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  1. I think I got the majority of it right but missed on injuries and trades. Overall I think pretty accurate.
  2. ……………..and yet, Vegas went to the final last year. All kidding aside, we are in the Cap Era and other then the top 5 and the bottom 5 teams in the league, the rest are pretty comparable barring injuries, slumps etc. I think the longer we go with this new core now the better our chances get, but I think most of know that does not mean that in a couple of years, the stars align, and we somehow make it to the finals. That's the fun part of sports is that there is no guarantee and even if you have the perfect team like you are suggesting, it still does not guarantee you anything. On a side note, how is the NYI doing after getting rid of their best player last year?
  3. Obviously you don't know what the concept of TEAM play is all about.
  4. From left to right, Undrafted, 36th, 7th, 5th, 23rd, 9th and 149th !!!!!!!! Take that Edmonton!!!!!!!!
  5. Fully agree. Briseboise,Biega,Sautner,Schenn have done an admirable job filling in for the likes of Tanev and Hutton. I would argue that it was better or at least comparable in strength. The only difference is when Eddy is out for any length of time the D really suffers. Other then Hughes and Edler, the D core is wide open for spots to fight for.
  6. Judging by the way the guys are playing with cohesiveness and solid effort for the majority of the games lately, I would say he has the right guys sitting and the right guys on the ice. We are seeing a more complete team right now playing with more character.
  7. A couple of observations: Jake : Still learning and I have seen glimpses of a great player in him so not worried about ONE mistake. He will learn and move on. Things that the haters cannot deny? He is fast, heavy hitting and talented all rolled up in one player. Give him some time to develop. I agree he might be a bit of a slow learner but I think all of the raw tools are there. The play on Giordano was a perfect example of what a big bruising player can do for your team. If Jake had run over Giordano, it would have been a great play. Another example is watching little Gaudreau getting nullified due to tight checking and not giving him room to excel. Our team needs to have a balance of smaller quicker players and bigger, aggressive players to even things out. Biega : There was a poll not too long ago who asked "who was the best dman after Tanex and Edler?". I think there was only a couple of us who voted for Biega. Now that he has been given a chance, I think others are now seeing how much he can bring to the table. He has speed, aggressiveness and can get the puck to the net. He is no #1 or #2 dman but he is doing his job admirably. Overall Team : I Liked the overall effort last night. Good intensity from players such as Horvat, Boes, Beagle and Eddy. I don't really care about the loss I am just glad that the team came to play last night and didn't give up. Good "character" effort last night and things are looking good moving forward.
  8. This will be an interesting game to see who comes and plays or not. I will be watching who skates hard on the puck and who finishes their checks. Its time for those character guys to shine. GCG!
  9. Yes "POTENTIAL" is the only difference I see in the 2 as well. I agree with the "speed" model the problem is when you come to playoff hockey and the rough stuff begins and clutching and grabbing is tolerated a little more, these small guys can be nullified. That's when you need the bigger, tougher guys to even it up. I am sorry but Byfuglian is just going to run over Stech if he tries to stop him at full speed. If you are going to be small then you better be producing in the playoffs and be able to stick up for yourself. See Marchand. Like I said, its all about BALANCE and the better you can adapt to your opponents play, the more success you will have. If your team is getting bounced around and manhandled in the corners, a Stech or a Goldy or a Gaudreau is not going to help you one bit.
  10. Disagree about Hutton. I believe the gaffs he has made I have not seen Brisebois or Sautner make the same mistakes. Hutton gets caught out of position and I was actually blaming the tandem of "Stecher and Hutton" and now that I see Stech play with others, I don't see it that way anymore. Stech is defensively more responsible. I like Stech, I just wish as a smaller player, he would produce more offensively. I have another question for you. Tell me what they differences are in Stech and Biega. Biega is currently on the top pairing and is producing. People see Biega as a 7-8 dmen but people see Stech as a Top 4. Am I missing something? The only obvious difference is age.
  11. Although I am not condoning an EK deal here, I am wondering if we could pull some kind of deal similar to what TO did with Nylander. Have the deal front end loaded(when they have cap space) and less when they need to save cap space. We have lots of cap space now but it will severely diminish once we resign Petey and Brock. This way we get a great player, pay him what he is worth(or a little more), and can get him at more of a bargain a couple of years down the road. Of course the player would have to be young enough to be effective in the next couple of years once our players develop. Also, I think the key thing to our D right now is to have a supporting cast for the likes of Hughes, OJ and Woo. We need(Rousel,Beagle) type players to help us transition our young D core. Edler and Tanev should be holding those spots but have obviously proved unrealible to help for complete seasons.
  12. I don't think we are too far off in wanting the same thing I think its more about balance of the team. I am all for a smallish offense PMD like Hughes but at the same time, when you are contending with a Malkin or a Kopitar in front of the net, I would want someone their with a bit more size. I would also like to see the jobs of Hutton and Stecher being replaced by Brisebois and Sautner. Both a bit bigger and more aggressive then the other two and could be key pieces to this new core. If Stecher can find a way to be more offensive minded, I would say he could also be a part of the core. So far though, I have not seen that in him yet.
  13. So you are bragging about another "smurf like" college player who was drafted in the 3rd round in 2016 by Calgary as the second coming as being our savior? Yeah I am not that optimistic and we are already chalked full of smallish players on the blueline(Stecher,Hughes,Biega) and softer, non-aggressive types(Hutton). As you boast about Hutton and Stecher and their 20 points, Biega has collected 14 points in half the games as those two and Hutton is a MINUS 20! AND Biega is getting top line minutes right now and Stecher is getting second line minutes. So apparently the coach believes Biega is a step above Stecher as do I. Yeah I was a fan of Gudbranson until I realized that he was not going to play the role he was brought here for. I am glad he is gone because he did not fall into top 4 material as he did not produce offensively or provide crease clearing, aggressive defensive play. Which, by the way, is the same type of player I believe we are currently missing.
  14. Yeah no more plugs thank you very much. We are all full in that dept. Harvard is Not the NHL. Sutter, like Tanev and Edler are only where they are because of injuries. If they are healthy, they are worth what they are paid and contribute to the success of this team. The most glaring concern from this team this year is the lack of "push back" and big bodies, period. Sorry but Stecher and Hutton are just not helping out in those departments one bit. We need offense from the back end or big aggressive top 4 dmen. Plugs do neither of those and are just warm bodies. If we are taking chances we try for EK but if we are going for a more sure bet, then its a big, aggressive dman who knows how to play defense and can eat up minutes that would normally be dished out to Tanev and Edler. We need to shelter Hughes and we need more quality D to take some pressure off of CT and AE. Something similar to what JB did this year to shelter the young forwards by bringing in the likes of Beagle and Roussel.
  15. Stecher and Hutton made the team out of necessity there was/is no one else to supplant them! They are plugs until those positions can be filled by legit top4 dmen. They get bumped down the line when the injured return so don't kid yourself that they are legit top 4. Are you kidding about Tanev? He is a shutdown dman, with size(bigger then Stech), that can go against the oppositions top guys and has for years. You are really comparing him to Stecher and Hutton? Hutton and Stech are our 5-6 guys and we need legit top 4 guys to take the pressure off of Edler and Tanev its that simple. Maybe Hughes surprises, as Petey did, and we add a FA top 4 and all of a sudden our d core looks pretty good.
  16. Not sure which direction your going with your posts here. Do you want Tanev or not? So it looks like you are arbitrarily putting Stecher on the Top 2 and Hutton in the top 4. You are also saying Hughes makes the top 4. Really? Hasn't played 1 NHL game yet. Hutton and Stecher are NOT TOP 4 dmen. Period. They bring no offense or physicality to the table. Edler and Tanev are our only top 4 dmen and they are both injury prone. Hughes MAYBE if he does a "Petey" next year. So we have 2 injury prone top 4's, 1 maybe and all the other guys are FILL INS at this point and you think that "a free agent D-man" is NOT NEEDED? Yeah OK For those that are thinking we cannot afford a FA dmen just take a look at what we are paying our crew right now. Most of our D are from the bargain bin no wonder it is not very good. We can afford to at least have 1 or 2 well paid dmen even if we have to acquire them through FA. Even if we draft a dman this year we still need someone to play the position until he is ready, don't we? We have a good core group of young players right now, wouldn't it be a good idea to keep them happy and not cheap out for the sake of "they are not good enough yet to waste money on them yet?" Its a no brainer, bring them in some help and help out Tanev and Edler while your at it. Win,Win for all.
  17. A few observations. Defense has finally stabilized. They are looking like a defensive core. Its funny how you take a couple of guys out and put a couple in and they look completely different. Brisebois and Sautner are definite upgrades to the guys that are out. Stecher looks so much better without Hutton. Was not a big fan of Stecher but he is starting to grow on me the last few games. How about Biega playing with Edler? I like it. This team is finally looking like they are gelling together, they are not looking like they are skating around totally lost. They are looking like a unit playing in unison. Good to see. Everyone looks to be hustling and finishing their checks. The only exception? Ericksson does not look good, unfortunately. We are probably not making the playoffs(The two stints of injury bugs killed us), but I am seeing a positive improvement in the team and things look good for next season.
  18. Didn't he also knock the net off its pegs on purpose before that because his skate broke? Both these blatant infractions and nothing happens to him? Weird.
  19. I would agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that our only legit top4 dmen are very injury prone and we will most likely be bringing in a couple of rookie dmen next year. If what our team looks like when Tanev and Edler were out this year is any indication, we cannot afford to not have any kind of veteran presence out of our line up for any extended period of time.
  20. They would give us legit top 4 depth, especially when Edler and Tanev go down on injuries. Maybe they would even prevent these injuries if they were to eat more of their minutes. Either way, we need sheltering and mentoring for Hughes and I don't really want to see him thrown to the wolves his first year.
  21. I think what a lot of you are saying is that you have seen what works and what has not in the past 50 years of this franchise. I feel the same way as well. The critical components come to the forefront in the midst of the playoffs and especially in a final. Some believe that talent and talent alone will get you to the holy land but there is so much more then that. Many realize that a "Bo" will get you far in the playoffs but a "Bo" who plays like an "Iginla" might get you to the Cup. "Culture" of a team is critical and playing with a "pack mentality" is part of that. If you don't play like that, then you are missing something. A key component for success. The other component is "work ethic" and I like how, for the most part, TG has been instilling this into his players. We have all seen what this team can do when they put in a full 60 minutes with a full compliment of players. So if we can put all of these together, we may be on to something. I am not asking for much but if Bo can rough up the odd guy when the team needs it, Virt can lay down devastating body checks more often, Boes and Goldy can backcheck like their life depends on it and a "Sea of Blue" rains down on a guy that elbows Petey in the head, I would be a very happy man and just maybe we see a Cup in our lifetime.