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  1. Gaudette is already a 3rd liner as a rookie. Seem to remember many such poster as your self calling Bo Horvat being a 3rd liner at best a few years ago. I do think you underestimate Gaudette by a wide margin. He was the best player in College Hockey last year, now is getting regular NHL minutes, so how is he a '3rd liner at best' in your estimation? The only issue with Gaudette is his draft position. His development has been outstanding and if you think he is at his peak, then we can stop talking cause your a fool. If you agree that Gaudette has not reached his peak, then you would have to admit his development has been outstanding and that JB got one of the steals of that draft. Do you think Turcotte is winning the Hobey Baker trophy is 2-3 years? Do you think in 2-3 years Turcotte will be taking regular minutes in the NHL on par with Gaudette play in 2-3 years? Whom will be playing more meaningful NHL minutes next year? Gaudette or Turcotte? How about in 2 years? Gaudette or Turcotte? 3 years? Gaudette or Turcotte? Gaudette is 3 years ahead of Turcotte and has an outstanding resume. Or do you think the Lanche are not ecstatic that Makar won the Hobey Baker? The Avalanche just added Cal Makar to their defence. They have Zadora, Johnson and Barrie already. They are fast approaching a win now mode, how much is it going to take to re sign Mack, Ratannen and Landeskog? They have Jost so a secondary offense first center is there, but who do they have to play the hard minutes ala Ryan Kesler? That's what they need and why Turcotte is being talked about in the first place, cause he is a very capable two way center that can score. Isn't that what Gaudette is as? Is Gaudette alot closer to being that player, yes. Will Turcotte be a better player? Who the $%#* knows. The player picked with the 10th pick could become better than either. The value is subjective and the price is speculative so how can you be so sure that I am wrong for talking about it? From reading your post, I dont think your opinion is the gold standard. Colorado might like other players nearly as much as Turcotte if they are going center, they may forecast that one to two of those players available at 10 and feel the value is there between getting a player to help them next season and the player they draft at 10. Beyond the 3-4 spot, well it evens out for the next 6-8 picks. They can always ask for more if they think JB is opening up his wallet. As for your emaphise on the draft plus 1 year stats.... I think you are literally pulling stats out of your ass like they are definitive measurements. To believe that a players stats, especially in a defensive position on a declining team are somehow an ironclad way to assess their value and predict their development ultimately is ridiculous. OJ was on a torrid pace until.he was sidelined by injury last year in the AHL. 13 points in 18 games. His PPG was one of the highest as a rookie in the league. He has the second highest U 20 scoring as a d man in Ligia history, as a rookie in Ligia play Hieskanan was a second year Ligia player, although a year younger. Hard to not be encouraged by OJ on ice play. His injury woes.... well that is another story, but not insurmountable by any stretch. That's pretty good. Far from a right off. The kid is 21. He missed 3/4 of last season due to injury but is expected to fully healthy for camp this fall. Like 100% ready. It is expected he will go back to the AHL for a partial season before he jumps to the big club.... sounds like a bust. Like I said, if we cant agree that Gaudette has had a very outstanding development curve and has not yet peaked, then we have nothing more to say to each other.
  2. I missed that Vipre, I dont think I read your post but can I say that I totally agree. Props and no credit taken.
  3. There is alot of dead weight around and I would be happy to see some guys traded for a couple of pucks. I dont see our current roster remaining intact into training camp. At least I hope so. Still cap management is a big factor moving forward.
  4. I dont value Tanev as a super trade chip, but his salary is way lower and could be attractive to a team needing to be cap aware. Trouba was trouble to sign last time, what he going to cost this go around? Myers could be resigned and the Jets could save cap. Tanev would be a good 4th d man on any roster. That's what I value him at a good second pairing d man. The 10th keeps the prospect pool producing in the peg, a key long term strategy that many on this board wish happened a number of years ago. No one is fooling Chevelday (sp?) So I doubt JB would pull one over on him. Vancouver could add, the 2 pieces I suggested are a basis point. Do you have any ideas or are you just popping off at me for having one? We have time while we wait to see what happens at the draft.
  5. So I will respond to my idea/suggestion as a basis for discussion. I do want to point out a few things, Gaudette is a Hobey Baker winning center who made the NHL in his rookie pro season. He tracks to be a solid 2nd/3rd line center, plays an aggressive two way game in the same style as Kesler. Take away his draft position, in a redraft he is a 1st rounder. This draft has a two tiered top 10. The top 3/4 are higher end unless a team goes off the board. The second tier is 5 thru 10 with not much separation between players. Some could say 5 thru 12. So if Colorado wants a center and isn't set on Byram and Vancouver comes along and offers a center they like and the 10th pick so they can grab another player they, well what's the issue. If they like Turcotte, they could/should be interested in Gaudette. If other pieces need to be added, well both sides have a line they wont Cross. You think we would have to ransom our future, I dont think it would be that high. Want to add, Gaudette is not inconsquencial. He is a highly rated prospect. They don't give out Hobey Baker awards for nothing. Seeing as Colorado just had their prospect win it, they might know who won it last year. If their GM doesn't know Gaudette, he should spend some time following hockey.
  6. Woo could be good with either Hughes or OJ. He has the skating and physical presence while still providing offence. I do think Woo is a blue chip prospect who would.have been a 1st rounder had he not been injured for so many games in his draft year.
  7. IMO Gaudette is a very valuable piece to add to a deal. If Chi passes on Byram, I dont think he gets past Det. I think LA's pick isnt really on the block and with Cozens, Turcotte and Dach around, I see them taking a huge team need. Colorado is far more interesting. They have a golden ticket without a huge team need. They are on the upswing and might be more inclined to go with a player who is already an NHLer, but still on the entry level deal and a few years ahead of whomever they could pick at 4. Turcotte vs Gaudette.... well lots to discuss, but Gaudette is playing in the NHL now, has done very well in the lower ranks and cracked the NHL in his his first year of pro hockey. Gaudette is more of a sure thing, plus the 10th.... If Colorado was a non playoff team still rebuilding.... they keep the 4th. But I think their window is now open. I am happy to keep Gaudette and the 10th, take Krebs and keep building. Some want to move up and take Cozens, good idea. I still want to add to the defence and no one player would do more from this draft to boost our defence than Byram.
  8. If the targeted player isnt there at 4 then no deal. This does happen, PLD in the Mathews Draft is last time I can remember. The rumour that floated out after was Subban for our pick if PLD was still available. I see no reason why JB would be adverse to moving up if the player he wanted was there. The draft is in Vancouver and a splash is always welcome.
  9. I don't see us affording EK, Edler and Tanev. At min Tanev would be dealt. I would love to see a Edler EK pairing, but I also want to see an Edler Hughes pairing. Getting EK and Hughes, great for 2 years and then EP40 and Hughes are up for huge contracts, Edler likely gone, but Eriksson is still here with an anchor for one more year and Bo will up for another contract. Brock will get a big pay day this summer too. If we keep adding from the draft and can plug in support players on ELC and decent rfa deals around these guys, then yes. That's a huge if. Especially with a 7/12 contract hanging around our necks. Also Louongo and the cap recapture could hit in the next 2-3 years. I dont want to find this team in the same cap hell that the Leafs and Coilers are in.
  10. OP, Agreed that it sour defence that needs fixing vs anything else. A nice add to our top six at the draft is a good thing as any player at 10 wont be on our roster for 2-3 years. I disagree about EK, because while cap won't be a concern in the next 2 years, after that it becomes a huge concern. Ep40 could get a huge deal, same with Hughes. While having EK on our roster with Edler is awesome for 2-3 years with Edler coming off the books, that 12m EK contract will kill our cap when we would need it most. When all of the current group of young guns and prospects are all signing big increased contracts. IMO Hughes will be better than you believe, but not a 50 pt next season I could see him cracking 40pts though. He more than doubled zone exits and entries vs any other d man in his small sample of games with limited ice time. That's what we need more than points. Hughes makes that happen, that's why OJ was picked. They transition the puck with possession tot he forwards, either with precision passing, OJ, or patty kane like skating and stick handling like Hughes. Both skill sets are in desperate need and with that key issue being addressed, why bust the bank on EK with full term and dollar? My take, but I agree with everything else you are saying, just think we can look past EK to a more rounded vet d man and still bring up our young guys this season.
  11. If we are trading up, please let it be for Byram. Switch Hughes over to right side (Hughes says he plays both sides equally well) and we have a future top 4 of Byram Hughes OJ Woo. That is a killer top 4 defence. The puck movement and transition game I would.expect from that group is night and day from our current d corps.
  12. Dont think you could call him a lock for next year, but he could earn a 9 game stint. Woo was missed on the WJC team IMO. His play forces other players to keep their heads up.and he can produce and a very decent clip. He has the his game you would expect an 18 y/o top flight jr player to have. He likely needs 1-2 years of AHL seasoning before he can take regular NHL minutes. IMO he is a cant miss player who will fit very nicely in our top for d mix.
  13. Go back a few posts and I referred to a few of the mock drafts and the speculative notes of the media types. The ones I read or watched had Colorado looking for a center. Turcotte was suggested to be a good fit in Colorado cause of his good two way game. Thus I figured Gaudette could be a good trade bait along with our 1st. If Colorado is looking for a center to follow up after Mack ala Kesler and Hank, and not a d man, they have a good young defence atm, then Gaudette is a great option. They get a good young cheap center with a ton of up side and whomever is at 10 a d we get Bryam to complete our defence, especially is Hughes moves to the right side next season. Win, win. We have Madden and the swedish kid plus whomever JB gets in this draft. Plus we can find a center in FA and have Grablund and Sutter to fill in along with Bo, Elias and Beagle.
  14. If Krebs is still there at 10 and we keep our pick... done, done and done. Caulfield is a scout's call. Is he the next St Louis or the next Schoeder? I lean towards him becoming a successful NHLer due to his tenacity. My issue with the nucks, size in our top 6. Can we add Caufield and be successful with a super skilled undersized team in the west? Take the BPA and run. That said, I would be in favour of trading up, targeting Bryam if the opportunity arises.
  15. The value seems fair to me. Dont know if we would have to add a 3rd. Gaudette is a highly rated prospect. Honestly the value is there for any pick past 2 IMO depending on what Edmontkn does. If they learn that Bryam is in play, they could go all in and drive the market up. Chi has a bevy of young D and Kieth, they could use some players all over the line up, but I dont see them passing on Podz. Colorado is gifted a 4th (thank God it's not the 1st) and has a good young defence. They may be looking to unload Johnson due to cap space. They have some big tickets to punch in the next year or two. We could be a landing spot especially if Tanev, Stecher or Hutton go the other way with the 10th and Gaudette. Gaudette is on his ELC for 1 more year maybe 2 the has his RFA years so his cost would be controlled. The 10th would yield avery good player, Krebs, Broberg, Soderstrom Cauflied and or Boldy could all be available. If the Lanche need to unload EJ, I would be happy to have him in Van. We can move out a d man to make room. Bryam could make.the jump as early as next year, we could make room. Woo and OJ could be in the mix into next season and Hughes looks like a vet already. Gaudette is a good player, reminds me of Kesler in many ways minus the nude magazine covers. But adding a top pairing d man with great skating and a heavy shot is far more valuable. So two suggestions based on the Lanches needs. No cap space worries: 10th OA and Gaudette plus a pick, bottom six player or a 2nd tier prospect for the 4thOA. Fair deal and both sides get what they want. Second option is the help the Lanche clear cap space and improve at the same time. 10th OA, Tanev and Gaudette plus to the Lanche for the 4th OA and Johnson. We can retain cap on Tanev of need be.