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  1. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I don't know much about him but it sounds like if he doesn't work out as a D-Man we could try him as a power forward kinda like Brent Burns.
  2. Best Stoner Movies

    1. Pineapple Express 2. Up In Smoke 3. Half Baked 4. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle 5. Friday Those would be my top 5. As for what to watch while stoned? Pretty much anything. I find really old anti weed videos to be hilarious.
  3. [Trade] Sam Gagner dealt to AZ Coyotes

    I knew there had to be another motive for this. Yzerman is a smart man, although I think he probably could have gotten more than a 6 round pick.
  4. [Rumor] Ryan Miller to Vancouver Thread

    I would only like this if it was a 3 year deal or less, but considering these huge contracts that the big name UFA's sign, I doubt it. Lack will be ready to be our starter very soon and I'm not sure what this means for Markstrom. I trust Benning though.
  5. [Trade] Gagner for Purcell

    I'm liking this off season and it's barely even started.
  6. [Report] Torts wanted to buy out Alex Burrows

    Lot of rumours about Torts floating around after he got fired. Where were these accusations when he was still coaching the team?
  7. [Report] Torts Fired

    I really like Torts and wanted him to get another chance. Oh well, I trust Linden. Hopeefully we get Trotz.
  8. So can we assume A V wasn't the problem?

    AV is not a bad coach but it was definitely time to move on. As for Torts, I think he deserves another year with this club. This year was a disaster in so many different ways and it wouldn't be fair to can him based on this one season.
  9. Missing Vigneault Yet?

    Why do I even bother coming on this forum during a losing streak?
  10. [Trade] VAN Dale Weise to MTL

    I think this means that we're going to trade a D-Man soon. Probably a deal involving Edler and Ryan O'Reilly.
  11. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    Torts was just protecting his team. He's obviously isn't going to put out his stars against Calgarys goons. Hartley wanted fights, well he got them. Did he go overboard by going to the Calgary dressing room? Sure. (Although I found it entertaining and awesome.) But he had his heart in the right place and that's all that matters to me. This team isn't getting pushed around anymore.
  12. [PGT] War: Nucks 3, Flames 2

    Goddam that was entertaining. We saw some vintage Torts and it was awesome. He really is changing the culture of the team.
  13. [GDT] CGY - 1/18/14 - 7PM

    I'm with Torts. Don't eff with the Canucks. If this doesn't light a fire under the ass of our guys then I don't know what will.
  14. [GDT] CGY - 1/18/14 - 7PM

    I'm feeling a comeback game against a weak team. Nucks take it 5-1.
  15. [PGT] ducks won

    I'm not gonna blame the refs for this loss because we would have lost regardless of that being some of the worst officiating ever...but I really wanna punch Paul Devorski in the face.