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  1. The Seguin trade had a lot more to do with his immaturity. He didn't see to care and still doesn't about hockey. He is more of a talented player who would rather party than play hockey. If he worked hard and put in effort he could be a hell of a lot better.
  2. Colorado makes no sense they already have Girard. They don't need to pay Krug big $$$ their blue-line would start looking hella small.
  3. My point was he is a top 4 dman signed longer term even if he is a poor top 4 dman Seattle might take a chance on him as he is young and could turn it around and they could afford to do that as an expansion team.
  4. I did not like Mathesons play at all and this has nothing do with bias. I was thinking he was a possible Seattle pick-up. Florida dodged a bullet here.
  5. If Virtanen could get us Carlo that trade would have been done immediately.
  6. If he isn't signing with St.Louis it's because he wants a NMC. He has made it very clear he wants stability. St.Louis has given out way too many NMC/NTC and they are probably thinking they should stop handing them out.
  7. Trying to bring a winning culture to Florida, good luck.
  8. The NHL Centreice is a joke and streaming is getting far easier to find and the quality is a+ unlike it used to be when streams would be low quality and frequently crash. When you try to nickel and dime your fans they will look elsewhere.
  9. If a doctor is prescribing a medication for a year of use when it's only approved for 5 days of use then that doctor should lose their license. That would fix the issue immediately.
  10. I'd rather use any picks or prospects to pick up a dman in a trade than use them to lose Eriksson. The cap space isn't really an issue especially if Markstrom walks.
  11. I'd rather keep assets than give them away to get rid of Eriksson if the cost is high. Not a big deal a lot of teams deal with internal caps. We can survive a few years more of Eriksson. Or just send him to the minors let him ride a bus for a few years.
  12. The voting wasn't close. It wasn't some narrow victory for Makar. He had more than double the first place votes than Hughes. That isn't close. If Makar doesn't get injured when he was on a complete tear it would have been an even wider margin.
  13. Until Jim knows who he can get rid of I don't think you're going to see anyone signed unless someone came in really cheap. Also, I think it depends on if he can snag a young dman in a trade.
  14. Toronto does not have an Elder or Myers. Muzzin is more like Tanev. So for you to be correct we'd have to lose Edler and Myers and then we'd be like Toronto's D.
  15. Offensively Makar was better. Defensively Makar was better. Physically Makar was better. Makar is an all around player and the only chance Quinn had was to outscore him which he really didn't do when you look at the games played. Hughes had a great year but Makar was better. The only reason this was as close as it was is because of Makars injury.