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  1. Biden would do well actually
  2. Well now we know... It is OPEN SEASON...

    Ya...because THAT worked so well the last time
  3. I actually was listening to hockeycentral at noon or whatever it is earlier this week. MacLean was speaking about Schieffle and Nylander and the difference in contract requests. About how Schieffle was a good ol boy, dad a plumber and how his apparent ask and requests were along the lines of OMG i'd get paid how much and how his family and him were happy with blue collar amounts because they'd worked so hard just to get there Vs Nylander, whose family was coming from significant amounts of money having a father with a long well paid NHL career and a knowledge of how to work with agents and squeeze maximum value out of everything. That being said, he ALSO said that the requests were there because it was not only his first contract but also that it was Torobnto and being such, along with being the first contract of the big 3 he could ask for the moon and either get the moon or get a trade to a more preferred team with a slightly lower dollar amount. Needless to say the rumours are there now that Nylander does not want to remain in Toronto unless he is getting paid full value
  4. In Trudeaus defence. While i strongly disagree with this sale Baird and Fast signed that agreement under Harpers watch. The contract includes a multi BILLION dollar penalty should Canada reneg for any reason on this deal. The outcry when the courts sided with Khadr and Trudeau settled with him for $10 million woukd be nothing compared to the outrage over $3 ish billion in cancellation fees over this. As well. Trudeau tried to stop the sale but the courts ruled against him https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/court-rejects-ottawas-bid-to-halt-saudi-arms-deal-lawsuit/article37550869/ https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2016/06/04/canada-would-face-multi-billion-dollar-penalty-if-it-cancelled-armoured-vehicle-sale-to-saudis.html They tried to stop it but the courts said no and the penalty is enormous
  5. There was to be a huge meeting of economic import in the UAE involving Saudi Arabia and sone of the wealthiest people alive Including Branson, Ali BaBa founder, Uber founder etc....AND the US treasury head Everyone bailed on the neetings over this but the US envoy. Look at the list. It's a gooder https://www.axios.com/companies-saudi-arabia-conference-khashoggi-disappearance-153deaec-1282-4723-91f2-2ea8998d5fe2.html
  6. LOOooooove how they use analytics as a case for wanting player X or Y but Tanev is too old or too banged up But hey they mentioned Erik Gudbranson. Would love to see a Real Gud trade 1-1 for Nylander just so I could hear Toronto claim he's the greatest defensemen who ever lived not named Pronger and Vancouver to bemoan how they just let this guy go and Vancouver to claim how Nylander is the next Naslund and shows all the leadership one could want and Toronto claim how they never needed him anyways and he's a bum Hockey fans are as fun as religious fans and political fans
  7. Love how they managed to toss in a Clinton sighting for that video. Also love how they refer to peaceful protestors as an unhinged mob; which most of that video is comprised of yet fail to once show any of the numerous acts of violence caused by the right or at Trumps rallies. Finger pointing to the other side while forgetting the evils of your own house. Ho Ho Hay Hay Divisive politics is here to stay
  8. He was apparently naturalized in the early 90's and became the go to man on the scene for WAPO and other outlets during the first gulf war, regarding afghani freedom fighters against Russia in the 80s and was essentially the defect bureau chief for a few media outlets about middle eastern relations and stories. While not born an American citizen by all accounts he did in fact hold US citizenship.
  9. So, in all honesty. Starting to hear some significant chatter about Kaapo Kakko potentially being the #1 overall choice for some scouts 1 point in 6 games a barely 16 year old in the TPS Liiga last year. 55 points in 39 games in the TPS U20 Jr A SM Liiga and 11 points in 6 games at the TPS U18 JrB Sm Liiga Now he's 17 years old and almost a PPG in the TPS Liiga mens league with 9 points in 11 games as a RW. 6 foot 1, 181 pounds as of mid August 10 points in 7 games at the WJC-18 and essentially a near PPG player in the playoffs or tournaments at almost every level he's played at I get the love for Hughes, the guy looks good but with some pundits claiming he's potentially more of a winger at the NHL level and with Kaapo Kakko's production being what it is, speed, stick handling and all around ability and size at bloody 17 years old and on pace to shatter Laines point totals at the same age is THIS the guy we should be seriously looking at? Laines draft year was 46 games 33 points Kakko is on pace for 40ish points in the same amount of games played while being a better skater and smaller bodied Just reference is all
  10. The Case of the Missing Saudi Journalist

    Turkey essentially just gave evidence proving his disappearance was a murder over to the WAPO and has a link to it if anyone wants to look in to it Trump...questioned whether Kashoggi was even a US citizen (he was) Will be very very interesting to see what happens now
  11. So Saudi Arabia murdered an American citizen in Kashoggi IN Turkey while he was in a Saudi embassy Turkey today released evidence both video AND audio essentially indicating and proving a saudi hit squad arrived murdered him and left Trump's response Well...we don't know for SURE he's an american citizen and we don't want a hundred billion in arms sales to go to Russia or China At least he isn't lying about what he cares about
  12. New Party (CAQ) Wins Quebec Election

    Parti Quebecois did in 2013 for obvious religious symbols in the public place In 2017 The Liberals in Quebec introduced a motion to ban face coverings in public institutions including masks/toques/balaclavas etc and yes religious garb Legault is reintroducing this as ALL religious symbolism BUT....is dictating what is and is not a religious symbol by saying the cross/crucifix is not a religious symbol I know that over a billion christians and catholics will be shocked to hear that the lower case T in their house with the little man attached to it is not a religious symbol
  13. New Party (CAQ) Wins Quebec Election

    So I had a feeling that Legaults notwithstanding clause in his push to ban muslims from wearing religious garb from public institutions would simply be a small pithy way of masking some sort of underlying but apparent bigotry. Well looks like I might have been right Today he came out and stated that the crucifix, the CROSS OF JESUS and the bloody icon of the catholic and christian churches...was not a religious item and therefore not part of his ban on religious garb/symbols from public institutions. Call me shocked, really. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-francois-legault-crucifix-religious-symbols-1.4858757 The crucifix hanging in Quebec's National Assembly is a historical symbol, not a religious one, even though it represents the Christian values of the province's two colonial ancestors, premier-designate François Legault said Thursday. Legault made the comments as he defended his decision to keep the crucifix in the legislature while moving forward with plans to ban certain civil servants from wearing religious symbols. "We have to understand our past," Legault told reporters in Yerevan, Armenia, where he is attending the summit of the Francophonie. The crucifix, he said, invokes the role of French Catholics and British Protestants in Quebec's history. He made no mention of Indigenous people. The crucifix has hung above the Speaker's chair in the National Assembly since it was installed there in 1936. (Jacques Boissinot/Canadian Press) "In our past we had Protestants and Catholics. They built the values we have in Quebec. We have to recognize that and not mix that with religious signs." The crucifix was installed above the speaker's chair in the National Assembly in 1936. A government-commissioned report into secularism and identity issues recommended in 2008 that it be removed, but no government has done so. A delicate issue Since his Coalition Avenir Québec won a majority in last week's provincial election, Legault has said one of his priorities will be preventing civil servants in "positions of authority" from wearing religious symbols, such as hijabs and kippas. Among those to be affected are police officers, provincial judges, prison guards and teachers. The move is necessary, according to Legault, in order to protect Quebec's secular society. He raised his plans in a meeting earlier Thursday with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is also in Yerevan attending the Francophonie summit and who has publicly opposed Legault's proposal. "This is a ... delicate issue with Mr. Trudeau," Legault said in an interview with Radio-Canada. "I told him I want to do this quickly. It's an issue that has lingered for 10 years, and now there is a consensus in Quebec." Asked whether he feared a confrontation with Ottawa over the issue, Legault added: "Quebec is a nation. It is a distinct society. We have support. We just received a clear mandate in the election. I think all that has to be taken into account." Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Quebec's incoming premier, François Legault, in Armenia on Thursday.(Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press) Quebec's new immigration model Along with religious symbols, Legault also raised his immigration polices with Trudeau. The incoming premier informed the prime minister that Quebec intends to accept 20 per cent fewer immigrants next year. Legault also told Trudeau that Quebec will add language and value requirements for immigrants seeking to settle in the province. Though immigration falls under federal jurisdiction, Quebec has an agreement with Ottawa that allows it to select its own economic immigrants. According to Legault's account of the meeting, Trudeau raised the possibility that Quebec would be able to alter how it selects immigrants without reopening that agreement. "He wasn't certain that we would need to modify the agreement between Quebec and Ottawa," Legault said in the Radio-Canada interview. He added that representatives from the province would meet federal officials in the coming weeks to detail the "new immigration model that my government will put in place." Legault is scheduled to appoint a cabinet next week.
  14. New Party (CAQ) Wins Quebec Election

    If the average Canadian wasn't such a whining bud more women would want to spit their kids out
  15. Lamar Bruce Now Kanye WTF do the Kardashian women do to men?