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  1. Ottawa would like to announce EmployeeOfTheMonth as their new AGM. Walken was in a batman movie; it only makes sense.
  2. Really sorry guys. Just got some new contracts for work and I've had my hands full. With that the Senators would like to select Alex Steen.
  3. I usually wait but somebody had to mention people being stupid to wait to take goalies and all the sheep bit and went like crazy. Only 2 of the guys I wanted were left.
  4. The Ottawa Senators are proud to select Craig Anderson.
  5. nevermind. nothing to see here.
  6. From now on I'm adding pictures so large it could crash cdc every time I make a pick. You'll be able to print out my posts and use them as wall murals in your parents basement.
  7. Sorry I'm having some troubles with the draft list on my phone. Ottawa selects patrick sharp.
  8. Could we also create a max games allowed for goalies? No matter how clear the rules it always seems to be a point of contention. I've been in league that had max games played as well as a list and it seemed to work a bit better. Some teams aren't so clear cut with their starter so you get people who get a big advantage by having a starter that plays a brunt of the games mixed with a backup that plays nearly half the games for their team. just a thought, I know it's not usually the most popular option but I thought I would throw it out there.
  9. With the 6th overall pick the Ottawa Senators are proud to select JONATHAN TOEWS.
  10. I've had such a good time in this league and hope to continue to do so. This is a lot of fun Nail and that's largely because of you.
  11. That 60 point lead went away fast.
  12. Our match up is much closer than it looks. Both our teams can have a burst of points on any given night.
  13. I didn't want it to be you Ari, I didn't want it to be you. But then I suppose it had to be. Good luck.
  14. Islander Playoff Roster Pouliot - Crosby - Oshie King - Eller - Weise Lewis - Stoll - Jackman - Boyle Martin - Roszival Fistric Varlamov McEhlinney