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  1. Voted Hedman because he is a beast Nominating Vatanen
  2. thread already posted
  3. Tank for Svechnikov?

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    2. TheHitman


      Nah, we probably won't finish in the bottom 3 next year IMO. 

    3. Jaku


      They won't have to try to tank to get there they'll get there with the team they ice next year. Bottom five finish for sure.

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Muck up for Rasmus?

  4. I miss Drew Carey on Whose Line Is It Anyway

  5. After all 4 of the teams that I cheer for missed the playoffs this year (Canucks, Stars, Lightning and Jets), it looks like 3 out of the 4 could make the playoffs this coming year. But the Jets could easily make it 2/4

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    2. -Stammer-


      @-Vintage Canuck-I've been a Lightning and Stars fan since I was a kid, I loved Stamkos when he was first starting out so I started cheering for them and now I still am, and I started liking Dallas because I liked the colour green as a kid, so I liked their colours and jerseys, it's stupid but I guess that was what I was like :P

    3. Hortankin


      @StammerI used to be a Habs fan but started liking the Canucks because blue was my favorite color and I despised the Leafs

    4. -Stammer-


      @Hortankinimo they have a much better offence than us. Laine, Wheeler, Little, Scheifele, Perreault. And their defence is pretty nice as well. Trouba, Buff, Myers and Enstrom. However, I would argue we have better goal tending

  6. I like it a lot, but Strome seems a bit too blurry for me
  7. good contract for the Stars, this guy is better than people think he is
  8. the game is much different from then, but the last 3 or 4 years has been sad
  9. 23 minutes of playoff goals.



    1. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      Did you make this?

    2. -Stammer-


      @-Vintage Canuck-no I did not. I am subscribed to the creator of this on yt

  10. Irving and Warm looked great
  11. used to love this franchise but have lost interest in paying $80 for virtually the same game every fall
  12. 1. Boeser 2. Pettersson 3. Juolevi 4. Goldobin 5. Demko 6. Gaudette 7. Dahlen 8. Lind 9. Virtanen 10. Gadjovich HM: Dipietro, Stukel
  13. Apologies if this was posted already but man this kid looks like a stud
  14. we now have the top two scorers on Timra
  15. Man, there's a large group of Canucks fans that irritate me with draft overreactions

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    2. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      large or vocal? 

    3. -Stammer-


      @S'all Good Manprobably more vocal, but there is a decent amount of people who are screaming "Fire Benning!" All over comments

    4. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      meh. EP by all accounts is a smart hockey player. So is Juolevi. So is Boeser. So is Bo. And Dahlen. Hey.... there's some kind of trend happening here..... 

  16. Hague for 33

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    2. canuktravella
    3. Salmonberries


      Nah. The prophecy says...


      Pettersson 5

      Davidsson 33

      Boqvist 55


      ...it was in the tea leaves

    4. mpt


      Sakic will probably take another D at 32

  17. nice trade for the Blues, Kostin looks like a good pick
  18. these trades piss me off

  19. This isn't a good move for the Ducks. GM's are really concerned over losing one player, I feel like they might regret some of these trades next year
  20. I don't mind the collar