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  1. This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    Very well said and I believe this is what makes following your team all the better. Give your team a "CHANCE" and see what happens. Don't say we need to wait for this player or that one or we need to get rid of this guy or trade for that guy because we believe we know the perfect recipe for success. Go with what you got and improve your personnel as you go along and when the opportunity arises whenever that is. A professional team is such a living entity anyway and its parts are always changing. Yes we need a PMD but that has been a "Need" for decades. We had a great line in the WCE but lacked other parts for many years. The biggest difference in the 94 team and the one from 2011 ,in my opinion, was the teams ability to adapt to the other teams play. You had Adams be a hero one game and then you had Maclean the next. Then there was Bure and then Linden. They had skilled teams come at them and they had rough teams come at them. If Lafayette was able to become one of those heroes the story would have had a much better ending. The good thing is like you said, we are much closer to becoming like the 94 team as opposed to the 2011 team and that is very exciting IMHO.
  2. Exact same play as Sbisa's and Burrows in LA which were BOTH NO GOALS! You tell me the difference between these plays, I am dying to hear your explanation.
  3. NHL has some explaining to do

    I don't know how this can continue now that there is video review. I guess we are all blind with "homerism" and we are just looking at this(and many others) with bias eyeballs. I like how the NHL also makes it so that no one can comment on referee's actions as well. What a bush league and an embarrassment to our great sport.
  4. Agreed, this team needs to show that someone can step up and help out the next Captain. There are apparently other leaders on the team who should be showing their character about now.
  5. Wow, Schaller and Leipsic are better options then Granny and Virt? ………..um...……..OK. I think even Roussel is a better option then Schaller right now.
  6. Would like to see Granny play on Petey's line and Gaunce come in and take his defensive center role. Goldy needs to be sent down the line for a spell.
  7. The biggest surprise for me has to be the play of Hutton. He was one of those guys who I dubbed as one of those players who did not play with a high level of consistent intensity. I am glad he has found a way to improve this. Injuries to other D have given him the opportunity to "up" his game. Sutter has started out with limited offense although I see he is still just as important defensively as he was before Beagle came. He provides more defense so Bo can be utilized more offensively(when the team is healthy). I really thought the D would at least be a little more healthier then past years. Unfortunately this is not the case. I still think that Demko can make his way onto the team if he can get healthy again. The "character" of the team has improved the over all effort "night in and night out" and this seems to be on track. If we can be more healthy and play a little more of an aggressive game, we may be "a force to be reckoned with" for the rest of the season.
  8. This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    Its odd that people are not seeing the main reason we are more successful this year. We lost a lot of our "hard work ethic" and "character" and "leadership" last year when Dorsett went down and then Bo got injured. What were we left with? Other key leadership players went down too such as Sutter. With Bo and other character players still playing, we have been able to stay afloat even with a lot of key injuries. Back in the 90's, this team won a lot of games just by sheer determination alone. This bodes well when you are decimated by key injuries or when you play key games in the playoffs like the SCF! Things are definitely looking better in the near future for this team.
  9. This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    Very well said, this start of the season is dispelling so many pre-season "professionals" from CDCers I find it amusing: - The gang who said we are not going to replace the Sedins 100points -The group that said we are so far from competing that we are years and years away from any semblance of a competitive team -The group that said we needed to "tank" a few more years so we can get quality players to build from. -The group that said we don't need players such as Roussell, Beagle and Shaller because "character" players are less important then just pure " talented" players. For those who watched the team in the nineties, remember "Battle" as how the team played the game on a regular basis. The team had players who were less talented but had more battle in their game. A lot still do not realize how important the "Cap Era" has on the parity in the league as well. Teams surprise every year and bounce from contenders to non-playoffs in a blink of an eye. See LA, Vegas and Chicago as examples. Other posters who say we are "this player" or "that player" away from a contender don't realize that sometimes its just a matter of an injury to a key player here or a bad run from a goalie there to put you in or out of the playoffs. The teams level of battle as been, for the most part, very good. It is miles better then past years but I think as they are transitioning to a new identity I think they still have room for improvement. Leaders such as Bo have been making huge strides and are a welcome change from leadership from the past.
  10. [Question] Would U Trade Him?

    Realistically, I see more character in EP already in his short stint in the NHL. Although McDavid has great skill, I am not sure if his character will be there come playoff time.
  11. [Waivers] Eddie Lack

    I remember many on here were posting how huge of a mistake we were trading him. I guess the proof is in the pudding now. He was a very nice guy though.
  12. Report: Lucic to have Hearing

    So the league wants to take fighting out of the game but I guess they don't mind elbows, shoulders, punches to the heads of the none fighters? We have basically replaced "fighting" with "cheap shots" now. In the olden days , fights were basically prearranged and enforcers fought enforcers and an occasional light weight fought another light weight,although vary rarely. Intimidation stopped most of the cheap stuff and the star players were left to do their thing. How is this new NHL any better then when fighting was allowed? Even the fighters had respect for each other and when the other guy was done that was it, you stopped punching. Or if he fell to the ground you stopped fighting. It is a contact sport and you are going to have altercations, this cannot be taken out of the game. This injuring of players has got to stop and maybe players such as Lucic and Bertuzzi may not feel the need to take the law into their own hands when the refs or the league refuse to do anything about it.
  13. Really hoping to see a good effort tonight. This is where the old core faultered and eased up on a lesser opponent.
  14. They should shoulder most of the blame for lack of point production on their own part for that series and certainly had nothing to do with Lou's 8-1 blowout. I didn't even want them to be heroes in that series just produce what they normally do, especially on the PP, when they almost scored at will as they were that good at that time.
  15. Protecting our stars (Poll)

    This "Pack Mentality" can start anytime now!