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  1. Thanks Sid! i just want to talk hockey again. I miss it. Especially with our summer feeling like winter.
  2. What’s everyone’s opinion on Podkozins ceiling? 60 point RW? 1st or 2nd line? Playoff difference maker? Better as Bo’s winger or Petey’s?
  3. The way I see it is we only have one option. You cheer for your teams success in the play in round. If I’m disappointed and the Canucks lose to the Wild at least we will have that 12.5% chance to get the 1st overall pick. That’s a better feeling than when we lost to the Flames in our last playoff round. The players don’t care if some of you want to tank. They will try to win. So let’s stop the talk. Also for those of you that think just because the Canucks haven’t won a draft lottery that the NHL controls the winner is ludicrous. I think Edmonton winning 4 out 6 years proved that the NHL has no influence on lottery outcomes.
  4. I’m a fan of Benning and I think he deserves seeing his rebuild reach its peak. Whether that’s a cup or not. He has made many mistakes and had successes. I think his crowning achievement to date is building a young core of good character people. Misses: 1) Juolevi over Tkachuk... I think they drafted a defence man over forward by need. A big mistake in hindsight considering what Tkachuk would look like on our team. Maybe a decision based on perceived character of Tkachuk? Bennings worst mistake to date going against the popular choice in Tkachuk who would be one of our cornerstone players. 2) Loui Ericksson. I liked the move at the time. It was either Lucic or Ericksson. Loui has let Jim down. 3) Gubranson trade. Failure to recognize the changes in the NHL that have made this type of player ineffective. Jared McCann had a pretty good year. Again maybe he traded a player with some character flaws for a high character player. Unfortunately Gubranson could no longer play. 4) Rewarding players that no longer fit in with expensive and longer contracts. Sutter, Baertchi and Gubranson (prior to the trade) 5) Inability to gain draft picks during the rebuild. I have to give Jim a pass on this one because The Gillis regime left a big hole in their prospect pool as well as the mid career pros. The Canucks were seriously lacking in the 22-26 year old players. That’s why Benning traded for Linden Vey and Branden Sutter among others. This plan hasn’t really worked out. 6) Worst record in the NHL The last 5 years without bottoming once. No lottery luck. Ok the lottery luck is not Jim’s fault. But our record despite his best efforts by signing FAs and trading picks for middle pros in an effort to avoid an Oilers situation ultimately didn’t work. We’ve been a bottom 5 team that has had trouble building a winning culture. Benning’s biggest fear and motivation for most of his decisions to date is a team with a losing culture. I think he has done ok at building a team that works hard every night despite the lack of talent. Hits: 1) Drafting- despite the Juolevi Tkachuk decision and never getting lottery luck this Canucks regime has added an impressive prospect pool. They have added 3 team cornerstone players in Boeser, Petterson and Hughes. Hit on later round picks as well. 2) Team culture and character. Despite a rough start in this regard JB has been able to build a team with great mix of character veterans and good kids. The team works hard every night. Sedins and now Horvat have been the leaders to follow in this regard. 3) Green hiring. Despite many on CDC I believe Green has a great grasp on the team. He is a players coach that communicates really well with his players. That’s the new NHL. No longer can you coach like a tyrant. 4) strength in goal and at centre. The build has always put a onus on these two positions. We’re starting to improve the wings and defence as well. I’m looking forward to the next few years. JB deserves the chance to see it through. my thoughts... cheers
  5. For those of you trading Boeser.... shame on you! He is on a great contract and has not come close to a career year yet. His numbers already are way better than Toffoli. He is uber talented as well as a great person and team mate. I’m preying for 2 compliance buyouts, but Ericksson is gone if there is only one. Virtanen is resigned. The Canucks have gone through a painful development of this player and they were just starting to see the positive signs. Power forwards often peak later at 25-28 years. I’m pretty sure Virtanen is not getting back a top four Defenceman in any trade. Why move him since he won’t command a big salary. Lock him up until he is 28. More likely 1-2 year deal that hopefully captures a breakthrough season. Then trade him for value if unable to resign long term. I was surprised nobody picked up Baertchi this season. With the cap likely dropping next season it’s unlikely he will be moved without retaining salary. Sutter has to be moved. It only takes one GM to like him. The return will be a player the other team doesn’t want. I’m hoping for a draft pick. More likely it’s similar to the Pearson/Gubranson trade. This has cap implications. We’re married to Ferland. I hope for health but expect LTIR. Hopefully Tanev to resign a 2-3 year term at reasonable cost 4-5 million. He will get more term elsewhere. If he leaves we will really miss an amazing warrior for this team. Tryamkin 2 year deal. Try each other out. I’m a huge fan. Toffoli had a great 10 games with us. Is a great fit and has a cup. This will be a tough one. I want him back at reasonable term and price, but UFAs are usually overpaid. With the cap likely going down it’s going to be a bad year to be a UFA. Although Toffoli is one of the coveted guys. He’s getting paid regardless. Try to move Jordie Benn. He just wasn’t a fit here. Likely only one of Motte or Leivo resigned if Toffoli signs. If Toffoli goes elsewhere then both resign one year deals. Hoglander and Podkozin still a year away. Miller. Petey Boeser Pearson. Horvat. (Toffoli?or Ferland) Roussel. Gaudette. Virtanen/Ferland Motte. Beagle. Leivo McEwen, Ferland?, Hoglander? Hughes Tryamkin Edler. Stecher Juolevi/Rafferty Myers (Benn, Juolevi/Rafferty) Markstrom Demko (hopefully Seattle noticed he struggled with Marky out and picks someone else like Tristen Jarry or Alexandar Georgiev?) My forward group looks similar to last year. The team was I believe 7th in goals. I expect Petey, Boeser, Gaudette and even Horvat to have better offensive stats next year. I like our forward group even without Toffoli. Add in Hoglander and Podkozin the following year and look out!
  6. We’re talking about the NHL here. If the salary cap was set based on the tax rate of each individual city then the cap system might actually be fair. Tampa should have a lower cap available then LA or Vancouver because their tax rates. That would create a level playing field. But it’s the NHL. Fair has nothing to do with what they do.
  7. Coronavirus impact on the Canucks. Advantages: 1) Suspended season will allow Markstrom And Tanev to get healthy. 2) Maybe we can work on defensive coverage at practice. 3) We won’t have to watch anymore 3rd period collapses. 4) If the season is cancelled now. Did we technically make the playoffs? Disadvantages: 1) No more hockey. 2) salary cap will likely not rise...leaving us in cap hell. Unable to unload 3) No playoffs and no chance in the draft lottery. 4) no Hockey world championships either.
  8. Coronavirus is going to take care of the salary cap rise. Unfortunately this pandemic is going to ruin the Canucks chances of signing Toffoli.
  9. I’m going to donate to the kids tonight. My future of continuing to donate to the Vancouver Canucks hockey maybe coming to an end. This team has sucked me emotionally dry. Why oh why do I care so much.
  10. This team is showing steady improvement. If we miss the playoffs this season we will be better next season. It would be nice to gain the experience of the playoffs, but the next 18 games will be just as important in trying to make it. Meaningful games in March and April is what we all wanted last year. JB and Green are not without fault but this is hardly the tire fire everyone is making it out to be!
  11. Yes I know that. It is still a bad signing when you can sign an AHL point per game player for 90k instead of 900k. So are you saying it a was good signing? Because I bet if you asked JB or FA and they might say mistakes happen and are a part of doing business.