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  1. Move the AHL team to Halifax. Great city. Close to home for me. Haha
  2. Vancouver has done a good thing in Utica. While having the farm team down the road would be a big hit, would the flames swap franchises.
  3. Gotta say, JV is such a let down. Green made him an example and he is the goat at camp. Was ready to have a good pre season, sitting back without alot of controversy. Now Brock is a hold out and Jake is ready for camp. Contract stuff is normal. Having a 4 year pro regress after so much work has been spent on him is not okay.
  4. No. We can poke fun without bringing a convicted pedophile into the thread.
  5. Your right. Just spitballing anyways.
  6. Way before my time. But granted, Hughes has two comparables, both were here for short periods of time decades ago. Hopefully Hughes has more staying power.
  7. Agreed. Love MacEwan. Heart and soul kinda player.
  8. Those are the numbers being tossed around in the rumour mills.
  9. The team and player are not far apart. 4 for 7 vs 6 for 7. Split the difference and do 5 for 7. They both feel like they are giving something up. Sounds like a good deal from where I sit.
  10. As long as no one runs Ep40 or Hughes, I am fine. Like that Ferland pushed Goldy out of the way in scrimmage. He is getting his game face on early. 217lbs... never thought he was that big.
  11. For sure. Reinhart would have been better appreciated had he spent more time here. It is telling how much we need Hughes when his only comparison in our club history is Reinhart.
  12. Its almost like JV is putting JB into a spot to have to deal him.
  13. He is adapt at lifting sticks and stealing pucks. With his skating and IQ, I don't think he will be a liability defensively, but he will get out muscled when his bag if tricks isn't an option. If the puck lands on his stick, it's going the other way.