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  1. Awesome all round performance solid body play, led by Edler Jake is becoming a beast and finally realizing that with some hard work and effort he can be a force Hughes just continues to impress Good job boys
  2. Kovalchuk looking pretty damn good lots of teams regretting not taking a chance on him
  3. Big game need to get this one before the break and also given we have some tough games after the break damn Oilers keep winning but at least the Flames and Yotes lost today
  4. Pearson takes his empty net specialist title back
  5. Solid looking roster but playing laying lazy sloppy hockey fire the coach wait they already did
  6. Vegas wins Calgary wins Oilers been winnIng need to win just to keep pace
  7. Should we check if @SabreFan1 has a better camera angle?
  8. His agency can do a lot of the leg work Tram can barely ideal English he won’t be knee deep into the talks
  9. I think they would want to reach a deal so he could move AT the end of the season and play this year not start negotiating after his season ends
  10. I agree, I don’t think Gallant will coach this year anyway the issue is 4 teams at least will be chasing him I hope we get in and if we do I am ok with Green but frankly these first few games back at home will tell if we are going to make it
  11. I wanted DeBoer kneew he would not last on the market but we can go after Gallant now
  12. Well there goes DeBoer knew he would not last on the open market