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  1. Not really true we’ve had really surprising depth scoring throughout the lineup so far this season. and from the back end. tonight was just a night our top line dominated, and they were due.
  2. Ferland-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Miller Leivo-Gaudette-Virtanen Schaller-Beagle-Sutter Edler-Myers Hughes-Tanev Benn-Stecher Markstrom solid looking lineup! Can’t wait for Antoine to be back in the line up too!
  3. Guess that’s fair can’t argue against it. Just seemed strange - there are teams that need a dman like Faulk more than St Louis so hard for me to believe they had the best offer. i think most likely it was his no trade list and the timing of the trade that lowered the return.
  4. Most likely but Carolina could have traded another dman. I like bokk but think they could have done better
  5. What did the Stanley cup champs need.. another dman oh ya why not! Dont get get why the jets weren’t all over this. Laine to Carolina for a solid package and a dman made so much sense for everyone IMO.
  6. I don’t get why he deserves $7 x 4 honestly and I’m a huge fan. Years x $ 3 x 5.5 4 x 6 5 x 6.5 6-7 x 7 all seem like fair options to me. he has zero leverage. We burnt a year off his elc and he hasn’t played enough games due to injuries to even get offer sheeted. Sitting out of camp is hurting him more than the team. Whether it’s him or his agent regardless it’s not a good look. And knowing Benning I’m sure they are being very fair in their offers. They need to get this done ASAP. Want him to start getting reps in with Ferland and Petey now and get his timing right. Plus important for PP Chemistry.
  7. NJ just been putting in work this off season
  8. I didn’t read your whole post I’ll be honest. but teams like Tampabay clear out ltir because they expect their young players to hit their numbers and get their bonus money. canucks are expecting the same and that is why getting an ltir contract wouldn’t make sense, it wouldn’t help us at all. I think you have it backwards or I misunderstood your post
  9. Too bad - he has potential. tough to be a pro takes a lot of things and it looks like dahlens following a rough path now that doesn’t usually translate to success. Highly doubt he’ll become an impact nhler now.
  10. But roussel coming back it will be interesting apparently 4 year deal with Ferland
  11. Be so much heavier now. not sure how they’ll make the cap work but that’s a very interesting top 6 for us going forward. i like the idea of miller with Petey and Brock. But that would be a better fit overall probabl and a really great for Bo. does he sign a 1year deal to bet on himself kind of thing? Maybe his camp is disappointed with the offers he’s getting with his playing style and injury concerns?