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  1. I'd say they have more value cause they can play defense. And Breezer is 2 years younger and still probably a better d-man than Bowey overall right now.
  2. At 24 and still atrocious defensively. I'd be very surprised if anyone gives up a roster spot for him. He's defensive Goldy without the flashes of offensive brilliance. I think people are overrating him based on name. Detroit is a very well run and intelligent team. I doubt they would risk losing him if they thought something was there. We'll see though. D-men are valuable, somebody might take the chance and just waive him down the line if he keeps being awful.
  3. If you're not good enough for Detroit you're probably awful.
  4. I imagine there are those creaming their pants seeing the opportunity to take him now.
  5. This team's cap is not the worst in the league. That's Toronto. Not only is our cap situation fine, but we also have a bottom 6 that isn't trash like their bottom 6 is. They can't ice a complete team. On top of that they had like one spare player before Johnsson got injured and they were lucky enough to call up some extra bodies. At no point were we stuck with just one spare body cause of the cap.
  6. Jake has 6 points over his last 5 games while only averaging 13 and a half minutes a game (which is almost exactly the same ice time as Gaudette who gets PP looks). Guy sure does suck. So even if your benched theory were true (which it isn't, it's in line with other bottom 6ers most of which get special teams time that Jake doesn't) that'd be more of a knock on Green's coaching/deployment than Jake's talent. As has been mentioned already Jake has relatively the same amount of 5 on 5 points compared to our star players. Petey has 17 5 on 5 points, Boeser has 15, and Horvat has 14. Your only argument for Jake being bad is his time on the ice which he has no control over. You're not being benched cause you play the fewest minutes. If he had like 7 minutes and the next highest was 11 or 12, I'd agree. But he is in the ball park of other bottom 6 players.
  7. Sutter has more goals than Beagle has points, and he’s played fewer games. Sutter has been quite good offensively this season. Beagle has given us one glimpse of his offensive side, Sutter’s shown multiple.
  8. Gudbranson wasn’t useless. He is an okay d-man, with a better contract, and plays a more useful position. Eriksson is about as useless as it gets. Hell he’s outright detrimental cause his cap hit hinders roster flexibility. 2 and a half years of Eriksson is nowhere near worth half a year of Chucky, defensive woes and all.
  9. Former 3rd overall pick, your math checks out :O
  10. My bad guys, I should have properly explained that I wasn't really suggesting him for the Canucks. Just curious about whether or not you could see a team like Edmonton or even Dallas take a swing at him. Radulov was scratched recently. Although with 2 extra years on Radulov's contract I doubt Pittsburgh would bite unless Dallas retained half his cap. Chucky only has one season left so there are a few options for teams struggling to score to bite on him as a reclamation project. Just ideally not us. Lol.
  11. Rumors/Speculation coming from the remains of Elliotte Friedman's stache is that Chucky (26 years old in Feb) could be on the way out once Pittsburgh gets healthy. And with his vastly diminished role the last few games and on the season as a whole it kind of speaks to this having some weight to it. 10 points in 21 games, 12 minutes and some change of ice time per game. Fewer than 10 minutes in 4 of the last 5 games. I am curious where y'all think he may end up. And if you would be willing to take him for cheap to try fill a top 6 spot. (Which if I am being honest I think I am over reclamation projects but I understand the appeal with them generally being cheaper). Edmonton might be smart to take a flyer on him. At some point you have to think one line can't do it all, right? Lol. Columbus can't score to save their life and potentially not having their 1st round pick this season may allow them to take a shot at him just to try get some scoring but I am sure Torts would not be thrilled with a guy that plays 0 defense. Ottawa is likely in on all the cheap mediocre players. Pretty much all the bottom feeders (LA, Detroit, New Jersey etc) I could see being in on Chucky to hopefully resurrect even half of the 30 goal scorer in him for cheap cost asset wise and cap wise. Dallas and NYI despite their records are pretty low in the goal scoring department. Lots of options and with the price likely being pretty low I am curious where he ends up. I can't see Pittsburgh keeping him if/when they get healthy. They are injured and he isn't even playing much. Edit: I should reiterate (or more properly explain) I don't want him for the Canucks. I feel like we have a much cheaper Galchenyuk in Goldobin. I was more curious about other teams picking him up. My apologies.
  12. I mean, personally I’d be more pissed at Montour and the team for not responding.
  13. The only real coaching problem I have is the defensive setups. It's so passive. I guess it fits Tanev and Edler's style nicely, seeing as they are at the top of the league in blocked shots. But I dunno how sustainable that is against good teams. Giving them free time and space is not wise. McDavid and Draisaitl torched us cause they had all that time and space to do as they pleased. Considering the legendary run they are on that probably isn't the smartest play. Watching the team back off Malkin and let him take slappers down the middle of the ice? Even today against Buffalo with the 5 on 6. I get they have an extra man but that's even less space making putting pressure on them even better. Demko needs to peak around/through 5-7 bodies to even see the puck cause our entire team was just chillin' in the slot. I dunno if the team is also trying to sit on leads or if they are just getting shell shocked mentally by opposing team's pressure but that needs to be fixed too. Too often this team is blowing leads and I can't tell if it's young players learning or the team being told to be more passive. Either way when we get the lead we become a different team and it's not looking so hot. That one I'll kind of chalk up to the young team not handling the pressure well.
  14. Lack of speed and puck handling is why Boeser is struggling a wee bit 5 on 5. On the PP with all the time and space he is still super dangerous. Other teams are shadowing Petey and Boeser like crazy though. They have no time and space so Boeser needs to be able to make plays carrying the puck. Sadly he doesn't have the speed or the hands to really do anything with it. His passes are looking pretty sloppy and when he tries to dangle it doesn't end well. People say Jake has a lot to learn from Miller, I think Boeser would benefit just as much if not more from Miller if he emulates more of his game. I dunno how easy it is to get faster, so I won't just say "get faster Boeser" cause I imagine it's not that simple or else everyone would be out there like Larkin and McDavid. But it really would go along way if he developed his puck handling and passing skills. He has good size but no speed or hands to do anything in combination with that shot. Daniel Sedin was slow but he was tough on his skates and had some great puck handling. It offset the fact teams were on his ass all game. Boeser is having a good season. I don't wanna sound like I am trashing him cause he and Petey are having good seasons scoring wise but sometimes watching them 5 on 5 it's clear the other team knows what to do to get them off their game. Imagine Petey tougher on his skates and Boeser with better puck handling? They'd be a top 2/3 line in the league. They haven't reached their potential yet and that's what is scary about them.