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  1. I'm sure the only reason management won't anoint Bo captain for next season is they know the team will suck for another couple years, and don't want to $##% him up with that burden. As for waiting for the generational pick...how long would that wait have to be for? If, as an example, Elias is that generational talent it's going to be 2-3 years before he establishes himself as such. There is only one projected generational talent in this years draft, and the Canucks have a 7.5% chance of picking him. He's what, 17 years old. Make him captain at 18,19? Don't think so. This line of thinking could go on for years. On the list of priorities for Canucks management to be dealing with, this is WAY down the list.
  2. Still not sure about the coach

    Goldobin's skill lets him get away with lazy, dipsy doodle plays in every league except for the NHL. Trouble for him is in the NHL everyone is just as talented, and way smarter. There is a reason the Sharks gave up on him, and if Green can't get through to him, he'll be gone by next year. Green's #1 role here is to develop...if he's around when they contend, then that's gravy.
  3. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    Now you mention, I recall that quote too. I do know that you can't trust anything the GM's say around the draft however as its bait and switch time (except for Benning perhaps as he's way too honest for this game). Anyhoo, based on what we've seen this year, I'd put Petterson firmly in the mix for any of those spots. The kids talent is off the charts.
  4. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    Ya think? I wonder if they had Petterson targeted regardless if they fell 3, 4, 5. Would sure be interesting to know that.
  5. When Sean Spicer finally gets fired, Linden should hire him to handle all press conferences and discussions with the media. Hell, it couldn't be worse than now!
  6. Where would BO go Today?

    Watching Horvat play this season, now that his game has evolved, I don't see much difference between Horvat and MacKinnon. Size, speed, strength, they look and play very similar. Horvat is having a better year in his break-out season. Career to date MacKinnon is .70 points per game, Horvat is .50 but MacKinnon was more NHL ready so had a head start. Would MacKinnon go 1st again, knowing what we know? Arguably yes, which places Horvat right there with MacKinnon, based on this hypothetical discussion.
  7. My most painful memory of being a Canucks fan? Being a Canucks fan for 47 years is my most painful memory - It's one long excrutiating period of sadomasochistic self-flagellation interspersed with brief moments of euphoric teasing only to fall back into the endless abyss of pain, penitence and humiliation.
  8. Jameson Bennington the Third on TSN 1040 Feb. 16th

    And if he did, he'd be called out as a village idiot. A good negotiator doesn't lay out all his cards publicly. Benning hasn't proven himself to be a great negotiator at the tread deadline yet but I'd sure give him a pass on this particular media interview. And I am sure convos have taken place with the players committed to a gag order. For a team in full rebuild like we are, Benning's true value will be in uncovering talent at the draft, and acquiring underdeveloped/unwanted players on the cheap. On those two fronts I'd say he is doing quite well. Let's be honest, we are 3-5 years away from a contending team, and 5 is much more likely than 3. We just don't have the assets for him to have much opportunity to shine at trading for high draft picks or impact players.
  9. [PGT] Canucks @ Rangers

    Well one thing for sure, he won't admit he was wrong!
  10. Sarcasm is always hard to convey in text...
  11. Lucic seen outside Rogers Arena

    Well it could be worse....they could have called in Krusty Klark. That would be enough to make a poor free agent vomit.
  12. Lucic seen outside Rogers Arena

    You'd think he'd have least changed his shirt from his Rogers arena tour: thhttps://t.co/Cd8pvt9YQ5?ssr=true
  13. Best Canuck Fight of All Time

    Behn Wilson, what a contradiction. He studied Shakespeare, played classical guitar, was apparently extremely intelligent, became a solid D-man and a good heavyweight; after his career was over, was caught up in a fraud scheme and spent a few years on probation after copping a plea against his co-conspirators. Last seen running a gas station and strip mall in FL. Wonder where he is now?
  14. Best Canuck Fight of All Time

    In the mid 70's Dave The Hammer Schultz was the most feared fighter in the league, by a wide margin. Snepsts went toe to toe and arguably got the better of him. Big Snepsts didn't fight often, and there was a reason. Not many would take him on. Wish I could remember who in the Islanders he took on back in the day, a heavyweight, and Harold beat the crap out of him with a grin on his face. Hugely underrated heavyweight.
  15. Jannik Hansen

    Every draft there are players picked in the 1st round that don't turn into half the player Hansen is. If the Canucks would have drafted him bottom 1st or high 2nd round, he would be considered a successful pick. So what would be bring back? A 2nd round pick and/or prospect which may, or may not, turn into NHL roster players. He's 29 so has a few years left, and is still getting better.