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  1. Local prices will always beat an export market typically The costs of moving product are not insignificant
  2. You do not understand how an export strategy works. BC right now has a demand higher than its supply...which includes products shipped through the trans mountain pipeline. Any increase in capacity with the trans mountain pipleline, assuming that goes up to 800 thousand barrels per day from 300 thousand barrels per day would feed B.C. needs first. There would obviously be an excess and that excess would be shipped to foreign markets. You think oil companies would not want to sell local in Canada at versus paying shipping to export? By selling meeting Canada demands we keep the money in our country and we force the states to pay us a higher price as we have other markets. Calling fellow Canadians asses is pretty immature. Those “asses” have put trillions into the Canadian economy. You are delusional if you think that money stayed with Alberta’s borders.
  3. I said Alberta supplies 97 for recent of Canadian production not bc. I told you they provide the majority of bc consumption with Burnaby, PG and the us providing the rest how much sense is it to take petroleum dollars out of Canada. Washington state is not a charity. You don’t think they will gauge you in your time of need. We Canadians can’t get organized. We have the domestic participation and instead the west imports and the east imports. Why? Bc did not even vote horgan in as a majority. He is an “environmentalist” because it’s how he stays politically alive. The protesters you have are backed by American special interest groups that want Alberta oil in a captive market. If we find other trading partners their price from Canada goes up and guess what? More jobs and more transfer payments. Educate yourself on transfer payments. It’s important. The royalty funds and federal transfer payments Alberta makes are directly associated with oil production. Quebec has been a net taker of transfer payments for years yet they won’t allow a pipleline to flow east. So yes transfer payments. If Alberta makes less transfer payments that differential has to be made up so guess where that is going to come from? You
  4. Horgan my friend you think Alberta would prefer to export vs have domestic consumption? The whole concept of the Canada east pipeline was to get petroleum production to eastern Canada instead of having Canada import from known polluter and corrupt nations. If we increase western shipments it’s not just for exports, it’s to meet bc demand
  5. 12 percent of bc consumption comes from the US, while that is a factor it’s a drop in the barrel compared to what Alberta provides .... which is 97 percent of Canadian production Alberta pays a 5 times higher rate per capital in transfer payments that any other province in this country and your moron premier thanks us by standing in the way of the pipeline. Not only costing bc direct jobs but hurting the entire countries economy. How many hospitals and schools across this country have been made with Alberta transfer tax funds? oh also thank Horgan for the bc carbon tax as well. Was that there in 2014?
  6. For those of you that are curious head over to the NEB website and learn that the refining capacity in B.C. (Burnaby and PG) is 75 thousand barrels per day....a whole 1.7% of Canadian production. Does bc have 1.7 of the Canadian demand? .... translation imports the existing trans mountain pipeline has an EXISTING capacity of 300 thousand barrels a day that heads west .... the proposal to take it to 800 thousand barrels per day is being fought by your bonehead premier. You don’t think that at that level of capacity your pump price will decline? Oh and you don’t honestly think your lowly 75 thousand barrels a day production is impacting bc gas prices do you? So if an alberta refinery requires feedstock to cover shortfall from another Alberta refinery in the midst of a shutdown, do think the motivation to feed the tmx pipeline is high? Nope is that illegal? Nope, just prioritizing supply
  7. Read up the statistics related to BC provincial supply and imports are publicly available from a variety of sources. When you learn the math you will see what small percentage of B.C. consumption comes from chevron Burnaby basic supply and demand theory will tell you that that fraction of supply alone can’t impact prices to the extent they have moved but you just believe you are being gauged locally. Keep believing that
  8. Nice story now for the facts... the majority of gas and petroleum products consumed in B.C. comes from Alberta through .... you guessed it, the trans mountain pipeline. The 2 tiny bc refineries feed the remaining supply with us imports covering about 12 percent of BC demand You are delusional to assume the impact of a chevron chevron refinery issue impacts the price at the pump of B.C. gas horgan wanted to play environmentalist with potential exports flowing through B.C. yet wanted to throw those principals out the window when Alberta threatened to throttle supply. It’s ok to put petroleum products in a pipeline for B.C. to consume put Horgan only draws the line on exports f ing environmentalist hypocrite oh and by the way seeing Alberta isn’t officially throttling our to the bc pipeline ....Alberta is simply prioritizing the supply. Enjoy your gas prices, they are going to go higher by the way Thank John Horgan
  9. Oh and by the way Horgan can go $&@“ himself have not seen the top end of the gas prices in B.C. sold his soul to the Green Party
  10. It’s about time the rest of Canada figured out that this part time drama teacher and full time fake feminist is in way over his head. turns out that he really wasn’t ready at all worries about his exec friends in Quebec SNC whole Alberta loses thousands and thousands of jobs. arrogant entitled spoiled a hole wasting taxpayer money flying his family for personal vacations and making a fool of himself and our Country in India. Ohhh and what carbon footprint did your jet leave Justine? How did it feel to get schooled in from Jody? The only Liberal with any degree ethical value Fake Prime Minister piece of ?!&@ Good riddance this October
  11. Good riddance don’t let the door hit you on the way out
  12. I hope that smug look that Cooper had when they were in Vancouver will be permanently wiped out now love it