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  1. -Great effort by the guys last night. Pretty much a full 60 minute game. - Some really good chances to put us in the game. -Still have to work on the tentativeness in the D zone. Too many players allowed to skate freely as if they are on the PP. Bo has trouble with this and looks lost and out of place in the D zone. -Finally others are seeing that Boes and Petey need splitting up. Great on the PP but 5 on 5 leaves something to be desired. TG has the ability to move guys around to see if there is chemistry somewhere. Others have stated the past chemistry with Boes and Bo. Boes looks like he has lost a bit of confidence and a change might do him good. Also takes pressure off of him being on the top line. His passing and his shot is off this year. Remember when if he was in range of a shot, it was going in the net. Now he is missing the net and his shot is not as hard(as others have stated). Virtanen seems to have more jump playing in the top 6 too. -We really need the sandpaper guys to step up. The skilled guys are still getting way too much room to skate around. This includes Virtanen, Pearson, Myers and Leivo. - Not really concerned about the loss(even if it is with the Leafs) just interested in the team improving overall.
  2. Very well said this is bang on. Our early season success had a lot to do with us making 1 or 2 passes out of our zone and back on the attack. We are now getting hemmed in like you said and that's where we make mistakes and stand around while the opposition gets great chances. Bo has trouble clearing the zone as well as Petey and Boes. I think that is why Leivo and Pearson see so much top 6 time because they can retrieve the puck along the boards and get it out. As a young team, this will hopefully get worked out and having players such as Ferlund, Beagle and Sutter back, this should improve. As the young players get better, so will our chances at being a contender. Just imagine Petey, Boes, Bo, Virt, Gaudette, Demko and Hughes in their prime, we will be pretty tough to beat. Not to mention having Miller and some of the others in the pipeline to boot. We'll be OK.
  3. No excuses for being tired today, a full 60 minutes is totally doable and I expect nothing less. GCG!!!!
  4. You are right about the younger version of a Sutter/\Beagle and we do need top 4 D to push Edler and Tanev farther down the pairings. The big thing I see that needs to be done is to move Boeser to Bo's wing to balance out the top 6 attack. We see what happens when Pearson decides to play in that it provides legitimate secondary scoring. Boeser seems to be in a bit of funk right now outside of the PP and I believe he does have chemistry with Bo. Plus I think Bo deserves a bit of consistency with his line mates and I think he's earned it. Its like Kessler all over again with the lack of legit wingers throughout his career. This hasn't been tried by TG yet this year and I think it deserves at least a try for a few games in the very least.
  5. This is what I was thinking too. They have been on the team long enough to warrant having consistent line mates. Boes and Petey have this luxury but others are not so lucky. Yes we have injuries but we also have players such as Pearson and Leivo who are deployed on a multitude of lines also.
  6. I have been a staunch supporter of TG for a long time but there are some things that he does that just makes no sense. Bo's line has been quite good lately while Petey's not so much, yet he again switches up Bo's linemates and keeps Petey's line intact. Again he is messing around with Jake who I thought has been playing great lately and is throwing in one of our AHL players(Goldy) when we have a healthy lineup. LE obviously plays a more spirited game with Bo yet he relegates him back to the fourth line where he looks like a zombie wasting ice time. How is this going to help the team? He is beginning to look like Willy D all over again which is a very scary thought.
  7. I guess after watching pretty much every game Bure and Linden played and the Sedins entire careers I guess I cannot form an opinion on said players. I have said before how much I appreciate the unbelievable skills the Sedins possessed but some fans refuse to admit that they came with faults. The most defining moment in their careers came in 2011. They had a chance to become a couple of the greatest players to ever play the game. All the stars aligned and we were one of the most dominant Canuck teams ever. Did we play like that in the playoffs? We totally dominated in the regular season and our PP was lethal. We go into the playoffs and all of a sudden we are apprehensive, weak mentally and had a hard time with almost every series that year. Remember the Chicago series? Remember game 7? Last night was a perfect example of how uninspired this team sometimes plays. Why the inconsistency? Is it part of the leaderships fault? All I know is that when the Linden era team played they played a full 60 minutes and they always finished checks and never let their check go because they were too lazy. Odjick kept the opposition on their toes and no one took liberties as common as it is now. So you are right, it does take a TEAM to win.
  8. Sorry to burst a lot of guys bubble but Goldy is no trying out for the team. He is simply a place holder and he will be sent back down when our regulars are back. Like I have said in other posts, the only two Goldy and Baert replace is Boes and Petey and that ain't happening.
  9. A few things Deb, First I am a big fan of Bo and he is the Captain of my favorite team. No need to try and defend him and tell me what I know what he is capable of. By the way, it was the first time he has scored in like 9 games or something? I seen him do the similar when he first received his Captaincy but its been awhile since then. I seen him fight too but that was quite awhile ago. I guess consistency is still being worked on. No two players are alike and some are better then others. Looking at the last two times we went to the finals I seen two completely different teams and two different Captains lead these teams. There has been many discussions on this topic so I won't go into too much detail. The big difference? One was an underdog and the other was the favorite. The underdog overcame adversity and it was very easy to see that they did everything in their power to win and came pretty close. The favorite? Well they almost lost a few times in previous series that year and looked mentally fragile. If it wasn't for Burrows, we may have never have made it the finals in the first place. We all know what our heroes can do but we fail to identify they also had faults. Like in 2011 our PP went something like 3/32 in the finals. Hmmmm…...it was pretty lethal in that regular season. Why the difference? I know, everybody says it was because of injuries. Linden was able to exceed his point total in the playoffs which shows he thrived in tough situations not to mention what he did in game 7. Yes Linden was not traditionally a fighter but he never backed down and he always stood up for his line mates. So, after watching almost every Canuck game for the past 30 years I have seen trends. The early 90's were hard working less talented teams. As the team got more talented, I seen the work ethic deteriorate. The team took nights off during the regular season and took the lesser teams lightly. This happened in the playoffs as well like the year the team was totally flat and the only player to go "Beast Mode" that year was Kessler. How much does the leadership dictate the play of the team? From what I have seen from our previous Captains, I think a lot. Like as discussed before, the playoffs is where we will see the real story and that remains to be seen ,but, there should be some indication from a leaders "regular season" play to a degree. The bottom line is that I would like to see our new core lead by a Captain who will give us the best chance at winning a cup. My opinion is that we would have won the cup in 2011 with a Captain like Linden. Make no mistake, Hank was a great player but I have not seen too many "gentlemanly" leaders win a cup. Yes there are exceptions to the rule but there is in any situation. The majority were "Warrior type" players in my opinion. So like I indicated before , I am not trying to provoke controversy I am merely asking others opinions on our young Captain. I apologise if I got you on the defensive Deb that was not my intention. Like everyone else, I just want to see our team succeed and I am wondering if we now have all the tools to make that possible, including leadership. I guess we will see in the next couple of years.
  10. I think you are exactly right, I think I have set the bar too high. Linden and Bure were truly "one of a kinds" and I guess we may never see those type of players in our lifetime again. The playoffs is when we will see what this new core is made of. Thank you all for your input.
  11. O'Reilly a Captain? You sure are missing a lot of great Captains in your long list.
  12. If you want a Cup, he has to be that type of Captain. If you just want presidents Cups?...…….Well then that's another story.
  13. NEWSFLASH! Deb, he's been here going into his 6th season and has been groomed from the beginning to be the next Captain don't kid yourself. "They do whatever is asked of them and they try to do it well"? You really set the bar high don't you. Oh, and by the way, Linden never layed on the ice with broken ribs, he scored 2 goals.
  14. Maybe LE is saving it for the playoffs too.