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  1. I agree , they still had plenty of opportunities to win games we just never got any clutch play, especially from the Sedins. With the PP going like 3-35 , or something like that, we would have been successful if they scored anything like they did in the regular season on the PP. Playing through injuries is where the Warrior like mentality comes out and some players have it and others don't. Petey's last goal he scored on the breakaway ,coming out of the penalty box, is a prime example of 'Heroics" needed in the playoffs. Some players just know how to push themselves to that upper echelon to greatness.
  2. Hank, Danny, Samuelsson, Burrows and Raymond don't strike me as "tough players". I only see Kesler as the only one who could hold his own in the top 6. We have a good core of players we just need some of our youngsters to develop. Petey ,Hughes, Bo and Boes are only going to get better.
  3. This is Key. We do not want our "elite forwards" getting "checked to death". Our top 6 guys you mentioned such as Bo, Pearson, Toffoli and Miller will ensure we are not held off the score sheet when the checking increases. I would add Jake to that list as well. We are seeing examples of this from Miller and Toffoli this second half of the season where the checking is getting tighter. These guys would slough off what we had to endure from Boston in 2011. " Strong , physical forwards in our top 6" will ensure we are successful in the post season. Throw in a PMD ,we have never had, and great goaltending, and I sure like our chances for the future.
  4. Oh there was a big difference in the QUALITY of Shots in both of those years. We were getting quality chance after quality chance in 94 and the 2011 chances were a lot of perimeter shots. No one wanted to pay the price and get those garbage goals in front of the net. We had some great character guys in 94 but our only true superstar was Bure and he was kept out of most games(literally) from bogus penalties called against him. The Rangers, on the other hand, were hand picked superstars such as Zubov, Messier, Richter, Leetch Graves, Kovalev and they had team depth. The best line up money could buy , at that time, before the Cap era. I was totally proud of what the 94 team was able to accomplish. They over came all that was thrown at them and came a goal post away from winning it all. The 2011 team I expected them to win and they failed, totally different feeling for both series.
  5. Many of those injuries happened in the latter stages of the playoffs they didn't play up to their standards for the entire playoffs. The key players such as the Sedins and Luongo still played. Many of those players played through injury and probably had some form of painkillers to help. Lastly, don't put Raymond and Alberts in there please they had no effect on the outcome of those games. Linden would have "played on crutches" so I am not buying the injury thing.
  6. I still have hope for Bo, he started out great and did seem to have a bit of aggression in his game, but so did Jake, Roussel, Edler and Beagle at one time. It seems their games have changed for some reason. That's why I was hoping for playoffs this year to see who showed characteristics that would lead us to a Championship, who had the ability to "Up" their game when it counts.
  7. Yes I remember the "Character" guys on the team and Kess was one of my favorites. I think he had the potential to lead, as well as Bieksa, if they weren't being lead by the Sedins. Imagine if Jovo or Ohlund lead the team instead of Nazzy? I thought the decision to name a new Captain was way too premature and we would have been better off to wait until we saw what we had. I hope Bo develops into his own but right now he is direct clone of Hank. We have a lot of "Character" guys on the team I am hoping our Leadership become "Character" guys as well.
  8. This is so true, we had to fight and claw all the way to the final and I thought the Sedins were our "Ace in the hole" and were going to make it a "cake walk". I was so waiting for some "Heroic" action being taken in any of the games in the finals and at least expected something in the game 7. Nothing ever happened and the rest is history.
  9. One guy does not make a team. Also , I remember in the 94 run that it was a total team effort as to why they were so successful. Reffing was brutal back then too but it didn't seem to affect the team, they just kept trudging along. Bure had enough of his assault from Dallas and let Churla know about it personally.
  10. Yeah we were shaky throughout the entire playoffs. From the total domination we displayed in the regular season I did not see one obstacle we were going to have to battle over in the playoffs. Our PP was almost a gimme most nights and in the playoffs we struggled, especially in the finals. The Sedins were taken aback by the tight checking and aggressive play in the playoffs and Luongo had some less then steller performances. We needed these guys to "Up" their games and that never happened. When we really needed that "One" save or that "One" goal, our leaders could not pull it off. Miller? or Petey? or Marky in the same position? I like our chances the next time around.
  11. When you look at a player like Miller and even from Petey, you see players who have that extra character in their DNA which is above and beyond their natural talents. Look at who prevails when the team is not doing good but they some how can overcome that. Kesler going "Beast mode" or Linden scoring 2 goals in a game 7 when he probably should never have been playing in that game because of injury. In 2011, that team struggled right from the get go and were almost eliminated before they even made it to the final. Some say we lost due to injury, but we totally dominated that regular season and we struggled the whole post season regardless of who was injured. It was a miracle we got past Chicago that year and it could have easily gone the other way. We have Miller, Petey , Hughes and Markstrom and I even like Jake and MacEwen at times. These are the types who we are going to rely heavily on to bring these clutch plays when they are most needed. Whats that saying "When the going gets tough, the tough get going"?
  12. I would add Marky to that list. If he didn't stand on his head, a few times , we would have been in trouble. Without those 3 though, we would be in bad shape.
  13. Right now BB's goal production is trending downward and Jake's s is trending up so nothing is for sure. Who knows Podz may surpass both of them. More importantly, we need defenseman and Hughes is here NOW and he needs help on the back end. Maybe we are able to trade prospects as we did Madden too who knows.
  14. That's why I would like to see us see some playoffs this year so we can see what we have before making big decisions like that. I would ideally like to keep all of them but right now we have depth at that position and we really need to shore up the defense. I think things are still up in the air though until we know what Toffoli is doing. As another poster said too , I would like to see players such as Jake and BB given a go on the PK. We won't know what we have until we try them out IMHO.