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  1. I am pretty sure you are wrong. If Baerstchi is traded his cap hit being less has nothing to do with clearing waivers. His cap hit for this year would be less for the team that acquired him based on the amount of games left in the year but the following year his cap hit would be the maximum amount for that team.
  2. Gallant must be coming in. The Wild have been playing pretty well lately, only reason I can think of why he'd be fired right now.
  3. Markstrom has played 0 playoff games. We were able to get Luongo for Bertuzzi because of his lack of playoff experience. Playing well in the regular season and playing well in the postseason are two very different things. AHL doesn't matter at all. Unless we make the playoffs and he has an outstanding performance he is worth 4.5m max. No playoff experience no big contract. If I was JB and he wants 6m I'd give him 6m X 2 (NTC, not NMC) possibly 7m x 1. If he wants term 4.5m Is the max I'd go.
  4. Kypreos is terrible. When I read this earlier I was literally going to come in here and post now watch the real report come out where Weber is out with a bruise. I remember when he said Tanev for Nylander was a done deal if he didn't sign by a certain date and then months later he was saying how Nylander was not being shopped. It's like he literally just makes things up.
  5. Boston is so good at taking away time and space.
  6. He is legit just carrying the puck in and they're saying oh the puck isn't touching his stick so its not possession therefore it's not offside.. like what? This is a clear and obvious offside.
  7. They're treating it like the possession was lost, as if the puck was dumped in, and this negates the offside.. it's totally ridiculous.
  8. Yes, which makes it offside. Boston had possession the entire time and re-entered the zone while a player had not left. pushing the puck off your stick doesn't mean you give up possession.
  9. He had control of the puck it doesn't need to be touching his stick.
  10. I called offside in real time it was so blatant.. wtf
  11. Seeing how they got spanked by Tampa they need to have a good game tonight. See how well they can do against one of the league's best.
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    NFL thread

    Because all you need is a piece of garbage to throw around to play it.
  13. It doesn't matter why a player is playing poorly all that matters is they are playing poorly. When you play poorly you get less icetime, simple. You're coming up with excuses for Boeser's play and then wanting someone else to come in and give Boeser more ice-time because of this excuse.
  14. Really cause I seem to recall the article this year that confirmed exactly what I said. There was no way Pettersson was was 177 last year. Funny how often I am right.
  15. What stupid theory? The fact that this trade when it was made was not larceny and a fair trade? Funny how you still have responded to the articles I posted and just blatantly ignored them and then started bashing me without quoting me to avoid me. You are a coward.
  16. I'm digging? Did you read your own post? What I said are valid objective views of Pettersson. Which Marner does not have I could make a lot of things up too, Deb. Doesn't make that player better. You could say the exact same things about Marner. What I said is factual there's nothing subjective about Pettersson being weak on his skates or his game dropping off. Saying oh injuries played a part in this and well people started targeting him is part of playing in the NHL. Henrik Sedin lost his Brother for the majority of the year and went on to have his best season ever. The Sedins were also known for being incredibly strong on their skates. We aren't talking about the potential of each player but which player is better right now and Marner has shown consistency among all the other things which Pettersson has not. Pettersson has to get strong on his skates and the faceoff dot. Marner is being completely underrated here.
  17. San Jose is not a bad team their goaltending has just been horrendous. They should have made a move for a goaltender in December.
  18. They've made racism subjective based on these new combined definitions. It's like you have to step back gather information and determine just what exactly the person(s) are saying is racist. If you argue then you just get screamed at that words evolve. They use the word because they know how powerful it is. It's losing its meaning because of it.
  19. The dictionary definition doesn't match what people associate the word racism to anymore. It is more so jingoistic than racist or prejudice. There are specific words that people have forgotten about that define specific things but instead of using those words they just say racist.
  20. Pettersson needs to get a lot stronger on his skates. He falls down way too much. I believe he has improved on that this year but still Marner is a lot stronger on his skates. He played almost the entire year last year with Brock on his wing. So he didn't have terrible linemates, which some have alluded to. Marner has shown more consistency than Pettersson. Marner also came in from Junior and Petey came in from europe playing against men. Pettersson was better equipped to transition into the NHL game than Marner was. Pettersson also doesn't take many draws and when he does he is under 50%. Marner is more complete at his position.
  21. I specifically stated I would not trade Pettersson for Marner. He's a number 1 centre and should have far more value to a teams core down the road. Marner has shown he can play an 82 game season without drop off. Pettersson struggled after 50 games last year. He has to show he can play a full 82 games with no drop-off in the second half of the year.