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  1. Get NHL Gamecenter and then change your DNS settings on whatever device you're using to trick it into thinking that you live somewhere else. I'm pretty sure that should get rid of the blackout problem.
  2. One thing that really bothers me about this team is that they have 0 killer instinct. I would love to see them keep their foot on the gas when they get the lead and embarrass the other team if they have to.
  3. Overpaid a little bit but I do like Sutter more than Bonino. Bonino was way too inconsistent. Sutter gives a hard working shut down center who puts up decent offensive production. Horvat could very well be ready for the 2C spot too so this gives us a more ideal look down the middle in my opinion.
  4. Naslund is the most exciting Canuck in my lifetime and the main reason why I even started watching hockey and became such a huge canucks fan. My all time favorite player.
  5. not gonna do a full on standings prediction, but I see the playoff teams being something like this. Tampa Bay Montreal Detroit Islanders Rangers Washington Pittsburgh Columbus Chicago St. Louis Nashville Minnesota Anaheim LA Calgary Edmonton/Dallas/Colorado/Winnipeg (Gotta wait for the offseason to finish before I make up my mind on that one.) I think this is the first time I've predicted the Canucks to miss the playoffs (I was a bit biased when I was younger ).
  6. One of my all time favorite Canucks, but it was time for him to go.
  7. I know a lot of fans are glad that the Canucks cleaned up there image, but I actually enjoyed the days where the Canucks were the most hated team in the league. Not just because they were so good, but there's just a certain satisfaction to rooting for a team that everyone else wants to fail.
  8. As much as I hate to say it, it's time for Bieksa to go. Somebody has to go to in order to make room for a puck moving D-Man because right now the the transition game from the D Zone to the offensive end is brutal. Edler - Tanev Hamhuis - Puck Moving D-Man Sbisa - Corrado/Stanton That is what the D should look like next year.
  9. That video pumped me up and made me super depressed at the same time.
  10. That's not all that surprising. I would be shocked if they weren't partying after winning the cup. And as for some of them banging Vegas chicks while being married, I would bet that a lot of athletes cheat on their wives while on the road.
  11. I can't believe I actually fell for that.
  12. This one could go either way. I'm gonna say experience pays off and the Hawks take it in 7.
  13. Washington has been very impressive in the second half of the season so I'll go Caps in 7. I'm rooting for the Isles in this one though because I would love to see the battle of New York in round 2.
  14. Anaheim in 7. We will see some intense playoff hockey in this one. The Jets will push them to the brink, but Anaheim is too good to go out in the first round to an inexperienced team.