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  1. one of my family members mentioned that a Nucks player was seen at a nightclub recently and I immediately knew it was Jake Virtanen before I even looked into it lol

    1. Squamfan


      nothing wrong with that. Nightclubs would not be open if Dr Bonnie Henry they were not safe. Vanessa Jang is so soft for posting that. Everybody on Canucks twitter was defending Jake, then she started crying about it and deleted her tweet.

    2. -Stammer-


      @Squamfan definitely not hating on him being there, just that he seems to always be the one getting in hot water, whether it's deserved or not

    3. Chickenspear


      @-Stammer- He's always been the fan's whipping boy since he didn't live up to his draft position, so he's scrutinized for everything he does. He did come to camp out of shape a couple times (fair criticism), but now his game is turning the corner, would have hit 20+ goals/assists this year had the season not been cancelled, so now that his detractors can't say anything bad about his game, they have to attack his character, and judge his every move in private life. This anti-Jake crowd is immovable in their opinions, much like the orange asshat's supporters down south.


       Does he have some growing to do still? Obviously, but I feel this whole thing is blown out of proportion. And people forget that they weren't exactly beacons of maturity when they were 23.

  2. Okay I gotta just rant for a sec, it's possible to support the reason for the protest and not agree with it at this time. I'm seeing comments on the picture of the protest in Vancouver last night saying "If your first thought is COVID you're missing the point". No, I get the point of the protest. I understand the issues and i've seen protests all over the news. It's okay to worry about a pandemic when 3500 people gather and don't distance at all. I completely support their reason to protest, and if COVID wasn't around I would join them, but it's irresponsible in my eyes to assemble 3500 people in a cramped area when a pandemic is going around, potentially exposing hundreds of people who may pass it on to family members or loved ones. Secondly, health officials like Dr. Henry have been working extremely hard and there's the possibility that all of that progress is being thrown away by this protest and the next one happening on friday. It's a very real possibility that those two protests will cause at least 200 new cases, which will only spread further. These people completely disregarding covid now are the same ones who shamed people for being at the beach these last few weeks. It's not suddenly okay to gather in such large numbers like this, and it's dangerous. I'm worried for these protesters because they're great people and they're well intentioned.
  3. the worst part is many of the looters and rioters don't actually care about George Floyd or the systemic problems whatsoever, and are capitalizing on a crisis to do whatever they want and cause destruction, it's disgusting. Many small businesses, some owned by POC, are now in shambles and may not ever recover. It's sickening
  4. wonder what impact these protests across America will have on COVID.
  5. bruh if Weisbrod takes control now i'm gonna be upset
  6. Can someone who studies at BCIT tell me the difference between an associate's certificate and a certificate? Which one would be better for me if I were to pursue a masters degree?

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    2. -Stammer-


      @Jimmy McGill My bad I meant a bachelor's degree, wasn't thinking and wrote masters. I'm looking towards a bachelor's in Accounting but i'm not sure whether I should take the associate certificate course (computerized accounting) or the cert course (Professional accounting). The cert course has a higher work load and it's more expensive but i'm willing to do it if it will set me up to excel in my diploma course and eventually my bachelors course. 

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      @Squamfan I taught a medical quality systems and a regulatory affairs course. I can feel your excitement. 


      @-Stammer- oh i see. BCIT does offer the 4 year bachelors once you have a 2 year diploma. So both of the one year certs would probably offer courses that counted towards your diploma but you'd have to set up a call with them to find out which one gave you the most credits towards the diploma. BCIT is very good at this kind of thing but the exact specifics but they typically try to ladder in everything you've done to the BA. I'd fire off an email to  these folks: https://www.bcit.ca/study/programs/8630bacc#contacts


      basically the system is set up as certificate leads to diploma leads to bachelors 

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      @-Stammer-  heh, you know I'm old when I didn't realize BCIT offers bachelors.  Way back in my time (heh, starting to sound like my dad!), they only offered two year diplomas (I think).  Sorry for the confusion (heh, I'm old....not Alflives old, but old).

  7. watching all of these old games reminds me that Sportsnet's current theme is awful compared to Canadian Gold and the original theme. Sounds more like a news report and isn't memorable at all



      I love the NBC theme

  8. aw man I hope we don't lose any of these guys, Tanev seems like a big part of the dressing room along with being a great defenceman. It's gonna hurt losing one of them if that's the reality
  9. 2020 looking like one of the craziest years in recent history, and we're only four months in
  10. I agree, Tanman has been so steady when healthy over the years. It would hurt us if we lose him
  11. yeah Hughes went back home as well. I've seen him on instagram multiple times with his brothers in the last two weeks or so
  12. pretty good asset management from the Habs, essentially turned a 4th into a 2nd and a 4th in a little over a month.