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  1. Lowballing? anything under 1m is lowballing and over 1.5 over paying. unles its a longer contract 3years at 2m sounds good.
  2. lol you guys are funny. Tanev is not that great. He is definitely not some one I would be afraid of pissing off.....lololo
  3. (Article)NHL goalie rankings: Is Luongo still elite?

    Rask has had one good season, and that one good season was a half season, big ???? with him still. Bobrovski has had one good season and that one good season was a half season. big ???? with him even more then Rask. Schneider hasn't even had a half season. You've got it all messed up, You want to join my hockey pool? I could use your money
  4. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    I agree with you that a aggressive coach that is gonna crack the whip on this team might not sit well with the older players. But that is exactly what this team needs, the canucks core including coaching staff got to comfortable with their jobs. It showed on the ice. The team needs to be less comfortable and more accountable for their mistakes and lack of effort. If Bieksa and others don't like it then like any other job they to need to go, really who is Bieksa saying what kind of coach he prefers, in no way has Bieksa accomplished anything in his career that would give him that right. If we were to trade him to another team and their coach was aggressive and held him accountable, would he cry? no, he would have to adjust or simply not play. It seems to me Bieksa is afraid that he and others will have to do some hard work, their cushy jobs could get put into jeperdy, but that's what happens in life. You had the freedom to motivate yourselves and it clearly didn't work. If you don't like the new coach and buy into his system GTFO.