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  1. One of the best rookie seasons by a D man in the league in years (heiskanen not withstanding) says you're wrong
  2. I only posted the link because he's right there with Y2KCanuck and the rest of the complete haters who do nothing but complain, ignore basic fact, complain some more, then hope that player X or team Y fail so "they can be proven right" The type that claim their opinion is fact and that nothing anyone they decide they don't like that is a success is a good thing or a product of their hard work Benning drafts Pettersson. Oh that was all Brackett. Dahlen decides to ask for a trade. Benning never gave him a chance Trades for Gudbranson. benning gave yup way to much he's terrible Benning trades Gudbranson. Do you see how well he's doing in pittsburgh? He didn't give him a quality partner, now our team is soft Drafts Gaudette. Brackett again That's the literal mentality. Up to and including hoping Virtanen busts so "they can be proven right" I cannot get over that mentality and HF is full of people like it. So, sending him a link home
  3. Son I think you're lost Head on home now ya hear https://hfboards.mandatory.com/forums/vancouver-canucks.36/
  4. The crypt keeper. Lol the equivalent of Tomatoes11 of the Vancouver sports media
  5. You can ignore the rest of my post because you know you have literally nothing. You're the guy who claimed that Shinkaruk was an AHL leading scorer. You can ignore the rest because you've literally nothing you can say because you've outed yourself for knowing less than Gudbranson in a high pressure play
  6. The issue with the Mueller report is that unless it unequivocally points to Trump directly involved with Russian influence and campaign management his base will feel vindicated entirely regardless of what else it says. The left in America hyped that report and investigation up to steroidal Watergate levels and anything less than a suggestion of treason will mean the left has lost all credibility.
  7. So...a new GM will use everything Benning built and created and you'll call that a success but won't say Benning is building a team from the ground up successfully?
  8. My biggest question with that list is who the hell the author is to decide the value of any of those assets as some have not even played in the NHL yet. Seems to me that this is an very incomplete graph because there are picks/players that were brought in/traded that have resulted in other assets as well. Just because a drooling yokel in a basement can make a childish graph of cherry picked items and places an arbitrary value on it doesn't mean its accurate. Wait he was what? He was given a decent shot and where is he now? Not even .5 ppg over multiple teams in the AHL No you didn't. I knew that the Bruins would stomp Vancouver in 2011. I knew that the Edler would never waive. I knew that Desjardin would say Real Gud endlessly. See I can make stuff up too. But it doesn't make me factual or correct. In hindsight even you can look smart. Mentored by Chiarelli you say? Seems he had a quality position in office for a long time between multiple teams with some very solid success. Seems he also happened to be behind some of the Bruins better drafts in recent years while he was there. As well as the Sabres and ducks. Benning lover defence is about as childish as whining about Mah Cody! post Hodgson trade. Our GM is far from bad, it just takes people who make things up that aren't factually correct to make statements like that to make him look far worse than he is.
  9. I can just see him regaining that skill in an offensive system like Babs employs with that roster. Would suck to see
  10. Every single idiot in the west with a gun fetish is currently crying themselves to sleep raging on message boards about the loss of their freedoms without ever once thinking that not everywhere is America and that the 2nd amendment is something they own not the rest of the world
  11. They are absolutely not. Notley has been a tireless advocate for the oilseeds and has battled every step of the way for Alberta. but all you hear people say is how she WAS anti pipeline. how she IS anti oil because of her past. How SHE is spending Alberta in to the dirt. But they never ever actually admit the truth. that she has fought tooth and nail, has spent because she has too and more. My favourite argument is how "investment fled Alberta because of her" but the truth is aside from a few projects the loss of development is 100% based on oil prices, even the protest pull outs are literally nothing to do with true business sense but a protest alone. In all honesty. Alberta was one of the worlds safest and easiest sources of energy for 50 years, and the province had to essentially cut services, stop building, stop maintaining infrastructure to stay solvent and after this long protracted boom they don't have the stones to look in the mirror and admit that after 50 years they have dick to show for it Doesn't matter. Kenney will be the Premiere after the election and people will blame every failure on Notley. not on the fact that his business sense is about as credible as a The_Guardian Benning Hate post.
  12. So Benning is at fault for most of the things, but the good things aren't because of him?
  13. Ha...he Tavares' the team and walks to Vancouver to play with superstar future HOF players Boeser and Pettersson