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  1. You've got to be kidding suggesting a tactic of the American far right here. Suggesting the PM is a pedophile based off of a minor college affiliation is not only laughable it's highly ignorant and speaks volumes about you. I could suggest that leadership hopeful Jewish is against the LGBT community and wants to see them annihilated based in her comments. MacKay hating westerners based in his O'Toole hating and desiring the eradication of anyone on the left based on his. Only using your metric here. Do you really think your argument or statement is credible or mature enough to warrant further debate?
  2. I miss Hodor VI and more than either got banned or walked If Strome and his amazing backwards ideals are gone too i'll be sad
  3. Agreed, and he just keeps damaging the brand more and more and more The Cons have not progressed at all from 20 years ago, if anything they've stagnated. Lewis looks like a viable candidate outside of her "social views" but has zero coverage or actual support thus far within the party. I have a very hard time seeing the party nominating her much like i doubted they'd nominate Paul Chong for the same unspoken reasons
  4. Not a fan of him. He seizes every opportunity to be relevant and fails miserably every single time.
  5. You need them handed to you? Why is it you guys never feel the need to do your own research? Hell even Singh and May managed to get the race card in there today. Scheer managed to mumble out a statement himself. But if you want the official statements made by MPs feel free to look them up. They're all very similar but predominantly one sided https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/jagmeet-singh-rideau-hall-incident-1.5641764 Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was also asked about the Rideau Hall incident during his own press conference. He said was deeply concerned for Trudeau and his family but added that he wouldn't speculate on the suspect's motives while the RCMP are investigating. "Any kind of threat against an individual at any level of government is completely unacceptable and needs to be dealt with very, very seriously," Scheer said.
  6. I am not saying that the cons and Bloc don't agree. I am saying they're in fact being awfully silent about this. Nathan Cirillo was gunned down by a psycho. This very well could have been the same thing. But noticeably, media and very prominent figures on the Conservative and Bloc side of the fence are loathe or hesitant to use the word terrorist. Let alone seeing either party speak out about this. When officers and security deemed this guy to be a credible threat to the PMs life. For lack of any better term he was there to kill or assassinate the PM and there's not much emphasis on calling him out or what he is. Bottom line is a man full armed and trained entered the grounds of the PMs residence with what appears to be intent to kill him. Where is the outrage?
  7. Let's get back on topic as opposed to listening to the Oldnews of the OT section claim someone else has a god complex. The man arrested breaking in to the PMs compound last week was found to not only be a credible threat but was armed to the teeth. But thus far few if anyone outside of the NDP and Libs are calling him out for what law enforcement are seeing as a credible threat on the PMs life. Why?
  8. Now again, not saying Trump is racist, even though he obviously is. But all racists do seem to support trump
  9. Your need to be right overrides your basic common sense on such a consistent basis it's predictable and sad Nothing I said was factually incorrect. Nothing I said was wrong. Nor was any of it the fault of anyone but those leading your province. Your province is cutting funds to parent sin need. That hurts those parents' abilities to work, find work. It also pulls money out of the economy. Your province is privatizing more healthcare, but funelling those cuts to pay for the budgetary shortfalls created by yet more reductions shown to be ineffective in job creation. Has allowed big money back in to politics at every level now including the municipal. Has reneged on numerous promises and contracts and literally every monetary promise made has fallen flat. But instead of simply looking at those facts, you claim "these are cherry picked stats from somebody" who while certainly leaning to one side is not wrong in his summation of these being a poor approach. Instead of just looking at the basic facts, you seem to think you're winning some sort of game with me. Sadly, you're not. I'm not playing games. You can't be debated because you can only think in absolutes. You cannot give an inch of ground no matter what. You're effectively the uncle everyone warns people about that shows up for the holidays that still thinks "certain people" are stealing peoples jobs and shouldn't be allowed in to the country Essentially, you're playing with yourself because I'm done engaging
  10. Where is any of that information wrong? These are events that have happened. The math is fairly accurate. A return? Almost all the math shows exactly how cuts of this nature hurt people and the economy. Obviously you dislike the messenger, but the message is pretty clear Cuts to health care. More privatized service. Relaxed rules to allow more large private money in to politics from corporate sources. Laws enacted against protesting and strikes as well as a rollback in charitable and union donations towards political parties An absolutely ridiculous further corporate tax cut But somehow. Someway. This is all either not factual to you or not worth considering.
  11. The blows keep coming for Alberta from outside and in. Cuts to assistance for parents in a massive downturn. Privatizing more provincial healthcare. Allowing for private money to fund politicians but making union or charity run donations a no no while also ensuring protesting is illegal. This is all someone else's fault https://kimsiever.ca/2020/07/06/ucp-guts-alberta-child-benefit-by-100-million-a-year/?fbclid=IwAR2BscCR1ptFD-82aWvIFYVNnsVmtdaHWyq7JBi_yPnVPyRVm3lLBW1Oefw https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-bill-32-workplace-unions-1.5640952 https://edmontonjournal.com/news/politics/alberta-government-tables-legislation-that-would-reverse-stricter-cap-on-donations-to-municipal-election-campaigns