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  1. Can't. I actually like our local NDP candidat. He's a good man and stands a chance of beating ghe local incumbent. The green candidate here is going to be lucky to net 950 total votes
  2. Clark completely sidestepped that question from Weaver. Why did you ignore the rest of the province and only agree to implement a 15% on metro vancouver after the municipal vancouver government demanded allowance to implement it Ugghh that plastic smile is just infuriating. Completely avoided the question. Ohh Weavers turn!
  3. Horgan is attacking. Offering 0 actual plan. Instead just attacking. If he'd answer instead of debate or refute everything or resort to finger pointing he'd actually be far more appealing. Clark continues to order and compose herself. Then speaks directly to the camera in thd same measured near monotone voice and parrots every liberal talking point verbatim. There's 0 deviation and 0 acceptance of blame let alone willingness to speak the truth. Weaver...damn boy. Why aren't you flying conservative colours or hell even supplanting and taking over the NDP. I don't know if it's just passion or if it's actually genuine conviction but damn he looks like a hell of a leader
  4. If he had ANY kind of a credible party behind him he'd be the leader of this province. The guys gold jerry, pure gold. But....as it stands, it's looking like a minority government or a split vote slim liberal majority The electorate are idiots remember that
  5. Ironworking. Steel structural specialist. Non status first nations individual. You left BC because the NDP made you.
  6. Weaver...the Premier we deserve but damn the electorate
  7. Asked legit questions And got told to call it a day. I guess facts and honest debate is a no go if it has to be fact based
  8. Uh huh. Unlike you abd your cowardly running away. I took a legitimate trade. Then after an accident cost me the ability to do that trade. I didn't blame the government. I manned up and started a business Take ownership for yourself for once and be a man instead of blaming everyone else This upcoming generation is soft enough. Stop making excuses for them because you're afraid just for the sake of being afraid
  9. Can't wait for more Weaver, wish he had more candidates worth the name
  10. You gave me 1 first. NOBODY forced you to work in Alberta...I cannot laugh hard enough at claims like that. You're a human being in charge of yourself. If you couldn't make it at home and couldn't find a way to make it work, that's on you not anyone else. It's like the sublime belief that governments create jobs, they don't. They don't hire or fire people. That's on private enterprise. Claim I am a victim, yet claims the NDP forced him out of BC. It's amusing really I have literally nothing to gain from an NDP government, I want a change. I loathe Clark and the faux Liberals that are so up their own hind ends that they believe they can openly lie and steal from the taxpayers. I prefer Weaver, but he doesn't have a chance because he's a paper tiger with no candidates and those he does have aren't going to beat the incumbents. Keeping in mind of course, since it seems to be important to you. You gave me a - first on simply posting a word for word fact check about political statements via the CBC.
  11. Uhmm...even China is shutting down coal mines. There's little to no money in coal. Even the guys running the coal mines know that http://money.cnn.com/2017/03/28/news/economy/trump-power-plants/index.html?iid=A_BN_News Robert Murray US coal boss https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/mar/27/us-coal-industry-clean-power-plan-donald-trump http://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/markets/trump-may-be-offering-coal-leases-that-no-one-wants-right-now/ar-BByTjBq There is no money in coal anymore. Money is moving to green energy in ever faster numbers, now is the time to get on board or get left behind. it is why even the Alberta energy giants are currently applauding and standing behind Notleys push for more green energy and the carbon tax (believe it or not)
  12. You're the lowest common...whatever. You cannot refute anything I posted, because it is all factual So instead you attempt poorly to insult me. That says everything I need to know. Cannot refute facts try to defame the messenger
  13. Go ahead fruit and 189. Downvote it. Facts are facts And if you don't like "Borrowing and debt" Than you REALLY need to pick your party better or at least figure out who how and what you're whinging about http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-liberals-promise-to-not-leave-debt-for-our-kids-is-misleading-1.4083312 Because the numbers show the Liberals have put us in to massive debt by borrowing and not repaying. The debt your grandkids will pay, is all Liberal
  14. buh buh buh Gen5!!! It's like shoving DDR4 down the throats of graphic designers and photographers and saying how essential it is to the editing process because "speed" except...it doesn't work because it is so far ahead of the rest of the platform The F-35 is a sweet idea, great plane but ultimately a huge waste of time and money
  15. Kinda digging their new album. crusher Destroyer aint half bad