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  1. Canuck Young Forwards: Assessing 2017-18

    Horvat wasn’t so much a surprise, but he really took his game to the next level this year. Leipsic was a great surprise. I had very low expectations when we acquired him. Virtanen as well. Virt’s quietly putting his game together. If he could find the back of the net a bit more, I honestly believe he could be a very good 2nd liner. I’m still not sold on Goldobin being an NHLer. His offensive skill is undeniable, but his flaws are pretty glaring. Next season I believe is going to be a do or die year. Overall though Granlund or Gaunce were the most disappointing. Neither were able to take that next step this season. I love both, but I think one of them gets shipped out this summer.
  2. We don’t have any puck moving defensemen, so I’d inquire about him at least. I wouldn’t ship the 7th overall though.
  3. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Okay with Carolina and Buffalo, but if Bergevin gets Dahlin after giving away Subban and Sergachev I give up
  4. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Bold predictiom: the Isles somehow win picks 1 & 2. (They have Calgary’s pick.)
  5. Thanks for posting this. I know Edler was our best Dman this year, but I didn’t realize how valuable he actually is. I also didn’t realize our D was THAT bad. Some pretty big red flags there.
  6. [Discussion] Kevin Bieksa

    This. Bieksa was already slowing down when we moved him. His last season wasn’t great, and he’s even older and slower now.
  7. Bob Cole upset with being left out of playoff broadcasts

    I love Bob Cole, but I think age is just catching up to him. He can’t tell who’s on the ice half the time. I agree that it’s probably time to transition from Cole, but it doesn’t help when some of the commentators are awful.
  8. Canucks roster year end grades

    Archibald: B (Didn't expect anything from him TBH. Great surprise) Baertschi: B Biega: C+ Boeser: A+ Boucher: C Burmistrov: F Del Zotto: C Dorsett: A+ Dowd: C Edler: B Eriksson: C- Gagner: D Gaunce: C Goldobin: C (Needs to work on his game away from the puck) Granlund: F Gudbranson: C-/D+ Horvat: A Hutton: F (I expected him to take big steps toward a Top 4 position this year. Bad year for him.) Jokinen: B+ (Nice late surprise) Leipsic: B+ Markstrom: D+ Motte: C Nilsson: F (Take away his two shut outs in October and his save% is ABYSMAL, as is his record) Pouliot: C- Daniel Sedin: B Henrik Sedin: C+ Stecher: C+/B- Sutter: C+ Tanev: B+ Vanek: A Virtanen: B- The goaltending and defense had a rough year, but a couple players took a good few steps. Excited to see what next year brings. Excluded: Players who played less than 10 games This is also based on Expectation vs Reality. For example, I didn't expect much from Pouliot, whereas Hutton had higher expectations this season.
  9. Jets win Cup in EA Sports NHL 18 playoff simulation

    Washington getting out of the 2nd round automatically makes EA lose their credibility.
  10. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    Haha I was thinking Malhotra actually, but I’d be ecstatic if he became a Kesler like player too.
  11. Luongo Not Retiring yet

    Joffrey Lupul begs to differ
  12. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    I can see him as an elite shut down 3C that can chip in offensively from time to time. I was very impressed with his defensive game up here, and I'd be shocked if he didn't make the cut next season.
  13. [Report] Radim Vrbata announces retirement

    Don't like how he left Vancouver, but I also won't forget his 31 goal season a couple years back. Good career for a good player. Enjoy retirement Radim.
  14. [Proposal] Hire AV!

    AV Spent his first 3-4 years here using a defensive strategy and it worked fine. In fact, his defensive strategy is what made this team great, and what turned Daniel, Henrik, Kesler, Burrows, etc into the players they were in their primes. Defense wins games. Goldobin is also a pretty poor example as well because his poor defending is the reason why he's not a regular in the NHL right now, and the reason why he may never be. Defense doesn't stifle creativity. If anything, a good defense leads to more creativity. Players like Bo are creative because they defend so well. Look at the Isles. One of the highest scoring teams in the league, missed the playoffs because they couldn't keep the puck out of their net. Crosby excelled in last years playoffs because he learned to back check, which lead to more offensive opportunities. This isn't the 80's run and gun hockey, defense is key to winning games today. If your players can't back check, like Goldobin, they won't succeed in today's NHL game.