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  1. The Canucks night he closer than you think.
  2. Hutton, Stetcher, Virtanen, Boeser, Demko, Dahlen, Goldobin and Boucher say otherwise.
  3. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the show for what it is and stop complaining.
  4. I went to the future and saw Boeser's number retirement party. He had a way more successful career than Salo. So there.
  5. Maybe Burrows, Bieksa or Kesler will score...
  6. I thought I was hallucinating here... The kids aren't being played much... again.
  7. ...because we want to draft high?...
  8. EMPLOYMENT SECTION Wanted: Someone who can understand what it takes to hold it together in the third period. SKILLS: Able to keep calm and make good decisions in the third period, Experience not getting scored on in the third period, Proficient at clearing the zone in the third period, Excellent at teaching others how to win third periods, Is a proven closer. Please apply to Jim Benning at the Canucks Organization.
  9. There. That's exactly what he could be. A picture of Linden, Benning and Hitchcock sitting and studying the game from above.
  10. "That oughta teach them"... Benning doesn't work that way. He's building a team to win a Cup in a few years; not dismantling out of spite, egotism and blatant narcissism.
  11. You're confusing Benning with Trump. That's like confusing the space race with a chemical dump.