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  1. In my opinion I think Miller to LA for a 2nd or 3rd would make more sense. Quick is most likely out for the season and as good as Budaj has been this season the Kings are still very much in the wild card hunt and are gunna be riding him the rest of the season. Makes sense to have Miller as a solid backup or 1a as a safety valve. That being said Miller's wife works in LA and he's stated before that being closer to her would make things a lot easier for him.
  2. Hitch said this is his last year coaching, that being said why would Hitch wanna coach this tire fire of a team, he would still need to agree to come over, which will never happen.
  3. This is an incredibly interesting deal because of the fact that Toronto feels that they won't be able to afford Nylander down the road ( and rumours are spreading that they are shopping him) AND that it is a pretty fair deal for both sides. I think you could make arguments that either side would say no. That being said Markstrom is a downgrade from Andersen, no question about it. But Tanev for Nylander is interesting because what you lose defensively in Tanev you gain back offensively in Nylander and vice versa. Canucks would say yes in a heartbeat but not sure about the Leafs. Also we wouldn't have to necessarily resign Miller, back up goalies are a dime a dozen in this league and Demko will probably only need a season or 2 before he's ready.
  4. I know he`s a rookie and I am trying to give him as much rope as possible but I mean the negatives out weigh the positives. Does he have good offensive instincts? sure, good hands? Yes. but he's a defensive liability, can't win a faceoff to save his life and he's a small center in a division packed full of huge ones. People keep pointing to how he has 20 something pts but half of them came on the powerplay and came early in the season. The ONLY reason that he's on this team is because WD coached him in junior and told JB to get him.
  5. Kesler's agent voiced that Kes only wants to go to a U.S team, doesn't want to be apart of media frenzy up here. Rumours were going around about him going to his hometown of Detroit since Zetterburg had that disk rupture in his back so the uncertainty of his recovery isnt known. Canucks should have traded him then because of their desperation and the whole 22+ years of making the playoffs. I heard Nyquist was in play.
  6. If anyone expects Winnipeg to accept a Horvat for Ladd deal straight up they are out of their god damn mind. Horvat is a very good prospect, I've watched dozens of games and focused on the guy but Ladd is a proven NHLer who can score 50-70 points a season, he also has a ton of leadership and has grit. I understand the idea of having Ladd come here because he's from here but Winnipeg's asking price would be way to high, players like Ladd don't come around everyday.
  7. Iginla should have been invited, Brodeur had no chance of being the starter or even the backup, but I would have liked to see Iginla play for Team Canada though, but by the looks of the goalie situaion I think Luo has a pretty good chance at being the starter. Everybody saw how the Bruins targeted Crawford's glove side during the SCF and he isn't exactly an elite goaltender, last years Blackhawk team carried Crawford and inflated his stats.Holtby has no chance with the goalies that he'll have to compete against. Price is a really good goalie but people have criticized that he may not be as elite as people say he is. With those regards I definitely think Luo and Mike Smith will battle it out for the starter and backup jobs.