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  1. Get them autographed and we'll talk lol.
  2. Have a stipend, make the individual pass a drug test. There's a really basic idea that could be improved upon. Don't demonize the poor, many of them are still reeling from horrible upbringings.
  3. Thanks for making this topic. I got the answers I wanted from the thread that followed.
  4. I love Jakes face on that Roussel goal, I think he looks upto him quite a bit.
  5. This really pisses me off. Arvidsson is a star player and Bortuzzo is barely in the league... PROTECT YOUR DAMN PLAYERS!!
  6. Of the top 10 scorers in the league, Pettersson is tied with Huberdeau for the least ice time per game.

    1. goog16


      The thing about Petey is that even when he's cooled down he still puts up points...can you imagine if he goes on a hot streak!!

    2. morrissex95


      We's getting phased into the league it's a process but I bet in 5 years time he'll be a top 10 player in the NHL