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  1. Terry Fox and Steve Nash are cousins. Had no idea.

  2. Looking for PC Game. Does anyone know if it can be found locally anywhere?

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Just private messaged you.

    2. zipzap2013
  3. Don Cherry would you please shut frack up. Who cares about stupid bear.

  4. Interesting Khalif is back. I was wondering how Harris felt about it as he tweeted "good riddance" when he Khalif was released, but says he's fine with it. Wally is all about giving second chances. No question the guy is very talented and great addition, as long keeps his nose clean.
  5. Lions are actually seriously considering signing Khalif Mitchell and bringing him back.
  6. If Boston is going to hold Benning for ransom in the form of wanting package in return for him they should just move on to the other candidates. I can see them asking for Canucks #6 pick for Benning. Forget that. Hextall is close 1b behind Benning. I hope Linden hasn't put all in eggs in one basket where Benning is concerned.
  7. I heard rumor that Crawford will be taking over as coach.
  8. He's quick to put everyone down and even resort to name calling. Yet, he won't say who he would accept as coach. http://www.theprovin...1774/story.html http://www2.canada.c...2a-9f17a08575e9