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  1. Goldobin looked like the missing piece for the top six the first twenty games this season. Since then he looks like AHL Goldobin, is he going to turn it around? I don't see it, at all.
  2. ...and I was at the SJ game, and didn't notice him either.
  3. Did he play against San Jose or Calgary??
  4. This kid has been given every opportunity to succeed, but I think TG has seen enough.
  5. If either Tanev or Edler are not part of that D, I see nothing short of a disaster.
  6. Thanks, that makes sense. Green didn't/doesn't sound to happy with Granlunds' game, judging by the comments from the post game interview. Fingers crossed, I hope he gets a game, and hopefully its tomorrow night, I've got tickets for the Sharks game.
  7. We don't get to see many highlights of Rasmus, but, he's going to be a stud. Possibly because he plays in Buffalo. Now if he were a Leaf, I would go as far as saying, that Elias doesn't stand a chance for the rookie of the year. Both, as you say are going to be All World class in a couple of years. I like hearing your Swedish perspective on your Countrymen playing in the NHL, and those that are up and coming prospects as well.
  8. Are you watching the games live in Sweden? If so, the Country must be happy with what they are seeing. That was who he body checked, and, he knocked him on his arse! The Real Deal is looking like a real failure for the Flames.
  9. Green said when asked if it was concussion related, "I didn't say that", injury related, "I didn't say that". Sickness?
  10. As all of us have said, this schedule has been brutal. This is the third?, road trip East, to play 6 games, usually a back to back, and an afternoon game mixed in. When the other teams catch up with games played, we'll have a good idea as to where they are trending, playoffs, bubble, or completely out of it.
  11. ..and Markstrom, if this team is going anywhere, I trust him more than Demko at this point of their careers.
  12. Thankfully Sutter and Beagle are both healthy, Bo looks beat. He's played a ton of hockey in the last two and a half months, the dog days of winter. Hopefully the schedule will get him back on target. Just shows you, he's having a personal best year again. Just give him the "C", and get this thing going.