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  1. Like others have said humidity and temperature play a huge roll. There's a reason why the best ice is found in the colder locations around the league.
  2. How many people watch curling live? How big are the curling ice surfaces? How many people skate and chew up the ice? Comparing that to a hockey arena jam packed full of 19,000 people is ridiculous.
  3. I don't understand people who don't like fuzzy peaches. They are the best.
  4. If Toffoli re-signs then Sutter will be moved. I'd rather have Toffoli, an actual winger, playing on the wing than Sutter who is a centremen.
  5. I don't see many people complaining except you.
  6. peaches5

    Bess done?

    He has a rib cartilage injury. it's a 12+ week recovery.
  7. I am pretty sure you are wrong. If Baerstchi is traded his cap hit being less has nothing to do with clearing waivers. His cap hit for this year would be less for the team that acquired him based on the amount of games left in the year but the following year his cap hit would be the maximum amount for that team.
  8. Gallant must be coming in. The Wild have been playing pretty well lately, only reason I can think of why he'd be fired right now.
  9. Markstrom has played 0 playoff games. We were able to get Luongo for Bertuzzi because of his lack of playoff experience. Playing well in the regular season and playing well in the postseason are two very different things. AHL doesn't matter at all. Unless we make the playoffs and he has an outstanding performance he is worth 4.5m max. No playoff experience no big contract. If I was JB and he wants 6m I'd give him 6m X 2 (NTC, not NMC) possibly 7m x 1. If he wants term 4.5m Is the max I'd go.
  10. Kypreos is terrible. When I read this earlier I was literally going to come in here and post now watch the real report come out where Weber is out with a bruise. I remember when he said Tanev for Nylander was a done deal if he didn't sign by a certain date and then months later he was saying how Nylander was not being shopped. It's like he literally just makes things up.
  11. Boston is so good at taking away time and space.
  12. He is legit just carrying the puck in and they're saying oh the puck isn't touching his stick so its not possession therefore it's not offside.. like what? This is a clear and obvious offside.