1. One thing I found in the regular season is that we generally played very well against “good” teams. We faltered a bit with the lower ranked teams now that it is playoff time there are only “good” teams so we def won’t be taking anyone lightly i am confident that the boys will amp up the intensity and give it all they have gain at the Blues green needs to preach discipline and emphasize that there is is no place for selfish penalties. Blues have the roster to burn us on the powerplay on O we need to keep our feet moving, drive to the net and force the Blues to take penalties we have a solid roster. If we play smart we can take the Blues out
  2. Some guys just have a way of rising up in pressure situations trust me I can’t stand the racist pos and I hope they do start him and he craps the bed
  3. We can’t play scared and we cant’t play timidly need to take the game to them and play to win vs playing not to lose
  4. With that logic Allen is the guaranteed starter in game 1 right? wont happen
  5. We need to get at least 1 road win in the first 2 games and take home ice advantage wait forget that
  6. If we can tie up and shut down O’Reilly we have a sold chance. hit him every chance we get Perron had a solid season but he is getting up there in years and we need to make life tough for him as well in my mind, Tarasenko will be a wildcard. If he is healthy we will have our hands full the then there is schenn, tough player that can score Binnington played over his head last year, we can get to him
  7. One line making more than the entire Columbus roster more to hockey than writing a big cheque Dumbas& can’t figure that out
  8. My biggest “beef” with the Leafs is the fact the “media” rams them down our throats 24/7 365 days a year
  9. So Seguin and Bishop are questionable now? Don’t tell me the Flames will be gifted a round win
  10. I get the “play-in” concept but not sure I really agree with the “seeding” process for the top ranked teams everything those teams played for in terms of conference standings during the regular season was undone in a mini tourney, makes no sense to me.
  11. Wait we hired a new coach? ultimately our lack of structure will cost us this post season but until then I will enjoy the ride I will say that Green decision did get tougher now given we made the playoffs