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  1. Chill Alf. He posts highlights of every Comets games and since the Comets don't put together a highlight package for the away games he uses the video highlights provided by the other team.
  2. Obsessed much? If you hate HF so much stop going there.
  3. I sit on the opposite side but I'm pretty sure that Juolevi was standing in the tunnel with the rest of the Comets players not playing tonight watching the game. If he is back in Utica then whatever ailment that caused him to fly back to Vancouver must be less of a concern.
  4. One game in February and another in March then they will be auctioned off with the money going to charity.
  5. Graovac scores a goal and the Canucks finally win a game. Funny how that depth thing works.
  6. OJ blocked two shots on the same PK but the one that really had him in pain got him in the arm just above the glove. He stayed out there basically playing with one arm and blocked another slapper but I think that one was absorbed off the shin guard. He stayed on the bench for a few minutes holding his arm in pain and then left for the dressing room. He did come back out for the third period however and looked fine playing the rest of the game but missed the next game before JB announced he was going back to Vancouver. I don't think the blocked shot had anything to do with the latest "lower body" injury.
  7. Over an entire 82 game schedule yes I do believe that one center in the AHL on a NHL contract is not sufficient depth. Just looking at the injury history of this organization over the past few years should answer that question alone. Here are the basic facts regarding depth at that position and it is only mid-November. Tyler Graovac was the only true center assigned to Utica at the start of the season available for call up and he was injured in the Comets season opener which resulted in him missing the next 4 weeks before returning on November 2. The Canucks with so much NHL center depth that they have two centers playing wing suddenly find themselves eleven days later not only needing to call up their only center in the AHL but immediately inserting him into the line up. Again I ask is it a good idea to start a season with only one true center under contract in the AHL available for call up? I did read all of the "a lot of words" that GoldenAlien posted and it just appeared to me as rationalization for the lack of center depth and more obsession that some Canucks fans have with the Leafs.
  8. Thanks but I wouldn't be a good candidate for running a game day thread because I am at all of the Comets home games and wouldn't have time to post to the thread. I watch all of the away games on AHL TV but usually just poke my head in here a few times during the games but mainly after the game is over.
  9. This looks like a lot of words trying to rationalize why a NHL team would enter a season with only one available center call up.
  10. How is the lack of depth at center right now in the AHL have anything to do with the prospect ranking and cap space? The point I was making and "Horvat is a Boss" was commenting on had to do with the fact that JB knowingly started the season with just one center in the AHL on a NHL contract. Is this a good strategy knowing the injury issues that this organization has experienced over the past several seasons? With Graovac called up already who is the next in line to play in the middle for the Canucks if another center-man gets injured? How many other NHL teams started the season with just a single natural center under contract on their AHL team available for call up? This has nothing to do with prospect rankings and everything to do with having the proper positional depth in the AHL to get through an 82 game schedule when the inevitable injuries occur. It is well known that the Canucks prospects at the center position are a year or two away in the NCAA, Europe or juniors so for this season (and the past few seasons) to have enough depth now JB has to supplement with free agent signings over the summer. This year the only signing was Graovac which is just not an adequate amount of depth. Agree 100%
  11. So putting the rants on HF aside do you think starting the season with only one natural center on a NHL contract in the AHL is adequate depth?
  12. Juolevi blocked a couple shots on Monday that looked like they stung him.
  13. This has nothing to do with the Comets record. It's about not having organizational depth at center right from the start of the season. It's the same situation Benning found himself in last year with goaltenders when he traded Nilsson away and lost McKenna to waivers. Suddenly a couple of goalies get hurt and he has to play a teenager in juniors. So if another center gets injured who do you call up now? The Comets have no NHL centers on NHL contracts....just converted wings who are certainly not going to play center in Vancouver and AHL/PTO centers that are not going to be signed to NHL contracts. You are a Canucks fan so you certainly know how often this team gets injured. Is a total of one player the available depth at the center position a good strategy to start a season with?
  14. The Comets started the season with exactly one center under NHL contract in Graovac...who then gets injured in the first game of the season. That is on JB for not adding enough depth down the middle over the summer to get though an entire season let alone the first month. Now with Sutter and Beagle injured and Graovac called up who is the next option in Vancouver if another center goes down? Are you disagreeing with what Bad Goalie said regarding the lack of center depth in the organization or do you just don't like this poster?