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  1. Except Bert scored goals and contributed offensively.Bust
  2. This is uncalled for and classless. Your better than that
  3. I'm a Canucks Fan commenting within an Edmonton oilers topic about the oilers. Well those pesky oilers managed to score 19 goals in 3 games. Wow what a Scary Amount of talent that we will face for the next decade or so. I feel we will be getting some lottery picks too in the very near future
  4. you Said he was was a defenceman and I was just stating that you're wrong he's a forward. Calm yourself before you pee yourself
  5. we All Watched him play and it's he's not what you would expect from a 6th pick. Maybe 106
  6. well at least you can admit when you're wrong and please stop trolling
  7. ] you should read other posts before commenting on them or you're going to sound silly again to the canucks nation. You just joined the cdc. Troll
  8. It almost sounds like you know what you're talking about then I checked into it. Wth buddy those stats are way wrong lol. Nice try idiot
  9. It's not just us fans that find those contracts horrible it's the whole league laughing at us. Those contracts aren't going anywhere
  10. It's amazing how many people on here were talking Cassels was our new savoir and After Finally seeing him play nobody's saying anything but negative comments about him. A month ago= he'll be a a superstar. Today= he might never play a NHL game. Our fans are laughed at for these same reasons
  11. lol okay. . He a left winger idiot. Troll
  12. Hands down Nurse! There is no comparison in the quality of these 2 players. Nurse was involved in everything out there he would make a great canuck but instead we might grow to hate him