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  1. You may be on to something. Bachman is missing too
  2. People forget that Cull's use of veterans in Utica mirrors what Green did. And it also mirrors what almost every coach in the AHL does.
  3. I like this. Maybe I'm over thinking it but I see this as a positive step. A statement that this is his team and how well he and his team performs will determine his opportunity to advance to the next level. So many kids that are hyped in juniors think they will step right into the NHL and forget that it takes hard work in the AHL first.
  4. If Palmu wore out his welcome in Finland now can we still blame Cull?
  5. Only if he finds one on eBay! Not a NHL player and not even close.
  6. Anyone that follows me on here knows that I wasn't very high on Jonathon Dahlen. But I also will separate the player from the person. As a parent of kids about the same age as many of these young prospects I understand the difficulty some face when leaving home and going away for the first time in their young lives. Some excel when given this new found freedom while others withdraw and really struggle internally. I will never fault Dahlen the person for wanting to go back home if that is where his heart is. But Dahlen the player may never turn into the NHL player many had expected he would be if he doesn't have the drive and mental toughness to take on new challenges directly. There were red flags that to me were signs that he wasn't ready for the challenge of moving towards a NHL career. First was the mono episode and left Utica to go back to Timra. Then staying with Timra instead of coming back to Utica or even moving up to the SHL midseason when he had a chance. Now going back to Timra again after they were relocated back to tier 2. Again if that is where his comfort level is at his young age then I'm happy for him. But his aspersions for playing in the NHL get slimmer each time he chooses comfort over sticking with something that he finds difficult. And since this is a Linus Karlsson thread I hope he has a break out year then takes the bull by the horns and comes to Utica next season.
  7. Part 3 of an interview with Trent Cull. TRENT CULL: Q&A PART THREE AUG 31, 2019 As we wrap up our three-part conversation with Comets’ head coach Trent Cull, we touch on one of the biggest questions in development and the players who are ready to break out and take the next step on their way to an NHL future. UC: Let’s attack a looming question head on. How much does the organization value winning as a form of development? TC: I can’t speak for the whole organization saying that, but for me, and in my experience, it’s a huge tool for your team to be successful during their development, and I’ll give my example by going back two years ago. Look at the players who had opportunities to play playoff hockey and what they’ve gotten out of that. Off the top of my head: Ashton Sautner, who ended playing in the NHL for a little bit and could become a mainstay. Guillaume Brisebois, who had eight games in the NHL last year. Zack MacEwen made his adjustments. Thatcher Demko. Those are just the guys I can think of right now. Those were core pieces of our team heading into playoffs two years ago, where they got to play in a higher-pressure situation, do-or-die. Toronto even went up 2-0 in that series so it was do-or-die in game three, four, and five. I think those are great opportunities outside of the regular season to see your prospects be in great situations. Sometimes it doesn’t end up right, but when they get a chance to do it again, they can hopefully build on that. Other guys excelled in those situations and it’s such a great window to see those players. For me, it’s an integral piece in developing those guys for the next level. Not only are we developing guys to play in the NHL, but we want them to be very successful and winners in the NHL. UC: Who do you think is poised to break out this season and make a huge jump to be a big part of the conversation about the future of Vancouver? And who’s someone that fans haven’t been exposed to yet or not as much and could be one of those go-to guys? TC: Zack MacEwen. He brings a Tom Wilson-like quality to him. He’s a big, strong power forward and I know that is something that Vancouver doesn’t have a ton of and I think there’s a real opportunity for Zack moving forward. The guy who I am also really excited about is Adam Gaudette. And I’m not saying that he’s gonna play for us, but let’s say he was to come to us. I felt like last year he had little, short bursts here. He played two or three games and four or five games at a time here and he spent a majority of his time in the NHL. He’s a guy that I would love to coach throughout the year because I think that there’s some things that he would need to work on here at this level. But he would get a ton of opportunity and ice time here and I would love to see that reaction and watch him. I think he would have some ups and downs to start, but I believe he would take off. I love this group of these defensemen. I really like Sautner’s progression and the way he’s come along. There’s Guillaume Brisebois and Jalen Chatfield as well. They’re guys who skate well and they’re already earning some call ups. Jalen had a few injuries that hurt his development last year, and I’m excited for him. He’s spent the entire summer in Vancouver and he’s working his butt off trying to become a better player. I see Guillaume the same way. I’m excited to see that group of four and how they’re moving along. And there’s quietly guys like Gadjovich and Lind, who I know have done a ton of work on skating and getting better this summer. I still see that these guys can come back and be a big part of us moving forward. And when you’re successful in this league, I find it’s usually surrounded by that young nucleus that’s moving along. And those guys, if they can all take more steps and get better, it will really help our team. Cull and the Comets open training camp in late September as they gear up for the 2019-20 season, set to commence on October 5 in Binghamton.
  8. Pronman on The Athletic has the Canucks in his top 5. The Habs came in at number 6 today.
  9. I wish I knew you were going to be here so I could have pointed you in the right direction. Herb Philipson's which is a regional sporting goods and outdoor store is the only place that is licensed to sell Utica Comets merchandise and they have a store in New Hartford maybe 5 miles from the Aud. They are going through some financial issues right now and facing bankruptcy so hopefully they will survive. It was a family owned business for decades and the family sold off to a long time employee about two years ago who looks like he bit off more than he can chew. https://herbphilipsons.com/collections/utica-comets
  10. I have enjoyed Ryan Biech's work. Very intelligent, articulate but never condescending or click bait stir the pot nonsense that others on Twitter do all the time. His professionalism I'm sure helped him land this job. Good hire and congratulations.
  11. The Comets home schedule all in GIFs. Kudos to who ever runs their social media. Some of these are very subtle and funny.
  12. I fixed it for you.
  13. I think the likelihood of the Canucks moving their AHL team to Abbotsford is a lot less than it was even two months ago. If the current Canucks management was willing to go it alone and place the farm in an isolated location they would have made plans to move the team this season after the original contract with the Comets expired. But instead they signed another six year agreement to stay in Utica with an out clause after two years. That two years in my opinion was to buy them time to see what the new Seattle team would do with their AHL team. If Seattle placed their AHL team in Washington or Oregon then there would be a regional rival for Vancouver to move the farm to Abbotsford. But Seattle has decided that having their AHL team in California close enough for reasonable bus travel to other AHL cities is more important than having them a short drive from Seattle. If Canucks management didn't want to geographically go it alone before Seattle chose Palm Springs why would they decide to do it now? As @GoldenAlien pointed out the most balanced location for the Canucks would be in California to be in the same time zone as Vancouver but yet closer to other AHL cities in what is primarily a bus league. The problem is all of the Cali cities that have AHL quality arenas are already spoken for. I won't claim to be an expert on California cities but there has been some discussion of this topic on the AHL page of HFBoards and most of the cities that sound like a good potential fit do not currently have ice making equipment in their arenas so an investment would need to be made to allow them to host an AHL team. There is a reason why when the AHL Pacific division was created that teams like Edmonton, Calgary and LA swept in and bought existing ECHL franchises. They had no interest in running an ECHL team, (all three have sold their ECHL franchises after relocating them) they wanted to buy the lease agreements in Bakersfield, Stockton and Ontario respectively. The other two teams that formed the Pacific Division were Anaheim that chose San Diego who had an AHL quality facility already and San Jose who was believed to be sharing the SAP Center temporarily until they find a suitable arena in another California location but that hasn't happened yet. So the bottom line is for Canucks fans that want to see the farm pulled out of Utica the chances are low that it would be relocated close to Vancouver where you could go and buy tickets to watch them in person. The most likely scenario is that they will end up in California and you would never see them play without buying a subscription to AHL TV anyway.
  14. The goaltending situation in Utica looks quite crowded at this point. I don't see either Bachman or McIntyre taking an assignment yo Kalamazoo as only NHL contracted players on an ELC can be assigned to the ECHL without the player's permission. Plus Bachman was selling his house in Colorado and buying locally in a suburban area outside of Utica. But the level of play from Bachman has been tailing off for several seasons now and then add to it a significant achilles injury tells me that he is no longer number 3 on the depth chart and the Canucks would like to move away from him. He is a good guy but his ability is diminishing every season. Demko credited Bachman for helping mentor him during his first two pro seasons. Maybe they keep three goalies in Utica with Bachman almost taking on a goalie coach role for DiPietro.
  15. And AHL all star last year for basically a swap of a six round pick for seventh. Needs to clear waivers next season but almost everyone does out of camp.