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  1. Buffalo offer; don’t know how legit BUF Laine WPG Ristolainen Sheary 2 x 1st Round Draft Picks NHL Trade Rumour
  2. The Jets have been decimated by UFAs fleeing, arrogance from a young player, and an early retirement from Big Buff. The Jets are at risk of being under Cap minimum and the team is on course for a severe struggle this year. The Canucks have somehow called off the rebuild, hit the Cap ceiling, signed a plethora of pretty decent UFAs, traded for a pretty good guy and now need to shed at least two players from the prospected 23 man roster. WPG Sutter Tanev Goldobin VAN 1st
  3. At least he’s not Kessel poison.
  4. Because yet another agent is busy playing roulette and potentially ruining yet another young man’s future Hall of Fame career totals. A Cup winning Marner is far more valuable than a non-Cup winning Marner. The Leafs are a good team that should’ve traded Nylander on the spot. The amount of points he has never had has become the par for what he will never be. Marner may be next to never become.
  5. Of course the main idea is to keep Boeser. If it were to only fit Boeser under the cap, then not looking for return value could see us unload Sutter for cheap, Tanev for cheap, and Eriksson bought out or sent to Utica. It can be done.
  6. And Benning wins every draft because that’s what Benning does. His second favorite show gets him to his most favorite show; wining the Cup.
  7. $3,000,000/yr for three years. You’re 22 years old kid. Relax a bit. The entire league should relax.
  8. Is Faulk any good? I don’t follow obscure Southern teams that attract less then 1,000 fans per game.