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  1. Mogilny on pure talent alone. Nominating Hammer. BC boy, was my fav Canuck while he was here. He seems like a really good dude too.
  2. The Edmonton/Schneider deal comes to mind. Don’t remember the specifics of it exactly. Subban for our 5th overall, but Columbus took Dubois before. Another Subban deal but NJD wouldn’t retain cap. Lol. Apparently a Luongo to Toronto for 2nd rounders deal as well.
  3. This regime has all but removed my fear of college players. The Veseys won’t be on any of our draft lists. They do a great job of finding character guys and doing a great job of making the franchise desirable. Lockwood will be a good add to the farm system.
  4. Who is a UFA next season and could walk as well. Not trying to be a downer, but lets be real there are worse places to ride out your career than LA even if they are rebuilding. I would absolutely love keeping Toffoli and Pearson long term. They are great pieces to surround the Pettersson's and the Boeser's and the Hughes'. Hopefully Toffoli sticks around. I think he would have a lot to teach Podkolzin, just to bring up the main topic of the thread. Lol.
  5. I wouldn't call Myers "a 2 way dman". He has a good active stick but his defensive awareness isn't particularly great. He is a wider, taller Hughes.
  6. The Linden trade did do a lot of good for the franchise going forward. Still disgusting that it happened. I wasn’t around for the Messier era but even I loathe the guy. Lol.
  7. Feel like injuries robbed him of a more complete career. He played like 16 straight games to end the regular season for us, then had to play in the playoffs. He was a legit backup goalie. Hope he doesn’t have any long term pain. Great guy, good goalie.
  8. Was Benning supposed to predict the pandemic shutting down the season?
  9. N7Nucks

    Judd Brackett

    Is Brackett a backup goalie? The love for this guy is getting outta hand. Lol. I think we’ll be okay without him. Lets not get carried away here. Y’all making it sound like he’s a god or something. If he sticks around, great. If not, oh well.
  10. People run with the gossip, but DeAngelo is an interesting add. Jake is my fav Canuck right now and I still think he has more to give. I’d like to keep him.
  11. All good points, but he does have a cup already so returning to a rebuilding LA isn't a bad idea. Wouldn't be too bad of an idea to just go home to LA and chill in California with his family. I am really hoping he likes it here though, and maybe LA isn't interested in bringing him back. Although I am not sure why they wouldn't want him back. Has playoff experience and is a great player for any team's young kids to learn from. It's gonna be interesting to see how it all shakes up. He seemingly had instant chemistry with the team and with him our right wing depth is really good. I like our chances of bringing him back, just a matter of what his feelings are. This pandemic might make him want to play at home even more. Regardless of their on ice performance.
  12. Yeah, I didn't really notice he was pretty undersized. Seems like he is another Baer, slightly less effective defensively but no concussion history (that I know of) like Baer. I like Pearson and Bo together. Tough for me to sign off on that but it does improve our 3rd line drastically having Pearson there. It'd be really nice to have another JT Miller for the 3rd line though, by that I mean a centerman that can play left wing. Gaudette is atrocious at faceoffs and in my opinion that is the biggest weakness on the line. Pearson doesn't really help with that. Maybe the hope is Gaudette naturally develops in the faceoff dot.
  13. There are a few bottom 6s we have he could, keyword being could, be an upgrade on. Listed as center/winger too according to Elite Prospects. Gives more options depending on his faceoff prowess. But he may not be interested in us because of the sheer amount of bottom 6 depth we have. Rooster - Hockey Gaud - Shotgun Jake (3rd Line) Motter - Beags - Sutter (4th Line) Eriksson, MacEwen, Leivo, Ferland, Baertschi, Lind as other depth options for bottom 6. Even if we let Leivo walk that's a lot of people he'd have to contend with. Not even including Hoglander as a potential add this offseason.
  14. I should recuse myself from these. My Canuck knowledge starts in the early 2000s. I feel bad voting but not knowing the Gradins, the Smyls even prime Linden and Bure. It’d be cool to see some stories and clips or whatever of the older guys so us younger folks get an idea of the legends from the past.