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  1. At that time I think Ferland was on his last legs as far as getting an NHL spot/maintaining an NHL spot. So it makes sense that since then he has calmed down as his scoring game picked up and his place in the NHL became less pest oriented. And of course with age comes maturity.
  2. I would they wouldn't. Virtanen is never gonna get any meaningful looks here and the recent additions of Miller and Ferland have all but finished any real chance of seeing Virtanen in the top 6. If we could move him for a guy that could slot in top 4 on the right side one day I'd be all for it.
  3. People say we have bad luck with Russians, but when you factor in that the team almost never drafts them in the first round it sounds worse than it is. Hell, the team rarely ever drafts Russians even in the 2nd round. So of course the long shot Russians we do get makes our batting average look bad. Now that I quickly glance over the history of Canucks' drafting Podkolzin is the 1st Russian we've taken in the 1st round and have only taken like 3 Russians in the 2nd round (that was just me quickly glancing through wikipedia so, yeah). Someone smarter and with more patience can correct me if I am wrong. I am not the smartest guy in the world but I imagine not drafting Russians in the 1st or 2nd rounds that often is likely to lead your organization to not really have very many successful Russians in your history.
  4. The love he’s gonna receive around here. It’ll be biblical.
  5. Bo Horvat. Petey is our best player but without Horvat Pettersson wouldn’t be able to do what he does. With that said this team can’t go far without either. Justice League needs both Superman and Batman to function.
  6. No, that’s dumb. What we should have done is trade Eriksson for Lucic. Benning is such a dumb dumb.
  7. Colorado has the cap I guess, but 4 years? Interesting to say the least. Not sure how good his two way game is but 32 points is okay depth scoring. I guess Ferland’s health concerns really did a number on his asking price. Cause I’d say Ferland is a superior player.
  8. One of the center pieces in a rumoured Tanev deal once upon a time. 1.5 isn’t bad for a 3rd pair guy.
  9. His name reminds me of the ninja turtles. Hard to knock bridge deals. They’re almost always good value.
  10. People laugh at this guy, but where’s Clendening and what exactly is he doing at the NHL level? 90 games played, 26 years old. Forsling is 23, 122 games played. Yeah CDC overrated him but he’s at least fighting tooth and nail to carve out an NHL career. Maybe the softer east benefits his game.
  11. Drafted right after Jake and has done much less. Wonder if they hate on him as much as CDC hates on Jake. This might be Fleury’s last kick in the can. 23, hasn’t been able to stick at all. I reckon he needs a change of scenery.
  12. Challenge accepted. Sure would be nice if Juolevi was like Scott Niedermayer.