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  1. Of all the expected players we'll have exposed I don't see why they wouldn't take a starting goalie, unless we are going on the premise the second half of this season was a fluke for Marky.
  2. What do you think it'd take to snag him in a trade, if you had to venture a guess. Of their D prospects I feel he'd be the most cost effective one. If we can snag him for like Virtanen and a pick (2nd/3rd, likely next summer's draft) that could be huge for our D core going forward. Especially if we go with Krebs, Boldy, or another forward with our 1st rounder this summer. Although at this point, I don't think anyone outside of Vancouver is banking on Virtanen's potential anymore. So he might not be an enticing enough piece even with a 2nd rounder thrown in.
  3. Kapanen probably wants near 5mil per. In line with a guy like Tuch. Which puts the compensation in the 1st and a 3rd range. I'd rather just try trade for him. Our 1sts are pretty important until we officially get outta the rebuild phase.
  4. Taking shots a near point per game guy that is in the NHL playing meaningful playoff games, albeit short playoff run, while the guy we took instead is becoming the next Tanev? We all cope in our own ways I suppose.
  5. They trade Zadina for a guy they passed on and trade their pick for a lesser pick? Why not just keep Zadina and draft Byram themselves? Instead of I dunno, ripping themselves off.
  6. Petey is gonna go back to college and get his degree then leave us for nothing.
  7. 70 points is a pretty big stretch. Is it impossible? Nah. But I think people speak with a bit too much certainty when it comes to a guy we drafted in the 5th round that isn't exactly showing to be a hugely talented guy. 50-60 points is a stretch let alone 70. Geez. If we can get a 30 point 3rd liner outta the guy that's a huge win for a 5th round draft pick. With that said, players are so hard to project. He could have one hell of a summer and come in as a top 6 talent. Odds are too low for that though. Jokiharju is more likely to be a 40 point top 4 D-man than Gaudette is to be a top 6 player. Which is really the only point I was trying to make.
  8. Gaudreau should shut his mouth, better yet go back to hitting yourself in the lips with your own stick ya goof.
  9. I imagine Don Cherry won't be super happy with the score. If you count 6-0 running up the score. Losing TJ Sochi is rough.
  10. Apparently he's very well liked by the players, if you wanna send a message to them that could be the way to go.
  11. Him being listed as LD means nothing to me. No d-man in the history of ever should struggle on their strong side, which would be his right side. Hell I take it back, if anything him being able to play LD is just another plus for him and means his value should greatly outweigh Gaudette's. I dunno if too many teams are wasting their best defensive centers on Gaudette's line but is a valid point. But for a supposed two way guy it's obviously pretty distressing to see him struggle in the dot and not really be trusted with defensive deployment. Puts up sub par offense, isn't trusted with too many defensive looks, weak in the dot, not super physical, turning 23 in October. Not sure too many teams are giving up 1st round drafted RH d-men that had a similar season to Gaudette and is 3 years younger. A 22 year old center that struggles and isn't really trusted in the dot isn't much of a center especially if they aren't at least producing offense at a high level. He may fit better on the wing at the NHL level, I dunno though. Could come in this Fall and really make some noise. 23 is not old by any means and late bloomers exist. I am rooting for the guy. I believe he could maybe reach top 6 level, but the likelihood of that imo is low. Like I said I like Gaudette. But anyone that thinks he's worth a d-man of Jokiharju's level straight up is a bit of a homer. I could even just be overrating Jokiharju. Always a possibility.
  12. Would need to retain on Sutter and/or take cap back. Tkachuk is gonna make bank this summer and they are already right up on the cap I think. Only significant contract coming off the books this summer is Smith. But most of that 4mil may just go to Rittich. Get a similar deal to the one Markstrom is currently on. Tkachuk may sign around Draisaitl dollars, hard to say with RFAs. Some sign reasonably, some make bank.
  13. Tampa's defense is likely gonna get overhauled this summer due to cap. I can't see them giving up a cheap potential top 4 d-man for a 3rd line winger. And it gets discussed to death in every single Tampa proposal, Callahan is not likely to waive here. Tampa has better taxes, they are a better team as of now, and it's very low key being a hockey player there in comparison to here.
  14. Isn't Zegras similar to Boldy with the added benefit of potentially being a center? Or are we assuming Zegras is gone before their pick? Which is perfectly reasonable. The 4-10 range is very unpredictable.
  15. 6 is Detroit. They are taking Byram 100% if he is there at 6. They probably wanted one of Hughes or Boqvist last year until Zadina fell into their lap. Colorado and Detroit both have a good reason to want to take Byram with their pick. Could also potentially throw in LA, but I feel like they'd want a speedy forward. Seeing as their current forward crop is slow and old.
  16. Yeah, you'd "consider" Gaudette? Jokiharju has the same amount of points in 18 fewer games while playing defense as a teenager. I love me some Gaudette but I feel like a RD like Jokiharju is worth more than just Gaudette. Guy is a 40% faceoff guy. Not exactly inspiring numbers for a supposed 22 year old centerman with 60% ozone starts. But hey, maybe I am overrating Jokiharju.
  17. Miller I feel like would be a cap dump, tbh. They might let him go for little to nothing. He was a healthy scratch for game one, but has played every game since then. I dunno.
  18. If they are smart, yes. 4mil per is pretty much high end 3rd liner dollars. If Kapanen's agent is smart he is looking for near 5mil per. Kapanen can easily play 2nd line on a playoff team imo. If Benning could pull of this trade it'd be amazing. We are essentially giving up a bunch of pieces that won't or shouldn't be on this roster next season. If anything we should be giving up the higher pick, not them. We are getting the best player and the best pick.
  19. No, the only player in the league worth 4 1st rounders is McDavid. I'd think about giving up 2 1sts for Tkachuk though. Him with Petey and Boeser would be destructive. Marner is more talented but I am thinking fit and Tkachuk in theory would be cheaper and fit better with our current top 6 imo. We could use a top 6 guy with an edge to him that can also put up points. Love him or hate him Tkachuk is always a factor in the game, scoring or not.