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  1. I do not wanna see a blueline with Barrie and Myers on two different pairs and less so together. Our defense is garbage enough as is in their own zone.
  2. Scheifele's injury was a freak injury, and Ferland's injury is due to his history. If anything the covid break shoulda helped his case. Besides, injuries are nature of the business in playoffs. The alternative is no games of any kind and the league goes under. Pretty sure even the players aren't on board for that.
  3. The one bright spot of game 1. Shame he has had such rotten concussion luck. Would be nice if he just retired but that's alotta money to walk away from.
  4. A lot of what I wanted in game 1 we got in game 2. Maybe I knew something Greener didn't know for game 1. All jokes aside, really happy with the results here. Jake had a great game, Petey battled hard. Love that he isn't getting pushed around and just taking it. Got that bite to his game. This is why he was so good in the SHL playoffs. The biggest thing this team is missing, is that Hamhuis/Bieksa D combo. This team terrifies me in the final moments of a game. We don't have a shutdown pair that'll help close out a game for you. People remember Edler/Ehrhoff from that 2011 team, but boy was Hamhuis and Bieksa just brutal for opposing teams to play against. Tanev is good defensively but he's no Hamhuis or Bieksa. That's on top of the fact he's the only truly great defensive D-man we have. Long story short, good game. Not so good finish. Lets hope Minnie doesn't carry over the momentum going into next game.
  5. If I am not mistaken Green is half of "all of his pro coaches".
  6. If you have chemistry you'll be split up. Petey, stop asking! You're not getting Boeser >:(
  7. People keep saying "maybe he knows something fans don't". Maybe Green is just an idiot. If we're gonna go down the "maybe" rabbit hole.
  8. He inherited a great team and likely followed the blueprint of the guy before? Well damn, and here I am giving him credit for his one accomplishment. Silly me.
  9. I hold players/coaches to a higher standard than games played. To be elite you kind of need to be, ya know. Elite. He was a good player, found a place in the league. But was he ever in the realm of a Kovalchuk, or Naslund, or Tavares etc? No, they are elite. He was a serviceable player that found a niche in the league. He's an average coach and his biggest achievement is winning in a teen's league and going to the finals in the AHL once and as far as I know they did nothing else in his tenure. But hey, low standards makes us all winners.
  10. Elite? I mean it's a solid resume but none of that I'd consider elite. And what was his overall record in the AHL outside of that one finals run? Honestly, this coaching staff would really look solid if we went after Crow as well. To help Greener along.
  11. Yeah, cause Miller was there taking the faceoffs. Lol. He was 64%. Thanks for proving my point?
  12. Ferland Petey Miller would be my first line if we went with a big shakeup. Problem with taking Miller off Petey's line is now Petey has to take faceoffs, and he's pretty bad at that. He's Gaudette levels of bad at faceoffs. Miller is the primary faceoff guy on that line. He won more faceoffs this season than Petey took total. Petey was a 42% faceoff guy.
  13. Is this implying I don't like Tkachuk or something? Him and Sergachev were on my list at that draft. Lol. My comment was more about people dissing Virtanen. And I'd say it's aged pretty well. I mean, he's not top 6 like I thought he'd be but he's a great middle 6 guy that can play top 6 when injuries hit. Should be playing for us now but our coach doesn't like winning I guess.
  14. One might argue saying "players need to execute" is lazy and letting coaches off the hook. Sad fact of the matter is the players didn't play poorly, they were just beating their heads against a brick wall. They had lots of possession early. As frustration set in, they started bobbling pucks and missed passes. Nobody is letting players off the hook, especially the bottom 6. But you have to admit nothing changed throughout the game. Gotta try switching up something. Anything. Same game plan, same lines, same rotation. Failed at the beginning, failed in the end.
  15. He always tries to answer questions in a weird way. "No we didn't get outplayed, they just wanted it more." It's like he wants to appear smarter than the person asking the question. Very weird quirk of his that makes his press conferences unwatchable. That and his tired "we battled hard" "we got chances" etc responses.
  16. Could really have used a 18 goal scorer tonight. And would have been smart to switch up the top 6 when it clearly wasn't working at all. At no point did the top 6 look dangerous. Why not reunite the 6-40-9 line? There were roster changes and at no point did Greener make any. Boeser for Toffoli, and Sutter for Roussel . At least do something. How long was he gonna watch the team achieve nothing?
  17. By the team coached by the guy we fired, for reasons I guess. I liked Torts when he was here. Shame so many here didn't wanna let go of the fact the team sucked and blamed Torts for the team sucking. Torts with a lesser roster beat a team with a better roster than the one Greener was facing down. Say what you will about the team's play but you can see the difference between a good coach and, our coach.
  18. Doghouse Jake Shotgun Jake and Big Mac in next game. Literally remove anyone from the bottom 6 not named Beagle or Ferland. Hell, could even throw Juolevi in next game on the blueline for anyone not named Hughes or Tanev but our coaching staff doesn't have the stones to sit garbage tier vets for young players. Keep playing the safe vets and have lame games like this. It's okay though, can't wait to hear the lame positives Greener will pull from this. Still a few more games to be played, but tonight leaves a lot to be desired. Team lacked energy. Minnie had more hustle and life. Top 6 was suffocated all game and the 3rd line did nothing, except Ferland who was mixing it up. Maybe our captain should yell at the team the way he did Jake.
  19. We need to stop hiring AHL coaches as our HC. We haven't had a good coach since Torts. And he only got one season.
  20. Top 6 hasn't been bad, Wild defense is just too much. They have nothing to fear from our bottom 6.
  21. No room for passengers? Everyone in our bottom 6 is a passenger except Beagle. Lol.
  22. Give us Big Mac and Shotgun Jake. Drop Roussel and Sutter.