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  1. Sure. HERE HERE HERE HERE AND HERE TOO And if that is not convincing, let’s remember he asked to be traded and was arrogant enough to talk about it in front of and with his Olympic teammates. The Ring of Honour should not include Kesler.
  2. It may just be that the team was so bad and tanking for golden nuggets, so what was the point. But now that the Canucks took on the goal to make the playoffs, everything counts. Perhaps the Canucks’ current success motivates Eriksson to play. It just feels good to see him perform in an important role.
  3. MOTTE - BEAGLE - SUTTER is a much better 4th line
  4. Canuck could win the Cup if Eriksson, Virtanen and Sutter continue their current play? ARTICLE
  5. That smile he had after his goal? Priceless. He’s been making HORVAT - PEARSON even more productive. I am glad he’s running with the opportunity.
  6. I really like Virtanen’s game these days. You see it on his face. He’s more serious. He is maturing in his game and most likely in his life too. And we know that’s the case as Green sees him more and more as an asset than a liability. Well done yet again Canucks, this time on player development. Love my team.
  7. Contracts should be five years max and GM, AND players should be weary signing them. Incentive is everything.
  8. Except that McCann has more career points than Virtanen ohhhhh!!!!!!!!
  9. Eriksson would be a cap dump. Bärtschi isn’t a cap dump. Pearson’s success is Bärtschi’s demise.