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  1. His play this season tells me he’s just fine. I dunno why we all care so much what he does in his free time. I have a hockey obsession but I’m not gonna micro analyze what these guys do in their spare time then make assumptions about their dedication to the game with little to no information. But that’s just me.
  2. And whose to say you can’t go out to a bar once in a while and still take Covid seriously? I’m anti social and even I need to leave my bubble once in a while, and I’m smart about keeping my proper distance with people. I’m not saying it’s necessary or he should do it often. But it’s not worthy of making a “Jake is being immature again” thread/post about it. Bars are open, I trust he knows the safety precautions. As do all of us when we go out.
  3. BC has one of the lowest amount of Covid cases, or am I incorrect? And what makes you think we don't take this seriously cause we don't lose our mind about a guy going to a bar? Lol. Does anyone here 100% take 0 risks of exposure? No. Holding Jake to that standard is a joke. But I forgot. Since they make millions they aren't allowed to have social lives while the rest of us do. You can take Covid seriously and not sit in your bedroom 24/7.
  4. I mean. A cap dump, a pending UFA and a broken prospect (so far, I still believe in his top 4 potential if he can stay healthy) for DeAngelo is a huge win for us. Let alone throwing in a young Swede with some middle 6 upside. People might not like DeAngelo as a person, but he's a right handed D-man that had 53 points in 68 games last season. Say what you will about DeAngelo but NY would never part with him alone for that package. Even if they were allowed to negotiate an extension with Tanev beforehand.
  5. Just as y’all are going way overboard being upset about him going out when he is allowed to go out. If it weren’t allowed the bar would not be open. If you told me he was licking door knobs and shaking hands with everyone he seen, sure. Guy’s a goof. But as of now he’s just going out and I trust he’s being safe and responsible about it until told otherwise.
  6. It's all good. I didn't mean for it to come off that way, just tried to bring up a name that I thought might sight out with regards to the OP. I don't actually believe anyone would sit out.
  7. Fair enough. Thanks for being so polite about bringing this news to me. Classy.
  8. People with too much time on their hands. Hell, even when the world wasn't shutdown Jake couldn't take a s*** without CDC getting upset about which hand he holds the toilet paper with.
  9. There's a reason why his immediate reaction was to call his agent and ask if he can get him a job in the KHL. The guy was indeed on the way out of the league well before even saying anything stupid. 16 career goals in 187 games with 5 different teams over 4 seasons. Calling him a plug is disrespectful to plugs honestly. His only moment of relevancy in the NHL was coming to Vancouver and getting carried by our captain for 14 games.
  10. Bo just had a son, could see him potentially sitting and I wouldn't fault him for it.
  11. If you have nothing in your house you can order food and get it delivered. The idea that going out to a restaurant is okay but a bar is not seems pretty double standard-ish. Sorry for a lack of a better word. There's always an option to just stay cooped up. We all go out for reasons that aren't deemed 100% necessary, or at least I imagine most of us do.
  12. I don't think anyone hates Ballard, just like we didn't really hate Gudbranson. The trades to get them weren't very good though. A 1st rounder and Grabner is a bitter pill to swallow for what amounted to a 5/6 d-man. Yes Florida got nothing from the pick or Grabner, but still. I guess in hindsight Gillis likely would have gotten nothing with that pick either. Makes the trade more palatable in retrospect. Lol.
  13. Y’all ever get tired of complaining about Virtanen?
  14. Leave the thread for a couple days and things go to hell in a hand basket. This is exactly what Bettman wants. He is gonna relocate the Canucks if we don’t straighten up
  15. Looks just like Bo already. LOL. Congrats to the Horvat family.