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  1. The chances of any drafted player becoming a top d man is small, it doesn't matter how long or little they play in the minors or if they get injured. Edler has been a top pairing guy for a decade, he was a 3rd rounder, so what does that mean??? Exactly the same thing, nothing. Conjure all you want, we drafted OJ and not Tkachuk. Time is still ticking and yes OJ still has the chance to prove himself. Save your energy to complain about the guy next year if need be. Until then it's a wasted effort.
  2. Dude, Was joking around... chill and while McDavid is an excellent individual talent, it has yet to be found if he has the ability to become a champion. You cant say the same about the 80's Oilers. BTW your entire analogy is a straw man. Hunter was drafted during their successful years and not while they were failing badly. Better compare say Crosby and the Pens to the current Oilers. They tanked and drafted 1st and 2nd a few times and won championships. The Oilers had successive 1sts and cannot get it off the ground. So in terms of team success, I could easily argue that Dale Hunter had a greater impact that McDavid has so far based solely on cup rings.
  3. I dont think so based on the team results.... just saying.
  4. Real Pessimist, He isnt likely to win the Selke, which seems to go to players with playoff success. He should be in the conversation though IMO. He leads the league in faceoffs while providing offence without alot of support. Pearson has really worked well with Bo and I can see them continuing this next year.
  5. Better players at a younger age is what the OP was getting at IMO. EP40's rookie season eclipsed that of Henriks, he did it as younger player on a weaker team. These are fair points and as great as Henrik was, EP40 has shown consistently better results at the same age or younger. Same with Bo, he is far ahead of were Kesler was at the same age. Both Bo and EP40 haven't even put it all together yet. Where will both players be in 3-5 years? If the trends continue they would be the best 1-2 center combo in team history.
  6. Jake is an Enigma!!! Great post OP. This is it and the 60 thousand dollar question is how to unlock his brain and fix one or two wires!!!??? He has been on a slow curve and is still trending upwards. IMO he needs to play with a player who does the very things Jake doesn't.... a vet who can crash, bang and challenge at will who is a linemate, mentor and player coach in a way. I remember a picture of Jake meating Bert at a rinkside or game skate. Jake's eyes were as big a saucers and he absolutely idolized Bert. Had Bert told Jake to fly, Jake would have flown. Bo could be that player. Jake has shown that he can have chemistry with Bo. So why not? Or go out a sign an aging PF with one to two more years left in them and have them play on a line with Jake and a skilled center. The pieces are all there, the thought of trading him away and having him find himself playing for someone else is Cam Neely 2.0 This is the problem with PF's they often struggle to mature their game. He is still young, but if this continues beyond next year. . Time to make a change, troubled player for troubled player. A change of scenery deal that hopefully sees two guys put it together finally.
  7. Also Brock was 23rd, Hughes was 7th, EP40 was 5th, Bo was 9th. Jake was a disappointing 6th so far. Would like to see him play with the top 6, he has 14 goals and is on the 4th line atm. OJ has got to get healthy, IMO his play will validate the selection. We have good to great young players and we haven't had any success with the lottery. Wasnt Barzal drafted out of the top ten? Does JB even care over much where he selects a player? He does a but, but it's not like he wont be able to add to the youth and talent of this roster of he doesn't select in the top 3, like the Oilers.
  8. Play to win every night. Leave it on the ice and let these young players learn from their mistakes. There are 3 guys that can break 30 goals this year, a goalie who deserves to have his team play to win in front of him and a culture to build. It is very hard to turn a loser mentality into a winning one. If you get lucky and draft a Crosby... maybe. Let the chips fall were they may if JB and Brackett are drafting. They likely have a better sense of the board than those drafting ahead of us. Added plus, the lottery gods could smile upon us. The draft is in Vancouver and Hughes is the big name on the board. If the league does manipulate the results, this would be the year to do it in our favour.
  9. Depends, after you are with anyone long enough, the looks matter less and having a brain and intelligence matters more. What turns on one person, turns off another. Besides, Schummer is vastly more successful than Fox, so is Tkachuk Schummer and OJ is Fox.... I am confused now and you need to explain yourself.... Seriously why are you comparing Tkachuk to Schummer, is because they are both kinda chunky, have a smirk and are good at what they do? Is OJ your Megan Fox????? Thays weird dude and you need to seek therapy... I am completely disturbed by your references and quit picturing OJ inappropriate scant bikini that Fox would wear, likewise and even worse, stop doing that about with Tkachuk too!!!!!!!
  10. This☆☆☆☆☆ We need defence so badly that we really couldn't put it off any longer. In two drafts we brought in OJ, Hughes and Woo. Those three are our future defence and we should be happy about that.
  11. Pure comic joy has ensued in Edmonton since that draft... unless your an Oilers fan. How do you think they feel for not taking Tkachuk. Think of how he would look with McJesus.
  12. Okay , Oversight but he has struggled with a ankle injury for some time. Again, he is going to cost 10m plus. Is that the way to go in terms of a cap.hit at this current time? If you say yes, okay, please back it up vs say a 6.5 to 7 for Myers and rely on Hughes to be our main puck mover next year.
  13. EK is too much and he is out as much as Tanev. His cap over 10m and is that a good idea with EP40 and Hughes looking to have deals in the next 2 years? Would EK make an impact, yes. But I think he doesn't want a Canadian market, a team not in contention etc... Let everyone pitch EK and we work Myers. Vancouver would be an attractive spot compared to Winnipeg, Myers may want a Canadian team and we would have a top pairing spot for him. With Hughes coming on, EK becomes less important. I know Quinn is still unproven, but they will provide similar roles. Either way, we need to invest on defence or we are tanking again.
  14. It is a group of guys and the head honcho gets paid to take the praise and take the boos. Brackett is a GM in waiting and IMO has been elevated as a reward for his good work. JB, Brackett and the scouting dept as a whole deserve a big shout. As for critical reactions from one draft in particular. Sooner or later this team had to start addressing its Achilles heal. Defence. This club hadn't drafted a d man in the 1sr round for a decade and the last one died. RiP Bourdon. Of our top internally picked or signed amature players on defence, Edler is the highest drafted in the 3rd round. You cannot keep counting on finding gems, you have to actually put high value picks into getting high value prospects. It poses a risk but the risk of not dealing with the issue will doom any future club.