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  1. Ouch..., but go on about Biden's mental faculties lol You have to read the whole thread wow...
  2. Hell let's go full on with these, they're great. Comments made by Trump via Zap
  3. Pfftt Biden and his "you're not black" comment. If only...there was a comment made by Trump in a cartoon format that somehow came close to that and Oh wait
  4. Do you feel there is not a near scientific consensus about the virility, seriousness and or potential lethality of this virus?
  5. FAR FAR FAR to much smoke in the Eichel is too hard to work with fire. A number of players out, wanting out or rumbling about "a high profile player" just scream nope
  6. First off. I will put anything via Breitbart on blast. We can claim MSM bias all we want but when someone trots out The Rebel News or Brietbart, I will immediately call it in to question. Bexte and Levant are two of the worst frigging hacks in North America and openly lie, push narratives and tow the line between outright hate and alex jones style bs. I refuse to accept them as even remotely credible media for the same reason I don't accept info wars or the national enquirer Secondly, for me. I don't think Biden is better. I've been open about that. BUT, at this point in time it's about picking the least disgusting piece of crap out of the pile and if your choice is Biden or trump you're going to at least pick up the one that appears solid
  7. Not me. I think mail in voting is Horgans biggest threat myself
  8. Who is they? If you're speaking of Wilkinson and his party. No. I am not a supporter and they are not liberals in anything but name
  9. We'll have to agree to disagree at that point. I will have to say that the belief that people will rush out and purchase things like trucks or minivans due to a loss of PST (but no loss of PDI or other fees in vehicle purchases) is certainly a pipe dream that is about as likely to happen as Horgan is to call off the election.
  10. Sorry....but with almost 50% of the nation less than $200 a month from outright bankruptcy how do you expect people will be buying new trucks or minivans again with wages and income being so uncertain right now? https://www.ipsos.com/en-ca/news-polls/Canadians-and-Bankruptcy-Oct-2019
  11. IN a covid world, being faced with ever shrinking savings and less than secure income. what is $1200? I fondly recall klein bucks being talked about in the same manner
  12. I have standards and a brain in my head. You know what they say about assumptions
  13. An estimated amount totalling less than $1200 for a household making $60k a year. That's not insignificant, BUT at the same time it is also not nearly as much as would be needed to "stimulate the economy" as it was. The ensuing shortfall would be paid. Make no mistake about it. And no, Wilkinson was not leader; but the party by and large has not changed.