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  1. Could actually see something around Booth and Havlat. Both injury prone big contract guys in need of a change of scenery. Might be able to incorporate other pieces be it grinders, prospects or picks. You guys did well in the Erhoff trade with SJ so maybe Gillis can pull another rabbit out of his hat.
  2. [Trade] NYI Matt Moulson + Picks for BUF Thomas Vanek

    Nope if Isles are in lottery position, the pick is deferred to 2015.
  3. [Report] Canucks Considered Trading Edler to Detroit

    iirc it was Brendan Smith and Tomas Tatar for Edler that Det offered. Maybe not a stellar return but would have opened up cap space that could have been used to improve team in other areas and would have shaken up your core. Another poster nailed it when they said Gillis overvalues some players and undervalues others.
  4. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    Might do well in Carolina with the evangelical Christians. Do a swap of Booth for Tuomo Ruutu and solve Vancouver and Carolina's problems. Cap hits almost cancel out.
  5. Fair enough. Reason why we would move him for Booth is to get greater value coming back. I think we can agree Booth has negative trade value with his salary and term. The premise would be to make you guys pay more so you have cap room to add a bigger piece that could help you in the top six, which you can't with your current payroll. Don't get me wrong, Backlund could be a good 3c for you and allow more flexibility with your roster in addition to cap space. But we wouldn't take Booth and a mid round pick as we could probably get a mid round pick without taking on a hefty contract, given that there are teams looking for center depth. Probably not going to happen. Can see you guys moving Booth for an equally bad contract like Erat or Rene Bourque. Appreciate the good exchanges, nice to have intelligent discussions with a rival fan base.
  6. tough call. I think ideally you move Backlund for a prospect that hasn't made it yet, like Brett Connolly from TB. But if you can't and you get increased value from taking on a bad deal like Booth, you have to consider it. We have cap room and should use it to help us down the line, which this would. Worried that Booth might be a bad influence on the kids. That being considered, would do it for the first and try to get Gillis to retain some dough.
  7. a hot topic on CP. Would you guys trade Booth and a first for Backlund? Not trolling, serious question. Vancouver trades an otherwise untradable contract and gets a 3rd line c in return, along with cap flex. Calgary gets a first round pick for taking on Booth's contract. Would you do Kassian + Booth for Backlund if the first rounder is too much to ask?
  8. [PTO] Rick DiPietro with Charlotte Checkers (AHL)

    hope it works out for him. He's set financially but hope he finds his game and makes it back to the bigs.