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  1. NFL thread

    They literally discussed it each time how the officials were letting them play and reviewed these hits several times in slow-mo which clearly showed the saints were hitting the vikings before the ball was even in their hands. "when it's that close they shouldn't throw the flag" is what they kept saying. It wasn't close it was clearly PI in real-time. I would have been livid if those calls were not called if I was a vikings fan.
  2. NFL thread

    i watched the game and those were not questionably calls in fact the saints got away with a lot of earlier hits that were clearly pass interference. If anything the officials went to the saints and said if you do that again we are throwing the flag.
  3. NFL thread

  4. NFL thread

    Patriots gotta shutdown Fournette and put all the pressure on Bortles which I don't think he can handle. He was the worst QB at converting 3rd down not too long ago. Pretty similar game plan they had against Tennessee. I did not like the match-up with Pittsburgh at all. If you shutdown Bell then Brown can beat you. If you shutdown Bell and Brown, some how, then you've Bryant who can beat you. Pats were lucky that Brown got hurt in their first game.
  5. Also I will add that Markstrom and Nilsson have both been playing terribly. Which you can't attribute to Horvat.
  6. Not really considering Sutter, Dorsett, Tanev, Elder, Baertstchi and more have all been out while Horvat has been out.
  7. Mayor Gregor Robertson Won't Seek Re-Election

    Drivers get tickets. A cyclist can run a stop sign in front of a cop and get nothing there is no way a driver could do that.
  8. Mayor Gregor Robertson Won't Seek Re-Election

    Are you kidding me? A cyclist is not a pedestrian. Cyclists need to follow the damn rules of the road. I am so sick of these idiots thinking the law doesn't apply to them. If I hit one in at a stop sign or red light, for them, who do you think will get blamed? Me, unless I've a damn dash cam that says otherwise. These guys blatantly break every rule of the road and should be ticketed for it. 1/10 cyclists will actually stop at a stop sign. They just expect you to stop even when you don't have a stop sign.
  9. Duclair being way overvalued here. He has had one good season. I do agree that Chicago wins this trade hands down just because Duclair is a young player who can easily turn it around but people saying we should have traded Hutton for Duclair.. Are you out of your mind? Hutton is worth way more than Duclair.
  10. [Signing] Jagr to Flames

    No thread on Jagr no longer being a flame?
  11. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    And that's comparable how? Barrie had 2 years where he played in the NHL getting games before his first full season. They've had different paths to the NHL but both play a very similar game. I didn't even say they're equal players I said they're the same player. Barrie may be an upgrade over the current Stecher but I don't see a reason to go out and get him when you've Stecher who in a few years can be equal to Barrie.
  12. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    They are the same style of player. You don't need Stecher and Barrie on the same team.
  13. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    Barrie is basically the same player a Stecher.
  14. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    Didn't he just throw a big hit/pinch during the Toronto game which they turned around and scored on or got a great scoring chance on?
  15. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Montreal Canadiens

    The Habs are terrible and The Canucks looked like amateurs against them.