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  1. Thanks for the updates, as always @UticaHockey Looks like Jensen is unlucky and AV isn't much of a fan. Has Utica improved noticeably since Bachman was injured?
  2. Lol, wut!! Dude, I don't want to get into you about this but you're seriously trolling if you say he's telling the truth. It's his opinion, NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE TRUTH. Why are we talking about this and why was this posted? Waah waah he had an abusive father, take a look around. As long as you don't need a minimum income or license to have a child, there will be abusive fathers. The only reason he's on air is because he got his ass kicked by his old man. There are multitude of people in the world who cry into their sheets at night and never had a sniff of his opportunity. He can **** off.
  3. Oh boy, I love you too tonight Alf!!! 2.25m, one year for NT. Really tough with Nikita, we kinda wanna keep him like a mushroom, but at the same time let him see some light. Alf. Help me with this word-paper stuff. You're smart.
  4. I love you !!
  5. Is it to do with RFA status? Thanks.
  6. I see where you and Lb are coming from for sure.. Benny seems like a salt of the earth guy, the type that you can throw money at and they'll be loyal to the franchise and earn it. It's hard to say with Eriksson. In a perfect world, he's playing on the 2nd with the twins, then in 2 yrs on the third. It could play out well. But man are we banking on young, cheap forwards.... which, I have to submit, is better than banking on young D and Goalie. I could be more succinct, but well I'm drinking
  7. I'd also like to know. Sorry for rousing you without and answer, Bear !!
  8. I don't quite get why you've gotten to -10 (+1) from me. I was pissed at his 3rd on Saturday too, but lets remember that he's had a long and successful tenure here. He does gap out and seem disinterested, but those kinda things go back to his in utero days. He does strike me as someone who spent a day with an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.... But this season and for the last 8, he's been a good find. No Ohlund, but he's good. Hmm, how would you rate him against Ohlund?
  9. Tryamkin and it's really not even close. This team could use a veteran Russian, IMO. Any ideas?
  10. Ha ha. I didn't say what I said having anything to do with hunting. Look at his post history. I have zero problem with honorable hunting, I've been able to hunt and shoot since I was 10.
  11. New Metallica, sounds like the early 90's stuff. Pretty good! I wonder what the singles will be?
  12. Go away.
  13. Bang on. My earliest experience with hockey is the late 80's. Therefore, the hockey you describe is only hockey that I've heard about. I think your point applies up until the 94-95 lockout?
  14. If watching the Canucks is the only reason I have satellite, I'm thinking of calling Shaw tomorrow.
  15. America and their collective hangover, f**k'n thing will last over 4 yrs minimum.