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  1. So apparently the woman who fell from a balcony and died on wednesday in toronto is very likely someone I went to school with, shame

  2. Back to work tomorrow after 2 months off...Why can't it be the work time that goes fast instead..

    1. RRypien37


      Just find a job you genuinely joy/have a passion for and neither will be an issue. 

  3. One year, one way 975k deal for Motte to come back, I don't mind that at all.

  4. I put in an offer on hopefully my first place that was for rent...though it seems too good to be true and unlikely to be accepted, but hey who knows, anything can happen.

    1. coastal.view


      so what are you looking for in a rental ?

      what area of town ?

    2. brilac


      That's great!  

    3. PrideInThisTeam


      Well..after almost a week of waiting, got a response saying they found someone else without even bothering to respond to me. Oh well, that was expected.

  5. 1 more day of work until probably 2 months off..time for a nice vacation.

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    2. Darkstar


      Planning on going anywhere?

    3. PrideInThisTeam


      I plan to stay in, relax and sleep in past 4am for a change, ended up working an hour of OT to end things. And I'm in construction labor @Ghostsof1915

    4. Ghostsof1915


      As long as you're not laid off buddy. Enjoy the time off. Recharge the batteries. 

  6. Dinner 13 years after last seeing friend and it's like only a day had passed. That's how you know things will never change, was a great night out to catch up :)

    1. NHL'er


      I can't relate. I have no friends. 

    2. Watermelon


      Loool relatable 

    3. Type R

      Type R

      A lot of my buddies are like this, which i'm grateful for as we all became parents at different times, as well as grew up and are career minded, which of course cuts into "bro" time.  Friends like that are timeless, cherish them with a good beer and solid laughs.

  7. 13 years since last seeing a good friend in person and I get a dinner invite to catch up on life..a welcome surprise.

    1. Zoolander


      Never forget the importance of your day 1 homies:) 

      Something I'm learning about right now overseas. 


  8. Nice way to end the work day...spent an hour at last years building after the fire supression system on the top floor busted and flooded 15+ units along with a waterfall down over the decks to the ground below for 20+ mins...

  9. 34 years old and Rick Nash announces his retirement from concussion symptoms..Shame, always liked the guy.

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      Sadly another one of those guys who had so much fan fare at one point then faded away into obscurity 

    3. StealthNuck


      NHL: "Nah headshots aren't a problem". 

    4. Coconuts


      It's a shame he never had a whole lot of support on the NHL squads he played for before injuries caught up with him, especially during his time in Columbus. Almost always had to do the heavy lifting alone when he wasn't playing for Canada.

  10. Just finished watching the season for Titans on a random whim...Some may hate it and some may like it...But I think the dark and evil undertone made it worth a watch despite not being my type

    1. LordCanuck


      doesnt come out in canada till end of january i beleive. on netflix too

    2. PrideInThisTeam


      I havent watched shows on tv in years, always found things online so airing date is never an issue

    3. Ghostsof1915
  11. From getting a cold on sunday to waking up with a probable ear I hate that feeling

    1. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Blast it in the shower with hot water.  I know it's probably the last thing you want to do but it'll relieve the pressure which causes the actual ache.  I get them every year in the winter. 

    2. -AJ-


      Hope you feel better soon, man!

  12. 12 houses in town evacuated cause of fire...aaand the fire season starts..

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    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      That's what I was guessing, I just left there early this afternoon. 


      Started by lightning I am guessing (and hoping that it wasn't someone doing something stupid)...hopefully rain can help the situation.

    3. Ghostsof1915



      Then the traumatizing one.....



    4. PrideInThisTeam


      Yup, lightning is most likely, they worked on the fire overnight til it was out, being right beside houses and all

  13. Today marks 10 years since Bourdon's

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    2. Quantum
    3. Bombastik der Teutone

      Bombastik der Teutone

      10 years?  time has gone fast .... rest in peace luc :(

    4. stanleysteamersmyl


      There is a feature on Luc soon on the 2nd intermission....Calgary vs Arz.   James Neale playing with Luc at the under 18.  Didn't know that.

  14. I go digging in my drawers and closet this morning looking for something that randomly came to mind...and found a shoe box filled with an 11 year old ipod, empty samsung S3 box and old original xbox controllers randomly...Not sure why I have any of that still...

  15. 12 years of pain, happiness and learning..I've decided to get the girlfriend a ring..time will tell if it's the right decision.

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      12yrs and she waited bro !  thats a keeper : D

    3. Wilbur



      12 years is along time to be together so clearly both of you are getting good things out of it even if it isn't all clear skies and roses.  Assuming you already co-habitate, getting married probably won't change much day to day stuff but it's fun to have that ceremony/party at some point.

    4. coastal.view


      what if she says no

      you are making this all about your decision

  16. Watching Altered Carbon while ignoring everything else I watch in the process...Best show I've watched in awhile.

    1. VforVirtanen


      Great show. Binged it in one weekend, and it was a busy weekend. 

    2. HI5


      The acting is soo baddd though

  17. So...One day into my month off work and boss wants me to come back, while withholding all of December's pay to cheat the disability system and just pay it out in January instead..I think I'll pass on that.. >_>

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    2. Cramarossa
    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Doesn't wanna pay the cost to be the boss, eh?

    4. -AJ-


      That's dumb. At least you know you're needed.

  18. Blech..One day weekend since I'm stuck working today cause other people are either sick or don't want to work themselves..

    1. Twilight Sparkle
    2. Alflives


      Do you get paid extra for the sixth day?  

    3. PrideInThisTeam


      Pretty sure it's just normal pay. It's all well and good since I said I'm taking monday off to have my 2 day weekend. I can't complain about that then.

  19. Just got offered a chance to go to a Canucks vs Oilers sometime this season..I think that would be a perfect matchup to go and see for my first live game.

    1. Alflives


      In Edmonton or here?  I went to lots of Oiler's v Canucks games in the early to mid 80's, hen the Oilers were at their peak.  Sit down low, if you can, the top guys are just incredible from ice level.  

    2. PrideInThisTeam


      In Van, should be fun either way if it pans out

  20. Found out last night that best friend and her bf were hit by a mercedes on their way back to Ontario from a cross-country trip days after I met up with her..Stranded in Calgary temporarily because of it :\ at least they're alright and it wasnt any worse than a scare mostly.

    1. thejazz97


      Glad to hear they're alright! I had a couple friends who were stranded in the Rockies after their car got sandwiched by semis (thankfully they weren't in it!)

    2. Cramarossa


      Glad to hear your friends are ok! Cars are replaceable, people aren't. 

    3. PrideInThisTeam


      I'm hoping the guy gets charged for it in some way and doesnt get off completely free. Im sure something will happen to him though

  21. All the interesting stuff happens on my days off..police were called on site and arrested somebody who was lurking around and acting funny, had a 6 inch knife in his pocket.

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    2. Cramarossa


      Probably a good day to miss work, to be honest. One day I called in sick at the university where I work, later that same day they found what appeared to be a fake bomb a couple buildings away from mine :o

    3. PrideInThisTeam


      Now that's a good day to miss work. I'm back in tomorrow so I'm sure I'll get more details than what's been said on the news about it

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      if you weren't there, then at least they didn't come for you. 

  22. Possible shooting down the street...Cops and ambulance have been around with more cops down at other end of street.

    1. brilac


      Oh my!  This one time, there were helicopters flying my building and smoke out my window, and I turned on the news, and there was a fire down the street and was seeing the whole thing on the news.  I called my boyfriend at the time telling him what was happening, and if I should take my cat to a safer place, and my then boyfriend assured me that everything was ok that firefighters were on the roof.  This older guy, about 87 years had purposely set fire in his apartment killing himself and burning down the building.  The building was set to be demolished for condos, and he had lived there for 30+ years.

    2. PrideInThisTeam


      It turned out to be a hoax, second time in the past 2-3 years a hoax is reported by the same address >_>

    3. SedinMadness


      if not a hoax, stay inside, stay safe. if a hoax, I dare you to post this on face book. you would get a lot of people.

  23. RIP Glenn Frey, A great old time name in music lost.

    1. Smiley2051


      Wow this month has not been very good to the industry


  24. Hamhuis expected out for at least 2 months..

  25. That's some strong anesthetic..Surgical Center visit for some tooth pulls..numb til tomorrow.

    1. brilac


      That's no fun, being numb in all!  Then again, I got some wisdom teeth pulled, and all I could think about was Taco Bell after.

    2. Ghostsof1915