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  1. Letting Markstrom walk is an extremely incompatible idea with where the Canucks find themselves today, and an idea that would stem from the days of tire fires and tanking philosophy. Trusted goaltending is everything. I’d rather go the Cup route.
  2. Beagle: Bottom six Champion training youth. Eriksson: one K two S. worst Benning move in his Canucks tenure, no one is arguing that one. Baertschi: traded for a 2nd. The Canucks filled offense when it was dryer than an (insert pun here). Got into the concussion world and it’s not going well. Roussel is another insurance policy against youth abuse. He’s a spark plug needed to disturb the opposition. There always is one. It’s not as bad as we think it is. The worst contracts are with who are liabilities to the overall plan. Can’t plan properly with Salo, Sutter, Bärtschi, Sutter, maybe even Boeser. Injuries happen. Even Tanev is an iffy and should by all means take a discount for the sheer fact that except for this Hughes year, he has been a health liability to the Canucks his whole career by the way he plays the game.
  3. One on one and regardless of salary: What defensemen is Boeser worth?
  4. Toffoli is more durable and when played with Miller and either of Horvat or Pettersson, the line is so deadly that the game slows down drastically. Love Boeser. But he is oft injured in his young career. If a major young D reinforcement asset comes in, that’s just great asset management and that’s how a GM keeps his job and wins a Cup. The only reason why people would be against that move is emotion. If in the grand scheme of things it comes down to having a Cup or keeping Boeser because of fanaticism, I will always take having a Cup. And if the Canucks so have enriched themselves through the draft as to be comfortable making such a move, it surely tells of an actual quest for a Cup. if Toffoli signs for five years, the Canucks win any day. Pettersson has changed the entire construct of this team. And with Captain Horvat really making it his team this year, priorities have changed. The Toffoli trade was absolutely masterful. They read what they needed and went and fished out another Miller. That’s what Cups are made of. If a Cup costs Boeser, so be it. I will cheer for “insert name here” T2D/ T4D any day. AND Markstrom. AND Tanev. AND Toffoli. It’s the right move forward.
  5. Well... OTT Virtanen Eriksson VAN Cap relief to sign Markstrom AND Toffoli AND Tanev. Whatever the returns are, the deletion IS addition. Or do the same with Boeser but expect a lesser return due to Eriksson going with him... What would: NHL Boeser Eriksson VAN ?
  6. Toffoli is overrated? BOESER <<<<<<<<<<< TOFFOLI Injuries to Boeser should scare the crap out of us. He has gigantic value to bring in a serious developing T3D-T4D. That Toffoli - Miller duo? Cup stuff.
  7. Dumbs makes $5.4 Hartman is 25 and has played for four teams already. Something’s up there. Boeser is worth much more than that to both teams.
  8. Hard-hit Alabama is having “Covid parties”... ...Cash prizes for the first person who reports they have contacte Covid.
  9. Canucks ‘address’ forward partying at nightclub Oh Jake...