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  1. The thing about trump v canada is that we're to a province doing what the experts are telling us. Trump is telling people be ready we're opening the country in 2 weeks or less.
  2. I deactivated Facebook last night. The level of toxicity is too much
  3. The 16 tonnes claimed needed to be agreed on by various provinces and premieres as well as health authorities before it could be moved out of country because it comes from provincial hands . I asked about it and yes there was a federal requisition done back in January for Interior Health but the province and health experts agreed to it. It was certainly not 16 tonnes of equipment though. It appears though that China is sending much of it back and is in fact sending other items as well. Which is great stuff. I have checked it out. I'm avoiding it like the Covid. I don't think anyone can make a credible claim of Trump handling this crisis well but I am not going to wade in to that mess
  4. You said while I was doing X. That is kind of hard to not assume is meant towards me. Almost anything these days if you don't hear it directly from the source can be taken out of context, because the moment the interview is over; every party is out there with soundbites to generate outrage based on whatever the flavour of the day is.
  5. Mentioned this a few weeks ago. Spring Break was going to be the real litmus test. I would think over the next 2-3 weeks we see the largest daily spikes simply because people have been moving. Almost a million students moving through airports to smaller cities, almost a million out of country travellers have come back to canada by estimates in the last 10 days. They projected and modelled this a while ago based on so many being mobile over this last 2 weeks. I think the real test as stated will be the numbers over the next 16 days. But by the numbers as of now we're still doing ok. As of now only
  6. America. Schools, education centres, certain "types of health clinics" deemed non essential Liquor stores, churches, gun stores considered essential. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know I don't know what does
  7. While I was busy what? crucifying? I couldn't understand from your self righteous griping there. Skip everything else you just said. You're whining about having ancestral land taken away or this or that is childish petulant and just sheer whining for the sake of whining in the face of what has happened to First Nations bands in this nation. Take a lap because you're arguing for the exact same thing out of both sides of your mouth here.
  8. I heard a friend whining about needing decisive leadership and I pointed out that the US had a self proclaimed decisive leader and where their numbers were. Then I pointed out our border closures came within days of the US doing the same. How we're doing more for our people than the US is doing. Still got a "he should have done X, Y or Z and when people die it's his fault. You cannot at all debate with some people when their minds are made up. I want trudeau to step down after this and hand over leadership to Freeland, but I won't say he's doing a bad job. Ford made some questionable decisions, as did Horgan, Kenney etc but all in all Canada's leadership has done quite well in their response to this
  9. Rumours abound that due to the need for unanimous consent between MPs that there were holdouts who were threatening to vote no simply because it would have triggered an election. Evidently that was a threat in response to said threatened holdouts. It overrode their ability to trigger an election and hold up vital money for those in need. With the state of things in this country I actually do not doubt that as a possibility because we're so damned partisan that we'd willingly screw people in order to screw a party. Luckily it was merely a draft and quickly repealed once all MPs were in written and verbal agreement to pass any funding bill to help people. Keep in mind that these are just rumours being reported about why that measure was in the draft and luckily it was just a draft because nobody should have that level of power.
  10. I am looking at all inclusive to Mexico right now and finding 2 adults and 2 kids 12 and under for $340 a night in a 2 queen bedroom suite in 4 star+ locations. So travel. Like everywhere
  11. Because he's been listening to the experts on this since day one. As for plans. Do you have kids? I do. 2 daughters under the age of 12. Every plan I make, changes from hour to hour and sometimes even less than that. Most travellers now are those coming back to Canada or flying inter provincial routes. I myself think that should have been addressed prior to Spring Break as that left nearly a million students moving about through major airports in to smaller cities. But I give him and many of the leaders in Canada credit for doing their best to just let the experts call the shots regarding how to handle this virus from a social and medical level.
  12. Experts saying it could feasibly take months to roll out those cheques and they're literally one time only. Meanwhile large business and corporations have been getting hundreds of billions for weeks without blinking. It's insane to think that consumer confidence will even exist by the end of the month in the US or Canada
  13. a lot of talk now about this being an additional 4+ weeks. This while the US is now completely overwhelmed by this virus and is the world leader for new cases Anyone think that massive pile of cash thrown at this issue and a measly $1200 one time payment will help at all?
  14. OK so anyone who has applied can you fill me in? Laid off from a 16-20 hour a week job, but also a business owner who's entire season and main income got wiped out. Conflicting reports to apply for EI, and not to apply for anything until this new emergency benefit comes out in early April or else I might screw myself because they'd base everything on a 20 hour a week job. What do I do? Does anyone have any info because everything I am seeing is entirely unhelpful right now.
  15. You got er man. I don't care who's in charge right now. Harper, Trudeau, Scheer, Kenney, Mulroney, Laurier. NO leader could do more than what is being done now. Listening to the experts. Making multi party decisions. The faux anger is just pissing me off because it serves less than no purpose
  16. I bought a french press and a couple of different blends. Was by far the best choice I made during this crisis
  17. My favourite was a page or outfit that calls itself "Canada Proud" that is now out claiming Trudeau sent 16 TONNES of medical supplies without the consent of the medical community. Except, That in a minority government any aid sent out of country needs to be approved by multiple parties, and as these items needed to be requisitioned from various health authorities needed to be ok'd by medical experts and strategists who ok'd these transfers. As well, the claim of 16 tonnes of medical supplies is beyond specious as they claim it is masks and gloves predominantly. Any idea how many boxes of gloves it takes to make a metic tonne? But they made a meme, posted it and now it's caught fire and it's beyond obnoxiously ignorant in its attempt to blame one party or person for something that didn't factually happen the way they claim it did
  18. I am too. Wife put her foot down on that, another I told you so moment I won't mention to her. But they're still a good buy in
  19. I'm fairly certain I can't race my fathers story back to the first residential school he was sexually and physically abused in, and even back to the band that was forcibly moved twice off of land that had been there's for thousands of years. But no, I can't so I guess it kind of demeans my amusement when faced with such generational abuses such as "being offended"
  20. I'd say this is momentary honestly. The issue with the feds throwing money at an issue is that there's literally zero consumer confidence behind it right now. Markets come out, terrible. Earnings will be out. Terrible. Corporations are not investing right now let alone spending. That literally means any increase is on the backs of the government and effectively on the taxpayers. Once the US starts dying in their thousands every day which is almost inevitable; these momentary increases will absolutely flatline
  21. This story is getting some traction now and weighing on US stocks. good. Honestly, writing blank cheques to corporations is what doomed the 2008 recovery to failure by kicking the can down the road
  22. Bouncy Bouncy https://liveindex.org/americas/ https://liveindex.org/commodities/ It's all a facade at this point isn't it? The moment the government slips up for a day it's over
  23. Saw this, read the proposed amendments...it's literally what everyone has been asking the government to do but the title is pure clickbait. But that means nothing because everyone is freaking out and claiming "Castro jr wants a dictatorship" but are doing said claim while joking with their buddies in a Safeway checkout line
  24. today: 298 pages March 15th: 150 pages Jan 18th: 1 page Don't you see people...the growth, is exponential