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  1. Guys a textbook POS. You don't talk about women like that without there being something very wrong in your head. Why do you always seem to be against decency? Trying to be edgy? Go against the grain?? How's that working out for ya?
  2. This kind of talk is so foreign to me. I truly hope this isn't common. Zero decency, makes me a bit angry actually. I did feel there was something off about the guy, complete loser.
  3. I did that in '02 out of high school for $10/hr, silver lining was that my rent was $150 a month. The most I earned in a month was $1300 so it wasn't that bad!! In case you're wondering , I'm doing much better now haha. Still in the timber manufacturing sector though.
  4. Dude this is an amazing thread!! I just signed up for introduction to business at Thompson Rivers. Really good idea and something we should all consider. Mad props Jimmy.
  5. Whatever man, pretty sure your panic isn't welcome here. Back to ATS ya go.
  6. Anyone know what is coming down the pipes regarding banks, FAs?? I live in a satellite only region, while my SO is a FA @ a major bank...
  7. Disgusting attitude man. I think you've some growing up to do.
  8. .. dude. Don't use that site. Bumble, that's where the quality women are and where I found mine.
  9. The anticipation is really getting me!! If we can play .500 at minimum for the next 2 weeks, then we have horses coming back. It's gonna be a very exciting end to the season and beyond. Thanks for all the updates. @SilentSam @Stierlitz especially.
  10. Vintage.. You're the best man, really appreciate your steadfast devotion to VC hockey club. Keep it comin' Hope you're compensated.

  11. I'd edit the OP and apologize if I were you. Poor wording though and nothing more.
  12. I understand the scratch. Loui better perform vs his ex team.
  13. I gotta good feeling!!! Co Canucks Go!!! Watching home alone tonight, good opportunity to really analyze.
  14. Mine is from when Donaldson was a Blue Jay, and I'm a Sawyer.
  15. Would you trade Hoglander for Brodin?

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    2. Alflives


      He just sounds soft. :sick:

      i want a Viking name.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Hell yes. 


    4. Mathew Barzal
  16. Thanks. People need to chill and accept we can't win every game. I just laugh. Laugh and ignore.