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  1. Not sure what being behind a keyboard has to do with anything, implying that someone behind a keyboard is useless? Lol. Not saying I agree with this fellow, just think it's a weird reason to dismiss someone. Lots of us are behind keyboards and I am sure quite a few of us are not useless.
  2. I am only taking Barrie at 3.5m, tops. Lol. And that's only assuming Tanev's asking price is in the 5m per range. Even then if I had to choose I'd rather just give Tanev 5m and stay away from Barrie. Barrie doesn't bring anything to the blueline that 3 others don't already bring. In some cases they bring more. And the other 3 are far better defensively. So he doesn't really fit anywhere unless we want the softest blueline in the league.
  3. I like a fair bit about Detroit, but not sure we'd make good trade partners. Since they also need defensive pieces, just like we do. Bertuzzi for Boeser is a downgrade for us, made worse by the fact we have LW options just as good as Bertuzzi.
  4. I keep coming back here hoping to see the Palpatine unlimited power meme. I am not complaining though, we got some good Star Trek memes at least. The "I am the senate" meme from Star Wars would also fit decently nice in the thread. I'd do it myself but I am illiterate.
  5. True, true. Johnson likely doesn't get moved until next offseason at the earliest. Once his full NTC becomes a minor NTC. Still wouldn't count us out completely. Good team, good city, safe country.
  6. You bring in more offense by improving the 3rd line. Sad thing is Gaudette just doesn't have the all around game to hang on the 3rd line. Although he did take some strides in the playoffs. I'll give him one more season to show he can be a good 3rd line option. But as it stands now moving out Beagle hurts more than it helps. Him and Motter were by far our best bottom 6 players in the playoffs, and Beagle has arguably been a massive anchor on the PK. A lot to dump on a college kid fresh into the league. Beagle at the very least needs to be on this team this season, and potentially the next to really bring along a replacement. As for improving bottom 6 scoring we need to add a legit 3rd line center or hope Gaudette can take major strides this coming season and become that 3rd line center. Dumping Beagle would be a major loss to the defensive side of the game that our team already is piss poor at given all the shots against.
  7. We have Miller and Pearson on the LW already. This trade does nothing to improve this roster. Unless they for some dumb reason added Sieder.
  8. Don't see why Johnson and Coburn wouldn't want to come to a safe country to play on a team on the rise. The real issue is whether or not we'd be better off offersheeting Cernak instead of taking in so much cap. All the players we're bringing in on this deal are gonna eat the cap we have remaining. Not sure I wanna run Demko as a full time starter just yet. But it is a high risk high reward play. Just wouldn't wanna be Benning if it blows up and Demko isn't ready.
  9. Those are 5 really solid players. Not even including some very interesting defensive youngsters. Don't sleep on Detroit. They may still have some Abdelkaders and Helms but the team is on the rise. I like the makeup of their team. If only they got Lafreniere.
  10. Evidence that not everything on Twitter should be taken at face value. There is also the possibility the deal is done but not they aren't gonna make it official until Free Agency. Potentially so Benning can have more time to move out cap or even just to save that 4th round pick. All in all we do still have lots of time and this thread isn't exactly months old. It was posted on like the 18th/19th? Barely a week old at this point.
  11. Given Benning's less than flattering comments as well as Virtanen's lack of playtime in the top 6 outside injury riddled situations I don't see him getting someone that can play with Hughes. Anyone trading for him is gonna value him as a 3rd liner. People keep bringing up his upside but if it was likely he'd reach it we wouldn't be trading him and we'd just let Toffoli walk. If Benning can manage a D prospect with top 4 upside for Virtanen he'd be a legend in my books. But fans and the team itself have done Virtanen no favors in the trade value department. Coaching staff glued his ass to the bench all season in 3rd periods. Playoff stats don't look good either. At this point I just hope he's traded to a team with a good coach. I don't much care for what the return is. Maybe that reflects poorly on me as a Canucks fan.
  12. If this were to happen I'd cream my pants. Although from what I hear Ekblad is a slightly more defensively reliable, much less physical version of Risto. So I guess he's just a slightly worse defensively Edler. Lol. Still would be really interesting to see him with Hughes, or even maybe Juolevi/Rathbone assuming either reach top 4 potential.
  13. I was sad when his Chris' brother didn't sign here outta College, I wanted him really bad. Guy has clutch written on his face. B. Tanev and Motter as our bottom 6 LWers? Yes please. That's two dogs right there causing havoc for opposing players in all 3 zones. But alas, all I have are what ifs and I wish. Seeing them both in Pittsburgh would be okay I guess. Lol.