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  1. Bleacher report for hockey stinks anyways
  2. Oops should have read first - selected drouin cause think he was best option offered not sure though - really don't think caps partnwith bowey especially with so many d free agents and him about to step in kapanen and a 1st seems possible - think we'd all be ok with that tanev to Winnipeg for Kyle Connor + would be a great outcome tanev to tbay would be excellent for us and for Hedman
  3. Cullen's runour there sucks to me Similar but slightly worse return than what we got for Kesler. And kesler only gave 1 team and can argue they have similar trade values compared to when that trade happened then plus the premium for top rhd dmen. i want a quality piece back for Tanev
  4. Think he signed ? But not sure what team saw part of it on tsn ticker oh haha it was Taylor in tbay
  5. Great Post! Think m a lot if people hating on Vilardi just because of his stats
  6. He sure does and I would be very happy with him!
  7. He really kept emphasizing speed and skill. necas sure if he's the top of his list and he feels he has "North American heart" Glass I think is great - I just got that feeling from that interview that those were his top 3
  8. Just hope their guy - is the best guy! :)
  9. Based off bennings comments for a skilled play making C or a PP dman with speed that can transition the puck quick. Makes me think that this are their top 3: Mittlestadt / Liljegren / Makar
  10. Definetly higher risk
  11. Thing about Liljegren is that he is the only top dman in the draft could see pairing with Juolevi. His biggest knock is his iq, juolevi his iq is his biggest pro for him. At this point i wouldn't be shocked or upset with taking any of these 6: Vilardi Glass Mittlestadt Heiskanen Liljegren Makar i like all of them now
  12. Id only do the 5th + mason raymonds phone number + an old pair of ballards socks OTherwise I want to keep the 5th very happy with who we will get there. Really warmed up to Mittelstadt, love Vilardi and Glass. Now I am also intrigued greatly by Makar. Dont want to lose 33 and CBJ second either
  13. Just a Norris level guy eh, no problem what our CDC Alf wants he gon get!
  14. Really really want Conor Timmins, but he might not make it to us. The guy is a beauty - just launches the puck to his forwards
  15. 95.9898989898% chance our 33rd pick is a dman **Its science