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  1. Oh man its gooood Apparently theres stuff recorded that nobody even knew about in regards to hush payments Im hoping for abortion payments if ONLY to hear how the conservative right spin cheating, adultery, prostitution, abortion and bribery as acceptable
  2. My statement was in regards to his numbers. They're bad. Like really bad. But its obvious he plays better in big game scenarios with a better team in front of him. Still...those numbers
  3. Back to TRUMP Anyone want to address this?? You admitted you read nothing he said. Saw none of his interviews and am claiming I'm just looking for a reason to criticize him. Ok champ. Maybe research it before opening your snapper. He said EXACTLY that. Unless you've read the statements isnt it kind of dumb to claim otherwise?
  4. Really? Huh...all economic reports state Alberta left recession and has a more diversified economy than they have since the 70s. Who do i trust in this im so confused
  5. And The facts are he still ran up almost 200 billion in new debt with nothing really to show for it
  6. Soooo...2 months before the election the FBI had knowledge of recordings between Trump and Cohen discussing clandestine payments to porn stars and hookers Cohen recorded everything. Lol everything and more Will be REALLY interesting to year the "but billy got a beej in the oval office so its not that bad" crowd https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/07/20/michael-cohen-secretly-recorded-trump-discussing-payment-model/807195002/
  7. Except he did say give america what they want as NAFTA is too important to lose
  8. But arent you glad she moved out of the recession that wasn't her fault without oil which wasnt her fault
  9. So...I forgot the global recession? OK how do you feel about Notley?
  10. Still waiting for verification or proof that tax cuts stimulate spending or growth of the middle classes as we've seen almost 3.5 decades of that in North America without any actual growth and the middle class dwindling to nothing. On the OTHER hand, we've seen tax increases actually help the overall economy in both countries. So, just out of curiosity does it matter if it's over night when over 30 years has shown it to be ineffective
  11. Looked back, WAY back. Didn't see you whining about Harpers deficits and 150+ billion. Only true Dough's Criticize Trudeaus blunders but if you don't call out the massive deficit spending by the former government of your own country than it seems stupid to complain about it under new management. But I guess the Truedough obsession lives eh?
  12. Honestly. Politics aside. And I do mean let's keep them completely separate from what I am about to say here. Trump is not only a liar, he is a bad and prolific liar. he literally is on tape saying one thing then lying about it in the same day. Would anyone support a person in their personal or professional life that not only lied, but also derided, degraded and when backed in to a corner blamed everyone but themselves for any reason? That is essentially what people are doing. Like an abusive relationship because some are so weak minded they believe it won't get better. Trump is the high school equivalent of the bully with a girlfriend in "another school" and a "rich uncle you'll never meet cause he's too rich" that picks on everyone until he gets smashed in the commons one day. I've never dealt with that in my professional life and refuse to accept that in my personal life. How on earth can ANYONE willingly support a person who is essentially such an absolute waste of time?
  13. Last for 8 to 10 years? He JUST had half his ankle removed...in the eastern conference. Lol
  14. OH Trump....I love ya buddy. Gold jerry GOLD