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  1. Thought we was talking about drafting PLD. My apologies................
  2. He didn't play during the 16/17 season, so our season would have probably went the same way. Unless you are suggesting management passes on Petey cause we have PLD in the system.
  3. I'd say at worst Podkolzin is a 3rd liner. He has that ability in his game, whether or not he stays in the NHL as a 3rd liner is a whole other story. I feel like Caufield is too small to fill a bottom 6 role, but to do what he has done this year is nothing short of impressive. It's crazy how Podkolzin being Russian is a bigger red flag to people than a 5'7 guy. But hey, that ain't none of my business.
  4. It's a bit of a risk, but I'd take it personally. If not for injuries he very likely has 2 30 goal seasons under his belt already. May as well consider his rookie season a 30 goal season since he had 29 in 62 games. Lol. He's got good character. I like Boeser a lot.
  5. Scheifele and MacKinnon signed it too. Looks pretty nice.
  6. He's a BC boy and some posters on here seem to think NMC means they are forever stuck where they are forever until the end of time and nobody ever would ever waive to go to a young up and coming team like Vancouver. It's not like it's a nice city to live in if you're rich as hell either.
  7. Doesn't matter, neither will be around at 10 imo. If I had to choose I pick Podkolzin. If his intangibles are half as good as the scouting reports say he'll be a playoff performer. Other than Button's knee jerk reaction to whatever tourney Podkolzin struggled in recently most everyone says he has top 3 talent/potential.
  8. Sucks that the work load Bo has to face doesn't come into play here. Bo > Boeser, but Boeser scores more so he'll make more money. Boeser isn't 1mil dollars better than Bo, especially if you factor in the fact Bo is healthier overall. If I am Benning my starting point is 5.5 and it ends at 6. Bo is the superior player overall and Boeser can't in his heart of hearts think he is worth a mil or more than Bo.
  9. He wasn't a power forward in Juniors either. He dominated people with his skating and his shot, which for all we know hasn't been the same since his shoulder surgery. He was never considered a power forward, power winger maybe. Big body, capable of banging but doesn't drive the net or really do any of his damage around the net.
  10. Depends on the length. 2-3 years yes, but anything longer and we'd be in our own cap hell and the asset we get will be used to free up cap for us. I'd take Marleau off their hands if they gave up Kasperi. If he'd waive to come here that is.
  11. Yeah, of course in hindsight he wasn't. That's why I said "AT THE DRAFT". Cause at the draft he was BPA. It's why I don't care for the BPA argument when everyone has a different idea of who is the best. But d-men are very rarely rated super high. This draft has one, maybe two, defensemen considered top 10. It's harder to gauge D-men at this age. That's why I don't mind taking a d-man at 10 even if he isn't considered BPA by most people's standards.
  12. The downside to winning the lotto all the time I guess. Very rarely is a d-man considered BPA at the draft. It's why I don't care for the BPA argument all that often. Yak was the BPA in his draft but looking at their team Murray would have been the far superior choice even at the time.
  13. To clarify, I wasn't saying "old white guys" as they are racist. I am saying that they are boring. Subban is bombastic, exciting, and in your face. Everyone likes the old school, soft spoken guys of the old days. Subban's not a problem in terms of drama cause he celebrates super enthusiastically or has fun high fives with teammates. The only real argument against Subban is his play. He's 30, D-men either age well or they fall off cliffs. His play this season was very poor and for a 9mil price tag it's a risk. But I don't see a problem with him as far as antics. He's not a cheapshot artist, I don't think he's an ego maniac and only cares about his numbers. I think he is a team guy and well liked by teammates. I don't think there should be any question about his character. Also, pretty much the entire Nashville team played average at best this season. Subban is not alone as a guy that had a subpar year in Nashville.
  14. Why cause a bunch of old white guys have a problem with his antics? I haven't heard one bad thing about him from coaches or teammates. He donated a crap ton of money to charity. His game, yes it was pretty average at best but to say he is bad to have around or he causes drama because Montreal management/coaching staff had a problem with him and Carey Price having a signature high fight is pretty absurd.