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  1. bro poor afghanistan got slaughtered 


    rashid khan 0-110 in 9 overs lmaoooooo rip


    also bro i hate this venue. half these matches are getting chopped cuz the rain 

  2. I don't like the US interfering whatsoever, but I also despise the government for being perhaps some of the biggest ظaalimeen (oppressors) on this planet. 

    Stuff like Maduro eating extravagate and playing baseball while his people were starving, just sick. 


    But the last thing the country needs is a US-backed puppet with all that oil. 

  3. It's sad how Canada is just willing to bow down the US and be used. An yes, I know about the extradition treaty, but its dumbfounding. 


    It seems that many people here are just willing to accept the US's bullying on the international level. The world is bigger than the United States. So what if countries do business with Iran? And Spying??!? Really ??!? It's so rich coming from the US to complain about cellular devices spying on people. Forgetting what the NSA does with apple? Or literally every other US company? Oh so now when China does it everyone looses their minds cuz 'evil chinese hUrdd DurR'


    What a joke.  

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  4. I like the orca but sure if they’re gonna change it any other logo is fine i guess.


    but the stick in the rink? good god i’ve never felt a more pure feeling of sheer unhealthy toxic and statuary hate for a what some people call “logo” if i could choose between having that logo or drink bleach, I’d chugg down 3 liters after biting into 7.34 gram per mol of crocodile sh*t that was expired back when the Ottman Empire still existed. If i could choose between that logo and having to drag myself across the trans canada highway with Ryan Kesler and Roberto Luongo pulling me by my eyeballs attached  to a 4 x 4 2006 manual  geared truck that badly needs an oil change id still choose the truck and risk corneal distruction




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  5. For the most part, the Muslims in Calgary are very friendly and are very adaptive (highly important part of assimilation). That's why I like them here. It's very different encountering the ones in the GTA. Calgary's heritage unfortunately is what I like to call rather sh**-kicker'ish (I celebrate the heritage and stuff but you wouldn't ever catch me riding horses, wearing the cowboy get-up, or shouting "yeehaw!" -- you'd be surprised how involved some get), but it's still part of the culture here, and it's cool seeing Muslims partaking in it.

    When I moved to Calgary from Toronto, I came first before my wife and daughter, the first experience I had in Calgary was going to a TD Bank to withdraw rent money for a townhouse rental. The customer service lady was a very young and good looking Muslim woman, and when she realized I had just come here she, in front of a huge line of customers listening to us talk about moving, gave me her number and offered to show me around town personally and where all the decent areas are. :lol: Would have smashed if I wasn't married.

    Yeah, I also really liked the Muslim Community there. I also prefer them over Toronto's. The Muslims in Calgary were generally more nicer and friendly. I actually felt there were better Muslims generally in Calgary than here in the city I live in.

    Back in Calgary the Muslim Community was strongly united, as there were Muslims from many different groups and even shias all praying in the same mosque. With stampede breakfasts, Eid festivals, activities for youth, and much more. Felt like a true community.

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  6. Dhahran/Khobar/Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

    But u all probably knew that.

    Almost 2 years ago I moved from calgary to here.

    I loved calgary and spent 8 years there.

    Prior to that I lived in Halifax for 2 years after moving from Karachi, Pakistan.

    I've lived for 6 months in Qatar.

    I've also lived in some few other countries across the middle east for shorts stints/also when I was younger.

  7. 15 pages. I love essays.

    Would you rather have to impulsively correct everyone's bad grammar or would you rather talk like an unschooled hick for the rest of your life?


    Would u rather be able to freeze time or be able to go back in time?

  8. I have a question about a question about a question. What is the question? Is it even a legitimate question? Who gave you the right to ask a question? WHY are you asking me a question that consists of two questions? What is one of the questions inside the question was what is the question? It would be a question about a question that's inside a question. But that itself would also be a question? I mean, amiright? I have a question, what if someone asks a question about a question that actually another questioned about the first question? Would we call that questception?

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