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  1. Edler for Kane Winnipeg would have an incredible defence and it would open up the ability to move a guy like Buff to Edmonton for a player like Yak. Edler to Win Kane To Van Buff to Edm Yak to Win Winnipeg gets an exciting, marquis offensive talent to market around, excite the fans forget about Kane very quickly. They don't really lose much defensively in a Edler for Buff swap arguable who's better. Edmonton, gets a big, veteran Dman with a cup and some talent to help their back end. Vancouver deals from strength and gives up really the only player with value that we can afford to. And gets its 2nd line power forward. Makes sense all around Sedin Sedin Kassian Burrows Kesler Kane Booth Santo Hansen Higgins Richardson Weise/Tostito Hammer/ Stanton Bieksa / Tanev Garrison/ Corrado
  2. Ya Daniel is no sniper
  3. I saw it, wasn't deliberate, more of a 'missed hit' but since the player was injured and he got a match a one gamer is warranted. Given it was only one game clearly displays there wasn't an intent to injure.
  4. that....says it all
  5. We don't need another smurf....i think LA/Anaheim games showed us that. What we could use is Booth finding his game AND Archie back up for the playoffs, that will solve alot of issues internally... Sedin Sedin Kassian Burrows Santo Kesler Booth Schroeder Hansen Archie Richardson Higgins Size, speed, grit, hands, on every line Weise/Welsh/Tostito
  6. MG will resign Santo and Santo, if he's smart will take a 2 mil contract to stay at home. MG gave him what was probably his last shot/as has torts... He's earned another contract and might get someone who overpays him if he keeps up his play..but I think being a Vancouver boy, being given a chance with his hometown team, will lead to alot of loyalty.... He's well worth keeping around, alot like Higgy, Hansen and Burr, can move up and down the lineup and still be effective, can't have enough of those players Also allows players like Gaunce, Cassells, Horvat to go play in the AHL / back to junior (as applicable) for longer to let them develop their games and need to rush. It would be great to have Guance, Horvat, Shink, Cassells, Subban, all play together in the AHL next year (I think that is possible, correct me if I am wrong)...let them develop as a group, build chemistry together and friendships etc... With the cap going up, and Booth being bought out fill the holes with a UFA and maybe one of those guys whoever is most ready...
  7. Cole vs Gaunce tonight!
  8. actually unbelievable hey? amazing...a canuck's son, a canuck fan, and now he's ours playing lights out in the OHL...what a steal this kid will be
  9. He's going to be a solid 2c for us not 3c. Horvat Cassells Gaunce Stamp 7 years that's our 3 centers barring trades or some stud we find in draft. In 7 years or sooner I'll remind you
  10. I'm with you.... First season great idea Second grew a bit tiring of the same old same old Third season as you say just going around stabbing zombies in the head, searching for food and meds. I suppose that is what life would be like but its getting dumb Agree, Carol was interesting and she's gone (I'm sure temporarily) and Rick is really friggen annoying now....growing tired of his "Twilight teenage angst" character..
  11. Isles are not a right now team! lol that's absurd!! They have no defense Terrible goaltending And no depth past the 2nd line No significant playoff experience You're suggesting this move was to make a 'run'...yes I agree, its the type of move a team making a run makes, but they are in no position to compete for a cup yet, which is why everyone is suggesting giving up that much for a rental makes zero sense. You do that when you're 'one piece' away...not when you have 3 pieces and need 7 more!
  12. and Vanek is a rental!!! I guess they figure he'll want to stay in NYC and playing with Tavares is a pretty good carrot to dangle. All will depend on if they can resign but regardless still an overpayment. 30 goal scorer (granted party bec of the great center) but Buffalo has good young centers so he will keep performing pretty well and the 1st and the 2nd! steep Moulson and a 2nd would have worked in my mind. I guess NYI has so much young talent they really dont need the picks right now. *** Edit Didn't realize Moulson was a rental too....still don't get it. Why give up and first and a second and roster player for that? I think they could have waited to the deadline and got away with the 1st and 2nd if they are in the hunt and kept Moulson for the playoffs. Makes little sense to me for a team that really isn't a contender yet, unless they REALLY feel they will re-sign him.
  13. He had a nice game, I watched it. Takeaways 1. He had a beautiful rip on his first goal (drop pass from a Subban rush), in the slot (no pun intended!) shelf over the glove one timer as he walked into a nice drop from Subban who took the zone. 2. Subban, man when that kid rushes he just pushes guys back. If he can't make the nucks as a dman, put him on kesler's wing dammit! lol 3. Guance had 2 in regulation and seems (in all the game's i've watched) just to get goals by being in the right spots...its a bit weird actually because you don't notice him but then wham its on his stick and he's got an empty net....good positionally and hockey smarts clearly. 4. Yes his skating needs work and its not his stride. Its really his first 2-3 steps. He just doesn't have that 'explosiveness' he'll need at the NHL level. Once he's moving he's got wheels. This is correctable though, he's not slow, he's slow off the mark. Is that weight? nope, its core, its leg strength, its training. 5. I'd like to see him start using his body more in a more aggressive manner. He has good body positioning but he doesn't hit. He has the size to really impose on players and now with his experience should have the confidence. End of the day. I think the kid will be a decent 3c or winger on the second line. All he needs is some time and needs to get 'man strength'. Horvat is definitely ahead of him in all those categories (watch alot of knights games too) but With Horvat/Cassells/Gaunce as our centers of the future, we look pretty good!
  14. re the bolded area 1. he has 1 pt and is paid 5 milllion 2. see number 1 3. he is a minus 5 his stats disagree with your 'playing fine' assessment. you then suggest he needs to make more plays, drive the net etc..that suggests as well, that he is not playing fine... sorry not to beat on the CoHo deal but given all his flaws, that kid's numbers are better than our 'superstar' selke winner... ya its early but its fact