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  1. Key word(s) being regular season...……….. Our character and grittiness will eventually carry us farther as we progress.
  2. For those that thought the best recipe for success was just speed and skill are in for a special treat. A team well balanced will be fun to watch and will provide more wins overall. Good times are ahead.
  3. We have Pearson and Beagle who have Cups as well as others who have playoff experience such as Ferlund and Miller. I think we are fine in that respect.
  4. This team is better built but not sure if they have enough experience yet. Ferlund and Miller give us components we have sorely missed, grit in the top 6. Also, Hughes gives us a component we have not had for a long time, a legit PMD. Grit and character on all lines and more talent in the top 6, makes this a better team then the 2014-15 team. Goalies are not a concern. We will be good this year, better next year and even better the year after.
  5. I think a lot here underestimate the parity in this league and how close the middle of the pack really is. Sure we have a couple of elite teams and a couple of bottom dwellers but the middle of the pack teams can move up and down in the standings so much that it is hard to predict where they eventually fall at the end of the season. When LA won the cup and then missed the playoffs the next year, was when I realized how close teams are and there are many other examples of this. TB getting knocked out in the 1st round and ST. Louis going from last to winning the cup last year and Vegas going to the finals in their fist year is another. Being in the Cap era probably has a lot to do with it.
  6. With the subtraction of Hutton and Pouliot, our chances against should go way down, add in a couple of NHL quality D men and we will better just because of the guys in front of them. I feel confident Marky can make that first stop, the problems last year mostly lied with the D men playing out of position or not clearing the front of the net to stop those second and third shots on net. This should not be too much of a concern this year.
  7. The argument was that we picked up 2 top 6 FA's even though we have Baert,Ericksson and Goldobin last year. Obviously with the 2 signings, somebody has got to go and I see other guys in the line up that fit those lines better. Pearson, Leivo and Roussel are probably going to get top 6 time along with Ferlund,Miller,Pederson,Bo and Boeser. Not to mention Virt might get utilized more offensively I see no reason for those other 3. No doubt Baert is a great player, unfortunately for him, we now have depth with speed,skill, strength and durability. Just like Stech, we now have players higher on the pecking order, so that leaves them fighting for their jobs.
  8. The most important aspect that we need to look at is the development of the young core. Obviously none of them have reached their potential and this will take time. I think we will be competitive this year but we will only get better in the next couple of seasons and we will gradually grow stronger. Add in a couple of more pieces from the minors and then we will be off and running. Similar to what Colorado is doing. The other key element we have is that we have the pieces already in place to help the kids. The bottom 9 were added last year and this year top 6 and D were added. We also have good competition with our goalies so everything is pointing to continued success as the next few seasons progress. Barring our usual parade of injuries, we will make the playoffs this year and we will get stronger as our kids gain experience and maturity. JB has built a system in which we should see continued success from here on out for many years to come.
  9. This reminds me of our position with the mighty Rangers in 94'. Everyone had the "love on" for Messier and the rest of the Ex-Coilers NYR's. Being the underdog is a good thing IMO.
  10. The same could probably be said for Goldy and Baert as well.
  11. I believe Ovie finally did the same thing and he was greatly rewarded.
  12. The big picture for this team is becoming abundantly clear. JB has been adding players with high compete level and the ability to play whatever game gets thrown at us. Speed, toughness, skill? Those who never experienced the team in the nineties are in for a treat. Players who do not currently fit this mode? Baertchi, Goldy and Ericksson. I suspect they will be moved some time soon as did other players who did not fit this mold. Good times are ahead.
  13. I am not sure if you know the concept of hockey or not. Just like basketball you need to play both defense and offense. Just because you are gifted at offense it does not give you a pass on not playing defense. The Sedins made up for a lot of this because, in their hayday, they possessed the puck for the majority of their shifts and did not need to play too much defense. This became a big deficiency in their latter years as their bodies slowed down due to age and they could not defend when needed. This also hindered them in the playoffs as they were affected by tighter checking. Players such as Petey shows that they are willing to do anything to win the game which includes playing defense to the best of their ability. The same could not be said for Goldobin, unfortunately. Petey is doing this before he has even grown into a Man's body. That shows a lot of guts and determination, something you want in a player going after a Cup. Peter Forsberg showed this same type of play and he has 2 Stanley Cups to prove this type of play is successful. The same for N. Lidstrom. Players today need to be swiss army knives in that they need to have several attributes to be successful. There are very few "Goons" left and with teams rolling 4 lines nowadays, you need to be fast, be offensive, be defensive and be able to take hits as well as dish them out. If you can't do these things then you will leave your team with a deficiency they will have to make up somewhere else. Sadly, this is where Loui is leaving this team in which their hands are tied due to his contract.
  14. Speed and skill are the most effective in the regular season. If this is your top priority then I guess this is the model you would follow, however, if you are looking to go deep in the playoffs then you need a much more bigger, durable player to sustain the rigors of playoff hockey. You are not going into the playoffs with the players you mentioned as there is not enough skill there. Those guys were also around when the team was not built around "toughness" it was in the time of "gentlemanly" hockey. Not effective IMO, especially for the playoffs as Boston showed us in 2011. Look at St. Louis this year, I think the majority of their players are over 6 ft tall. Not a good regular season but there playoffs were a whole new ballgame. TB is a little smaller and didn't do so well in the Playoffs but had a great REGULAR SEASON.