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  1. If either Tanev or Edler are not part of that D, I see nothing short of a disaster.
  2. johngould21

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    Maybe, he's trying to promote a trade, by talking himself up.
  3. johngould21

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    Cue the JB, we knew you observed CDC.
  4. I remember those early years of the Canucks, but I also remember waiting lists to buy season tickets up to their first trip to the playoffs, against the Habs. The Canucks weren't second to the Lions at all. Management might have been bad in their first years, but, they were filling the old PC, because they were new, and most of Vancouver was still *issed off with the NHL for giving the California Golden Seals a franchise instead of our City. I bought nose bleed season tickets in Gradin's first season for a bit more than $250.
  5. Sounds like a great place to work..... for??
  6. I think it was the NJD's that started that nonsense, soon all teams played it.
  7. By the time the Canuck games were over, the lights in Toronto and New York were out.
  8. Really? In their prime, their play was pretty damn exciting, I don't know what you were watching. They were never the quickest, but they always knew were each other were on the ice.
  9. I thought he spent an extra year in NCAA?!?
  10. Truculence, we need more damn truculence in the league......I need a new tie..
  11. Like he did with Boesser and Gaudette.