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    Seeing the Canucks improve to the point where they can get past the first round of the playoffs, and subsequently hoist Lord Stanley's Cup
  1. is looking forward to the upcoming season. It sure beats whining about nothing.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      The future looks amazing :D

    2. Lipschitz


      That's the spirit. I mean, when I was a kid, I thought we'd be driving around in rocket cars, but as long as the Canucks remain competitive, I'm happy.

  2. Vintage would do a far better job than Gillis. Let's start a petition.
  3. loves the Vancouver Canucks, but loathes, LOATHES Mike Gillis.

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      who cares?....gillis is the gm and is trying to return this team to top form....lets create as much turmoil as we can...

    2. Lipschitz


      If you don't care, then why did you comment? Really. Go ride a moose or whatever it is that old guys do in Smithers. By the way if you think Gillis is trying to return this team to top form, you really are lost.

  4. hopes Tortorella exposes the media in Vancouver for what they are. Bottom feeding trolls not worthy of oxygen. Ah....I feel much better now.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Oh man we can only hope :D these vermin need to be beaten back to the sewers !

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      we all fall into that category to someone....

    3. Lipschitz


      I disagree smithers joe. We are on the site because we love the Canucks. Yes we may vent, but only to each other. The media make a living out of criticising the team.

  5. hopes Tortorella exposes the media in this city for what they are. Bottom feeding trolls no worthy of oxygen. Ah....I feel better now.

  6. is impressed with the class and decorum both Luongo and Schneider have displayed throughout this debacle. Gillis could use a lesson or twenty on the matter.

    1. Baka


      Player to GM is like employee to boss. Personally I'm not much of an MG fan but the GM is torn between respect and business cannot always cater to personal feelings. This is relevant to every GM at some point or another.

  7. wonders if Mike Gillis is going to need bodyguards when he returns to Vancouver. What a waste of a trade!

  8. thinks the next few weeks will be very interesting for the Canucks.

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    2. a Fool

      a Fool

      A few make/break moments for MG coming up.

    3. Hank Moody

      Hank Moody

      This Luongo thing will end up being the legacy Gillis is remembered for. If he pulls off a deal of good value, he will be praised for his patience and for pulling a rabbit out of his hat. If this ends in a buyout, a waiver etc, Gillis will have a hard time stepping into this city on a nightly basis.

    4. Lipschitz


      And we thought he was a red faced, sweaty mess of a man already. He may explode by the 5th of July.

  9. YOU don't want Tortorella here. Speak for y-o-u-r-s-e-l-f.
  10. After watching the Vancouver Sun's sub par piece by Iain McIntyre on John Tortorella being hired by the Canucks, the following is true. The sports media in Vancouver is pathetic. They are full of venom on the page, but put them on digital media where they have to work the camera, and they show how little charm or true knowledge they possess. The reporters have little to no guts, when it comes to their subjects. They ask the tough questions, but lack the fortitude for the answers. They advertise what they believe will help the team, but when decisions are made, they cower in the corner like the rats they are. In closing, I feel that Tortorella is the answer for the team because he will make them accountable. For this very same reason, he is the Canucks answer to the impotent and gutless media they have had to deal with for the last seven years. Lipschtiz out!
  11. Botchy! Even better.....Blotchy
  12. Agreed. He will tap into what Vigneault couldn't. Tortorella will wake the slumbering giant that is the Canucks. Remember our last game against Chicago? That team. Once he is hired prepare to see the dam burst. Signings and trades. Looking forward to this upcoming season and leave this asterisk * half season behind us.
  13. Here, here! Exactly! Thank you Kesler's Nose. Tortorella is the man for the job.
  14. I am excited to see if he can make this defense finally play to it's strengths on a consistent basis. If he can, we will be much better off for it. We sign a player like Ryan O' Byrne to take the place of Ballard, and we are set. Gillis will be acquiring a forward or two this summer. This is really starting to look good. Things are happening!
  15. I agree with almost everything you have said. The one issue I have is with your depiction of the media. The press in Vancouver are horrible to the team. They deserve to be man handled if the opportunity arises.