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  1. Quinn Hughes | D

    Could say this about Hughes as well. But you won't cause he's a Vancouver prospect. Boqvist's bust potential isn't higher than Hughes, I'd say they are both about the same. I'd even argue Boqvist has less bust potential because he is so much younger he has more time to grow and get bigger. Whereas we likely see the physical peak of where Hughes will be height-wise. 5'9/5'10. Boqvist can push 6 foot. Giving him a bigger frame to put on muscle if necessary. But given where the NHL is going they both should be fine at 190 or less. Not sure what you mean by "Hughes plays with bite", but in my books he's as soft as Boqvist. So I think you made this up to try convince yourself we definitively got the better guy which just isn't true. Probably a statement made by your inner Don Cherry. Euros are all softies with no heart. NOT LIKE THEM GOOD OLE NORTH AMERICAN BOYS. I really don't think you'd be calling Hughes the best player in the draft if we drafted 1st overall. You practically vomit homerism. Which is fine, enjoy your Canuck fandom however you please.
  2. Quinn Hughes | D

    Then why were people saying Boqvist was "severely undersized" when he was listed as 1 inch and a few pounds lighter than Hughes? Is it cause it only mattered when Hughes was bigger than Boqvist? I suspect so. They are both smallish and neither will have the size advantage over the other. People keep flip flopping on the narrative when their points are disputed.
  3. Antoine Roussel | #21 | LW

  4. Antoine Roussel | #21 | LW

    Should tell Montreal, maybe they'll pay a premium to acquire him from us so they can try him out as their 1st line center.
  5. Antoine Roussel | #21 | LW

    Another lesser tier guy I almost always traded for in the NHL games. Good energy guy. Great replacement for Dorsett imo.
  6. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    The argument could be made Draisaitl is a center, but yeah that deal kinda hurts the market. Pastrnak dollars would be ideal. 8x7mil. Or literally the same as Pastrnak.
  7. Never really heard that being the case, or I guess close is one thing but the only NHL "for sures" in the top end I heard were Dahlin, Svechnikov and Tkachuk. But I stopped following most of the draft prospects when we chose Hughes. So there's that. Lol. I think Bouchard's skating should keep him in Juniors. Similar to how Bo needed that extra year in Junior to shore up his skating. Dobson I could see being ready.
  8. Would rather have their first. Tanev will likely get injured soon after the season starts. That 1st will be lottery.
  9. Sounds like more media pipe dreams of seeing more kids on the NHL team. Listen guys, the fans are just as sick of seeing the Swede giants let in beach balls but lets stop throwing ALL our kids into the NHL this year. Botchford had his hard on for Hughes in the NHL, and I gotta be honest I really didn't think it was a good idea from the get go.
  10. Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    Guy is a beast. Geez. He moves pretty good for a guy built tanky all around. Most guys are just built mostly in the legs and a bit in the arms. This guy looks like he's gonna fight in the UFC. Give him the C already.
  11. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Bo - 22 goals, 64 games. 27 over 82. Baer - 14 goals, 53 games played. 21 over 82. Boeser - 29 goals, 62 games. 37 over 82. 65 goals total and they missed 18 games, 29 games, and 20 games respectively. 70 if anything is a somewhat bad year for them when healthy. They were on pace for 85 goals last year, on a bottom 10 team with arguably the worst or among to worst d core in the league. I mean, it's not impossible for them to push 100 goals together. But that's assuming they even stick together. Baer is a bit of a question mark on that line, but I think he gels nicely with Bo and makes sense to be in the top 6 with him. Bo and Boeser obviously have really good chemistry as well. Now back to the topic at hand, which should be Jake Virtanen.
  12. Demko? I mean, I am pretty high on DiPietro and legit thought it'd be at least a few years before he put his hat in the ring. I think one more year to stew at least is fine. Demko at this point has been pro enough I trust him to be backup, DiPietro is still super young and can be protected a bit more. But he might be way too good for Juniors. This is definitely the most interesting camp we've had in a few years. If DiPietro jumps Demko I'd be incredibly surprised. BUT, what if management goes full rehaul and both Markstrom and Nilsson are gone Super far fetched but hey, I am not against it.
  13. Fabbro has no contract. Subban's contract ends in 4 years. So when Fabbro eventually gets signed he'll be on his ELC until Subban's contract ends. ELCs are the best ways to manage cap. Fabbro will be far better than his ELC dollars, add to their already immense defensive depth, and when he needs a bigger contract one of their top 4 righties will be gone so he can take some of those dollars and that spot in the top 4 if he's deserving. There is literally 0 reason for them to move him imo. Nashville is in a really good spot to compete for a good while with the roster depth top to bottom. Rinne's cap will drop next season since he is a pending UFA. I just can't see them moving him unless we offered them Boeser or someone outrageous like that.
  14. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    I do what I can. I am still pretty new-ish to the world of advanced stats but it's pretty interesting to dive into. I am working on my resumé to get hired by Toronto or Arizona.