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  1. Brock is getting some Jake treatment from Green. In absolute fairness, he is our most one dimensional offensive player. He wasn't groomed in the minors, he went straight to the NHL 1st line from College. I do think he should skate with Bo and Pearson. Or even drop Pearson down with Gaudette for a spell. Until we lose Eriksson, getting more of a setup guy would be hard. I do think if he was with Bo and Loui, they would be looking to use his shoot while easily being able to cover off any huge defensive lapses. Plus, at this point, Loui may never score again, but he can dish the puck and maybe that's all he should be doing.
  2. Just managed to catch the highlights this morning.... that was awesome. Can't wait to watch the whole game, but from what I saw, statement game. This another game that the fans could have given then a mulligan due to the ling break. Instead they, in what I saw, held their own and more vs the cup champs. You could tell they wanted it, cause after the Hughes give away, due to some really good forechecking, the team could have mailed it in. Especially with the Miller pass up the middle... Demko made the saves he had to make, and then the team really seemed committed. Horvat is getting so many good chances... So is Eriksson. Petey and Jake and Miller.... sorry Brock, but Jake looks better with Petey than you do atm. Jake is making some smart plays after a sneaky shot and a low percentage shot early. That is turning over pucks, getting the puck to the best shot atm, could be Jake, Miller or Petey. The play is not dying on Jake's stick.... Jake Virtanen is currently a top 3 player on an NHL team. That is special and I am so glad that he got there as a Canuck. I saw a committed game, like when Petey dove on the puck to seal it after that brilliant save by Demko. When your leading scorer, all star player is diving on pucks in the crease, that just shows a commitment that is truly an All Star Level. Statement game by a damn &^@#ing good team. I love the way this is playing, rivals the 94 team in skill, type of depth and compete. I can honestly say that this is my favorite core of players I have ever seen play for the nucks going back to the 82 team.
  3. IDK if any GM could have come into the wake of the 2011 run and not been a lighting rod. Throw in Kesler's demand and the polarizing JV pick in his first few weeks on the job.... Let's say Benning drafted Larkin and Pastrnak. He would have been run out of town and set the record for the shortest tenure of any GM in league history. 2 years later he would have been venerated. Who could have done better? His first year bandaid moves actually paid off with a trip to the playoffs. That's what ownership wanted.... one last throw of the dice to see if there was a swan song left ot not. No one else was going to convince ownership to gut the club one year removed from a back to back presidents trophies and a game seven SCF. Really at that moment the twins still had life in them and their steep drop off, well it was a shock to a lot of us. Some saw it coming. JB tired to split hairs verbally about a retool vs rebuild. Yet now his first draft is paying real dividends and by next year could a real payoff if Tryamkin pans out. He quietly stole Brock and Gaudette in his second draft. A ton of his early moves took time to mature, but in many ways he made correct moves and very smart moves and safe moves. He was a scout and it will always be his strong suit. He made some big mistakes in his second and 3rd seasons. But to me the biggest mistakes he made are in the following order of significance. Not shipping out Hammer at the TDL. Many say we couldn't do that cause it would be a 'sign of weakness' can't be 'lowballed'. Considering some of his early deals, Trader Jim was struggling thru a steep learning curve. We lost out on Mathews or Laine that year by 3 wins. Without Hammer we would have easily dropped 3 games IMO. I like OJ, but where would we be with Mathews and Bo atm? If the offer was a 3rd for Hammer, sell him to Nashville for a 4th. That tells Dallas not to be assholes and tells the club and fan base we are going for Mathews. Which would have been applauded. With Ep40 and Huggybear, well that doesn't sting anymore. Not firing WD and bringing Green up during the season was a mistake IMO. It meant that in the twins last few years we had to watch Megna skate with them and score 2 goals. That and the tigers alumni really didn't work out other than Dorsett. It likely cost us Tryamkin's services for 3 years. Signing Eriksson. Can't fault him for Erikssons struggle to justify the salary, but even though I thought it was a good move, the term sucks. At that time the twins were done, playing out the string. Still at least it wasn't Lucic! His last big mistake was trading for Guddy. I had always wanted Guddy so I liked the deal, but JB also completely redeemed the deal by trading Guddy. I have been a steady and consistent supporter of JB, from give him time, to this guy is the most underrated GM in the league. We are lucky to have a guy that can seem to do it all as our GM this year. That's the rookie learning curve that Jake needed too. Good times.
  4. The media dole out the awards and spin the tale. They are binary with Vancouver. Nice to see him getting some recognition, but I doubt he would even notice if he won. He is an exception from a lot GM's, he is pretty humble.
  5. Agreed that we cannot rely on a proven player in Tryamkin. Stecher would be a good 4-5 guy. IMO Tryamkin should be about the same. Provided 2 things. He is fit and ready. He had a notable issue 3 years ago. Green will not tolerate a lack of fitness. Secondly, his play has not declined in any way. I don't have any ability to really follow his progress. In his rookie season, I saw a guy who could be a really solid two way number 4 d man with a bit if seasoning. Our defence was abysmal so my opinion could change. Hutton looked okay compared to Pouliot and Sbisa. He would struggle to stay in our line up atm. Stecher can cover and battle it out for the number 4 spot. Adding a mobile 6'7 d man at 260lbs... Tryamkin is worth the gamble. It's not like he couldn't be traded. Somebody else would role the dice with him.
  6. Edler, Sutter, Pearson and Benn come off the books July 1st, we don't have to sign the wonder kids until after 16 to 17 m comes off the books. I could be wrong, but both started their 3 year ELC's last season. Pearson and Edler would be worth trying to keep somehow. Beagle and Rousell should have good trade value to a number of clubs going into their last year. Expiring deals on solid vets that can be dealt easily. We may have to sweeten things by retaining a small amount if cap. Eriksson. Go out on a high note. He has had some good hockey and I hope it goes right thru the playoffs. By the end, either he is finally playing the role everyone imagined or hang up the skates.
  7. I do my best... laid up with a bulging disk. This is my mental health activity... don't ask. Gotta laugh though. I was on the Woo Train and the the Woo Tang Clan prior to his draft. I know he can produce.
  8. Anything north of 6 is out of the question. 6 year term and he lives a life of wealth and so does his kids. If he wants more... see ya later. Bring in a solid vet to stabilize the crease and let Demko evolve. The salary structure has to be maintained to exit this mess in one piece. Teams that over commit to goalies almost always suffer. Look at Montreal, look at the Loui debacle under MG. We just cannot commit beyond 6m for any player not named Pettersson or Hughes.
  9. Demko has a solid career ahead of him.... but Marky is in the zone and has been for 1 year. The team is om the rise and having both is a luxury worth keeping. With Mikey on the farm, we have a stocked pipeline. In the next 2 years, expansion pending, one will beat out the other. Honestly can make a great case for either.
  10. Tryamkin isn't signing here for less than 3m per year. Likely closer to the Sbisa contract way back when with an average of 4m for 4 to 5 years. Cap increases when we can afford it. Benn has done okay as a cheap vet bottom pairing guy. 2m and expires next year. Easy keep. Baer is gone. He will not be on our payroll next year. Agreed. Can't afford Tanev, agreed. With Tanev likely gone, keeping Stecher, if he is reasonable, unlike Hutton, for 2.5 to 2.75 for 3 is okay. Easy to move and he does earn that deal. If he wants 3 or more... bye. Schaller is gone... hello Mac. Beagle expires at the end of this season, Rousell and Sutter too. All replacements can be from within the org. Millions saved. Those players are either great playoff depth next year or trade bait for contenders. Heck, even Edler is expiring next year.
  11. I think that Stecher is as good as gone unless he takes a club friendly deal. Tanev is in the same boat. It is his big contract time to boot, so I don't think he is going to risk a 1 year deal or a club friendly 1 either. Teams are going to be able to offer far more that are closer to winning than we are. Tanev has a long history here, he may want to stay and be like Elder. With Stecher it's a numbers game. He won't supplant Tanev or Myers in the lineup. He likely won't be beating out Tryamkin once the big guy gets adjusted. So if we mose Tanev, maybe we keep Stecher. I see no way to keep both and womt be surprised to see both go. Marky is the no brainer signing that has to get done. Jake and Gaudette are both getting deals. With Jake, 4 m for 4 or 5 years. Term will be the issue. IDK if the club will want term, but I see his play as a result of years of hard work. I don't think he will be forgetting that. He goals per 60 is and has been good. Given his improved minutes etc... his production has gone up in a predictable fashion. He keeps this up into the playoffs and beyond.... he is going to get paid. I just hope he doesn't do anything dumb like holding out for big dollars. Gaudette is easy. With Tryamkin in the fold... finger crossed, then we have 4 NHL roster players that play the right side without Tanev and Stecher. The farm is producing some legit players and cheaper by a mile. The only question is can one guy out of the entire org take over second pairing RHD minutes. We definitely have the bodies to cover the 3rd pairing RHD. We can only afford what Tanev is currently getting paid. Stecher isn't able to be a sustained 2nd pairing guy IMO, Tryamkin is an enigma. If anything, keep Stech, add Tryamkin and lose Tanev. Roughly the same salary structure and cost vs cap as this season for the minutes played. Stech is a expansion offering for next year. Stecher would be decent insurance for the Tryamkin experiment. Tanev will earn more than 5 m for 5 or 6 years on his next deal. With the FA premium, he could be closer to 5.5m we cannot afford that. What would TO pay to bring in a local defensive wizard that grew up playing with Tavares. What would Pits pay him? Etc...
  12. No I knew that, but I have seen comments that Woo is more of a two way guy, that he lacks offence.
  13. Not a coincidence that as Podz gets more reps, he gets more chances and his timing, his playmaking start to emerge and look good. Give this guy 15-20 minutes a night and I see him being a top six level producer.
  14. That's a worthy points streak. I don't think people realize that Woo can produce and has the tools to be a very effective offensive contributor from the blue line. Not a 50 pts a year level, but 30 and 40 pts a year levels. Similar to Hammers and KB3's production if he can make the show. He has the speed, size and physical play to pair very nicely with either OJ or Hughes in the future. He will need 2 years in the AHL at least, IMO l, but I could see him as a full time roster player as a guy that can play a bottom paring with his physicality and move up if he clicks with one of the two mentioned above.