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  1. A good example of the lack of "clutch" is shootouts. The Twins could not score if their life depended on it. Why was that? For two players who are labelled "elite" players why could they not score "one on one" with a goalie? Their vision on the ice and their passing(especially to each other) was out of this world, unfortunately, they lacked in other areas. Foot speed, toughness and the ability to "bury one" when the team needed it the most, was not in their box of tricks. Their "gentlemanly" play during the playoffs I believe also hindered their success. They got pushed around so much it was downright embarrassing. I believe they would have been better suited to be a Kane to a Toews or a Bure to a Linden and not have to carry the burden of leadership while having to produce all the time as well. I don't know, if we were down by a goal in game 7 of the SCF, with 1 minute to play in the 3rd period, would you put out Daniel or Trevor?
  2. Is there a difference in leadership?

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!!! I felt like punching my TV every time this type of "Gentlemanly" play occurred.
  3. I believe this to be the most likely line up as well barring any new acquisitions from now until the start of the season. Petterson may be the only one with a starting job with OJ and QH first call ups barring injuries or if DP and/or BH cannot improve from last year. However, Demko may force Nilsson out of a job more sooner rather then later.
  4. Is there a difference in leadership?

    I agree 100%. If things aren't going good then I want to see some emotion, like what we seen from Kessler from time to time. If we lose then I want someone to show some emotion and show that they are not OK with it. NO EXCUSES!!!!!!! If one of own is getting manhandled then I want an answer to it no matter if it costs us a penalty or not. I am really hoping the culture changes now that the Twins are gone and a new type of leadership takes their place. Not another Naslund and not another Henrik Please!!
  5. I really believe the new acquisitions and the retirement of the Twins will push some of our middle of the roaders such as Baertchi, Granlund and Sutter to produce more offensively. This will finally be a rebound year for Ericksson! Demko and the new coaching staff will push the goalies to be better along with a healthier D core. Jake will show why he was drafted so high and will surprise the naysayers and have a break out year. I think the prospects will make intermittent appearances in the line up to facilitate injuries but will stay in Utica except for Demko. He plays his way on to the team. Pettersen maybe sticks if he can handle the rougher play of the NHL. Unfortunately Gagner, Stecher and Hutton prove they have reached a stalemate and get moved at the trade deadline. The team is in contention for the playoffs and sneaks in as long as there are no significant injuries.
  6. Is there a difference in leadership?

    I believe there IS a difference in leadership. How do leaders lead? I guess what ever the leaders pass on to the team will never be known unless you are in the dressing room and hear what they say to each other on the ice and on the bench. With that being said, I guess the kind of information that gets passed on also varies depending on what vets you have on the team. I am looking forward to a "Cup Winner" passing on his experiences to the younger guys. I would also like to see a Vet pass on the importance of working hard every shift and finishing checks and doing the "little things" all the time. From what I have seen on the ice, Sutter, Tanev and Bo are front runners to having these "leadership" attributes and obviously Beagle and his experiences obviously puts him as a contender as well. I am really hoping the culture changes will begin this year and a "blue chip" mentality takes over the past years of the "passive, gentlemanly" mentality of the past.
  7. [Report] 44 players elect salary arbitration

    Yeah don't know how he sees he has any kind of leverage. He is an OK Dman but so is Biega and Pouliot. Right now he is a place holder until Hughes and Juolevi make it in. Pass if he is looking for any kind of payday.
  8. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    I think you can use that as a guide but if your goalie cannot make a save it doesn't matter if you have a high scoring team. WCE had that problem with Cloutier and a number of other goalies who could not do the job. A win is a win whether its 1-0 or 7-6. Now if your talking "clutch" scoring that's a different story.
  9. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    I believe this will be the case too. Bo will have the reigns off and be ready to take the next step. I really see all of the young guys playing a bit more up tempo, energy hockey. Going to be fun to watch for sure.
  10. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    There has been lot of good words spoken already in which I concur but some other things to look at is not only are we a little faster and a little grittier, we also have veteran presence where it should be. Not on the top line or the top PP unit. We should be better at rolling 4 lines and not wearing out guys playing defense because other players need to be sheltered. All lines should be a little quicker and grittier and should be able to play both offense and defense. More balanced. A lot of players either had bad seasons last year or were injured. I cannot see this repeating itself. The last 2 years the team actually looked like they could compete with most teams until the injuries took over. We have more depth, a new goalie coach and prospects who have more potential then a Shroeder, a Gaunce or the wrong Subban. All of these along with what others have pointed out will spell an improvement over last year. Too many variables to say exactly where we go in the standings but definitely better then last year IMO.
  11. What we need to become Contenders

    Yeah I found it a bit of an anomaly as I don't remember it happening in years past. Its like they weren't ready or not quite in their positions yet. Really hoping the new coach can see the problem and fix it ASAP.
  12. What we need to become Contenders

    If we can get rid of that first goal in the first couple of minutes of each game we will be better. Really hoping the new goalie coach will remedy this. Having our offensive guys having speed now and defensively responsible, I see less chances for the opposing team to score and a better chance of winning those 1-0 and 2-1 battles. Not too concerned with the goals, they will come by committee similar to what Vegas does and even more so if some of the prospects really shine.
  13. What we need to become Contenders

    Look at Edmonton last year. One or two things don't go right and pfff! your at the bottom of the standings, the year before? Some were saying they were contenders. Same with Chicago, a pretty good team, lose a guy or two and your goalie, miss the playoffs. Other then a couple of upper echelon teams and a couple of bottom feeders and the rest of the league are basically pretty close in competition. Funny how that works with a cap system.
  14. What we need to become Contenders

    With teams winning the Cup and then bowing out the next year(LA) and teams such as Vegas getting to the final without any years and years of player development tells me there is no magic formula to success. Cap compliance ensures teams cannot take all of the best players in the league and have a cake walk to the finals. Yes speed is the name of the game nowadays but if your smaller guys are getting laid out as they go through the neutral zone or are trying to retrieve the puck in the corners then they are going to slow down and flinch when the big guys are on the ice(Bfuglin). Its all about balance and being able to adjust to whatever type of team you are playing. Star players need to be able to withstand the abuse they are going to encounter and need to over come those obstacles to remain competitive. I don't think you can over state the importance of character on a team and the willingness to win at all costs no matter if you are on the PK, the PP, the goalie, the sniper or WHY.
  15. What we need to become Contenders

    I get what you mean Cory. I seen the Sedin Twins in the same category and I know not many will agree. You really need that killer instinct, I don't care to look at the refs for help, kind of character. You get knocked down and you get right back up to score a goal. You are down by a goal and its game 7 of the SC final, you find a way to score no matter what. I don't see McDavid as that kind of player, I have seen him on numerous occasions get all pouty because things aren't going his way. I will take our Bo and Boeser over that anyday.