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  1. I dunno, MTL will play them tough. I say Habs in 5 to be different. I know the chances of MTL winning the series decrease with every game played, but there it is.
  2. I chose Canes in 5. No real thought put into it, Just want it to go long and see Brind'Amour win the series. I'm eager to watch Svechnikov and Panarin.
  3. Yea, I seem to recall Panarin didn't play a ton with MZ. Strome was a more steady linemate if i do recall correctly.
  4. Guys a textbook POS. You don't talk about women like that without there being something very wrong in your head. Why do you always seem to be against decency? Trying to be edgy? Go against the grain?? How's that working out for ya?
  5. This kind of talk is so foreign to me. I truly hope this isn't common. Zero decency, makes me a bit angry actually. I did feel there was something off about the guy, complete loser.
  6. I did that in '02 out of high school for $10/hr, silver lining was that my rent was $150 a month. The most I earned in a month was $1300 so it wasn't that bad!! In case you're wondering , I'm doing much better now haha. Still in the timber manufacturing sector though.
  7. Dude this is an amazing thread!! I just signed up for introduction to business at Thompson Rivers. Really good idea and something we should all consider. Mad props Jimmy.