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  1. Post Prohibition means something different to me, having some great High Seas Sativa!!
  2. This thread reminds me of an oldie but a goodie, Somewhere in middle 'merica A flock of ducks are arrested for swimming in a public fountain that clearly had a sign in plain english, that said 'no swimming, if caught swinging you will be arrested and fined up to 100 dollars!' The arresting officer hauls them into city court later that very morning, He came in and looked at the judge who was already having a bad day. The judge was clearly irate from having to imprison all of the presidents men or babies, whatever is going on today in the 'Merica, cause where else would anyone care about keeping ducks from swimming in public fountains other than Trumps 'merica? He looks down from the bench and eyes up the flock of ducks quacking in front of him... 'State your name to the court' he barks pointing to the first duck 'Duck' quacks the duck. This duck, like his buddies was quaking in his feathers as he is afraid of the justice system in 'merica where unarmed ducks can be shot all the time by almost anyone, #ducklivesmatter. They weren't local and were only passing thru. Damn these red states! 'How do you plead to the charge of public mischief and unlawful swimming!' Roars the judge who also loves to shot peaceful unarmed ducks who are otherwise minding their own business. He also likes to shoot quail.. interesting side note, this judge was actually there the day Dick Chenney, then Vice President, shot his friend in the face on a Quail hunt with buck shot. 'If the VP of this great country 'merica, can get away with shooting his friend in the face with buckshot.' Thought the judge to himself, 'And President Trump could get away with shooting a person on 5th Avenue, and that white guy Zimmerman could get away with shooting a kid coming home from the store with candy after stalking that kid for a mile or so in Florida.' 'Why can't he , a respected judge just get away with shooting these sitting ducks right in this court room?' He wondered to himself out loud as he yelled and screamed and otherwise had a terrible day meeting out justice. #richwhitemenmatter' 'I was just blowing Bubbles in the fountain your honor' Quacked the quaking duck. '100 fine and the night in jail!' roared the judge and then he went to the next duck. 'And don't let me catch you here again... I love roasting ducks for supper!' Laughed to judge thinking to himself that he was getting hungry. The little duck was taken away The Judge looked down at the next duck. 'State your name to the court!' 'Duck' And the process repeated itself. This duck also claimed to, ' Just blowing Bubbles in the fountain.' '100 dollar find and the night in jail!' The on the the next duck. 'State your name for the court!' 'Duck' etc... Finally after some time the last duck steps forward. The poor judge was getting tired, was really hungry and had lost the harsh roar, he could only muster some cold disdain... 'Man I could just murder a Peking Duck right now... haha, you no what I mean there ducky?' 'Bailiff, is this the last damned duck sitting in front of me!' 'Ere, yes your honor,' replied the bailiff. 'Oh, thank God, I could really go for some roasted fowl right now, like Peking Duck!' Laughed the judge in a diabolical way. The bailiff laughed too, but secretly he hated this judge and sympathized more with people struggling to make an honest living. Due to cut backs cause of Trumps tax cuts to the rich like the judge, the bailiffs hours were cut and his medical benefits were reduced. Their union was also scrapped so now everyone had to laugh at the judges jokes or maybe not have a job next week. The bailiff looked over at the little duck and sighed, it had been a long day, almost as long as this joke and nearly as bad... The judge turned back to the last sitting duck, 'So let me guess Duck, you were 'just blowing bubbles in the fountain like it would be some defence for failing to read the clearly displayed sign' The judge hadn't even given it a thought, that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, its clearly a duck and ducks can't read. Clearly this duck was poor and hadn't worked hard enough in the for profit school system in Trumps 'merica. 'Well hurry up there ducky,v I got a lunch to get too and I and tired of you ducks swiming in the park fountain!' The duck just sat the quacking. 'Well get on with it, state your name for the court!" Snapped the judge. The duck stood himself up, looked around and took an audible sigh. 'Bubbles.'
  3. Does this post end the thread... Math usually has only one correct answer, and you are correct sir. This is unless the CDC decides two plus two equals potatoes or whatever today.
  4. Yes, all true. Watch a few videos if Dahlins play without the puck (something that everyone should do when evaluating players especially D men) and compare that with Hughes play without the puck. Then factor their rookie points production. It's not like Dahlin isn't getting his playing time (when healthy) and Buffalo can't claim to have less supporting talent to Vancouver either and Dahlin gets PP time. So they are in very competitive situations with really comparable circumstances at almost the same age. Hughes is about 0.4ppg more than Dahlin in his rookie season ATM. IMO the advanced stats will also show Hughes to be a more effective player at breakouts, possession, corsi.... just dont have the time to look. This isn't definitive, but currently indications point to Hughes being the superior defender.
  5. Weak Fred, really weak. How many games has OJ played in the AHL? 18 last year, injures and what 16 games so far this season. You also spin the details to first your narrative to make it seem worse than it really is. I could easily frame it as positive, 'in the first 16 games this season after recovering from season ending knee surgery Olli Juolevi is already showing he is paying more attention to his play without the puck and his Minus is half of his total at the same point last year ' See Fred spinning is easy. The difference is one of us is honest about it. Plus minus is a team stat, it can only be effective in large sample sizes over a number of seasons to be an indicator of a players effectiveness with or without the puck when combined with advanced stats like Corsi.
  6. I will gladly have OJ take on the mantle of 'the next Salo' injuries and all. He always battled back and was as a fantastic player. If needed the club could hire me to follow OJ around with an ambulance fully decked out 24/7.
  7. So 2018. It's not Hughes vs Dahlin, Dahlin isn't even dialed into the conversation for best young defensive phenom anymore. Its Hughes vs Makar now. Hughes was the underdog then and now. Let the hype train anoint it's latest 'generational talent' while Quinn racks up the points and almost single handedly turns around the worst defensive core last year into a respectable one as a rookie while adding his name lists only the truly great d men to ever play get on.
  8. TO has room for one more. He can fit right into their defensive system without missing a beat.
  9. Bag skate for one or a one ticket back to Utica if that is the case. Taking one for the team is part of hockey.
  10. First star of the game, the skate jerseys. Miss the old gold red and black. Best Jersey and logo the team ever had. Don't mind the blue and white, don't mind the C... way better than the V's. The Retro Rink is cool. The lunch bucket teams of Smyl and Linden are the ones I am most fond of.
  11. US big market hype train and Makar has the Canadian lineage to boot. To canadian hockey fans not based in Vancouver, it's only natural to cheer for the national product even though Quinn grew up in T.O. Quinn would be getting way more hype out east or in a US city. Big whoop. Hype doesn't win games. Makar is awesome, Hughes is awesome. You think that the media slugs would be talking about both players as they are both having incredible seasons. The difference in impact and overall abilities is marginal. But media slugs are media slugs for a reason.
  12. It was a joke.... it is the only thing I remember about Brown other than the 94 run.
  13. Keep Benn as insurance. His deal is short and cheap. As a 6/7 d man he would be excellent. Between injuries, expansion, expiring contracts and other roster moves, we will be seeing more than 6 d men play next year. Let OJ bake in the AHL. If he can string together 20 solid games in a row, bring him up for a coffee, get him hungry and let him finish the season in Utica.
  14. Cannot have too many D men. Rathbone will likely get some AHL time. We will lose someone to Seattle. Benn is a on a 2 year deal, who knows if Trymakin will actually return or not. Tanev is on a expiring deal and with the rfa's needing to be signed after next season, I don't think he will be here. Stecher is another player with decent trade value and is not a core player. The only lock on the left side after next year is Hughes. The only lock on the right side is Myers. As for next year, both Benn and Trymakin can play either side. Expecting Rathbone to make it straight out of camp is a reach. None of this matters unless OJ can get in a season. Having a future left side of Hughes, OJ and Rathbone in 2-3 years is not beyond the realm. Having Tanev sign elsewhere is likely and Stecher could be dangled and won't likely be protected. If Stecher can't play here, Seattle isn't too far from home. BTW Hughes can also play the right side.
  15. Not NA hockey, pro hockey. If that wasn't clear I apologize. His biggest issue is physically developing into his lanky frame. He is 6'3 and struggled to get to 200lbs. IMO his health issues all stem from either not training, improper training or overtraining. This gets compounded with every injury as it sets him further back.