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  1. Trade Tanev for the 3rd pick. Benning is reluctant to trade because they want to be competitve. Sign Girardi to a 1 year deal worth 1 million dollar. Good hard working character guy for the locker room. Trade him at the trading deadline to a contender for a draft pick. That would be good asset management.
  2. Elder should definitely be moved but he will not be willing to waive. Hutton is the best bet but someone should let him know that he cannot hold on to the puck for so long. Biega is the only guy that has any heart on defence. He is even effective hitting as a forward. Definitely should be given more playing time.
  3. Gudbranson must be resigned! Tonight is a prime example that our D-core is overrated. If i was miller i would be piss off that none of my defensemen will do anything to help clear the front of the net. Unless Tryamkin decides to turn up his anger, Gudbranson is the only other best option.
  4. Sam Gagner and/or Brandon Pirri Lets give one of these guys a show me deal. They are young and can bring some secondary scoring. Why Not.
  5. why do you think ownership will not eat salary when they are willing to pay Higgins and Prust down in the AHL. You do know that they are still going to pay for his salary now that he remains on the team right>?
  6. and stempniak got a 2nd rounder and 4th rounder. Good luck with that
  7. Any kind of pick, 3rd rounder would have been better then nothing. Money will still come off the board and end up with a extra pick.
  8. Can't wait to hear what Benning has to say. Fair enough if Hamhuis did not want to waive, but not a single deal to get Vrbata or any of the old guys out. Give me a break Guess they don't want to get any more draft picks in return. Business 101, try to get something that you will loose for nothing. Guess the brain trust of this organization have not figure it that out yet. Wait maybe management still thinks we can make the playoffs and be a cup contender this year lol. Benning might be the best scout in the world, but definitely have no idea how to run the team. Lets continue to stay in the middle of the pack(not sucking and not good enough). Great Day to be a Canucks Fan Go Canucks Go!
  9. The perfect scenario will be to trade Hamhuis for a good asset and then sign him in the summer time as a free agent. 3 years deal with a slight home discount. This is the exact scenario as Vermette last year. He wins a cup and goes back to the coyotes.
  10. Challenge is really much useless then they have no chance of winning because they are playing so bad. I agree with using a TO to rip into them. WD please show some emotions besides shaking your head on the bench.
  11. couldn't agree more!
  12. For sure another coach will do better. Just look at Babcock's team tonight. You telling me the leafs have more talents then us. It doesn't matter if the team is good or not, is the job of the coach to get the best out of the players and obviously Willie D does not
  13. Over work the sedins? They are paid top dollars to be top players to not sit on the bench. If they keep saying they want to make the playoffs, sitting their top line players does not correspond to that.
  14. No one ever said anything about playing like a number 1 team. Just a team that can out compete against the 30th ranked team. Guess that is too much to ask from a coach.
  15. Right! And you subscribe to 7 million dollar sedans sitting on the bench over vey Willie pretty much useless if he just stands there and rolls 4 lines. Great coach!