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  1. Green jobs are almost employing as such as the energy sector. Why not, again; pump tens of billions in to that? The largest and longest job creators in the energy sector is when infrastructure is being built. Pipelines are a perfect example. Thousands build it, then dozens staff it. Creating that green infrastructure would literally employ tens of if not hundreds of thousands while creating economic spin offs (not trickle down) As for why BC or any other province grabbing the bull by the horns. Alberta has a population needing to work, and a population about to have tens of billions of dollars dumped on them. They have some of the lowest costs of office space and available office space in the nation, central to everything and 2 major airports mere hours from each other. Alberta is the perfect place for that level of reinvestment and diversification
  2. That's not trickle down economics...at all. It's not even close. That's spin off related business, or spin off economic theory
  3. Yes. Almost without question. We're 2-3 months from regular international travel. Look at cruise stocks too for longer term decent roi
  4. Sorry what? You seem to create false narratives regarding me and my statements frequently. Is green the only thing I've suggested? Or have I suggested it along with numerous other ideas to put people back to work?
  5. What the hell bud lay off him. He's more than qualified enough to have diagnosed both Juolevi and Virtanen over the last few years. He went to the same school of medicine as Dr Recchi.
  6. As of now, no. I have not seen any other provinces this far cancelling their respective programs. BCs monetary disbursement is not set to drop for two more weeks Eve. You literally mentioned it a few pages back. If you're not equally upset.....just saying
  7. Look in to it. Yes the story mentions it. Read both links and my statement. Feel free to compare it to other provinces. But ask yourself why the day that the feds CERB program came online they closed it You and that tired schtick again eh? It's a power grab. Read bill 10. See what it entails. If you're not remotely upset by that I strongly suggest revisiting your anger on the federal libs attpt to do a similar thing. Except...keep in mind, the people in charge federally don't stand to make Bank off this as Shandro does. Nor will they threaten doctor's or call them and tell at them.
  8. Boulder Colorado had the exact same issues as Calgary is facing. They embraced change. Check up on it. Actually a great read on diversification
  9. I mean.... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/laurie-pushor-aer-ceo-saskatchewan-scandal-1.5521162?fbclid=IwAR2ZpiyYIRgWE8QTlBhUAhaBV4pop-jlshfz1swaFhPyLRM9AnYd9Qvktq0 The newly-appointed chief executive officer of the Alberta Energy Regulator was a central figure in a Saskatchewan government land-deal scandal that cost taxpayers millions of dollars, was the subject of a scathing audit, and prompted an RCMP investigation.
  10. I did. I shook my head because people are up in arms over what Trudeau and the libs tried to slip through in response to threats of non confidence vites to trigger an election. But ignore what the UCP and Shandro have just passed I also noticed the estimated $92 million isolation emergency covid pay for Albertans was completely used up. Double what was projected. Less than $100 million in monetary disbursements for an entire province. But a potential $8+ billion in tax payers money is going to a private project with a ridiculous estimate of ROI and exit plan of barely 3 years. Alberta's entire covid response from an economic standpoint will potentially spend less to help people than the potential amount being spent on keystone https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/aish-recipients-lose-out-on-covid-19-money/ https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/province-closes-emergency-isolation-support-program-1.4885503 People are being told to apply for federal benefits. From Trudeau. While their tax dollars fund private projects. Trudeau is killing Alberta on purpose
  11. province has also closed benefits to people claiming it distributed the entire pot of less than $100 million to over 80k people they say. But a potential $8+ billion for a private venture from taxpayers is totally cool
  12. This brings three thoughts to mind. 1. There's literally NO way China is only experiencing an increase in the single digits per day. Like give us a gd break. 2. China will experience a massive 2nd wave. The story says 3rd but there is no possible way they are even done their first as of yet. 3. Seeing this crap, and reading the 5g, coronavirus conspiracy idiots online...I am kind of rooting for the virus a little bit in terms of a culling of the idiocy that has populated this planet.
  13. So BoJo now in intensive care as per every news outlet. I'm guessing that the statements made 2-3 weeks ago are all being walked back. Hope he pulls through. Nobody wants to see a human waste away like that, regardless of who they are. Except Trump
  14. Which is also why Alberta pays more in transfers and equalization.