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  1. It is a strawman arguement to allow those who cannot fathom that OJ has legit ability and now that he grown into his tall frame he can physically handle the NHL level of play. By changing the goal posts from OJ vs Serge pre draft and defence vs forward, OJ vs MT post draft and GMJB was a idiot, to even Rathbone is looking better than OJ (#bust#GMJB sucks#wasted pick) this last year while ignoring any possible reason other than stat lines, some are going as far as to compare the NCAA as equal to the AHL. Watch, if OJ isn't a flash in the pan, which he isn't, and he stays on the off ice training path he has finally found, then his obvious skill and ability to play with other skilled players would take over. The same posters will disappear on this thread until OJ makes a boo boo and then they will come back... rinse, wash, repeat...
  2. Not to be too pessimistic, but the chances of Trump and his very insane cult like following of mainly white nationalists and religious bigots. All idiots who are heavily armed. What happens when that dim lot realize their last chance at power for a very long time is slipping away. See reason, rationally dialouge with those that didnt see it their way, bridging the epic divide between black and white, right and left.... Somehow I think one or two or hundreds or thousands of the hate crimes that will be committed by the police, by White nationalists who also could be the police and any halfwit who still loves the Confederate flag... The smart supporters will slink off to the next great white hope of the convenient movement in the US. As for a calm peaceful election and transition to power is very optimistic. Me, the once ludicrous idea of building a bunker in the back yard is not so crazy as it once was... not yet a real concern, but damn things are getting bad. If the season can be finished without issue, then I will be happy to be wrong. I think the league is using sunk costs and confirmation bias to ignore the situation and push on. This wouldn't be a issue if the US has any organized response to the Pandemic, but they don't. 70k a day of new cases reported with a 25% positive test rate in most of the sun belt. The virus is so prevalent that 1 in 4 getting tested have the virus. That is staggering. This isn't the second wave either, this is just the southern and rural half of the first wave. Also, what major US city is free from potential police vs minorities/protesters violence and the insane chaos and increased risk of exposure to the virus at the same time. It is a wishful move by the NHL. Tone deaf to the increasing terrible conditions in many poor urban Black neighborhoods and it is getting worse by the week. My wife's cousin is living back at home, she is engaged to a very sweet gentle concert pianist who lives in Atlanta. He is at home with his mother and they live in a middle class area. When George Floyd was killed armed white vigilantes decided to keep his 100% black owned street under 'control' by posting two pickups with about 8 guys all armed with AR15's at each end. Not to keep protesters from coming down the streets but to prevent the residences of the street from leaving. That is not rare, that is normal now. A black man was walking thru a park on July 4th in a big city, not sure but I think it could have been Minny, who knows? (insert random US city name as it is happening everywhere) 4-5 big white biker types got loaded and chased the black man thru that same pack trying to 'Lynch' him for fun bystanders ended up chasing the KKK types and it was all on film, not sure how it ended. This is not rare, it is now normal. I don't see anyway where the US resolves this current crisis thru a peaceful, fair and open election to a peaceful transition of power. The train is off the tracks and flying thru the air, it doesn't matter if you manage to put the brakes on now. That is my opinion... hope I am wrong.
  3. I have been saying the dark horse stuff since the pre season. Yet I think continuing the season while the US is on the verge of civil revolt to be revolting. 70k new cases a day, soon to be 100k a day, soon to follow the 3k to 5k a day dead. With the Trump administration that number could surge past 10k a day if left on it's current trajectory. This season will not finish, we will end up as 12.5% odds at the 1st, win, but AL ends up in Tampa cause that's what the NHL wants and then Trump gets elected again. That's one of the signs of the apocalypse, lol.... Still, this is nuts... there is no way that the NHL can pull this off in the current climate in the US. The only way is for entire resorts/hotels with a round the clock security and such to isolate every single person that could come in contact with the on ice players, including their families. One single JV hitting the bar while sneaking out could bring the whole thing crashing down. Sorry, but I love a pipedream as much as the rest of us... this is a hair brained scheme. The NHL should be taking a civic lead to pressure the US administration into acting. To carry on playing hockey while thousands, by the time this is supposed to resume, maybe 10k a day dying in the country around you from a infectious disease that is in full outbreak, well that is next level head in the sand thinking. It is insensitive, selfish and it will fail, less than 10 percent odds of keeping the virus out of the game if it held in the US. 3 million known cases to date, leading epidemiologists say that the rate of infection 1 per 300 2 weeks ago, now it likely 1 to 100 in hot spots. That's up to 30 million cases with only 10% being tested. I don't think the players can play in not masks... you can breathe, but it does restrict peak air flow. So that's likely out. Full face masks won't do anything.. maybe NASA can help cause unless they can make all players wear full face masks, this is dead before it leaves the stall. The pathogen is spread by yelling, heavy breathing and can travel as far as 27 feet from an infected individual in an enclosed space. We aren't having outdoor rinks in July and August... So one or two players sneak out, get busy with a few local bunnies in which ever hub city... they become asymptomatic and go out and play the next day... everyone that they breath on on the bench, on the ice, in the dressing room, scrums etc... they all catch it and then repeat. Can every single NHLer and hanger on keep their pants on, not party and be smart about this? If you believe that, well I have a great investment for you. As a nucks fan, this is also complete BS. For that reason they better beat the Wild or Tampa will get our pick, even if it the 1st. Cause that is the leagues ruling that winning percentage will determine the draft order if the season cannot be completed, even if it is in the middle of the finals. So if playoffs cannot be completed, but the nucks are knocked out by the Wild, our pick goes to Tampa. So unless the Nucks go on a bit of tear we are going to have a very disappointing off season cause it is a very stupid plan to continue with this disaster atm. If you don't understand why, maybe look at videos of mass graves being dug in cities across the US and tell me that this is a good time for group sporting events indoors and in close distance to each other. Stay safe and realize this is not over, save your money, be safe and be prepared.
  4. 100pt... no, but he could be a guy to get his linemate to such rare heights if he stuck with Ep40. His IQ isn't and was never an issue, often it is his linemates that messed up some sick setups. What Podz brings to the table is being a puck hound turnover machine and has a knack for getting his passes once he gets the puck. Whether his line mates which there were many, or his age which is a much bigger determining factor to ice time in the KHL, or his playing on many different teams, but many of his feeds seem to surprise his linemates which simply couldn't handle the pass, missed times the shot or just blew it. NHL linemates won't have those problems. Podz is not a line driver, he is a catalyst guy who gets the 3rd assist or takes the hit to turnover the puck or just runs over the puck carrier. He isn't the finisher, he is the initiator. Put him under Millers wing for a while and watch his game take off. BTW, we have some players who could break the century one day, one plays defence... one plays center....
  5. Alot can happen between now and and next year. Personally, I think that LE might just hang them up. Up until now, LE hasn't hurt the future of the club. His situation is going to flip this year. If he returns, he will be a negatively impacting the future of this club. How does he walk into the locker room if Marky couldn't be resigned due to cap space as a scenario. He has most of his cash, the hiatus will likely hurt the more older players due to the physical growth and maturity that occurs with the 24 yr and younger players naturally. Hope he hangs up his NHL skates and goes back to play in Sweden if his heart is still in the game.
  6. I hope everyone is well and safe during this upheaval. Acceptance is a hard journey. No panic is my prediction, just education and a solid knowledge of the healthcare system from a disaster management and first responder POV. I started this Pandemic at acceptance. It was a conscious decision and plan from the moment China started shutting down a city the size of Chicago. Then a province, then other countries started shutting borders when not at war. It is what it is. Accepting that is what we all need to do.
  7. Welcome to the new reality everyone. The CDC, WHO and many epidemiologists have been predicting for decades that we would see new viruses like this out of the Yuhan region in China. Large populations living close together, livestock meat slaughtered and eaten in the same place and a large bat population that can cross contaminate into a live animal that is then slaughtered and eaten. By the time any health official can detect the novel virus, it has spread into the massive sea of humanity nearby and with globalization, everywhere. H1NI, MERS, SARS and now Covid 19. Let's just hope that Covid doesn't mutate into a SARS like illness while remaining as transmissible as Covid 19, if that was to happen welcome to the new plague. The bringing out your dead kinda plague. SARS had a fatality rate that dwarfs Covid 19, but it was much harder to catch. Hopefully the method of transmission into the food supply, which is how H1N1 and SARS both occurred. One came from birds, the other from Bats. Maybe it's time for China and other emerging global economies to modernize and bring a more western approach to meat slaughtering. No judgements, but street meat isn't ever a good idea. Even when it's a tube steak and your loaded. Well everyone stay safe, things are likely to get worse, maybe alot worse before we can expect any return to normalcy. If this follows the same pattern as the Spanish Flu (first spreads world wide with minor fatalities, only to come back in the next cold season to kill 18 million would wide) as some epidemiologists predict, then there could be alot of things cancelled until a vaccine is produced. This illness will bankrupt more people than it will kill. Some industries won't recover. Remember, this is a boomer killer. 15% fatal in pop. 80 years and up, 10% in the 70 to 80 year range and so on. 2.5 percent in total. That's 25 times more deadly than H1N1 and its 3 times more transmissible. Hate to say it, season ticket spots will open up when things resume. It is inevitable that we will all catch Covid 19. Some of us have it right now and don't even know it. It won't bother most of us, but it will kill 2.5 percent of those that catch it. 10 billion people, that's 250 million. It is also going to cause a great recession. The supply line disruptions alone could do that. The absolute cancellation of tourism and entertainment industries is going to leave billions without a predictable source of income. Great time to grow your own garden. Like a big one.
  8. Podz will be a terror to play against. What a forechecker.
  9. The Memorial Cup, here we come!
  10. I think that it depends on how JB and the ownership view the situation. If the issue is that Demko has just failed to deliver on his play, something that is unexpected, then what can you do about that other than call up someone else for a trial, ride things out until Marky returns, but firing the coach doesn't fix a slumping goalie. The other way to look at things is a failure of the coaching staff ot adjust the team's play to protect their backup alot more than Marky. Still even then, the goals Demko is letting in are game breakers. Goalies who can't stop letting in bad goals don't have long careers.
  11. At this point Green and Benning have no choice but to either rush Marky back or bring up an AHL tender. Mikey has thick skin and has the ideal mindset to be that guy. What the heck could it hurt to see if he can stop the first goal. Demko is shattered mentally atm. The club is shattered cause Demko is shattered. All the work and effort of this season is at stake and to go down in this fashion is not building anything but defeat into our burgeoning team. Demko needs to be sat. Domingue is not the guy, just a leaky bandaid until proven other wise. Could we just sign the 42 y/o Zamboni driver instead. Is this anyones fault. IFDK. Marky carried this team and allowed it to play an aggressive style that won us games. His play, not anything else did that. Demko is a good goalie, but the goals he is letting in are not goals a beer league guy would let in. His head and confidence is shattered at a time this club cannot afford. I don't see Mikey having the same confidence issues, he is guy that has an unorthodox style, shakes off bad goals like I shake off dandruff. So why not, or better off, what the heck do we stand to lose? If Mike doesn't find a way to keep us in games until Marky returns, we aren't any worse off. Mikey gets a better pay cheque and NHL experience. There is no pressure on him, cause there are no expectations. The expectations should be on every other player and coach in the room. Play to break to drought or go down fighting while there is still a chance. If this team, club and staff do not pull out all the stops and make every effort including line changes, personal changes to reignite the confidence and swagger that got us this far, then heads must roll, whether it is anyones fault or not. Whimpering while other teams beat us is not an experience that any fan deserves and not here, not after what we have all patiently endured by continuing to be fans and supporters. In retrospect, this team blew its season on beating one team in one game that didn't really matter. So dramatic is the collapse that it is a Jekyl and Hyde moment for a team that has been that way since the picked dropped this year. While I would give JB at least one more draft especially if we miss the playoffs this year, but if Green cannot right this ship by hook or crook he should be fired, as early as one more loss. I have supported him all year and he has delivered until now. Not his fault, but like in Poker you have to play the hand you have been dealt.
  12. Yeah, but we are so much better due in large part too Hughes. His impact on the game this team plays the game is undisputed. I don't know if the same thing can be said for Dahlin's impact on Sabres so far. It is that aspect of Hughes game that is truly incredible. Idk where to start with the Sabres. The Oilers of the east. What the heck is going on and why is so much talent being wasted. What a shame and I hope Dahlin is ruined as result.
  13. Coming out of the 2017-18 drafts with Pettersson and Hughes might be the best one two combo. Makar and Bryon (sp?) Could rival JB's selections, but in fairness, Sakic did get to pick first both times. One thing between Hughes and Makar that is hard to determine is the overall teams they play for. The Avs are literally spoiled with riches. So Makar has more help on the blue line than Hughes. Hughes plays a more conservative game, yet is producing equally to Makar. Both are amazing players. So nice to see a Canuck d man that other teams would give away half their rosters for, not something I can say has happened before.
  14. Fire Green... Idk why we would want to send that message to the room atm. We currently in a playoff spot while dealing with some significant injuries, games in hand and a very young club. If we don't make the playoffs, then the whole coaching and management staff will be on notice, but that's an if. Green and co have made adjustments all season long and have done far better than anyone predicted. So fire him? Did we all watch and follow the team last year? how about the year before? So we didn't fire Green then, but now that we as close as could be to ending the playoff drought and that's the time to fire Green. None of this makes much sense to me. We didn't fire JB and look what he did this season, look at the improved roster, the amazing youth movement he brought about. Where would we be had we fired him 3 years ago, no Pettersson, no Hughes, no Miller etc... This is not the time for impatience. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is all I see being accomplished by such a move. Green hasn't stagnated, nor has the room tuned him out. Clearly the club is on the rise and Green is a big part of that. Is this group hit its peak? Not even close. Even if the team fails to reach the playoffs, the season should be viewed positively, in terms of the past 5 years. And if the team does miss, someone is going to take the hit. Likely Green. With what JB did this season, I don't want to see him depart. But that hasn't occurred and hopefully doesn't. Until we miss, if we miss, this thread is a bit weird. If we get in, it is absolutely unnecessary, unless we get hammered in the 1st round, like swept. IMO.