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  1. Lil donny, walking it back now https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/trump-attempts-distance-chant-omar-1.5216657 He didn't mean it. Just because he said it, egged on a crowd doesn't mean he said it.
  2. That's entirely right. That's where we're at. It's also why I responded with verifiable statements made by Scheer and images of him doing things. Much easier to verify
  3. That was over 40% a few months ago
  4. I'm going to challenge you to prove I've ever praised JT. Run along now. Do it up. Show me where I've praised him
  5. I'm anti Scheer. Not pro liberal. Don't confuse the two. Incorrect. I kept pointing out the numerous times the former pm also played "dress up" to people's statements of Trudeau playing dress up. Now Scheer is doing the same. So I'll point that out to. You keep muttering the same nonsense, but all I keep doing is pointing out the blatant hypocrisy evident in many of people's arguments. Willing to forget the incidents they're parties committed in a rush to point their finger across the fence to lecture or deride the other party they don't like for doing the same things. Don't confuse argument with support
  6. Well...yes. food is good. You could clear up the pet overpopulation issue and solve hunger in greatly impoverished areas for a time. I also would suggest no more graveyards because it's invariably land that could house or reed people and that there should be incentives for people to grow fruit trees and gardens. Their yards. Mass production of food is terrible. Period. But with almost 8 billion people on the planet we need to consider all the options
  7. Quick bring up jobs reports, housing and the economy/wage growth. I wanna see more memes in response
  8. A picture is worth a thousand words. Guess I'll post real photos instead of memes and see what kind of 1000 word response we get Scheer at a pro life rally Scheer with known white supremacist supporter and anti semite Faith Goldy Scheer speaking in front of known anti immigration yellow vest groups supported by known right wing extremists Scheer with Hamish Marshall who instructed rebel media to follow white supremacy groups in America in support of conservative values. Scheer then hired Hamish Marshall for his campaign Former PM Stephen harper with Arthur Porter, the man at the heart of the SNC Lavalin Scandal, a man Scheer had to sign off in support of as speaker of the house Scheer in India playing dress up to "fix" some sort of alleged yet still unfounded disaster Trudeau caused Scheer visits a Sikh temple for more dress up Scheer's voting history on...specific items. Scheer defending known right wing extremist and supremacist Diane Blaine https://montrealsimon.blogspot.com/2018/08/justin-trudeau-con-media-and-bigots.html And finally, Scheer's total statements and voting record regarding his faith and views on...things. A picture is worth a thousand words. In this, without a single actual meme and relying on literal facts; Scheer can be summed up very simply. #InsinScheer
  9. It's better to double down in ignorance than just walk away.
  10. Ya no. Racism stems from fear, ignorance and hatred. When you refuse to learn about a people but pretend you know more about their issues you're ignorant. When you tell someone who has lived with those issues they're wrong based on "your opinion" you're ignorant. That's inarguable. Someone doubling down while not having lived with those issues, not having first hand experience yet still claiming to be the authority on them based on articles and opinion is full of BS. I don't give a randy start what any saucy muppet has to say about it, in this you're both wrong.
  11. Ted Cruz is Canadian, of course we didn't "flip out" because we don't want him back here
  12. Those who know the least speak the loudest about it. His arguments and statements are such utter BS>. it's like a person who knows a person of minority status growing up or from works, then claims "I got you brother" and dictates their plight to others. Give me a damned break.
  13. I'm not sure we should be sitting here questioning the woman who's been attacked and her "allegiance to the flag and patriotism" when she was attacked by a man who literally asked russia for help in hacking sensitive information, has turned his back on Americas oldest allies in an effort to cozy up to dictators and despots and literally wipes his arse with the constitution at every turn. Kind of heavy handed don't ya think?