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  1. Hey, How About We Fire This Group! Another Blown Draft.

    Where is the minus button when you need it
  2. Gerbe did have to go through waivers.
  3. Mikhail Sergachev , best Dman 2016 draft?

    I voted for Sergachev, only because Olli seems to have a bad attitude when it comes to the pro game. I hope he comes back from Finland a better Dman and more humble. He is not the best player on the ice at all times.
  4. If they wear full cage masks I could see them allowing that. If not there would be a lot more face smashes
  5. Love the 'thanks Buddy' and 'good job' by Vanek and Virtanen to the glove guy at the end there haha
  6. Can't say I was on board with GMJB when it happened! Good thing he's the GM and I just type things
  7. [Signing] Horvat-6 years $5.5 mil

    loser x a million
  8. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    To be fair, Wheeler probably wasn't a peach to deal with as a younger guy. Negated Arizona who took him 5th overall, didn't do that well with the Bruins and you could call Atlanta and Winnipeg the same team, really. His first NHL contract with the Bruins was also a 2 year 5.65MM contract. I was using stats for the most part as a comparison as well as position and playing style.
  9. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Blake Wheeler is another good comparison. Didn't really rip up the NCAA as 19-22 year old, broke 60 points when he was 26 and on his 3rd team. Unfortunate that people are looking for instant gratification and not being patient with the best prospect pool we have had in recent memory. Jake especially.
  10. Canucks crowded forward group.

    Considering we were one of the most injured teams last season, I doubt it will be long before the kids that are sent down get called up. The internal competition will be excellent to all the players that are willing to push. It will weed out a few who are not.
  11. TSN 1040 interview with Trevor Linden

    Sekeres was overly annoying that interview. You could tell Trevor had enough of his crap half way through. Probably was dreading this day for a couple weeks now. Tanbir from Surrey is a dolt as well.
  12. Kuzma really brought up Hodgson when talking about Elias... Cmon. Lost me right there.
  13. NHL 18 Thread

    Gotta highlight the boxes to see the codes.