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  1. Socialist above talk about political bias coming through loud and clear
  2. If it was not for strong provincial leaders in this country, it would be unmitigated disaster ... not that things are peachy the provinces have been 10 steps ahead of the feds .. just like it had to be in the US
  3. Political bias? are you serious? its called common sense
  4. Don’t forget about Canada’s turd PM who would not close our international borders until it was far too late not like the virus was a surprise at that point he just let the virus fly right on in no fluke the cities with major international airports in Canada are most impacted JT just continues to be a clown
  5. Great news He will be good
  6. You think you speak this forum champ? You keep “drinking” what Tims is selling you they love people like you
  7. Realize that but those companies don’t play in the the public image field and when you are in that arena it cuts both ways fact of life in the connected world, like it or not
  8. Many of those workers were brought in by franchisees under a Foreign worker program. Many employers took advantage these “captive” employees because at the time they had to stay working for yet company that sponsored them those abuses forced the government to remove the requirement for the foreign worker to have to remain with the employer that sponsored them.
  9. Oh we all know don’t we?
  10. Because they have pattern of employee treatment issues look it up things have changed by the way also many class company’s are overriding their standard sick policies not Tim’s
  11. Nope Not overriding their policy to not pay employees on sick days Boycott Tim’s crap coffee, crap company
  12. I read one suggestion walk in, give your coffee money directly to staff, turn around and walk out
  13. So true man I too use make coffee at home in the am for my drive better coffee and no lines
  14. About 10 years ago I was in line in a Tim’s (could not justify waiting in the drive through) and I just asked myself why the h am I lining up for this? from that day forward I have never purchased from Tim’s now I happily pay my dollar at McDonalds