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  1. Rick Dhaliwal seems to know things 

  2. If this can have the same effect on Rodin as it has Tryamkin, then we should have a dynamic scorer for the 2nd half of the season. Hopefully he looks at it as he needs to be better and takes the time to focus instead of being sour about it.
  3. It's funny how weak our D core looks once Edler and Tanev are permanently removed from it.
  4. Amazing story so far, very happy for Craig and how well he is recovering considering his situation. Really puts things into perspective when it comes to how quickly life can change.
  5. Not really a rumour that Canucks want him back. Speculation from a random twitter user, yes.
  6. Troy Stecher was the only guy who knew the score in the last minute of the game

    1. Alflives


      I knew.  Did you not know?<_<

  7. All that extra weight seems to be serving McCann well

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    2. canucklehead80
    3. Crackers


      All he needs is another 25 pounds for next season. 

    4. Strombone


      Bro, he just hit a milestone with his 10th career goal. Congratulations Jared McCann!

  8. Probably because a lot of parents are busy with kid stuff. I'm sure it has to do with viewers and this is one of those nights dad can't kick back on the couch and watch games.
  9. It would be a short campaign, only gone for 3 games
  10. Your density is off the charts
  11. S-U-S-P-E-N-D-E-D
  12. I wonder if they are trying to flaunt the AHL process of Stecher going down and already coming back up to play in the NHL? Maybe he will get the idea that heading down for a couple weeks will be beneficial to his game. If not it is going to be a tough season for the big man, probably only getting ice time when there are 2-3 injuries to the core of our D corps.
  13. This thread is a known Carcinogenic.