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  1. I gave you a ❤️. But yes we are a negative fan base. I really can’t blame anyone on this board based on our 50 year history. We all just want the same thing. A Stanley Cup.
  2. I’m really excited to watch him play a big role at the world juniors. Playing against his peers should give us a good idea about his offensive potential. Even if it is a short tournament.
  3. Don’t get me wrong. I like a lot of aspects of our team. Especially the goalies and defence. I still feel like our forward mix is off. Splitting up Petey and Boeser. And getting more balanced scoring. I do really like Quinn on the PP1. Miller. Pettersson. Ferland Baertschi. Horvat. Boeser Sutter Gaudette Pearson Leivo Beagle. Motte Virtanen
  4. If Beagle, Schaller and Motte are Green’s favourite line we will see a lot more bagels. I want to see Gaudette and Baertschi.
  5. Petey and Boeser just don’t look confident. I feel all season they have struggled to create scoring chances.
  6. Wow! Kassian and Neal both unexpected offensive stars for the Oilers so far this season. If that continues the Oilers will make the postseason. And I will vomit!
  7. Yes, one puck bobble and the advantage goes to the PK. Leivo has definitely been struggling taking a pass cleanly. Clean crisp passes are what opens up shooting lanes on a PP.
  8. I was listening to Todd Bertuzzi on 650 AM this morning and his take on the power play. He said every team in the league does a version of the drop pass or passes sometimes 2 in order to gain entry to the zone. Dumping it in doesn’t work with mobile goalies and defence man able to retrieve the pucks so quickly. He also said every team uses the same basic setup using the half wall, man in front etc. The key is to have quick puck movement and creativity. I noticed stagnant players in the first 2 games.
  9. Wow Alf! I didn’t see this kind of visceral reaction out of you. If I crouched behind him would you give him a shove?
  10. Pettersson and Boeser please work harder and move your feet. If Leivo and Pearson are our most dangerous forwards then we are doomed!