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  1. Washed up goalie... or bridge goaltender who is less expensive than Markstrom to give another year to Demko to develop his game... Personally I’d have Markstrom/Demko back again.
  2. Man those were dark days. From McLean to Luongo. Just a big revolving door.
  3. MILLER - PETTERSSON - BOESER PEARSON - HORVAT - TOFFOLI MOTTE - GAUDETTE - VIRTANEN LEIVO - BEAGLE - McEWEN HUGHES - MYERS ____________ - EDLER STETCHER - FANTENBERG JUOLEVI DEMKO ____________ So the Canucks are looking for a T4D that is as good or better than Tanev, and a goaltender, either a grey beard like Holtby, or a legitimate backup goaltender?
  4. Man... Since Luongo was trade to Vancouver, the Canucks really discovered what a great goalie is. Luongo Miller Markstrom Demko Holtby
  5. Holtby is an intelligent man. He knows where the future is. Holtby has a Cup. That would be Toffoli, Pearson, Beagle and Holtby. Couldn't hurt...
  6. Anything outside of these aforementioned parameters is nothing short of blasphemy.
  7. Haha! No. Markstrom’s desire to re-sign... And on that injury note, I feel the Canucks may be turning the corner on a long standing injury bug...
  8. If it’s Demko time, bring back Miller. Or maybe go after Smith. Grey beard mentor for a year.
  9. You do know I’ve been advocating for Tryamkin to come back since he left right?
  10. Leaves 45 million for everything else. Combined salaries going out: Eriksson $6,000,000 (necessary Cap dump) Sutter $4,375,000 (Cap dump/ Gaudette 3C) Roussel $3,000,000 (Cap dump) Tanev $4,500,000ish (not re-signed) Boeser $5,875,000 (traded to FLA) Bärtschi $3,366,666 (Cap dump) -$27,166,666 Ekblad $7,500,000 Pietrangelo $8,000,000 Still $11,000,000 under our current cap allocation.