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  1. I love when these interactions happen
  2. I do a fair bit of work for Black Press and the SOEC so it's not unusual. I always put my name in for choice concerts and events
  3. not suggesting trading Pearson, wondering if it's a situation similar to what Pearson went through in Pittsburgh is all.
  4. yet...Alberta wasn't;t doing well but eh rest of the country was for the most part. Looks like that argument can be "through'n" out as we go "threw" your business acumen again
  5. Nobody likes me? Strange. I happen to have a solid group of friends and interact with a number of people on this page. Maybe it's just you and your WEXITEERS??? iI'm also not sure, is that supposed to be insulting or something? I posted about December because much like June/July, Decembers numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt. You said how is X amount of jobs supposed to reverse X amount of jobs. A year as a whole tells the entire story, a month by month is always a snap shot. You pick and choose numbers and arguments all the time because you consistently end up on the wrong side of things. Not my issue but you seem to be a bit confused about it.
  6. I used to love watching that show, some of those peppers had some amazing ideas
  7. The fact you think I'm pouting is adorable. Who's fault will it be tomorrow? Spin the wheel today and let me know.
  8. I'm aware, but our Typhoid Mary hasn't popped up yet. Might be time to seriously curtail travel to ensure she doesn't come knocking. On a side note When people speak of potential threats to economic development, every single possible checkmark is being taken care of for a basic Pest and Swot analysis. A major epidemic coupled with ongoing political instability in America and the Middle East coupled with trade wars and record high debt....might be time to start stockpiling for that doomsday nonsense people speak of
  9. Go buy business for dummies? Why? I can just talk to you.
  10. I sincerely wonder, and have been all season if he couldn't be a potential Pearson trade. Where for whatever reason he just could not make it work in Nashville and will blossom somewhere else.
  11. I've already been contacted to photograph it. Kind of excited
  12. Just confirmed at least 1 case in Washington State and possibly two more from the same flight and region of China. Time to close down the borders.
  13. it has to be nitpicked because it doesn't jive with his opinion
  14. How many jobs did the nation gain in the entirety of 2019? You're ignoring everything for one snippet of the overall numbers. Again
  15. No you don't make RS stuff sound anything. You claimed BC was the reason for oil prices being the way they were. That's so laughably stupid it hurts. But you still claim to be a businessman without understand simple market forces or supply. Meh