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  1. Super disappointed with last nights loss..... not only did they let the habs fans have something to cheer about but they let a bunch of french elves out battle them on the ice. Price looked good but so does every other goalie we face when all we can muster is 30 low quality shots per game.... scoring chances are a rare occurrence for our team right now. This team right now is a far cry from the one we saw early in the year.... no puck support, no physicality, no PP, no PK. We get out worked most nights and don't have enough skill to get away with it. I agree with everyone else here saying this dump n chase bs has got to stop. If we don't win the battle for the puck the other team is up the ice in transition for an odd man rush and marky has to bail us out. It's not a sustainable model. They haven't been playing to their potential for a while now and it's on the coaches and leadership group to get the most out of this roster - a serious shake up is needed.