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  1. He's not the Kero we want, but the Kero we deserve right now
  2. Jock Cousteau

    2018 NHL Entry Draft

    WOO HUGHES!!!!
  3. Jock Cousteau

    Quinn Hughes | D

    WOO HUGHES!!!!
  4. Jock Cousteau

    Jett Woo | D

    WOO HUGHES!!!!!!
  5. Benning is building a killer roster for next years Spengler Cup
  6. Adding Brown to Green just makes a dull muddy Green.
  7. Jock Cousteau

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    What if Virtanens ceiling is a gritty physical pest like Dustin Brown... is that so bad? last time I checked Brown has two Stanley cup rings and was a big part of the leadership of those LA teams. i would be happy with that. Stop listening to those clowns in Van media, they are a disgrace throwing our players under the us for ratings to save their jobs. so much negativity, it's like the media and fans wAnt our players to fail, and free agents to stay away.
  8. Jock Cousteau

    Jordan Subban | D

    Subban should consider converting to wing if his offensive instincts are so strong he could play wing and be the extra forward on PP.
  9. Jock Cousteau

    [Trade] F Taylor Hall to Devils for D Adam Larsson

    I don't always trade away my young superstars but when i do it's for 2nd pairing D
  10. PJ stock, Glenn Healy and George Strombo gone… Hockey Gods do exist

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Now get rid of MacLean and I'll be happy.

  11. Jock Cousteau

    William Lockwood Talk

    we just cleared our cupboards of high skilled diminutive players though... must have 3rd line potential instead of top 6 or bust.
  12. I remember a time when people were afraid to be drafted #vietnam 


  13. Or browsing a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue at pharmasave
  14. Jock Cousteau

    [Report] Canucks enter ECHL agreement with Alaska Aces

    With Giants moving to Langley, does that open the door for the Vancouver Comets?