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  1. [Trade] Jeff Skinner to BUF

    Them boys in Carolina just got Pu'd on ..
  2. Charlie McAvoy and another highly touted young player, maybe ..
  3. Reid Boucher | LW/RW

    Good on RB today! making the most of his time with the big club, maybe they will consider keeping him till the end of the season if he keeps up the good work!
  4. Alex Burmistrov Retires from NHL

    Time to slot in Gaunce more lol
  5. Not sure if this sounds sensible for either side but what if JB traded the 5th for Gally? Sure the pick can be nice but Gally is still young and can have good mentors in the sedins and him and Bo would be 2 quality lines!
  6. [Waivers] Sergey Kalinin

    I am all down for this, and considering who knows if Rodin returns next season and I cant really see Boucher going that far with the NHL squad.
  7. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    Hi Vintage, Just wondering if you could help me out today with a new sig? Particularly the Canucks tallest Deference, Nikita Tryamkin, i do have a picture, but if you can find any better im open to that but if it can include the Russian hockey logo and have his name and number would be great! my idea is if i can get the one of him standing alone photo shopped onto the Russian flag with his name and and number would be amazing! but if not included another picture that he can be photo shopped out of that would still look cool! cant wait to see the final product and no rush. Thanks, MattCanucks
  8. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Hardcore Henry - 6/10, interesting plot but with a main character who doesn't speak, its a tough sell.
  9. Hunter Shinkaruk | C/W

    Someone needs to show Benning and the Canuck owners an actual tank, and then show them how that has worked for the penguins and the blackhawks.
  10. Name That Canuck!

  11. Hunter Shinkaruk | C/W

    True, he should maybe just finish off the season in Uticia and then we can see how hes improved in September for the preseason, and besides hes still young at 21 hes fine. i guess its just like him seeing the other in the NHL but who knows it maybe a hard adjustment now for him, so yeah maybe JB should just keep Hunter in Uticia.
  12. Hunter Shinkaruk | C/W There is a link to a story done by HockeysFuture, who stated that Hunter Shinkaruk seeking more NHL ice time this season, and why not the guy has 18 goals and 16 assists with the Comets this season, With how the season is going maybe JB can call up Hunter for maybe 2-3 games even at most so we the fans can see how greatly Hunter Shinkaruk has progressed and why he is the leading scorer of the Uticia Comets.
  13. What would some of you think if in June canucks take one of these guys * PIERRE-LUC DUBOIS ( i know we got alot of centers but he is something great and maybe could become a winger) * Chychrun * Olli juolevi * Matthew Tkatchuk Defense i would say is the main concern but a new forward is always great and then a defensemen could be picked up in the 2nd round.