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  1. NBA Discussion

    Spurs need to get rid of Aldridge for some role players.
  2. NFL thread

    Congrats pats fans
  3. NFL thread

    Ref$ trying to keep the pat$ drive going
  4. NFL thread

    Boring playoffs
  5. NFL thread

    Smh Steelers doing everything they can to lose this game
  6. NFL thread

    How does #14 on Steelers not catch that? lmao
  7. NFL thread

    Lmao Brady whining to the ref$
  8. NFL thread

    That was OPI
  9. NBA Discussion

    Most of those points were in garbage time... Curry is a sloppy defender, hurts his team in the clutch with careless turnovers, relies to much on the 3 and during his teams championship season all the starting point guards were injured.
  10. NBA Discussion

    And was complete trash in those 13 games.
  11. NBA Discussion

    Raps should be playing the Spurs instead of the Bulls, I wonder when they will get respect
  12. NBA Discussion

    Steph is complete trash in big games
  13. NFL thread

    Seahawks know how to put on a show.
  14. NFL thread

    What a game by those two teams
  15. NFL thread

    Beat bo$ton