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  1. Horgan has been pro refinement for a long time. Nobody seems to remember that. Black has been on about a refinery since 2012 It's curious how it didn't get started under either former government Some interesting reads on the subject. The why not side https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/tristin-hopper-why-canada-shouldnt-refine-the-oil-it-exports Blacks first statements on it https://www.bcbusiness.ca/blacks-refinery-plan-an-election-boost https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2012/08/17/bc_businessman_david_black_wants_to_build_13b_oil_refinery.html Current thoughts. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/entrepreneur-refloats-kitimat-refinery-trial-balloon-into-shifting-political-winds
  2. This is where I shake my head in wonder. People do realize that much of what they're hating Trudeau the most on that is not carbon tax related is literally legislation that he simply did not reverse that was started by the former Harper government. Or they don't. Either way, the idiocy that is the electorate has a short short memory 1. Should be really easy for you to find an example of me praising him then no? Why haven't you? 2. Is it hilarious? They say small things amuse small minds so maybe you're right and to you it is funny. But you claim I know nothing about Alberta but I keep educating you on things regarding Albertas political history, equalization payments, Albertas oil and power transfers plus former and current legislative practices that have caused the issues in Alberta as they are and you keep ignoring them. You then slink away like a coward and pop up making the exact same argument 2 days later. At least the Oldness of the off topic section attempts to justify his stance with facts. I also always own up to when I am wrong. You sit and mumble crap like "enjoy supporting socialism" then flake 3. You say I would prefer power centralized in Ottawa, I also dare you to find me ever saying that. Because as I recall I've always been very vocal about ensuring provinces do what they can to keep money out of federal hands. It's why I supported Alberta committing to their own carbon tax. Pretty sure you'll find a dozen posts saying Alberta keeps the money to ensure True Dough doesn't get a dime before you find one of me supporting a power shift to Ottawa. So again. Prove it 4. His support was much MUCH higher just a few months ago wasn't it? Just over 64% in fact. Now there are weekly protests and people are pissed. Pretty fast turn around I'd say 5. One thing your type somehow never considers is how Provincial parties are not federal parties. Legault while governing to the right is far closer to Trudeau as a frenchman than he is to Ford or Kenney, as evidenced by his denying Kenney in his post electoral victory of any hope of a pipeline. especially since Kenney has been threatening the equalization payments that keep Quebec going. Wanna piss off a frenchman? tell them what to do then threaten their money. Kenney has done both and that will not sit well for Scheer at all as Scheer and Kenney are such good buds 6. The maritimes have what? 5 seats? 7? BC is being threatened by Kenney and thus by extension Scheer. BCs power base is literally in Vancouver and the island. Think that the conservatives will actually make grounds in places where PC leaders are threatening the population? Really? 7. Again, you don't know much about Quebec if you're making those statements. Scheer said we'd talk regarding immigration but when Legault asked him to accept Quebecs denying the pipeline he shut up fast. That says a lot. He opened his mouth about Quebecs double filing of taxes and his desire to shift it to Ottawa....again a non starter. If you've ever lived in Quebec you know what that means. So I'll wait for your proof. I'll chuckle at your opinions and know that deep down, in the end you'll just repeat yourself and claim some sort of superiority while completely utterly refusing to even look in to ANY of the points I just brought up. You do you son
  3. Yzerman just came back to the wings. I figured Holland would be thrilled about that. Maybe there's been an issue since he came back and they're clashing. Holland has never seemed like the type to share the role
  4. At this point all the experts that already said it would be unlikely to be struck down as unconstitutional are being proven right. While it was only a 3-2 ruling it still stands. Manitoba has said they will challenge, Ontario is and well...Kenney will Kenney Their biggest hope is Scheer will win the election outright and strike it down. But; he won't strike it down. Governments don't give away cash cows. If they did smoking would have been outright outlawed years ago
  5. The constitutional and legal experts are waiting for Ontario. Citing that the only way the Supreme Court will hear them is if there is unquestionable doubt as to the majority ruling. Meaning if Alberta and Ontario both find against the carbon tax; that there is reasonable doubt. But if one or both find it constitutional than there is no need or reason for it to go to the Supreme Court. Will have to see what happens. What it does mean is that Moe in Saskatchewan is going to watch billions leave his province every year for federal coffers. Not sure how well that will sit with the people
  6. Does it though? Ford is absolutely bleeding support in Ontario. Quebec is loving True Dough. Ontario, Quebec and BC and True Dough owns a slim majority. Factor in the simple matter that Scheer is possibly less of a leader than even Singh and....
  7. It takes 3 years of have not or nil status to recieve transfer payments. If you put as much time in to researching this fact as you do making statements of idiocy you'd know that. For someone so passionate about Alberta you're really lazy and Ill educated on defending it. But then...when you want to emulate a leader like Kenney, intelligence, facts and effort aren't key components
  8. Show me where I've praised him. I'll wait while you find a way to never manage too
  9. You were right sir, my numbers were wrong. Not by much but they were wrong. Alberta was running deficits, and was in fact in increasing debt. The heritage fund hadn't budged in years. 50 years of being an energy powerhouse left them broke though and that is not right.
  10. Saskatchewan courts just ruled that the carbon tax IS in fact constitutional and within the realms of the federal government in the exact same way the GST was. As it is in fact a national issue it is within the realms of the federal government and their constitutional jurisdiction to impose this tax. Well. Let's see what Ford and Kenney do now
  11. Yup. I know. I keep reading up on that aspect of 78-84 and it's kind of shocking how close it came to actually happening. There were so many moving parts it forced the feds and provinces on board at the time to shift the dynamics of the plan no less than 3 times in 2 years. But using it to punish the rest of the nation while having a premier accusing the PM of causing a "national unity crisis" is beyond insulting.
  12. To be fair in that same time Ontario gave quite a lot as well, barring the last ten years. To be even more fair without the rest of the nation Albertas oilsands would never have gotten off the ground. With an annual estimate of $3.4 billion in federal subsidies a year many companies would simply leave or slow production. When people say Alberta gave X; they never ever seem to remember that Alberta is only able to give X because the rest of the country gave Y