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  1. Yeah, last list I seen he was like 6 or something. That was a month ago. Odds are very high they draft top 3 where it'd be kinda crazy to draft him. Lol. Will have to take the rest of this discussion to the draft thread.
  2. Yeah I was thinking Askarov would be a good fit. Yzerman seems like the guy that wouldn't be scared to take a goalie top 3/4, albeit still scary to pick a goalie top 5. With that said I think if they are top 3 it'd still be smarter to take a skater and try find some goalie gems in the 2nd and/or 3rd round. As it stands now at worst they'll be drafting 4th at worst. Taking a goalie there isn't outta the cards for Yzerman but still gotta think with the holes every where else you take the best skater. Will be interesting to see how they manage their rebuild.
  3. The Red Wings, we are lookin' a bit more than fine between the pipes.
  4. Seider and Veleno are solid prospects in my books, to go along with Zadina. But yeah they are gonna need to suck for 3-4 more years AT LEAST and that's best case scenario. IE Benning style drafting with Boeser, Hughes and Pettersson being home run picks in 3 different drafts. They desperately need a goalie too, but luckily those you can fish for with 2nd rounders.
  5. Or the same presence in potato chip commercials. The possibilities are endless.
  6. As a person, yeah Messier is a d-bag creeper. But you gotta admit he had one hell of a career. The comparison wasn't super exact in all likelihood. I don't think they meant it like Pod and Messier are the exact same player down to every little detail. Just that Pod reminds them of Messier.
  7. I hope he stays, Pietrangelo in any other jersey will look weird.
  8. I’d gladly take Parayko for Boeser, but feel they would not. They have a decent forward group already and Pietrangelo may be gone. With that said Boeser is all class. Reminds me of the Sedins. I’d like to keep him long term.
  9. 11 minutes a night over the last 10, has come a long way from the 2 minutes he was getting early.
  10. It's probably lower than 50/50 since I don't see Vancouver rushing to get him here. After next season we'll have a plethora of roster spots with lots of names coming off the books. It makes more sense roster wise and development wise to just let him simmer in the KHL next season as well.
  11. Schneider had 2 incredible seasons of backing up Lu before he warranted a top 10 pick. I don't see Demko holding that level of clout. Unless for whatever reason he starts the majority of the games going down the stretch and plays like Binnington did last season.
  12. You came at me sideways first, now you're gonna get all up in your feels when I push back? Okay man, I am sorry. I hope we can continue to be friends.
  13. Yeah this thing called the All Star break was going on. May have missed it. Lol. The reason Zadina is in Grand Rapids is to get games in during the break. He scored twice in the final game with Detroit before the All Star break.
  14. Tired of the perception the Pacific is the weakest division in the league. All 5 teams have been really solid this season. All had their down moments, but this is a tough division in my books.