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  1. They are not going to trade Sutter for nothing, especially when they are in the playoff hunt and he would be needed if a centremen goes down. His value would be a lot higher if he finishes the year off on a high too.
  2. Vegas should have went to the cup back to back if the refs didn't screw them. They are well coached and he gets a lot out of some aging players. Very odd firing.
  3. The NHL needs to do like The NFL and start the games exactly at the time they post. 5pm means 5:07 - 5:20 puck drop. It should mean 5pm puck drop.
  4. peaches5

    NFL thread

    Everybody choking, lol.
  5. peaches5

    NFL thread

    This is exactly why I wanted The Titans to play the Ravens and then The Pats play the Titans in the AFC championship.
  6. peaches5

    NFL thread

    Rain favours The Ravens. Their entire game revolves around the run. I'm not sure Tannehill can throw in the rain and if Henry gets shut down they are hopeless.
  7. We have seen that review a million times show us different angles, sportsnet.
  8. So how does the puck magically disappear when it goes "over" the crossbar? That went in the net 100%.
  9. One mistake doesn't equate to the entire team playing poorly for 60 mins.
  10. You lose 9-2 and then the next game you play just a poorly instead of bouncing back. That is a huge cause for concern. Good teams bounce back. This team laid an egg twice. Demko made some big saves or it could have been 10-2.