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  1. Oh man its gooood Apparently theres stuff recorded that nobody even knew about in regards to hush payments Im hoping for abortion payments if ONLY to hear how the conservative right spin cheating, adultery, prostitution, abortion and bribery as acceptable
  2. My statement was in regards to his numbers. They're bad. Like really bad. But its obvious he plays better in big game scenarios with a better team in front of him. Still...those numbers
  3. Back to TRUMP Anyone want to address this?? You admitted you read nothing he said. Saw none of his interviews and am claiming I'm just looking for a reason to criticize him. Ok champ. Maybe research it before opening your snapper. He said EXACTLY that. Unless you've read the statements isnt it kind of dumb to claim otherwise?
  4. Really? Huh...all economic reports state Alberta left recession and has a more diversified economy than they have since the 70s. Who do i trust in this im so confused
  5. And The facts are he still ran up almost 200 billion in new debt with nothing really to show for it
  6. Soooo...2 months before the election the FBI had knowledge of recordings between Trump and Cohen discussing clandestine payments to porn stars and hookers Cohen recorded everything. Lol everything and more Will be REALLY interesting to year the "but billy got a beej in the oval office so its not that bad" crowd https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/07/20/michael-cohen-secretly-recorded-trump-discussing-payment-model/807195002/
  7. Except he did say give america what they want as NAFTA is too important to lose
  8. But arent you glad she moved out of the recession that wasn't her fault without oil which wasnt her fault
  9. So...I forgot the global recession? OK how do you feel about Notley?
  10. Still waiting for verification or proof that tax cuts stimulate spending or growth of the middle classes as we've seen almost 3.5 decades of that in North America without any actual growth and the middle class dwindling to nothing. On the OTHER hand, we've seen tax increases actually help the overall economy in both countries. So, just out of curiosity does it matter if it's over night when over 30 years has shown it to be ineffective
  11. Looked back, WAY back. Didn't see you whining about Harpers deficits and 150+ billion. Only true Dough's Criticize Trudeaus blunders but if you don't call out the massive deficit spending by the former government of your own country than it seems stupid to complain about it under new management. But I guess the Truedough obsession lives eh?
  12. Honestly. Politics aside. And I do mean let's keep them completely separate from what I am about to say here. Trump is not only a liar, he is a bad and prolific liar. he literally is on tape saying one thing then lying about it in the same day. Would anyone support a person in their personal or professional life that not only lied, but also derided, degraded and when backed in to a corner blamed everyone but themselves for any reason? That is essentially what people are doing. Like an abusive relationship because some are so weak minded they believe it won't get better. Trump is the high school equivalent of the bully with a girlfriend in "another school" and a "rich uncle you'll never meet cause he's too rich" that picks on everyone until he gets smashed in the commons one day. I've never dealt with that in my professional life and refuse to accept that in my personal life. How on earth can ANYONE willingly support a person who is essentially such an absolute waste of time?
  13. Last for 8 to 10 years? He JUST had half his ankle removed...in the eastern conference. Lol
  14. OH Trump....I love ya buddy. Gold jerry GOLD
  15. So are you ready for this people. Putin...has offered to help trump get to the bottom of the server issue and the US election scandal by offering up his intelligence agencies time and manpower. All Trump has to do is give over the 12 people that have been arrested for meddling in the Us election https://www.vox.com/2018/7/16/17576788/putin-trump-meeting-election-idea-hacking So what are we thinking. 1st class flights back to Russia before "accidents" or?
  16. It will be shot at. Claiming it is disrespectful and that shooting it down sends a message to them disrespectful leftists
  17. OK 1 country has the power to bully all but 3 And that same country has more buying/purchasing power than 100+ others and essentially dictates the markets.
  18. Because only 1 country can bully all but 3 of the others
  19. In all honesty man I see the slide having happened when Obama took power. "Some" in the US couldn't abide by it based simply on race. His failures while in office only pushed them over the edge His successes are essentially ignored Now that there is a man who embraces and promotes racial tension those same people in power will not accept that the party is over again quietly. At all. If Trump is impeached rallies will get violent. When Trump is not re-elected rallies will get violent for a different reason. But people are simply looking for a reason to hate each other in the US right now. A country that has been at war for generations and fed violence and a belief in their own superiority is a powder keg simply waiting for a match Decades? Yes sure. But as I said the loss of Rome took hundreds of years. The loss of the US will take far far less but will be no less messy.
  20. Skip his tourney and reg seasons. His numbers make him appear to be a big game goalie but man...those numbers...wow
  21. The moment the world economy went digital, protectionism became a form of economic suicide. One major development failing in the South Pacific over a decade ago caused the start of the massive failures of Icelandic banking. The systemic crash harmed the economies of over 2 dozen major countries. Glitnir/Baugar and Laandsbanki with their operations in major markets in the UK saw 1 development in Thailand (if I recall) fail and the cascading effect saw major failures due to the integrated nature of digital commerce. Property failures occurred and well Poof Protectionism leads to North Koreas. There is no such thing as a Canadian economy, US economy etc anymore. It is the US arm of the global economy, the Russian leg, the heart of the Yen etc. When one fails the body starts to die. Right....what would Hillary do in the White House, her husband had sex with a woman while president omg.... *cough ignore the hypocrisy cough* Thank you Russia.....
  22. Yes they'd get massacred and yes the states know it. And I have serious doubts they'd actually stop them from trying You might think that there will not be a serious civil war. But it doesn't have to be serious to have serious consequences. The rest of the world is just waiting. California voting on breaking up. Texas essentially saying we can do what we want. Elected leaders stating it's ok to be racist but don't get an abortion. The entire right side of the leadership caste has all but stated it's ok to be racist, it's ok to do crime, it's ok to be a bigot so long as you're not on the left. While the left has stated it's ok to expect handouts. It's ok to do less. it's ok to not have to earn your keep so long as you do everything you're told. The entire rest of the world is waiting with baited breath for it. It doesn't have to involve shooting either for the damage to be done. With the US leader essentially admitting he is a Russian puppet. With the Russian president admitting the us president is his puppet. And the current US government essentially staying utterly silent while their sitting president states that he trusts the man who engineered his electoral win and that he admires a person like Erdogan and Kim Jong Un over the EU, Britain, Canada and essentially NATO....it's already started Rome wasn't built in a day and it didn't die in a day either, the slide was long and horrible. In todays world the fall of hundreds of years can happen in a decade and the rest of us all seem to think it's started. Only the US and its citizens seem to think it can be held together. As a person who lived and worked in the US and has a daughter still living in California I have a vested interest in seeing the US succeed but damn.... Guess time will tell Sir
  23. Ladies and gentlemen Your US Trump supporter
  24. Trumps team. Let's slap tariffs on EVERYONE! Everyone Uhh...k well we're just going to retaliate Trumps team OMG guys that's so unfair omg I am going to the WTP and you're gonna be in so much trouble Lol, what's the over/under for trump threatening to leave the WTO again when they say stuff you petulant whiner and deal with the mess you made? I mean seriously, because other countries should care about the poor American Joe who just lost their job to Trumps idiocy over their own people? http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/us-tariffs-wto-1.4748459 The United States has launched five separate complaints at the World Trade Organization against Canada, China, the European Union, Mexico and Turkey in response to retaliatory tariffs those countries and groups have launched against the United States. U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement Monday that recent tariffs implemented by the U.S. on foreign steel and aluminum are "justified under international agreements," but retaliatory measures from other countries in response are not. "Instead of working with us to address a common problem, some of our trading partners have elected to respond with retaliatory tariffs designed to punish American workers, farmers and companies," Lighthizer said. The United States earlier this year put a tariff of 10 per cent on imported aluminum, and 25 per cent on steel, in addition to other targeted measures on foreign-made goods. Other nations hit by those tariffs have launched counter-measures of their own, which so far target $24 billion US worth of American-made goods, but are soon set to increase exponentially. Last week, the U.S. proposed a new round of tariffs on $200 billion US worth of Chinese goods, and China is disputing those tariffs in a WTO complaint of its own, also announced Monday. The WTO is an international body that adjudicates trade disagreements between member nations. Member nations usually adhere to any rulings the WTO finds, but the process can be so slow and cumbersome that many disputes ended up being remedied elsewhere at some point anyway. Cyndee Cherniak, an international trade lawyer at LexSage in Toronto, says it's interesting that the U.S. is choosing to go the WTO route in this case, since the country has been dragging its foot on updates that would enhance the agency's power to mediate trade squabbles. The U.S. has stopped appointing people to the appellate body of the WTO that would allow it to handle more cases, more quickly, she said. "The U.S. is making it impossible for there to be a final decision on the five cases they just brought." The reason for that, she suggested, is a more sinister motive at play. "Without a functioning court, they can do whatever they want, because there's no one there to tell them they can't do it." "We are caught in a litigation limbo," said Cherniak.