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  1. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    TRYAMKIN - HUGHES JUOLEVI - WOO HUTTON - STETCHER (I think Hutton will surprise)
  2. The Dahlen and Eriksson Connection

    The Sedins were wonderful. However, only Burrows was the answer to their play, save for a Carter stint. The Sedins were stoic machines of strength. No one really gelled with them as we thought one day someone would; a third Sedin. Not a knock on them at all; just an observation. I would say that the Berruzzi - Morisson - Naslund was much more fun and dynamic to watch. However, rare is a line that could dominate like the Sedins could, cycling for minutes on end; literally. I think the youth and talent Pettersson and Dahlén would bring to Eriksson should be enough to kick start a steady production to the end of his contract.
  3. The Dahlen and Eriksson Connection

    That rejuvinates Eriksson’s career and that is suddenly $6,000,000 well spent. Pettersson is that good.
  4. Antoine Roussel | #21 | LW

    Who is the other and what happened?
  5. Anyone with a decent heart will know the point.
  6. Your comments are necessary for sure...
  7. V as logo centrepiece (V = Victory)

    Those are actually nice.
  8. [PTO] Ben Betker with Canucks

    They do some serious bonehead moves though...
  9. V as logo centrepiece (V = Victory)

    Even though the Stanley Cup is the ultimate prize in sports, claiming that the Vancouver Canucks have not contributed a damn thing in this league is nothing short of ignorant of the history of the league. I strongly suggest watching documentaries on the evolution of the game. You will notice the Canucks are mentioned very often, whether it is technology, systems of play, infrastructure and/or rules of the game. I understand that changing the Canadiens’, Bruins’, Hawks’, Rangers’, Red Wings’ or Leafs’ jersey is a crime against the tradition of the game, the farther you get from the original six in time, the less tradition is revered.
  10. I hope the Oilers understand how that would make them much better for the next few years. For the Canucks, it makes them better long term.
  11. [Proposal] Defining Trade

    FLA Gudbranson VAN 1st It is near assurance that Benning will take that guy that should’ve gone top 3 in the draft but was passed on in favour of other players. Boeser 23OA15, Pettersson 5OA17 and Hughes 7OA18, are now proof that’s Benning’s system works.
  12. Came upon a random article where there were these rumours from My NHL Trade Rumour. They’re a bit dated but a reminder of what might have happened altogether seems to have weight. Lombardi/ Voynov Linden, Benning on Hughes Linden, Benning on Tavares Elliotte Friedman: Have been hearing that there Dean Lombardi is a serious contender for an open position with the Canucks. Satiar Shah: “Canucks ownership doesn’t move on from someone unless they have a good idea who the replacement is.” Lombardi name had come up with the Canucks before Benning got his extension. Sportsnet 650: Elliotte Friedman: “The blow back would be fierce if Lombardi came to Vancouver and brought Slava Voynov with him.” Rick Dhaliwal: Trevor Linden leaving the Canucks has nothing to do with Quinn Hughes decision to go pro or not. Hughes is still deciding on what he’ll be doing next season. Jason Botchford of the Vancouver Province: It is believed that Linden had been telling Hughes’ camp that it would be best for him to go back to Michigan for another year. Some others within the organization didn’t agree with this. Benning will be meeting with Hughes’ camp today. There were other reports that ownership wanted to offer John Tavares an $85 million deal, but Linden wasn’t pitching that idea. In conclusion, since nothing is done well without full cooperation, Benning has a Cup. Linden has a really good picture of himself with McLean.
  13. One is projected to be a more durable Salo. The other one has to grow into his big body to complement the high speed skill he already has. I certainly have the patience it takes if at the end of the line, there’s a T2D-4D and a legitimate power forward. And realistically, Boeser is the scorer already so no pressure on Virtanen. 2RW is just fine. Hughes is the de-facto T1D. So no pressure on Juolevi. So in essence, with less pressure on them despite being first rounders, they have a better opportunity to just play and keep devepping and getting better. Here is to the future: DAHLEN - PETTERSSON - VIRTANEN GADJIOVICH - HORVAT - BOESER HUGHES - STETCHER JUOLEVI - WOO