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  1. VAN Lucic Puljujarvi EDM Bärtschi Grandlund Hutton
  2. [Proposal] Canucks & Oilers

    Exactly. And the Canucks get their big lug and Lucic gets a chance to rejuvenate his career at home. Might be worth something...
  3. [Proposal] Canucks & Oilers

    At this point, if there’s a trade to be had with the Oilers, it’s probably Lucic... Lucic’s goal drought The big lug is suffering in Oiltown. The Canucks can afford his contract for now and who better fit to protect Pettersson. VAN Lucic EDM 3rd
  4. Toronto media have been talking about this type of comparative deal for over a week now.
  5. Daddy gonna ruin the boy’a career.
  6. Not sure quoting Trump is a good way to go about life... the fake news thing, especially for having yourself selectively shown the title of an article but without the date, without the content and as an image. Here are the facts, here is reality, here’s the link published July 4, 2018 from Sportsnet: Dubas on keeping Nylander, Marner, Matthews: ‘We can, and we will’ In other news dated November 7, 2018, also from Sportsnet: Five potential trade destinations for Maple Leafs’ William Nylander
  7. Well, Toronto has moved to a new phase on the Nylander fiasco; tradability. Nylander trade potential
  8. VAN Nylander TOR Bärtschi Pouliot Juolevi
  9. The maturing of Bo Horvat

    Been a Devils longer than a Canucks by now. What is surprising is that he’s played three AHL games this season and one last season... Schneider... How the mighty have fallen...
  10. The maturing of Bo Horvat

    So...... Schneider or Horvat?
  11. [Waivers] Tomas Plekanec

    Vegas or Detroit
  12. Well, Puljujarvi was just sent down to the AHL... Link
  13. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Good on him. And good on the Canucks for sticking with him.
  14. Pettersson for McDavid.

    Sure. However, one title is a Hail Mary into the curious cat basket, while the other title engages in the mind as instant a debate as the answer one comes to, and I don’t have to tell you which title is which.