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  1. Rasmussen is the best sleeper and so is Ruzika,there big fast and what we need .... and to hell with the ppl who think otherwise
  2. McNuggets fans plz stop flooding this site
  3. Ok shotgun how many kids ya have .... plz don't say 3
  4. It's pun in case u did not get it ..... hahahahohoho
  5. Really enlighten me .... u mean like john gotta .... lol...or how u betray ur own kind .... meaning Pablo
  6. Well we got Rasmussen and Ruzika(this kid is gonna good)and we can add a D or trade,so quit freaking it's all under control .... lol
  7. I suppose ur gonna pay 4 it
  8. Fuk the old .... in with the new .... I am all 4 youth
  9. So what we have a gang on CDC.......lol
  10. Ok I see when 2 accounts can be .... lol
  11. Coming from a monkey I am not surprised u have this view
  12. And it's not "minute"
  13. Between you it spells dodo ... hahahahA
  14. LoL Timmy ur so minute I rather just let u go see johnny lol $
  15. So what gives u the right to get tough ,just cause u say ur piece,well u move along ... don't use me for use freaking likes ,,.. know what I mean jellybean