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  1. Benning is building a killer roster for next years Spengler Cup
  2. Adding Brown to Green just makes a dull muddy Green.
  3. Bo Horvat Gets His Own Hockey Figure

    Zoom in, it actually looks like Taylor Halls mug shot
  4. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    What if Virtanens ceiling is a gritty physical pest like Dustin Brown... is that so bad? last time I checked Brown has two Stanley cup rings and was a big part of the leadership of those LA teams. i would be happy with that. Stop listening to those clowns in Van media, they are a disgrace throwing our players under the us for ratings to save their jobs. so much negativity, it's like the media and fans wAnt our players to fail, and free agents to stay away.
  5. [Report] Canucks recall goalie Thatcher Demko

    Lol. Beat me to it
  6. Who is the best tsn 1040 canucks radio host (poll)

    Don Taylor, but the bar is set pretty low
  7. [Waivers] Arizona D Jarred Tinordi

    Get him back on the ped's and we got ourselves a player /s
  8. Jordan Subban | D

    Subban should consider converting to wing if his offensive instincts are so strong he could play wing and be the extra forward on PP.
  9. Time to close the thread. Or change the title to Canucks likely to acquire Big bottom 6 plug, or middling 15 point top 6 smurf
  10. I think Lauri is up there with Valerie
  11. Which one, Lauri or Korpikoski?
  12. Penning A Love Letter To Gord & The Hip - Bob McKenzie

    I feel sorry for anyone who's safety is in the hands of someone as thin skinned as you
  13. [SIGNING] Canucks sign Michael Carcone

    Worst kept secret ever finally validated
  14. Button: Rodin and Larsen will contribute offensively to Canucks

    You could call this a 'Hot Button' issue
  15. 2016 Season Seat Relocation

    This thread is refreshing, it only has the true hardcore money paying fans. (With the exception of my post)
  16. Canker Sores

    I sometimes get them when I harpoon the inside of my mouth with something hard like a salty chip
  17. My Ass? It's managing just fine thank you very much Great post BTW
  18. [Report] Canucks interested in Hudler+Shipachyov

    Well you never know... He just might
  19. [Report] Canucks interested in Hudler+Shipachyov

    I can see signing Hudler as a guy that Benning can trade at the deadline but instead he doesn't trade him and let's him walk as a UFA FTFY
  20. Marky Mark all locked up. Now we need to sign the funky bunch
  21. Desi boy will always be remember as one of the greatest trolls to roam the Internet. RIP Desi - for life...
  22. Can we trade Desi to the Kloten Flyers message board?
  23. Predators finally get their Weber
  24. [Rumour] News 1130: Canucks interested in Gagner, Jooris, Knight

    Number 5 centres and 7th D men... What every championship team is built around