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  1. Loui Eriksson | #21 | LW/RW

    Never hear a word about our 6mil player... maybe he's super private and traditional, which I respect. But I'm really wondering if he's met Pettersson, etc. You gotta think they know eachother by now?
  2. [Signing] Islanders re-sign Ryan Pulock

    Hell of a player, might be a good later round pool candidate.
  3. [Signing] Red Wings re-sign Anthony Mantha

    Helps us out with Jake, or were you all just going to crack wise in this thread?
  4. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    Not sure they ever played together.. Am I wrong? Leipsic only iced 14 games with us and Boeser was out in first few days of March. Hmm, maybe they did play a game or 2 together.
  5. Troy Stecher | #51 | D

    Sure champ, thanks for the report.
  6. I have conflicted opinions about this as well... I agree with Warhippy and think he's brave to speak truths. But it's always sad to think of the people the deaths affected. Let it be a strong lesson to people who don't know the power of the elements.
  7. Troy Stecher | #51 | D

    If you followed the team, you'd probably know that his teammates insinuate as much.. Rubs people the wrong way due to his happy go lucky attitude and lack of focus. Maybe he's your kind of guy, but he's not mine currently. Green saw it, he has zero trade value because he let his contract go to his head and stopped improving. We'll see what 2018-19 brings.
  8. Troy Stecher | #51 | D

    Stecher is a much better player than Hutton as of last year, but we may see a more pissed off BH come 2018-19 and if he uses his body and improves his conditioning and shot, I think Ben could improve his trade value and we can trade him, keeping Stecher, I really like what Troy brings and he's got the heart of a lion. Hutton kinda rubs me the wrong way and is a guy I'd tune out in social situations. Benning tried to gamble signing him midseason that year, lost but I don't fault him. Guys as focused and driven as Troy don't grow on trees, also I imagine he's tight with Brock.
  9. So Jake didn't file for Arbitration rights, was qualified and remains unsigned correct?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. coastal.view


      ah ok

      thanks for that clarification heffy

      so he can now just withhold services

      if he does not get a contract he likes

    3. hammertime


      I think Virtanen holding out for a payday would be career suicide. He's gotta take the show me route or he's punching his ticket out.

    4. HerrDrFunk


      I highly doubt Virtanen’s agent is trying to get him to hold out for a big money deal. He’ll be signed in the next week or to a two to a reasonable, short term deal.

  10. Quinn Hughes | D

    To be fair, he's talking about crowd draw.
  11. The liquor mostly. I believe ROR can up his game and be a big difference maker when he's inspired. I think BUF got some useful parts, but IMO the team that gets the best player usually wins the trade. Being desperate for change is dicey and both teams rolled pretty heavily.
  12. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    Here's my July 1st time capsule lines. Baertschi Horvat Boeser Pettersson Sutter Eriksson Roussel Gaudette Virtanen Schaller Beagle Granlund Goldobin Gudbranson Hughes Edler Stecher Del Zotto Tanev Hutton, Pouliot Markstrom Demko There's my rough opinions of the 23 man roster. D is probably whack but I'm proud of the forward lines. Alex Auld influenced them a bit.
  13. Antoine Roussel | #21 | LW

    He's young, smoke a bowl. 32 at the end of his contract.
  14. Double-ouch for Winnipeg. Chevy will now go back to never making any trades for 3.5 years again.