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  1. Rick suggested he'd be looking for 4m based on his minutes last season. That's a definite NO for me. What's his minimum increase allowable under CBA?
  2. Wow this is an interesting development. He's just what we need. https://www.capfriendly.com/players/jamie-benn 6 more years at 9.5 per though. Dallas would probably want a lot. Plus there's the Aquilini/ Gaglardi thing that almost makes me think it'd be near impossible to get him.
  3. To be fair, Gaunce was both injured and on the NHL roster last season. Don't wildly counterbalance a weak argument, not a good look.
  4. I'm sad to see this news, as I'm a fan of his. There are some good points made on the first page of this thread. Hope he stays in the organization, I thought Green liked him??
  5. Any follow up for me? What did you lay down?
  6. I didn't know Binnington was 25.. if he was 20, might be a different story. Petey 100% Playnow already settled my bet for Pettersson winnning the Calder.. funny.
  7. Anthem singer has a very similar vocal range to Mark Donnelly. Expecting BOS to take this one, but I'm rooting for the Leafs.
  8. Lots of sleuthing and intrigue to look forward to.. I like what I've heard about Caufield, Broberg, and Soderstrom.
  9. He's talking about the Comets.. were you?
  10. Oh she's back, right on. Beautiful voice and nice pace.
  11. Lol, it was a joke... Christ man chill out. I liked your post, was a compliment! I have problems? LOL. Look in the mirror Mr. Defensive.
  12. The arrangement is all about money, I'm assuming he burned one on game 1? No clue.
  13. Oh you pop in and whisper sweet nothings, then you're gone. CDC getting played.
  14. He earned one way deals though. Biega is a Harvard grad or something too, don't worry about him too much! He definitely has my respect as well.
  15. I've seen him get hit, dumped, fall more than I can count this season.
  16. That's freaking hilarious, he was being correct with LD RD tho. Props to you for that buddy.
  17. Wow, anyone see Weegar just demolish Byron, yikes. Lotta rage in that Uppercut.
  18. Wow Zepp, you're waay off here. Nikita was never benched, he had a nagging injury and was the Captain until Dawes came back. It's hard to get accurate information. @Stierlitz detailed the situation late last year.
  19. Thanks for stepping up and doing another GDT Xereau. Hirsch is VERY opinionated. He's starting to kinda annoy me TBH.
  20. That fkin Hyka, ugh hate him. We're in a wildcard spot if that hit doesn't happen. Sorry, I'm in the Goldy thread... I personally think we should retain him and give him another shot. I'm becoming very pro-russian. Maybe it's my 1/4 heritage coming thru.
  21. Wow, JT with a Hatty and 44 goals. Say what you will, but who doesn't want the Leafs to chin check the Bruins?

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Bruins still have gutless wastes of oxygen such as Chara, Marchand, Bergeron, Rask.  Still a super easy team to cheer against.

    3. Pears


      @Coconuts My thoughts exactly. &^@# both teams, but &^@# the laffs more. 

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      I want their game (if the play together) to be a state of perpetual overtime (for all eternity)

  22. Anderson is a pretty sick player... lotsa time on the 3rd line this year and has 25 goals. Jake!?! Where's my shotgun queue?