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  1. 59 career points in the NHL = plug $2.5 million today’s nhl = pocket change you need to read up to understand the “worst” comment, clearly went over your head Amen
  2. Worst person ever no loss as he was an insignificant nobody plug don’t let the NHL door hit you on the way out
  3. This will only become an issue if he shows up for camp out of shape...again until the cap!!! ”worst crew ever”
  4. Socialist above talk about political bias coming through loud and clear
  5. If it was not for strong provincial leaders in this country, it would be unmitigated disaster ... not that things are peachy the provinces have been 10 steps ahead of the feds .. just like it had to be in the US
  6. Political bias? are you serious? its called common sense
  7. Don’t forget about Canada’s turd PM who would not close our international borders until it was far too late not like the virus was a surprise at that point he just let the virus fly right on in no fluke the cities with major international airports in Canada are most impacted JT just continues to be a clown
  8. Great news He will be good
  9. You think you speak this forum champ? You keep “drinking” what Tims is selling you they love people like you
  10. Realize that but those companies don’t play in the the public image field and when you are in that arena it cuts both ways fact of life in the connected world, like it or not
  11. Many of those workers were brought in by franchisees under a Foreign worker program. Many employers took advantage these “captive” employees because at the time they had to stay working for yet company that sponsored them those abuses forced the government to remove the requirement for the foreign worker to have to remain with the employer that sponsored them.
  12. Oh we all know don’t we?
  13. Because they have pattern of employee treatment issues look it up things have changed by the way also many class company’s are overriding their standard sick policies not Tim’s
  14. Nope Not overriding their policy to not pay employees on sick days Boycott Tim’s crap coffee, crap company
  15. I read one suggestion walk in, give your coffee money directly to staff, turn around and walk out
  16. So true man I too use make coffee at home in the am for my drive better coffee and no lines
  17. About 10 years ago I was in line in a Tim’s (could not justify waiting in the drive through) and I just asked myself why the h am I lining up for this? from that day forward I have never purchased from Tim’s now I happily pay my dollar at McDonalds
  18. Great point it’s a vicious cycle isn’t it?
  19. Yeah oilers fans are donating to their go fund me page
  20. With regards to Tim Hortons they put a pathetic press release referring to “misinformation” to be clear most provinces have come out saying that a medical note can not be a requirement for an employer in the case of an an employee feeling ill so the Tim’s policy has been overridden. Now Tim’s is trying to state that that was not their policy on top of Everything rose time is not paying the employees that are ill. They do not pay for sick says and have not changed that policy boycott Tim’s people go somewhere where the coffee and food is not crap
  21. All these people trying to personally profit will have karma coming back at them the biggest issue I have with this is simply what about seniors that can’t get out, can’t wait in line at Costco to buy essentials while others buy out stock and then try to fleece the weakest in society what have we become? so the lady selling tp out of her car? Karma is on the way, her plate is in the public domain, she will be charged with selling without a licence, someone will get her name out in the public now and she will regret this for the rest of her pathetic life karma
  23. Google boycott Tim’s and read for yourself
  24. Incorrect the policy is in fact a corporate policy nice try