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  1. I wouldn't pick up Schultz with Hughes coming on board. I don't like Schultz's defensive game, and if there's one thing we need to tighten up on, it's the defense.
  2. Mine are based off Expectation vs Reality. So I didn't expect much from someone like Eriksson, whereas players like Goldobin and Pouliot, I had much higher expectations for. Forwards: S. Baertschi: B. Would have been an A if he had been healthy, he was having a career year. J. Beagle: C+ B. Boeser: A-. Slow start with injury, but amazing second half. L. Eriksson: C- A. Gaudette: C N. Goldobin: D. Was expecting much bigger things from him this year. M. Granlund: C B. Horvat: A+ J. Leivo: B- T. Motte: C+ T. Pearson: B E. Pettersson: A+ A. Roussel: A T. Schaller: D R. Spooner: C B. Sutter: F. I thought Sutter would take another step this year. When he was healthy, he wasn't great. J. Virtanen: B. Strong start and finish, fizzled mid season. His defence has vastly improved. Defensemen: A. Biega: B+ M. Del Zotto: D A. Edler: A. Thought this was one of Eddie's best seasons. B. Hutton: C+ E. Gudbranson: F. Love the guy, but this was his worst year here by far. We got a great return for him. D. Pouliot: F. I thought Pouliot would build off last year. It's clear that he's not an NHL caliber D. A. Sautner: C-. Honestly wasn't too impressed. Don't think he'll be an NHLer. L. Schenn: B+. Had no expectations at all of Schenn. Pleasant surprise. T. Stecher: B C. Tanev: C Goalies: J. Markstrom: A+ T. Demko: B A. Nilsson: F
  3. RFA - Brock Boeser - 6 years 7m RFA - Markus Granlund - Walk - I'm ready to move on from Granny RFA - Tyler Motte - 1 Year 1m RFA - Josh Leivo - 2 years at $1.75 million RFA - Nikolay Goldobin - Walk, trade if we can. I think he's done here. UFA - Alex Edler - 3 Years 5m RFA - Ben Hutton - Qualify, 2 years 3m. If we can upgrade him, I'd be willing to trade Hutton too\ UFA - Luke Schenn 1 year, 900k RFA - Derrick Pouliot - Walk RFA - Josh Teves Retain, he'll be in the minors. RFA - Brogan Rafferty - Retain, he'll be in the minors. RFA - Thatcher Demko 2 Years, 1.5m Minors RFA - Yan Pavel Laplante - Walk UFA - Tom Pyatt - Walk RFA - Brendan Gaunce - Walk UFA - Tanner Kero - 1 Year 900k RFA - Reid Boucher - 1 Year 900k UFA - Evan McEneny - Walk. He's redundant now with both Teves and Rafferty
  4. I was a lot closer this year than the last two seasons!
  5. Thank you boys for a heck of a year, and one of the most exciting seasons we’ve had in awhile!!! I’m a very proud fan today. Great year boys!!!
  6. Then, in Canuck fashion, Hughes will injure himself walking up to the podium.
  7. I'm not a big fan of this trade, I was hyped on Dahlen, but after the Shinkaruk for Granlund heist, as well as the Leivo robbery, I'm willing to trust Jim on this.
  8. Then there are the posters who are far more realistic throughout the season and get flamed for being too jaded when they realize that the Canucks early season success won't be sustained, and then look like geniuses when the team does inevitably collapse from lack of depth and injuries.
  9. Apparently we had a trade for Demers worked out, but he nixed it. Frigging NTC's.

    1. Baer.


      I doubt there was a trade in place since Demers' NTC is modified so he can only decline trades to 8 teams. Florida would likely already know who these teams were, Henderson why I doubt any solid deal was in place.

    2. Baer.


      Hence... Stupid auto correct

    3. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      no not another FLA panther. Canucks should avoid dealing every since the original Luongo deal to Van they have bent Canucks over time and time again. 

  10. Saving up for a road trip to Colorado to visit one of my best friends. Holy man managing finances is HARD!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HC20.0


      Hahahaha well I'm 22, but this my first year actually living on my own, so you're not wrong. :lol: #adultinggood

    3. SabreFan1


      At 23 I moved from the east coast to the west coast for a decade.  You'll do fine I'm sure.  Good luck!

    4. VanGnome


      Is her name Mary Jane?

  11. Columbus has their 16 game winning streak snapped, and Dubois misses an open net that would have clinched gold for Canada, only to have Canada fall in a SO to the USA. Not a good night for the Blue Jackets...

    1. Ghostsof1915


      16-1 is a pretty good record. 

  12. NOOOOOO! I moved to the lower mainland to AVOID the snow!!!!

    1. SabreFan1
    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Let it SNOW baby!!!!

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      Me too. I'm originally from SK and find it hilarious to watch BC drivers on a day like today. 

  13. A-Rod's last game today. Such a shame that a legendary career like his is forever tainted in both fans and players eyes. Nobody's gonna miss him, not even Yanks fans. 

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    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Unfortunately for him he's only got himself to blame. you willingly make those decisions that he did, it doesn't happen by accident

    3. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      It's sad the young linksare are bugging to take over sports and the world next. 


      They have already taken over baseball. A rod is the last guy of his generation from the old school of baseball of Bond,Griffey,McGwire, and Sosa.


      Who cares about Trout or Harper? I've certainly be going to lose interest in sports as the younger generation comes in and is less relatable now.



      Nobody respects a cheater.