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  1. Warhippy

    Canadian Armed Forces Thread

    We would have to formally leave the venture though to my understanding. I could very well be wrong but that's my belief from what I've read since we entered this back in the early 2000s
  2. Warhippy

    BC Man Faces Death Penalty in China

    I've given up on the blatant hypocrisy people show depending on their party of choice
  3. Warhippy

    BC Man Faces Death Penalty in China

    This is why the other side of the political fence has thus far been silent regarding this. They know if they were in charge they'd have arrested her too. America essentially screwed us on that but what can we do. I agree with a previous poster. Call out China, what will they REALLY do? Stop sending us crap for Wal-Mart? Dollar stores? Buying our resources? How terrible that we'd have to become self sufficient again.
  4. Warhippy

    Canadian Armed Forces Thread

    That flies in the face of the contracts we've signed and the money we've invested. The courts would love that.
  5. Warhippy

    BC Man Faces Death Penalty in China

    Duterte would have shot him already. He's no saint and while this is obviously highly political as the initial 15 year sentence was changed. I've no sympathy You help murder and inflict pain on so many people slinging that crap it's karmic justice.
  6. Warhippy

    2019 Election thread

    But created soooo many other ones that Trudeau hasn't even come close too.
  7. Warhippy

    Canadian Armed Forces Thread

    No, because we're part of the contracted R&D investment
  8. Warhippy

    2019 Election thread

    Was in the Dabajian Mountains in Taiwan, there's a temple there. Me and a friend were waiting for dawn because at first light the sun shines directly against the peak and on the temple it's pretty awesome We'd been there essentially all night. 15-20 minutes before the light started really getting good to shoot in, two tour busses literally ran through the marked stopping points for vehicles, unloaded what looked like an army of people. No joke 2 busses full of chinese tourists literally came out of nowhere set up shop knocked over Drews camera stood directly in front of mine and the other two photographers that were there were beyond frigging rude but also lityerally used the small temple and shrine as a damned bathroom. 20 minutes later they packed up and left. Apparently that's normal behaviour. The ONLY chance we had that trip to get that shot and totally shot. I thought it was a one off until I saw the behaviour of those on groups in Banff 2 summers ago. It was honestly disgusting. I read an advisory about China having to mitigate damage to european tourist spots because groups had destroyed priceless works or busted up whole museums. Unsure if totally true but after seeing that it wouldn't surprise me.
  9. Warhippy

    2019 Election thread

    I agree with you. Kind of tired of our citizens going to other countries, breaking their rules or acting terribly and then crying about it when they realize they have to pay the consequences. Much like that idiot that spray painted that temple a few months ago. But in this instance, this guy was/is smuggling a quarter tonne of death to a country rocked by escalating overdose deaths. His criminal history shows he is far from repentant and the likelihood of him being released only to come back to canada and continue dealing is pretty good. I've no issues with China sentencing him to death for this. I do have issue with them doing it for political reasons and overruling a judges ruling of 15 years in prison though. That being said, I find it amusing China is issuing travel advisories to those travelling to canada and promising to curtail visitations. After seeing the Canada Parks 100th and enjoying the endless busloads of Chinese tour groups that treated areas like Yoho and the Kispiox so poorly I am not going to be sad to see less of those groups.
  10. Warhippy

    Canadian Armed Forces Thread

    Rafale/Dassault is out then? I wasn't entirely sold on them but it makes sense due to the needs Canada has set down for criteria That really leaves America, The Typhoon and Gripen. I am still unsure about the Gripen as it has some logistical issues and with Bolsonaro in office in Brazil and one of the most essential criteria being unmet due to the single engine of the Gripen IK can see it being narrowed down to a fight between Lockheed and Boeing and the Typhoon and with the promise of R&D and actual manufacturing jobs plus the new partnership between Bombardier/Airbus it just makes sense. But that being said I would not put anything past our government in terms of leveraging a purchase through US arms in Lockheed or Boeing against Tariffs or punitive measures the US administration has slapped on canada. Essentially we buy from you, you drop them entirely. Here though is a defence paper in recommendation of the Gripen so.... http://www.canadiandefencereview.com/Featured_content?blog/110 Whether it's a good idea to us or not we don't get a say do we?
  11. So here's the question. Would any of you be willing to part with any 2 or three of these items for the Oilers 1st and one of Puljujarvi or Benson Demko or DiPietro Dahlen/Baertschi Sutter/Gaudette Tanev 2nd or 3rd round pick Because no matter what people think, we're not getting a lottery pick and a prospect or player with that potential (and history has shown that once out of Edmonton these players shine) without giving the Oilers what they need where they need it.
  12. Warhippy

    Canadian Armed Forces Thread

    Remember our back and forth about the sale of Bombardier to Airbus and how I suggested that it could mean the Typhoon/Eurofighter being made in canada Just saying man it made sense then it makes even more sense now. As well to my knowledge The Rafale and Typhoon are the only two jets where the parent company has offered or suggested jobs in canada via R&D, Manufacturing or the like. Seems like a no brainer really and would SERIOUSLY be a slap to the face of Boeing and the US administration as the added costs due to Tariffs would not be present
  13. Warhippy

    2019 Election thread

    Hey you're back! Scheer has a history of speaking out about abortion, out against the LGBTQ community. Out against Muslims and atheists. He has since turned himself around and completely disavowed saying some of these things, and in other instances claims that his religion and religious upbringing gives him beliefs he is unbending on. But as PM would TOTALLY be ok with That means one of two things 1. he is lying 2. He has essentially turned his back on his entire belief structure for power Then you have former Cons like Baird, Kenney, Clement who up until recently were stalwarts of the party but have since been disavowed. Beyak, Duffy, Wallin Brazeau. People vetted by the former speaker of the house but now pariahs. Buddying up with the ever awesome The Rebel and personalities such as Faith Goldy, Ezra Levant. Hiring a former Rebel mouthpiece as a consultant/campaign manager. This is without mentioning Mr. Milk Moustache and his comments regarding giving the US everything they want for NAFTA, claiming that Trudeau was damaging relations with Saudi Arabia, going to India for some unknown reason to fix "damage" that apparently only the right wing pundits could see and more. Sorry bud, as a born and raised Conservative, until they kick the religious idiocy and self serving elites out of the party they're literally no different than the Liberals they purport to hate. But at least the Liberals don't use god or defame whole swaths of the population to justify their stances. So you can pick and choose what stance they as a party or as a person/mp have taken but there's a whole bouquet of flowers to choose from
  14. Hey....Trump just promised everyone he didn't work with Russia and it's all a witch hunt. we can go home. The man is innocent
  15. Warhippy

    So, Canada is not a country... not really

    I..... It's...... No. Nope. I'm out.