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  1. I grew up watching Naslund, so maybe I’m a bit biased, but I think Naslund deserves to be up in the rafters. You can definitely make the lack of playoff success argument, however Naslund brought a lot of respectability back to Vancouver after the Messier/Keenan debacle. The Canucks were a joke before the WCE took over the league. Not only that, Nazzy was DOMINANT in his prime. Arguably the best player in the NHL for three years. Naslund dominated offensively in one of the worst scoring eras too.
  2. I’d think out of those three Sutter’s the most expendable. Gaudette’s taken over the 3C, plus Sutter only has one year left on his deal, so he’s easier to move.
  3. I remember how good he was for Nashville in the 2011 series against us. He was a heck of a hockey player. Happy retirement Joel!
  4. This is tough because all three are key guys. Without Tanev our D is that much worse, but also Toffoli gives us a legitimate top 6 for the first time since 2013. Markstrom is essential, no question. Personally, I’d keep Toffoli, but it’s a tough call.
  5. Best game I went to actually came this past season. I went back to Alberta to visit my parents for Christmas, and took my Dad to the Canucks/Flames tilt on December 29th. We won 5-2 and the Canucks played a great game start to finish. HM: I went to Thatcher Demko’s first ever game in April(or March?) of 2018. It was my first live game in over a decade. Canucks won 5-4 in OT over Columbus. We gave up 3 goals in the last 3 minutes though aha. i’ve only been to a total of 9 games so far, 8 of which came from 2018 onward after I moved to BC, so my selections are a little limited.
  6. I only saw the OT against Chicago in game 7, so I’m not sure I can call it my favourite game as I couldn’t watch it all (however I never cheered harder at a goal before!). With that, I gotta go with San Jose/Vancouver game 5 in 2011. Sharks led through the third but I had a feeling that the Canucks would come back. When Kesler scored with 14 seconds left I lost my mind. I woke up my whole neighbor hood when the stanchion goal was scored. HM: Game 2 of that series when we scored like 5 PP goals and absolutely spanked the Sharks.
  7. Voted Butcher Nominating McCarthy
  8. I was rooting for the guy. I’m a fan of Goldy’s attitude and character, but ultimately I think this is the best option for him. He just doesn’t have the game to be a top 6 in the NHL. I’m really hoping though that he can come back in 2 years and take up an NHL job somewhere.
  9. So... If Tyramkin signs with us (which looks 95% likely), what number does he wear? Gaud's got his old number.
  10. Absolutely Valid, but also if we do the rollback method, imagine how a team like Winnipeg would feel, as the Jets just got into a playoff spot. It’s just as brutally unfair to teams with more games played. I think points percentage is the fairest route to go for that reason.
  11. Voting Morrison Nominating Ronning
  12. From the sound of it, Buff's all but retired. He certainly had a hell of a career. Makes me wonder though, if Buff had done this sooner, would Winnipeg had kept Myers? They lost their entire right side D in one Summer.
  13. Perhaps. Tampa wouldn't bite though because they wanted either Edler or Kesler in the deal, so I don't know how far we get in 2011 without either of them,as they were both key contributors in that run. Plus if we trade Schneider to Tampa, we wouldn't have our captain today.
  14. I remember in 08, the Canucks were hell bent on getting Brad Richards from Tampa. Apparently they were close to a deal, something like: Schneider Bourdon (Rest in Peace) 1st in 08 (Hodgson) for Richards. I remember I was really upset when we didn’t get Richards. In hindsight, I’m pretty relieved that we lost those sweepstakes.