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  1. Nah. The three other of us are (were...) working people. He just lounges; a lifetime student.
  2. So this is my barefoot hippy roommate who likes to spread good vibes. Now I’ve got nothing against bullies but God damn son... Kosher or not to sit on the curb in front of your house as people pass by?
  3. I don’t think haste really ever started. It’s gonna hit.
  4. Seriously, dead on. it is aMAYzing the difference in management between the two giga-neighbours.
  5. That’s the important part. Seeing through it.
  6. Really? Care to offer what you get your information from? EDIT: Still waiting.
  7. Many prisons are very nice yes. But I wouldn’t wanna be caught dead in a Southern American prison in Alabama or Louisiana or Kentucky... That is scary.
  8. That’s how far off the chart they are. They’re outside of the picture.
  9. No. Only God can take life. (Whether there is a God or not is another discussion) Life in prison. In many ways, it’s even worse than a quick death.
  10. Beards can carry Covid-19 and it is recommended we shave our faces. I shaved mine. First time in 10 years.