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  1. So Doughty available at the trade deadline?
  2. TOR Eriksson Stetcher Tanev VAN Nylander
  3. Plenty will be available from bubble and non-playoff teams.
  4. Ferland is an integral part of the Canucks’ success bar none. I reiterate, provided the team is healthy, this team is a playoff team.
  5. Woah bud. 1994. I understand your 2011. I really like the current uniforms too. They have a Wild West lunch bucket character to them. Dropping the “Vancouver” from the jersey is the best marketing decision they could’ve ever made. I thank the Vancouver Canucks for the opportunity to see the team play some games in the flying skate jersey in the first place. Back to hockey.
  6. It wouldn’t be a change. It would be a come back to actual reality.
  7. How can we say no to the bestest, most winningest, multi cup Russian player in the histo... wait... riiiiiight. Kovalchuk hasn’t won anything worthwhile and has pursued money all his life. At least Ladd has a couple of Cups...
  8. No one in their right mind who can still skate and defend, leaves that much money on the table, however retrospectively unjustified their salary is.
  9. At least Eriksson can still play... look at Ladd’s numbers. He’s declined massive.
  10. Let’s not pollute our lineup with lacklustre hearts.
  11. NJ Markstrom Eriksson Baertschi VAN Hall
  12. “Would the Canucks be a legit playoff darkhorse if Nikita Tryamkin returned this season?” the Canucks are already a darkhorse playoff contender; that is contingent on staying healthy. A healthy Canucks team is a playoff team.