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  1. Why can't we have all the points? Personally my hopes were up for: Ferland - Petey - Brock Pearson - Horvat - Miller Baertschi - Gaudette - Virtanen Leivo/Ericsson - Beagle - Sutter Motte With a decision between baertschi/pearson/leivo once Rooster was healthy. A 3rd scoring line is not only a good idea for scoring more goals, but also when your top 6 gets injured you don't have to fill in the gaps with 4th line defensive plugs.
  2. Its funny that you forgot everyone including canucks management says Elias needs to add bulk. I was saying Mittlestadt already had it along with the skill. And why don't you look through my posts pre draft and see who I liked, wasn't just "creaming my pants" over one goal in a "teenager tourney". And It's always nice to see your prospects do well against the best of their peers. And if I wanted to go be a buffalo fan, or Toronto fan or Flames fan, I wouldn't care as much as I do about benning messing up our top 10 picks. Some of you on here just don't get it, being a canucks fan doesn't mean you just have to be on board with everything management does, if you want to be like that fine, have fun. Stop pretending I, or any others who feel like I do, care any less for wishing my team took the better player.
  3. I think a lot of his actions/decisions were over scrutinized and blown out of proportion. It seems like the guy really loves to play hockey, to me anyways, from listening to what he has to say in interviews and what he does on the ice. anyways, sorry to derail the Elias thread, carry on as you were!
  4. If by summit you mean draft combine, I thought it was a plus that the guy can still add some strength (easier than adding bulk as a bean pole) and from bennings mutliple college bound picks I doubt he puts much thought into the college loophole.
  5. May be a bit of spilled milk but the last 3 years I've had Nylander, Tkachuck, and Mittlestadt. At least one of those is looking like the better choice already. I have been pretty satisfied with his late round picks but the guy just cant pick top 10 to save his life. We could have had the same amount of skill with mittlestadt just with a 200 lb frame instead of 167. Go look at Elias' brothers weight, doesn't seem like it's much higher at 20 something years old. Doesn't bode well for the youngsters chances of putting on some bulk. But, as a die hard Canucks fan I will sit here and hope I am wrong and that he becomes that #1 C that benning and Co have promised us he is.
  6. While Elias was busy playing wing and getting injured, my choice for 5th overall was doing this:
  7. For me, it's not so much that I want to see him getting accustomed to playing center, and more so I want to see him being the choice for center by his coaches because they think he is that amazing.