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  1. Also.....Did I miss something here or did the Jets win the Stanley Cup without me knowing it? Didn't they get knocked out of the playoffs by an expansion team last year?
  2. EdgarM

    First Unit Power Play

    The biggest problems on the PP are Pouliot and Goldobin. Their passing and zone entry are awful. Goldy can be an effective player but he is just too inconsistent. Plays great and then stinks up the place right after. Pouliot has been playing better of late but he just is not a top 4 dman. With the addition of Gagner and Hutton on the PP, the zone entry and the passing in the Ozone has looked better. I agree on Bo too. Virtanen might be a better option for the net front presence.
  3. EdgarM

    Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    I mentioned something like this not long ago and almost got my head taken off. I am sure most injuries are legit and the players get right back as soon as possible, but we are all human and I am guessing a few take a few extra weeks more then what's needed at times. Anyone call in sick to work when they probably could have went? I used to think that it was part of the sport to have injuries but we have guys who are constantly on the injured list and a lot of times we don't see when the actual injury occurred. At the very least, these issues should affect their next contract as a player cannot help your team if he is constantly on the bench due to an injury of some sort.
  4. EdgarM

    [Report] Canucks recall Sam Gagner from Toronto Marlies

    Sorry to say but some of the youngsters (Goldobin, Gaudette, Motte etc.) aren't ready for prime time yet. We are lacking experience both on the PP and 5 on 5. Lots of drive but no experience. Gagner will provide this until some of the injured return. Maybe he will surprise, I guess time will tell.
  5. Still don't know how Schaller and Goldobin are playing ahead of Virt and Roussel. Oh well, at least Granny got bumped up and Gaunce replaces Archibald.
  6. This is my thought too. If we are going down it better be with a fight. Slow down the opposition by making them think they might just get laid out at some point.
  7. I suggested last game that he gets in the line up and Granny gets bumped up.
  8. This had nothing to do with the team winning or losing or some losing streak its about how bad the officiating is in the NHL is and how inconsistent they are. For a "professional" organization they have inconsistencies in their calls where its worse then some minor league officiating I have seen. I have seen kids call better games then some of these "pro's". Then you would think the guys in the "war room" would even be more consistent as they have the luxury of replay. Their even worse. I think most of us would be OK with the odd mistake but to have so much inconsistency is plain unacceptable coming from people who make their living officiating. They don't even seem to be accountable by the league for their performance of lack there of.
  9. Haha I find this response quite often on here, either an "excuse is made" or its " I don't want to talk to you anymore" on this "discussion board". In other words, I can't discredit your argument so I am going to try to bow out gracefully. Its kind of how Trump deals with things, "Your Fired!"
  10. EdgarM

    This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    Considering we lost 3 of our top point getters from last year it is a testament to this years team that they are able to exceed the goal totals of last year. That and we were doing pretty good at the beginning of last year before we lost Dorsett and Bo to injuries. That is when the wheels basically fell off. We know that goaltending and defense were issues going into the season and that it was an issue last year as well. We are still awaiting Demko to make the jump to the big club as well as Hughes. The team is currently in transition and although defense has not improved, the forwards are starting to form a good foundation and there are some bright spots which we can look forward to in the future. When this team is fairly healthy, they are competitive and fun to watch.
  11. EdgarM

    This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    Very well said and I believe this is what makes following your team all the better. Give your team a "CHANCE" and see what happens. Don't say we need to wait for this player or that one or we need to get rid of this guy or trade for that guy because we believe we know the perfect recipe for success. Go with what you got and improve your personnel as you go along and when the opportunity arises whenever that is. A professional team is such a living entity anyway and its parts are always changing. Yes we need a PMD but that has been a "Need" for decades. We had a great line in the WCE but lacked other parts for many years. The biggest difference in the 94 team and the one from 2011 ,in my opinion, was the teams ability to adapt to the other teams play. You had Adams be a hero one game and then you had Maclean the next. Then there was Bure and then Linden. They had skilled teams come at them and they had rough teams come at them. If Lafayette was able to become one of those heroes the story would have had a much better ending. The good thing is like you said, we are much closer to becoming like the 94 team as opposed to the 2011 team and that is very exciting IMHO.
  12. Exact same play as Sbisa's and Burrows in LA which were BOTH NO GOALS! You tell me the difference between these plays, I am dying to hear your explanation.
  13. EdgarM

    NHL has some explaining to do

    I don't know how this can continue now that there is video review. I guess we are all blind with "homerism" and we are just looking at this(and many others) with bias eyeballs. I like how the NHL also makes it so that no one can comment on referee's actions as well. What a bush league and an embarrassment to our great sport.
  14. Agreed, this team needs to show that someone can step up and help out the next Captain. There are apparently other leaders on the team who should be showing their character about now.