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  1. Lets be real, our goalies don't have a team in front of them. Poor Demko, last couple games I watched he gets peppered early.
  2. I'd argue they aren't. Other than Hammer I wouldn't take any of those guys over what we have. Even the often injured Tanev. Lol. Nobody lets good d-men go to Free Agency. It's okay bud, just admit my initial point was right.
  3. Best d-man last year was De Haan I am pretty sure. Year before that had Shattenkirk and Alzner. Neither are particularly great any more. Year before that was 37 year old Brian Campbell and 33 year old Dan Hamhuis, honorable mention to Kris Russell? Lol. Teams don't let good d-men go to Free Agency anymore.
  4. With the collective mind of CDC we should be able to help you out. Still not a sure fire thing, but it's better than nothing.
  5. Karlsson is gonna have the pick of the litter. Odds of us getting him are pretty slim. San Jose is a pretty nice place to live. I reckon he hangs around. Unless we offer him absurd money. Offer him 10, if he takes it sweet, if not well keep building our D core through the draft/trades. The good d-men don't go to Free Agency that often.
  6. 46%, better than Gaudette and Pettersson. Brock and Petey should swap spots.
  7. Hopefully the next big guy we bring in isn't like the last. On to the next shiny thing. You know how we do.
  8. They would be demanding the goalie get suspended as well.
  9. He blocks shots without getting injured, would be a good mentor for Tanev.
  10. N7Nucks

    Jett Woo | D

    I mean, Jake played for Utica during their Calder Cup run his Draft +1 year. I am assume it'd be the same with Woo here.
  11. We didn’t run him outta town. Fanbase made excuse after excuse after excuse for his play. Guy was pretty well liked by a good many. Hell, even I made a million excuses for him. In all honesty he just didn’t look good overall. Rumor is things are better in Pittsburgh though, so I’m happy for him. Good guy.
  12. If CBJ misses the playoffs he could be had for super cheap. Lol. No thanks to Duchene at 8+ mil. Too scary for me. Target Eberle or Lee or both if we can drop Sutter and/or Eriksson.