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  1. I’m definitely ready for some Canucks hockey again. All Star break was too long.
  2. I’m shocked. This came out of nowhere for Vegas. Gallant is an excellent coach. He will not be unemployed long.
  3. Just got home from the game. MAN THAT WIN FELT GOOD! After Myers scored early, the crowd was virtually silent and it was amazing. I heard so many complaints from the Flames fans around me and it was hilarious to listen to. That was a great effort tonight, and easily one of my most favourite games I've been to. Good game by Myers after a poor game last night by him. Demko was fantastic as well. Also there was a great turn out of Canucks fans, and we rocked the house.
  4. Taking my Dad to the game tonight. Here’s hoping I don’t get seated next to obnoxious drunk Flames fans
  5. Defensively, that definitely was not Myers's best game as a Canuck, but Stecher thankfully made up for that. One of the best games I've seen Troy play. Ditto for Marky.
  6. Sloppy period but we’re up 2-0 so I’m not complaining!
  7. Sedin-Sedin-Pettersson (Pettersson's played wing before) Miller-Horvat-Boeser Burrows-Kesler-Vrbata Roussel-Malhotra-Hansen Vanek, Higgins Edler-Ehrhoff Hughes-Tanev Hamhuis-Salo Bieksa Luongo Markstrom
  8. Despite having 2 pp goals, honestly our pp has been flat tonight.
  9. We already saw him bleed, that’s how the Penguins got a goal.
  10. I think there was so much hype around Corrado because the Canucks post-lockout had terrible luck with defensive prospects. Edler, Bieksa, and unexpectedly Tanev were the only legitimate defensive NHLers we groomed between 2005-2015, and we didn't even draft Tanev. It really shows how far our prospect pool has come when players like Corrado used to excite us. If Corrado had been drafted by us in the 5th round today, I doubt there'd be much hype around him. That was just how bad our prospect pool was.
  11. Gotta redeem ourselves for the last Penguins game. I’m thinking a good ole 5-2 win!
  12. Well, I was born in Abbotsford, so I was kind of born into it. Growing up though, my Dad and I always had a strained relationship, but the Canucks were the 1 thing we bonded over. Kinda made it special. Also Naslund and Bertuzzi were my favourite players as a kid too.
  13. I normally try to look on the bright side as a fan, but I'm feeling the frustration hard right now. Our only win in the last 5 was because of a historical shut out by Markstrom. This is unacceptable. Something has to give here.
  14. If I remember correctly, if he retires in the last two years of his contract, the Preds are on the hook for 12m+. In hindsight, we're actually pretty lucky Luongo retired when he did. Could have been very ugly for us.