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  1. Canucks Memes

    Do not worry, Auston Matthews is coming
  2. Patrick Kane. What a god.
  3. Horvat vs. Sutter

    Horvat: Sutter: Currently at this moment, the best centre to use on the penalty kill is Sutter. Horvat's defensive game is still developing, I've watched Horvat alot on the penalty kill and I think that he's way too passive with his stick. Stealing the puck is more important than blocking the shot. The moment you steal the puck from your opponent you can generate a chance to score a goal. I just hope next season he becomes more aggressive because he is such a disciplined player and hardly takes a bad penalty. If you take a look at Bergeron (the only player I respect on the Bruins), his positioning is very good and every time that the opponent has the puck, he would work as hard as he can and try to poke or steal the puck.
  4. My first Horvat montage! I wish he produced a bit more in his first half, but I guess the video is good enough.
  5. [GDT] Canucks VS Islanders

    Lol we only have like 90 points from our backend, while playoff teams have around like 140.
  6. [GDT] Canucks VS Islanders

    Is this guy seriously playing Dorsett on the second line?
  7. Powerplay woes

    - No hard slapshot that can actually hit the net - No speed - No one-timers - Can't enter the zone - Vrbata is awful this year and predictable - Sedins pass the puck around way too much - Can't win faceoffs - Vey. Enough said. Even though we all hate Kesler you have to admit that he was the last triggerman that the Canucks had a hard slapshot, could win faceoffs and cycle with the Sedins. The Sedins' cycle hasn't been effective as of late and we hardly ever do one timers on the powerplay. They need to keep it simple, pass one or two times to each other and then pass it to the triggerman in the open wing or on the blueline. However, we lack any of these shots at the moment. Vrbata is not the man for our team.
  8. [GDT] Nux vs. Lames 6pm Feb 19 2016

    Of course when I start watching we start letting goals Good job Tankowski!
  9. You need a top 5 pick to win a Cup!!

    Actually the correct formula is: Starting from 2010- Top 3 Draft Pick, Under the Age of 25 (Once you've won a cup it doesn't matter); Toews, Kane, Doughty, Seguin Selke Trophy Candidate (Toews, Kopitar, Bergeron) Norris Trophy Calibre Defenseman (Keith, Doughty, Chara) Decent goaltender that performs exceptionally well during the playoffs Depth, clutch performers Size and speed Youth
  10. Yeah, I definitely think he's the next Doughty cause I edited my post 12 minutes before he even posted. You're really not good at trolling, so don't even post anymore lmfao. I was editing the post because the YouTube embeded posts didn't work for me. Suck it.
  11. I never said he was Doughty. I said he REMINDED me of Doughty.
  12. Hutton reminded me of Doughty with Horvat's second goal tonight, that puck movement and skating past all the Tampa players was amazing. Hopefully he can finish his plays with a snipe soon.
  13. Yannick Weber Frustration Thread

    I don't need to read the rest when you say he's a "powerplay specialist" lmao. Literally anybody could be playing on the point and still be better than him, I'd even use Jannik Hansen's slapshot over his. This guy does not deserve to be in the NHL at all, he just got carried by the Sedins last year and in 2011-12 by Plekanec and Pacioretty.