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  1. why do you feel you have to defend your opinion to that extent? this whole board is just people sharing their opinions. people disagree which is what creates more discussion. Like my opinion is Podkolzin and Caufield are not the only forwards who are going to be players. Both guys have lots of risk attached to them and most likely won’t be available at our pick. we are probably going to be getting one of: Zegras/Krebs/Newhook/Boldy which in my opinion is great, but for you, you may wish to brace yourself for disappointment!
  2. Fagemo $1 - Phillips $1 - Cajkovic $1 Johnson $2 - Bergeron $1 Rowe $1 total team cost: $7 pocket the $13 and run
  3. If we got him st 40 I’d be ecstatic but he may even go late first round
  4. I think we understand each other. if they trade Gaudette for a d prospect or dmen we will be sure to be getting someone back our team is very very high on for it to make sense regardless.
  5. I question how much he really watches tho. cause he weighs international play heavily into his rankings every year. and I just can’t get over his take on Newhook sayings he’s a good but not great skater this year. Makes me question his cred as a scout.
  6. Hughes has said he can play both sides. He said he just plays differently on each side. that looks great too. Ghost would be a great addition but ya we will see for hutton I don’t think he deserves that kind of money which stinks
  7. I clearly stated originally I would consider trading Gaudette for a dman further along in his development. Especially if we can’t move Sutter. Noah Dobson for sure that would be a hockey trade I would be more onboard with if we were to trade Gaudette. Dobson is looking like he is going to push for a spot on the isles blue line this summer. How many Canucks draft picks have you seen win a hobey baker and develop like Gaudette? We don’t really have any comparables. You aren’t very very high on him I get it. The discussion was around trading him for a late first rounder. Don’t forget that.
  8. If we could get in there and snag ghost and run Edler-Hughes Ghost-Tanev Hutton-Stecher id be all over that for next season
  9. Interesting player, not sure the city could handle that last name tho
  10. It’s tough - sometimes doing it on your own is better sometimes playing with high end players is better. There’s examples of both failing and succeeding so hard to judge what is better you know. I get what you are saying though
  11. Krebs style would compliment both Petey or Horvat for sure
  12. Don’t think yak will influence Edmonton’s decision. New sheriff in town, players aren’t comparable asides from Russian heritage. if he’s the bpa on their board and available he’ll be drafted. i hope he gets taken before our pick though. Podkolzin + Broberg are two guys I hope get taken before our selection.
  13. Farabee at 14 wasn’t a reach. he was a top 15 prospect for sure and some were even higher on him. hes a very good winger prospect. PPG in college first year is great too. wahkstrom had an issue with his college staff or teams mates or something tried to leave the season early but couldn’t and he didn’t have the best year, but finishing in the AHL he looked good. 3 pts in 5 regular season games and 4 pts in 5 playoff games. Kids a goal scorer Both are still high end prospects so I’m not sure exactly what you mean about them.