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  1. anyone here know anything about PC's (specifically windows 7) and can help me out?

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      #1 thing to so first is to backup your data on your hard drive ASAP (It *might* be the reason for your computer crapping out).


    3. Type R

      Type R

      This is a stupid question, but do you know what your hard drive looks like?  If so, unplug both cables, and reinsert them (plus dust out as well).  It sounds like  the cable isn't seated properly, and may have come loose when you moved it.. If it is intermittently booting up, that may be a postive thing.  If the hard drive is failing, they often just flat out die, or they will make a really funny clicking noise.  That said, I would still backup your data as best you can, just to be safe.

    4. VanGnome


      Run this utility after backing up your important files (I recommend Google Drive, you get quite a lot of storage for free): https://www.howtogeek.com/134735/how-to-see-if-your-hard-drive-is-dying/

      It will tell you if the hard drive is crapping out, you'll have to buy a new one if that's the case. Getting Windows back onto the machine will be a different beast all together. Depends on if you have a big box PC (dell, lenovo, gateway, etc) or if it was a custom built. EIther way you'll either need your manufacturers restore DVDs or your original discs for windows with the genuine license key.

      If you don't have either of those, then you can purchase legit keys online for fairly cheap here: https://www.keyshoponline.com/

      Buy a license, download (I recommend upgrading to Windows 10, Windows 7 is end of life) from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10

      Pay special attention to the key youre buying if going that route, and just get the matching ISO from Microsoft. Burn it to a USB, swap the hard drives and you should be good. You may have to adjust your BIOS settings to make sure it boots from USB, or look in your manual for the keyboard short cut to force the boot menu to pop up.

      Good luck.

  2. Re-Draft 2012 (Top 10)

    I don't get how some of you are putting Murray above Vasilevskiy, or Hellebuyck for that matter
  3. are Tanev and Edler the only remaining Canucks from the 2011 team?

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    2. canuktravella


      hamhuis should  have retired in 2010

    3. Alflives


      Aren’t we still paying part of Luongo’s contract?  Would that (kind of) count?  :(

    4. NHL'er


      @Alflives a buyouts a bit like a divorce isn’t it? You’re paying them not to see you 

  4. Damn that's a pretty good contract. Kuch is up there with the best in the league
  5. What are you listening to?

  6. Your favourite NHL teams ranked 1-31

    I would rank Vegas around 18-19 1 Vancouver Canucks 2 Tampa Bay Lightning 3 Winnipeg Jets 4 Dallas Stars 5 Columbus Blue Jackets 6 Nashville Predators 7 St. Louis Blues 8 Arizona Coyotes 9 Colorado Avalanche 10 Ottawa Senators 11 Buffalo Sabres 12 Detroit Red Wings 13 Florida Panthers 14 New York Islanders 15 Carolina Hurricanes 16 Pittsburgh Penguins 17 Anaheim Ducks 18 Washington Capitals 19 New York Rangers 20 Philadelphia Flyers 21 New Jersey Devils 22 Edmonton Oilers 23 San Jose Sharks 24 Minnesota Wild 25 LA Kings 26 Calgary Flames 27 Montreal Canadiens 28 Chicago Blackhawks 29 Boston Bruins 30 Toronto Maple Leafs
  7. that trade is looking just as bad as everyone predicted it would have. Who would've thought?
  8. please Stevie Y just don't trade Point
  9. it's funny how quick some Canuck fans (mostly from twitter or instagram) go from saying "we need to get bigger and tougher" when we draft Hughes, then say "we need more talent and speed" when we sign gritty players like Roussel and Beagle. 

    1. PhillipBlunt


      Those fans aren't very subjective and do very little to inform themselves. They take what they hear on 1040 or read in Canucks Army and glom onto it.


      Having a team that has youth, speed, and skill is great, but if you leave your younger players without any guidance or protection, their development may suffer for it.

    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I think Phil is correct, plus I think there are a lot of people on twitter that make comments but aren't actually fans. 


      I'm really happy about the new players and the kids this year. I couldn't give a crap about the cap or term, it means nothing. The funniest article is Yost trying to make sense of it :lol: I get the feeling that they are worried that the plan is going to work. 

    3. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Nucks need to get fatter and more lethargic

  10. What are you listening to?

  11. I was actually having a decent day until Tavares happened

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Suppose it could have been worse. He could have signed with San Jose or Vegas. 

  12. What are you listening to?

  13. if we don't overpay him then i'd love it, great bottom 6 C