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  1. If he doesn't give lots of good hugs I petition to have his nickname changed.
  2. Remember that time Benning traded a 1st rounder for a cap dump? What a goof
  3. Nobody intelligent was mad to begin with. But hopefully some of them are somewhat level headed about it now. Lol.
  4. Erne always was a bit of a dirt bag. Yzerman seems to like him though.
  5. Pretty sure my dumbass could play better. Haven’t skated in over 15 years.
  6. Up’d team expectations bringing out the best in players. Almost like losing every season isn’t fun. But, but. Rebuild. Am I right?
  7. Lots of angry fans about a goalie that’s only allowed one goal. We being mad about goaltending before things even go south? Only on CDC.
  8. He'd find a way to f*** that up too. Just keep him outta the way.
  9. Too hard to compare. All I really know is Podkolzin isn't really being played as much. Seems to be quite minimal and likely with non-scoring linemates in non-scoring situations. IE not on the PP. I have zero clue what Hoglander's deployment is. But he has been pretty sound so far. I think they'd both compliment each other's game really well if they reach their potentials, they'd even likely help each other reach their full potentials. Both have that competitive edge. Both are dogs. Couple of Dogs, Hogs and Podz.
  10. No intent to injure? He did a overhead elbow to the face. He had to aim up to accomplish that. Lol. Protecting himself from what? A poke check? Or his own bad positioning? He’s only in a vulnerable position cause HE put himself there. If somebody does that to Horvat or Miller I bet you’d be all over CDC crying about it and not saying “well it’s a learning experience for glass jaw Horvat”.
  11. Petey’s size without his tenacity. Although Petey did get a full year against men before the NHL. They never should have played Hughes this early. When you are baby sized you need to marinate in the minors or college.
  12. N7Nucks


    Do you have to cheer for either? I watch games just for the love of the sport.
  13. Gotta send Boeser some love. Seen a clip on the Canucks twitter page of Biega's return. He gave him a really warm embrace. Boeser really is class personified. Also speaks to Biega's character. He seems to be well respected by his peers.