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  1. Good playoff numbers last year... I like this player, good deal for Canes.
  2. Pretty surprising news!!! Happy to have this PRICK on our team. Make no mistake, he's a prick and Green apparently likes him. Happy that we're going to be a force next year. Teams won't be happy ending or beginning western trips in Van anymore. Loving. AAV is puzzlingly good. Well done Jim.
  3. Nice feel good story, brightened my day a bit. Hope this thread improves though!
  4. Great post. Chiarot is a player I wanted/want for the Canucks. Dollar for dollar, I think Benn is better value but Chiarot is a better player.
  5. Any update on Olli since Benning said he was skating a few weeks ago?
  6. Motte re-signed to a 1 year .975m contract. Sounds good to me. Nice relentless little player, I'm a fan.
  7. I was predicting 6 x 5.8 This is even better imo, terms/bonuses considered.\ Welcome to Vancouver Myers. 0 PPG last year, have to think he'll get more offensive looks and hopefully be in the 40-50 pts range, depending on deployment.
  8. Great signing, Really nice 4th line C, we paid a lot for Beagle FO% and cup ring. I'm not complaining, just complimenting Sakic. He's really shoring up that depth. Avs/Canucks rivalrty renewed!! It started up again in that 7-6 thriller and will only grow, lets just hope we can exact some punishment this time.
  9. Thanks for the reassurance.
  10. Agreed. I like the BB EP NG line last year, but we're now getting more serious and Jim made a good move to beef us up. I'm most curious of Pearson and if he stays the horse he was at times late last year.
  11. Agreed. Goldy can be had on the cheap as well. Only issue is that line can be very easily bullied. So for this upcoming season, it seems like Miller will be around to protect Petey on that line. Boeser will eventually become a bit more brash I'm hoping. Sorry for thread drift, Leivo is a nice middle six piece at best... On a good team, he's a fourth line winger or one of 2 spares.
  12. Irfan Gaffar saying bet on Myers signing in Van.. lol playnow has a prop bet for him signing here. Might wanna throw a nickel on it ;)

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      @Roger Neilsons Towel I'm just speculating. I do believe there's already been an agreement though, and that they Myers signing will be one of the first things announced July 1st.

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      Playnow took the benning bet down

  13. Yes I was just thinking about this, could really put us over the top. Nikita is sorely needed here. Maybe playing with Datsyuk will inspire him to try the NHL again, or maybe PD left North America because he hates it here, lol. Really curious to see what kind of ice time they give Pod in St. Petersburg. He's going to easily be the youngest player on the KHL club.
  14. That height and weight at 18 implies he may already have 'man strength' Thanks for that tidbit.
  15. Thanks for this. Got a good feeling about him. Also, more than happy to have Sven in #1LW (or Virt if he smartens up) until this kid comes!! Hopefully he makes it. Question: Where's he playing next year?
  16. With Miller playing in the east, I haven't seen him or payed much attention. That said, he's a big body with good pedigree. Having Miller, Pearson, Baertschi, Virtanen and Roussel give us a great top 9. We're going to be better now and STH should actually be pleased that they will see a better squad, not focus on 5 years from now. Benning and co are so good at scouting, I wouldn't worry too much. We need Juolevi to be a player. Jim is adamant that he'll be good. I'm not as worried about the D as some are. I do understand the concern, but I also understand the calculated risk being taken. This trade blew me away and I'm having difficulty digesting it, but it does make us better. The Canucks absolutely have to improve now, pressure is on.
  17. Sounds good to me SID, you're the top dog around here.
  18. As my 2nd favorite team, I hope MTL gets Boldy.
  19. Chyka wants Caufield I'm thinking? edit: NM