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  1. I really think Jake is just done with Green and his antics. Green has been on him for years now and its like a Coach who has his own son on the team and he is much harder on him then anyone else. Its sad to see but I think Green has pretty much ruined him and a chance for him to succeed on this team. Jake is going to be a great player but unfortunately its going to be on another team.
  2. This has been going on since Bure elbowed Churla because he had finally had enough of it. Raymonds broken back, Daniel being attacked by that loser Keith, Nazzy elbowed in the head by you know who. We are not going to get anything that resembles fairness...….ever. Accept it and play hard. Ftherefs.
  3. This team is finally back to where they were back in the 90's before we started the "gentlemanly" era. This is how playoff hockey is supposed to be played. We are going to get bad calls no matter what, the faster we accept that the better off we will be. Play hard and "F" the refs! This is going to be a fun ride , back to only using the edge of your seats my fellow Canuck Fans.
  4. Yeah he missed a couple of scoring chances but his defensive is still good.
  5. That there, ladies and gentleman, is what it looks like to see a Captain put his team on his shoulders in the playoffs. Been waiting 26 years for this!
  6. Thought I would express my pleasure in seeing our beloved team perform in the playoffs and my thoughts so far. I have waited 26 years for a team to come close to the 94' Team. This team I believe compares closely to them and I believe will exceed their achievements. For those of you who did not experience that run you are in for a treat. The character and drive in these players are similar to the team in 94'. I expect to see a new hero every night. First, our Captain. That game last night is how a Captain is supposed to perform. It so reminds me of Linden but I believe Bo is a little more talented. Bo was a little non-chalant for part of the regular season but if he is going to elevate his play in the play offs, he deserves a little slack during the regular season. The same goes for our veterans; Edler, Sutter, Loui, Roussel, Beagle and Markstrom have all been criticized at some point in the season. Veteran presence is key in the playoffs and our vets are showing their worth. The young guys are showing that they are not going to take any abuse laying down. The are acting like hockey players and are willing to play through the rough stuff and not be knocked off their game. Petey, Boes Hughes and Stech have all played exceptionally well with the extra attention paid to them. For those of you criticizing Jake? Jake is like that utility guy in baseball who can do it all. Some of you forget that when he was inserted on the top line he was producing at about a point per game. He is like a floater who can play on any line. I think Jake has a hard time with this though and I really think he thrives with more ice time. TG is choosing not to utilize him like that though and I see him struggle when he plays very little minutes. He is a key part of the team IMO though and he should be around for a long time especially because of his youth and versatility. HUGHES! We have not had a player like this and he is a game changer. He makes the team and the players around him better, period. He is our ace in the hole and will take us farther then we will have ever expected. Markstrom is our closest thing to Captain Kirk. Calm under pressure and doesn't get rattled. Elevates his play in the playoffs as well. Myers is that big pounding D man we have searched for a long time to find too. He will punish the oppositions offensive players and will make it very difficult for them in front of the net. Players in the past were OK in the playoffs but not many EXCEEDED and elevated their game in the playoffs. I feel we had some players over the years such as Linden and Kesler but not many. This year? This is what elevating your game in the playoffs looks like: Hughes 5 games 7 points Horvat 5 games 6 points Miller 5 games 5 points Pearson 5 games 5 points Boeser 5 games 5 points Petterson 5 games 5 points Tanev 5 games 5 points We may not win it all this year but we are not going to run away with our tails between our legs either. GCG!!
  7. Oh you mean before he was forced to insert the line up he should have iced in the first place? The one that's been winning ever since?
  8. As we sit here on the verge of watching Canuck playoff hockey, I can't forget the beginning the season where some boasted about how close TORONTO and EDMONTON were as Cup Contenders and that our young team were so far away. The character and composition of this team cannot be overlooked and those who just worry about only "pure talent" and wanting us to continue to Tank to get more and more draft picks will see that balance is the key. Although the boys may or may not win this series, the compete will be there for years to come and they are only going to get better here on out. Its definitely going to be a fun ride. GCG!!!
  9. I wanted to save my judgement for our players for when they show their "true colors" in the playoffs. I don't put too much weight on their regular season performances but rather who "Steps Up" at this time of year is what I am looking for. I have seen an indication for those that we need to........... keep around.
  10. Having gone through decades of playoffs with this great team of ours, I always look back and ask, what could we have done to improve our chances of winning the elusive Cup. Looking back to 94', we almost had all of the pieces in place; Mental toughness, Leadership, Great Goaltending, Young Stars, a PMD. What I wished we had back then was that heavy, big ,high minute man D man who was punishing to the opponents. No Murzyn was NOT that guy. Also, veteran leadership with Cup experience. What we had to endure was a complete team , the best that money could buy who had all of those attributes. They basically scooped all of the vets from the Cup Winning Oilers to compliment their Stars. The WCE days were good but we lacked that great goaltending and mental toughness. The beginnings of our great regular seasons and not so great playoffs. The 2011 playoffs had some great components but again we lacked that mental toughness in that we barely made it through the previous rounds where we made it much harder then it should have been. Again we lacked that big bruising D man and Leadership. TODAY? I see components that we lacked in previous decades. We have that big bruising D man, we have a young phenom PMD, Leadership, Mental Toughness, good goaltending, veterans with Cup experience and obviously our young stars. Props to JB for assembling such a complete Team with all the tools needed to succeed. We are not overly Defensive nor are we overly Offensive, we are somewhere in between with a balance which can adapt to different styles of play. Looking forward to the next couple of years and very confident this version of our beloved team is destined for some very great things. Go Canucks Go!
  11. I have seen phantom calls go towards the Canucks over the years, they are going to get penalized no matter what they do. I would much rather get a call that's worth something as opposed to us tip toeing around and thinking we are some how immune to penalties. Not going to happen, ever. Play hard boys!
  12. As you take this round and round again, I am thinking you really don't like to lose an argument. The whole argument surrounds Green not coming out with his strongest team with the players available for game 1. Jake is one of our stronger players who is part of our young core ready to compete in the playoffs. Although Gaud has made good improvements, still not a better option for a center ahead of Sutter. You said so yourself. Now, no matter what other player you feel should be discussed other then these two, Jake should have started game 1 and Gaud should have sat, period. The object is to give your team the best option to win. Green thought that it was more important to punish one of his players by sitting him because he misbehaved off the ice, regardless if he could have helped the team win or not. In the regular season?....Ok......In the playoffs?.........Maybe not.
  13. Your basing your arguments for the past 3 games then? Like you said, Green has kept Jake to 8 or 9 minutes and has basically put a leash on him for some reason. He will probably never be able to prove his REAL worth as he is being punished for some reason. Its all good though because TG has basically made it to his expiry date and a more experienced coach will be brought in to take the guys to the next level. Good times are ahead.
  14. Yeah we are talking about these guys and you are still try to change the subject to other players. LE now? I get it, you are not a big Jake fan, fine , but I see him as a key part of this core and we are a far better team with him in the line up then not. He should be in the top 6 but that's not going to happen with Green as the coach. Lets just agree to disagree, this is just going in circles, thanks.