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  1. DET Demko Sutter VAN 6OA19 _________ NJD 6OA19 10OA19 VAN 1OA19
  2. You got it. By getting Puljujarvi you get a better Juolevi AND a better Puljujarvi. The tax to get a divisional player is taking on the Lucic contract, who just wants to come home and maybe be part of a Cup for us all to enjoy. And that’s the point. We’ll need all the help we can garner when we get to the dance and Lucic has danced before. He’s a good playoff asset. We might have forgotten because, well, its Edmonton. If Lucic performs better than in Edmonton, and the bar is pretty low, then that’s great!
  3. Hence why Lucic would be involved. Otherwise there is no reason to have an EDM-VAN trade. The link is Lucic.
  4. Getting the chance of developing a 21yr old 6’3” 4th overall offensive talent is not doing Edmonton any favour...
  5. Total, utter, and absolute mismanagement the Spartan way. Hey kid, go into the dark hole alone. See you in a year; if you’re not killed by the numerous beasts of the land. Why can’t you be like freakin Gretzky and just figure it out. because... I’m not Gretzky?
  6. It’s enough. Let’s not be greedy. Hockey trade. I wanna see Lucic absolutely CRUSH the Oilers and the Flames and protect our kids along with Schenn, Roussel and Beagle. I wanna see Puljujarvi AND Juolevi communicate each other into success. I hope Laine has an awful year.
  7. If Boeser doesn’t want to sign or wants to pull a Nylander, it might cost the Canucks the playoffs.
  8. DET Tanev 10OA19 VAN 8OA19 __________________ NJD Boeser 8OA19 VAN 1OA19 Have the Hughes brothers on the same team for years to come.
  9. Rather is an adverb bud. You need a verb to go with it. “I would rather give Goldobin for Puljujarvi” ”I would rather trade Goldobin for Puljujarvi”
  10. That’s what we’ve said every year for the last five years. And then Tanev gets injured, and then Edler, and then everyone else is taxed into injury also. Timw to to put an end on the defensive I jury bug. Edler or Tanev getting injured every year isn’t like Hutton or Biega getting injured; they are our two top Ds.
  11. VAN Lucic Puljujarvi EDM Eriksson Goldobin Eriksson has one less year than Lucic on his contract, Puljujarvi is 139GP 17G 20A 37Pts Goldobin is 124GP 19G 27A 46Pts Goldobin has more goals and points in less games than Puljujarvi. Fair trade.
  12. I can. Package it to get the 1OA19. VAN 1OA19 NJD 10OA19 Demko if Boeser doesn’t want to sign... VAN 1OA19 NJD Boeser