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  1. Good bounce back game when our best player delivers points we usually win was not sure about the lineup change but can’t argue with the result
  2. Other than he singled out immigrants without a factual basis Not too many people are sad to see Don go imo has been off the mark and irrelevant for years onwards and upwards
  3. Good point we got the racist out so I am happy
  4. What I do respect is the many posters that I battle with regarding general Canucks talk can agree on issues like we are addressing in this thread ... @canuck73_3 I am talking to you
  5. Fair comment I do think MacLean is a genuine good guy just wish he would have shut Cherry down that’s all
  6. Ohhhhh Don was just “celebrating our differences” ahhh I see it all makes sense now
  7. Burke or Bieksa !!!! Or both !!
  8. I get that BUT he put it on Cherry’s comments and for his own inaction related to the comments what he did not apologize for was nodding his head in agreement and the thumbs up at the end of the racist rant
  9. I was born in this country and wear my Canadian colours proudly. I choose to wear a poppy to show my appreciation and remembrance but I don’t expect others to do the same and I also don’t jump to conclusions about people that don’t wear poppies and I certainly don’t speculate about segments of our population you are not in another person’s shoes, maybe they lost theirs? maybe they have it on another jacket? Maybe they do have appreciation and remembrance but don’t feel they need to show it wearing a poppy? And maybe they just plain choose not to? that very freedom to do so is what the soldiers fought for so in a way all of the about are remembering and appreciative Don took a racist bias and spun it in his comments without basis and that is the true definition of racism
  10. Buddy you better stop talking because your true colours are coming out special group of people? Wtf is that? He demonstrated a bias by singling out immigrants with zero factual basis as for that Coward MacLean that sat there and nodded and gave the thumbs up and then put it all on Cherry...yes he should he accountable for his complicity
  11. He singled out immigrants, what part of this do you not understand?
  12. My bad, I should not have singled out boomers
  13. Hi there, thank you for your message. The comments made Saturday on Coach’s Corner were clearly inappropriate and divisive, and in no way reflect Budweiser’s views. As a sponsor of the broadcast, we immediately expressed our concerns and respect the decision which was made by Sportsnet today. hmmm I guess Budweiser doesn’t agree with you either maybe call your buddy Trump, he may agree with you proof? You are seriously delusional my friend
  14. It’s so sad that that Cherry was so selfish in his comments he took away from the many that fought and died in wars and instead made it all about him .. in true Cherry fashion he also is so clueless he seems to have no clue how many “immigrants” fought for Canada and our allies
  15. Yeah I guess that was an option but frankly he has been irrelevant forever laughs at concussions, they guy is ridiculous i am so glad as Canuck fans we rarely had to deal with him