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  1. I don't get it. Are you telling me the 'social's in my post weren't adequately distanced or something?
  2. I had the misfortune of having to live in the Toronto area for almost ten years. However, there was ONE good thing that I found there, and that was the Social Coffee company (socialcoffee.com). Even though I moved back here to Lower Mainland years ago, I've still been ordering my coffee from them--been a faithful regular customer and for good reason: they know their business. And like most micro-roasteries in Canada, Social is organic and Fair Trade Certified. The thing I love best about Social is that they sell a number of single origin coffees from various small farms across the world. With these single origin coffees, you get to taste the localized flavour of coffees from various regions (as well as support small, independent growers). And because Social often buys small lots from these growers, there's not only an ongoing rotation of coffees from different sources, there's also a seemingly ceaseless number of new coffees to try. Can't recommend them enough for any coffee aficionado.
  3. Oh, that's been going on since forever, most notably when it comes to music and censorship (all the way back to Elvis's swinging hips). The only difference is that these days, the busybodies have widened their net on what they think other people should and shouldn't do and have a bigger platform to spout off about it
  4. Oh, I'm not saying what the league should or shouldn't do and I understand your point. However, that wasn't the question I was responding to. The question I was responding to was whether anyone *didn't* want to see the 19-20 finish and why. If the league and PA (and even other fans) want to go with this, that's up to them. All I'm saying is that if they do, I can't really see myself being all that engaged and that I'd personally rather they didn't.
  5. I'm not on social media so I don't know what other people are saying on there, so I'm only speaking for myself here: I'm not interested in seeing any attempt to revive/finish the 2019-20 season. For me, the season has already been lost and it's over; I've figuratively 'grieved' the loss and have moved on. If the league and PA attempt to finish the season, I personally think I'd have a hard time getting re-engaged. An analogy I might use would be this: it's like watching a good movie at home after you've put your kids to bed, then close to the finish, there's a crisis with the kids that forces you to abandon the movie and deal with the situation. After things calm down a few hours later, are you really going to be in the mood to start watching the movie again where you left off? I know I wouldn't be. And that's similar to how I feel about the attempt to re-boot the 19-20 season. What's more, attempting to finish off the 19-20 season will negatively impact the 20-21 season--whether it's because of the late start or because the teams that went deep in the pseudo-playoffs for 19-20 won't have an off-season to recover. After all, under the proposals being considered, (re-)training camps wouldn't start until July and that means after the play-ins and the play-offs, the Cup wouldn't be awarded until late September at the earliest, which is when training camps for the next season would normally begin. So in trying to finish the 19-20, it would mean the pandemic will seriously impact not just one but TWO seasons. Personally, I'd rather they set things up so that the 20-21 season can begin as normally as COVID-19 allows because I DO believe the regular season is important to the overall narrative of a season: to go back to my movie analogy, the regular season is like all the dramatic buildup that leads to the (hopefully exciting) conclusion. Honestly, there's no dishonour in cancelling a season due to an unprecedented global pandemic; far less than cancelling a season because of a labour dispute (*cough* 2004 *cough*). And even though it's not the same as other "asterisks" that have been applied in sports history (like MLB and cheaters), the winner of the 19-20 Cup (if there is one) will have always one beside their title. Make no mistake, I miss hockey as much as anyone else on the forum does. But I'd rather wait until fall and let the 20-21 season start right (and hopefully end right).
  6. Memory is a funny thing. Sometimes we remember the most inane things. Like this "poem" carved in a coffee-shop's public bathroom back in the mid-80s: Here I sit ***hole a-hurtin' Just gave birth to another Albertan
  7. Ooops, my bad. My excuse: different cover art than what I have
  8. How can you have gone through the early 80s or Celluloid Records without mentioning Massacre's "Killing Time" (Laswell, Frith, Fred Mahar)?
  9. This is exactly why I'm angry at Trudeau for NOT following through on electoral reform. Proportional voting would immediately dispense with preventative or "tactical voting", proportional voting would make everyone's vote matter a helluva lot more than it does. And his reactionary rationale behind backing out of it was even worse.
  10. Lemon garlic rosemary turkey sounds really good
  11. I've said as much before on other topics, but this is a residual effect of social media. Social media is all about getting the most attention and the only way a boring subject like politics can get attention is to ramp up the hyperbole and half-truths (or in some cases, outright lies). The parties don't bother with detailed policy-making because most people these days can't be bothered to actually think about the various issues. And this is partially the news media's fault as well: in order to adapt to the online world, they've also had to try for more 'click-bait' type articles and headlines and their own journalists don't ask complex or nuanced questions because there's no longer a big enough audience that demands that. Again, this is pandering to the intellectual lowest-common-denominators in our society. Instead, the entire campaign has been one long frat-boyish "gotcha" competition by all of the parties involved and their teams on internet researchers scouring the web for as much potentially embarrassing information they can find. Even worse, most of the discussion you'll see online is essentially little more than back-and-forth between conflicting party loyalists whose attitudes can be summed as essentially, "well, if you don't support MY party/leader, you're a scumbag". There's no talk about policy, aside from the various dog-whistling about the opposing parties.
  12. I don't think "nervous" is the correct adjective to describe the mood of the electorate. Aside from those who hold strong party affiliations (whichever party that might be), the words 'disgusted', 'disdainful', and perhaps even 'resigned' would be the words I'd use to describe what little discussion I've heard among people in the real-world. This is by far the worst field of candidates that I can remember and I've been eligible to vote for well over thirty years. And it's not just the parties and politicians themselves that are to blame for this mess (although they should shoulder most of the blame): it's also the existing social environment: the rise of both social media and populism have dumbed-down any kind of actual intelligent discussion of any kind. And the level of hypocrisy is so over the top, that I've personally not only become disenchanted with politics and the electoral process, but humanity in general. For those of us who do not have any party allegiances and have a worldview sophisticated enough not to be easily encapsulated with the terms "left" or "right", this is a dark time in our history. Today's politics have forced all the parties to take the low-road and appeal to the lowest-common-denominators of their respective electoral bases, resulting in the vaguest and most nonsensical policy platforms in history.
  13. The answer is simple: The Leafs are owned by two of the largest media conglomerates in Canada, Rogers and Bell, who also own Sportsnet and TSN respectively. Obviously, they're not going to say anything negative about the team they actually own and that's also why both over-saturate their TV and websites with Leafs propaganda. And having lived in Toronto for years, I can tell you that the biggest consumers of negative Vancouver articles are actually Leafs fans in Toronto: they LOVE bashing the West Coast over just about everything
  14. Haven't posted in a long time because of significant personal problems, but I thought I'd check in now that the season's over and remembered that I had posted early in this thread. I actually did surprisingly well this year, yet it seems even now that the Canucks exceeded what I expected. Even though I was correct about the injury onslaught repeating itself (not just once but twice this time), I feel that if it weren't for the second wave of injuries just after the ASG, the Canucks would've been legitimately in the WC conversation this year. I guess I'm saying that even though they finished as low as I predicted, they still performed better than I expected. Sadly for all involved, I was way off-the-mark with Goldobin--while he did improve somewhat, it wasn't nearly enough to earn a regular spot in the lineup. Conversely, I was correct Gaudette getting opportunities from all the injuries and he shows the promise of being a regular NHLer at least; too bad Juolevi's injuries prevented him from getting the same opportunities to prove himself this year. I'll conclude by saying that my concerns (even if I discounted them as a potential factor) about Green as a coach were unfounded. And I'll also say that my expectations will be much higher when we do this all again next fall.